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Monday, August 31, 2009


My friends up here got us a fountain last year with squirrels on it - one is turning a facet and this one is hanging on to the barrel - water flows from the facet into the barrel - this squirrel is removable and I used him today to tease the live squirrel. I put peanuts on the fake squirrel and the live one found them and took them away - I was hoping that there would be some interaction between them but no - just the live squirrel taking the peanuts away - but it was fun to watch - I know I need help but who doesn't???

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have been coming up here for 30 years and I have lived up here 4 years but yesterday was the first time I have fished the Mississaugi in a boat and it was a very fruitful fishing adventure. We came home with 10 fish - 8 bass and 2 pickerel. What a stringer!! It's nice to see that every once in a while.
Ron was our captain and it was his boat we fished from. We rode our 4 wheelers down to the river and Ron pulled the boat behind his Rino. He even had shorts and a t-shirt on. I was ready for any type of weather - I had on a t-shirt, a turtle neck over top and my green fleece. I also had a down vest in the tote for the ride home - and I had gloves. But I was not overdressed - I could shed any number of layers and I did - when you weren't in the shade it was warm.
We got to our first spot and I was the first to cast in and bang - a nice bass. In the current they are quite feisty. And just a few casts later I hooked int my second bass. I was using just a hook and a worm and 3 split shot. Ron was casting real frogs (he didn't let me near them or I would have set them free). the action slowed so we moved on to another spot. Rejean was in charge of the anchor and put it down beside a steep dune. A couple of more bass were caught - again in the current they really feel big!!
Ron took us to a spot that we had heard of but never had the opportunity to see. It was featured in a beer commercial a couple of years ago. Absolutely stunning scenery. We took a break from fishing to view the towering rocks.
But we quickly returned to fishing and saved some time before we quit to fish Ron's favourite spot. We anchored and started casting. Ron was again using frogs (he had tried leeches - I won't touch them - and they worked for a time)
Rejean was using Gulp minnows and I was sticking to hook, worm and split shot. We were casting and catching some. I hooked into a big sucker - you think Angelina Jolet has big lips - you should have seen the lips on my fish - I did not kiss this one. I then experienced a slight pull on my worm but not a snag. When I checked my worm, part of it was gone. But it didn't feel like a hit. This happened about 5-6 times and each time it seemed like I was hitting dead line in the water. Ron and Rejean said it may be a fish because my worm was always missing or bit off. But it felt like a dead line but I said if it happened again I would try and set the hook. Well it happened again and I set the hook and I had a big bass on. He had been down there all along slurping my worms up. We had a good laugh about that one. We got back to the bikes just before it got real dark. It was fun riding the 4 wheelers along that trail in the dark, going over the wooden bridge and tearing down the highway (we have rear view mirrors on the 4 wheelers so we would be able to see cars coming up behind us and we would have gone on to the side of the road) with just your headlights to see - no street lights up here.
We are having a big fish fry Friday nite - there has to be 8 pounds of fillets in my fridge right now. Yum Yum.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Please excuse the baggy ass but that is the way the waders fit and I have my rain coat stuffed in the back of my fishing vest so I look lumpy - do I sound vain? You really don't go for fashion up here - you go for equipment and comfort.

It was a nice day so Rejean and I decided to go fishing on a stream this afternoon. We didn't take our creels and pushed the barbs down on the hooks - it was a catch and release day. It was a newer stream where the guys all had good luck on. I had never been so today it was my turn. We came across this flat area on the stream and in the distance I could see some splashing in the water - as I looked closer it was 3 river otters swimming towards us. But they were diving down into the water, sometimes their tails waving in the water - every now and then they would keep their heads above water and appeared to be eating. We thought that they were chasing and catching and eating the fish. they certainly were having a good time - splashing around in the water - you could see their backs and tails going into the water - like dolphins. We stood still and hoped that they would make their way closer to us but the wind must have been carrying our scent downwind to them. They all three looked up and slowly swam in the other direction - diving and splashing their way up stream away from us. I had never seen that before and it was exciting. Seeing three otters splashing and looking for food was great. We got up to where they were feeding and noticed that the rocks under the water had all been moved recently. We think that the otters were moving the rocks to look for crayfish. That's why their tails were waving above the water - they were moving rocks with their hands and as they dove down, their tails waved up above the water.

We did catch about 15 little brook trouts and one rainbow - all sizes. They were very spunky and gave us a good fight.
Now a nice relaxing evening after a day dancing on the slippery rocks in the stream.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009


We finally got new tires for Rejean's quad. We had to get it repaired - the four wheel drive wasn't working so we had to take it in for repair - they had some tires there so we wheeled and dealed and got them for a good price. They are now installed and look great!! Now it is my little bike's turn - maybe next year. It's not as tho I can't ride it the way it is but it is time for new tires.
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For those of you who know me, I never go to garage sales - never have and never will. I have enough stuff of my own - I don't need more stuff. But today I made an exception. Cheryle was having a garage sale and she has good stuff so I thought I would pay her a visit. So at about 8:45 am I headed out - allowing for travel time I would arrive at exactly 9am. I was one of the first people there. The first table had all her "milk glass" stuff - I don't know if it is real milk glass but it sure is nice. I picked out 3 items - 2 candy dishes and one vase. My eyes then focused on a pair of x-country skiis, poles and boots. I used to have a pair but never really got into it. I thought now is the time. I asked Cheryle what size the boots were and she said 7s - I take a 6 - have been wearing 6 1/2 running shoes so I thought, with sox, I should fit nicely into the size 7 boot. I asked her how much and she said a couple of bucks. I asked how many couple of bucks and she said - wait for it - $2.00!!!!!!! For the skiis, boots and poles!!!! I asked if she was kidding and she said no. I said sold!!!! I picked up a couple of Martha Stewart magazines and paid for all my purchases - it came to a grand total of $3.35 - I gave her $4.00 and told her to keep the change. I got my stuff home and polished up my skiis, poles and boots and googled Skiloms. They are made in Norway - not China. I think I did quite well today. I can't wait for winter now.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our neighbourhood dump was broken into last week!!! Yes, someone actually cut the chain locks at the gate and took our compactor (that didn't work but it contained a lot of good parts including a nice motor), our trailer (to transport the compactor that didn't work) and then broke into the the little hut to steal all our garbage bags we use for the recyclables. Now we have no trailer to transport all our recyclables to the recycling centre so it will all pile up and we have no garbage bags for the recyclables. I don't know what gets into some peoples minds - I figure it was someone who has been to the dump to see what we had. I think they went right for the compactor and the trailer was just an afterthought to transport the thing. The garbage bag theft was just adding insult to injury. Buy your own garbage bags for goodness sakes.
AND all the food left over from the Stag and Doe last weekend was stolen right out of the fridge that same night before the family could take the food home that night. We were there until 1am and there weren't that many people left in the arena. Someone must have really needed that food to take it. It just goes to show you that crime is everywhere - even up here in paradise.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our thoughts and prayers are with you on your difficult journey ahead...
Stay Strong

Monday, August 17, 2009


And I blame it all on Rick and Joan. They brought up a cd of the first season and we watched it after dinner. Well, do I have to tell you that we are thoroughly addicted to it now. I can't wait for tonite when we will watch the program from last nite that we taped (to zap thru the commercials) I enjoy all the characters. And I love the way Bill says Sookie. I like Bill.
Actually Rick and Joan got us on Dexter and we really enjoy that series. We got started on Nurse Jackie and Hung. Great shows - I highly recommend them all. It helps pass the time up here during the looooong winter months.
Went to the Sault today shopping with Joan and Linda - Koolaid for 5 cents!!!! What a bargoon!!!
Tomorrow I get my walk in and just putz.
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Friday, August 14, 2009


That's my b-i-l Mitch from Calgary in the yellow jacket, all geared up to do some stream fishing when they were here last week. He really enjoyed it and he will have his very own ultra light rod and reel for next year. They did very well - everyone got their limits - I blogged about that last week but didn't have this picture to go with it - it was in the other camera. The top picture is a nice brookie caught by Rick, in the second picture. Rejean and Rick headed out today and that is their catch in the bottom picture. We had a good meal of brook trout, salad and fries - a perfect up north meal (altho Sierra wasn't too keen on the fish). It is my favourite kind of fishing - on the streams with ultra light gear. Especially when you get a good size one. And not many people do that kind of fishing so we get the good spots all to ourselves.
Sierra and I were out in the kayaks today and I found out where Jacques has been - he has been missing for the past few days. I saw a dead bass and I believe it to be Jacques. It was big enough and it explains why he hasn't been around. Maybe he choked on that brook trout that slipped out of Jack's hand. But, hard to believe, there is another fish around the rock that has been eating the worms that I throw out. There is always one to take each other's place. I don't know if I will be teaching him to take a worm from my fingers - it is late in the year and I don't think I will get into that.
Tomorrow is the Buck and Doe for only 125 people - not a problem. We will prepare the food and take it to the hall in Bruce Mines, serve it at 11pm then wait and clean up. We'll see how much money we make for the hall - we may be in the catering business after all. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night all our eyes were on the night sky for the meteor shower - we saw some amazing meteors streaking across the skies. Some had tails that lasted for a couple of seconds and some were just a flash - if you weren't watching you didn't see them. We all decided tonite we would plant our chairs down on the dock and just sit and watch - we have a great view over the lake - unobstructed by trees. I hope I can stay awake to see it. It is called the Perseid's Meteor Shower and tonite is one of the best times to view it and what a perfect venue than Cheney Lake. Apparently the best hours are the early morning but I am only going to stay out til about mid night.

The little ones went home today and a good time was had by all. I enjoy them. We don't have any human grandkids (I have furbabies - Sadie and Satch) so Gavin, Melina and Jake kind of fill the gap. I never once was stressed out or couldn't handle them. It was a treat to have them around. Melina wants to go fishing next year but she doesn't want to kiss the fishes. I told her I would kiss them for her.
Got my walk in today and it is warm enough to get my bathing suit on (we have company you know) and sit out and catch some rays.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We have little ones up here this week and it was Gavin's first time fishing. His Grampa Nick bought him a nice fishing rod and reel and a little tackle box so Grampa Rick gave him his first lesson over by Stacey and Andrew's cabin. They can't fish off the dock because Jacques lives there and we don't want to catch him. Rick put a jig on and was casting for Gavin but Gavin was reeling in. Then he got the strike!! Grandpa Rick had to check first that it wasn't a snag and then when they realized it was a fish, he gave the rod back to Gavin to let him reel in the big one. It was a jumper and Gavin was thrilled. Grandpa Rick went down to the water's edge and lipped the big bass. It was exciting for his first fish to be so big. He wouldn't touch it but Rick and I kissed it for luck. We need young blood to carry on the sport and I think Gavin is going to be a great fisherman. Now, if I can just get Melina interested....

Good Fishing Gavin!!!!

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Well it's over for another year but what a success. We did very well -

served over 300 people. But boy, was it ever hard work. Hot Hot Hot. The floor was wet from the humidity, the cooking and all the people. We had 3 seatings, 5, 6 and 7. By the end of the first sitting I was whipped but my mantra is "if you stop, you drop" so I never stopped until we sat down to eat at about 7:30 and then it was very hard to get back up to clean up. We had been going for 3 days straight - Friday from 9 to 3:30, Saturday from 9 til 6 then Sunday from 9 till 10:30pm. We also had a visit from the liquor inspector but we were legal. Nothing wrong except there were empty bottles of beer that we did not sell, but it was explained that when they were cooking the pig, the cooks had "packed a few" so we were good.

My rice crispy squares went well. My sister told me to put sprinkles on them so that they would appeal to the little kids - it worked!! They all sold. And my fire extinguisher basket went for $55!!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sorry no pictures but I promise tomorrow. I will be tending bar tomorrow from noon til 4pm - I have my Smart Serve so i can legally tend bar. Rejean will be selling beer and liquor tickets. should be fun. We worked our asses off today. Cheryle and I arrived at 9am and we walked out of there at 6pm. There was 150 pounds of potatoes peeled. I made the potatoe salad, carrot salad and the cole slaw. I also did over 200 deviled eggs. Needless to say there is still a lot of work to do. Joan and Sierra made my Rice Crispie squares today - it was the last thing I wanted to do when I got home - thank you girls. I also wrapped up my basket for the silent auction - I got a fire extinguisher and a bunch of fire related things for the highest bidder.
It is supposed to rain tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't.
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Friday, August 7, 2009


Am I not supposed to be retired - as in do not have to work anymore? Tell that to me. It's Pig Roast Weekend!!!! I started working today at 9am - I took Cheryle with me. She had offered to before so I took her up on it. When we arrived we found out that we are pretty much booked solid for the 5 & 6pm seating so we may have to make a 7pm seating. Could be cooking for 300 people!!! I seemed to be put in charge of pasta, potato, macaroni and carrot salads plus my famous deviled eggs. I boiled a lot of eggs today. I boiled a lot of pasta today. I peeled a ton of carrots (I ate a couple) and I mashed a lot of potatoes (up here they kind of mash the potatoes for the potato salad - I usually cube mine - but I am willing to try anything. We worked until 3:30 - never sat down once (I did go to the bathroom 2x so I guess I did sit down) all day. Tomorrow pretty much the same - do my eggs, put the cut up veggies in the other salads and bake pies. I couldn't pay too much attention today to them making the butter tarts but I'll get the recipe from them.
Everyone one arrived home safely - Joanne called at 9:30pm our time and when I tried to call Susan, it was busy so she must have arrived. Another vacation done. A good time was had by all.
Well must get some relaxation in before tomorrow. It will be a long hard weekend.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Need I say more?


The competition between my two brothers-in-law continued this year. It is fun to watch and could possibly be the highlight of the trip. They both caught fish this time - the weather was bad but the fishing was great. In no particular order Mitch (on top - randomly picked to be there) is holding his big bass caught in the Mississaugi the morning they got up at 5:30 am after a night of partying for Mitch's birthday. He got a few big one's but unintentionally lost a fish he was trying the net for Rejean (sabotage?) He was also in on the successful Brook Trout outing plus the big one's in our lake. Jack can be seen holding a niiiice pickerel caught in the Mississaugi that same morning. Jack was trying to make up for loosing some brook trout to Jacques. Even the girls caught fish. Sue caught some nice one's on our lake and I have the video to prove it. If someone knows how to post a video on Blogger, please let me know because I have some great footage.
Jack went home with some trout, bass and pickerel - it's always nice to share and he's cooking some for his mother. Enjoy!!
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This is Joanne cooking her delicious paella in the giant fry pan in my woodshed because it was raining out. Notice that she perfectly balances her wine glass and stirs at the same time - don't try this at home folks - she is a professional. This dish was delicious (did I already say that?) It had skinless, boneless chicken thighs, huge shrimp, chorizio (?) sausage, tomatoes, chicken broth, aborio rice and saffron. I am definitely getting the recipe for that one. It fed the masses - there was 7 of us and there was still about 1/4 of the dish left. And doing it in the big fry pan outside is entertainment. Everyone is standing around taking pictures and ohhing and awwwwing at all the great stuff. I made some garlic cheese bread and a good red wine (I had beer) and it was a party.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know how it is going with the Sisters. The weather has been shitty (sorry Mr. & Mrs. Barr for the language) but it has been. BUT the fishing has been - how can I put this - F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! The guys went out yesterday to another secret spot and they each got their limit in Brook Trout -I can't remember the last time that happened and the sisters fished in our lake and got a lot of big bass. I set my camera to the movie option and got some really funny video of us catching and releasing the bass. One started biting Joanne - well he closed his mouth on her finger - it probably meant no harm. The don't have teeth - it is actually like a rasp on your finger.
Another funny thing happened - Jack was cleaning a couple of his brook trout down by out dock and one slipped out of his hand and Jacques ate it!!! Jacque is my pet bass that hangs around the dock waiting for me to fee it worms. So instead of 15 brook trout, we are left with 14!! 10 are going home with jack and Sue and we will probably eat the rest.
Tonite we are dining at the Outpost Lodge down the road. Susan has never been and it is on her Bucket List of things to do before she dies. It is roast beef nite - any other time we have been there it has been the pork roast nite so something different.
Yesterday was supposed to be out party but it was cancelled because of the weather -I forgot to call Ute to let her know so she showed up at about 4pm. We invited her for dinner as Joanne was making her Paella so we knew there would be lots. Was it ever good. She cooked it in Rejean's big fry pan outside (in the shed because it was raining) It was delicious needless to say - the shrimp were huge. Lots of left overs. It was also Mitch's 49th birthday so we were celebrating - lots of beverages - the Rustys were flying and the Sisters were drinking Whiskey Sours - Yum Yum. I don't know how they did it but the guys got up at 5:30 to be on the River by 7 - and they made it. Should be interesting to see how they did.
Film at 11
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Saturday, August 1, 2009


The top picture is of one of the creels soooo ful o'fish that one of the fish's tail was sticking out. The 4 of us headed to a secret (from you) spot and proceeded to each catch 2 fish each. 2+2+2+2=8 fish!!! Joanne caught a monster bass and a beautiful brookie - I got 2 pickerel - one a niiiice size - Mitch and Rejean each caught 2 bass. It was one of the best days fishing ever - and it is always nice when everyone catches something. Joanne has the pictures of all of us as I forgot how to use the timer on mine (I do have to sit down one day and get the manual out for my camera). But we had a great time and all the action was around high noon!! Hard to believe catching a pickerel that size at high noon in the bright sun but - as I said - the fishing Gods must have been smiling. We all were keeping Jack in mind and how we were going to rub it in when we saw him.
We had a great bass dinner that night - Joanne and Mitch each got a fillet of her brook trout - it was delicious. We don't eat bass that often but when you have that many you do. And there is enough for a fish dinner tonight that Sue and Jack can enjoy too.
When we fish, we keep our fish to enjoy at dinner. We never waste the fish. Some people may find fault with keeping fish to eat - saying we should catch and release but we enjoy eating our catch. Some we do release if they are too big or too small. But, that is just one of the perks of fishing - you get to eat what you catch. We had bass, trout and pickerel - we were just waiting for the pike and rainbow to hit - maybe today.
All the sisters are together now - let the fun begin....
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