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Monday, August 17, 2020


Joanne and I decided to go for a little quad ride on a very hot day.  We headed down FootPrint Lake Road and tried to reach the river but never made it.  The trails are in bad shape from the ice storm last New Year's Eve.  And unless someone clears the trails (which takes forever) they will remain untravelable (?) if that is a word.  We came to a bridge but decided against going over it as it didn't look too safe to us.  We got some nice pictures of some frogs and a swamp along the way.  We stopped and had our water and snacks and then called it a day.  We were hot and sweaty.

Thursday, August 13, 2020


Another beauty day for a kayak trip down the river.  There were 12 of us this time.  It was an eventful trip to say the least.  The river was flowing a bit quicker and higher than our last trip.  Not a big problem but you had to be aware of what was coming up because it came up fast.  Poor Mitch lost his rod right off the bat because of a snag.  Joanne gave him her rod to use and she just enjoyed the day.  I lost my net and the next two fish I caught was a challenge.  The first one I had to call for someone with a net because I had just discovered my net was gone.  Mitch helped me out.  But the next one, which was the biggest, I had to beach and then carry it over to Bill for his stringer as he was keeping the fish.  I decided to just enjoy the rest of the trip as well and not fish.
We finally finished our trip and got all the kayaks out and lined up waiting for their turn to be loaded into their owners trucks.
It was a good day!!


The top photo is Tammy and her beautiful Walleye she caught out on Tunnel Lake the other morning.  Rejean took her and her husband Shane out at the crack of 7.  Not a lot of big ones but enough fish that everyone was happy.
The second photo is of Terri, Taylor's Mom, who I took out on our lake.  She has never fished in her life so I gave her the opportunity to catch a couple of big Bass.  She had a riot and reeled them in like a pro.  I baited the hooks and netted the fish for her.  She is now hooked for life!!


We got called last week to come to the rescue of Barry and Sandy and Tammy and Shane at Red Rock Generating Station.  They had driven a little to far into the sand and couldn't get the van out.  It was easy for the big Dodge Ram to pull them out with some tow ropes.
Just another Northern Adventure.  No cars or people were harmed in this rescue.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


We were headed back home after a trip to town and saw a car pulled over and the occupants out with a movie camera.  A good indication that there is something to look at so we looked and spotted the moose in the swamp.  We pulled over and I got a couple of shots of him.  He was a big one.  It has been years since I have seen one that big.  Nice and healthy.  He was aware of us and calmly moseyed back into the bush.  Always nice to see a moose.


It was Mitch's birthday on August 3rd so a party was held of course.  His friend Joe played the bagpipes for him.  We were treated to a couple of tunes on one set of bagpipes and then another couple on a smaller version.  It was very special.  Joanne made her hoisin sauce for the smoked ribs and I made the potato salad and my deviled eggs with bacon.  Mitch got a couple of garage signs and some coffee liquor which I know he likes because he drinks it at our place.  We sat around the fire and enjoyed a volcano log for the first time this year.  It was a special day that was enjoyed by all.

Sunday, August 2, 2020


It was a change of plans yesterday  We were supposed to go to Snowshoe for a little river fishing then off to the jacuzzi but when Susan and Joanne got to my place we decided to just fish our lake and float.  What a great decision that was.  Susan and Joanne caught about 12 big bass and Joanne's baby one.  What a riot we had.  It was the first time we had fished our lake this year and the bass co-operated big time.  Susan's last fish jumped 5 times!!  All nice healthy bass.  They were all released to catch again.  We always catch and release the bass and the barbs are pushed down on the hooks.  We just used a hook, split shot and worms.  I drove the boat and netted the fish.  Joanne put the worm on Susan's hook because she doesn't like to touch the worms.  We had a good day.  Never did get to float.  Too tired from catching all those fish!!