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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Max and Friend

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Two Happy Fisherpeople

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Max and Dan Riggin Up

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Max and Dan all set to go fishing

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If You Want To Put Meat On Your Table....

Nice Fish!!! Took Dan and his son Max out river fishing yesterday. It was an overcast morning and we got out there at about 11:30 (had to wait for the septic system to be pumped out - oh the smell of sh-t in the morning - it was not that bad) We got all suited up and Rejean took Max over to the rapids for lessons while Dan and I cast in the pool at the end of the rapids - I got a good hit and it was on - I could tell he was a big one and not a bass so either a rainbow or a walley - had him on for about 30 seconds and he got off - I was upset - it was a big one. But soon after I got another one on and he was hooked - Dan came over to net him in his trout net and he did a good job considering the size of the net and the size of the fish, about 3 pounds. He was a beaut and into the creel he went. Got back out there and soon after I got a bass on - he put up a good fight and he was a jumper. Max expertly netted it for me. It is a tough job to be a netter - if you loose the fish there is hell to pay so you have to be good. He kept Mr. Walley company in the creek. Now that's two fish for me and zero for everyone else. So I wandered off to my spot up the river and let the guys play. All I got was snags so I headed back. In the mean time all hell broke loose on the river. Dan lost 3 good ones (his drag wasn't set and the one broke his line - it must have been a good one) and Max caught a 4 pounder - nice fish!!! We left as the activity had died down. Went home and they stayed and watched Rejean clean them and they came back at 5 for dinner - Nothing like fresh caught walley and they taste sooooo much better when you catch them - Right Max? We had our fill and there was even some left over for Dan and Max for the next meal. Lots of meat from those three fish.
All we used was a hook, worm and splitshot. I used two splitshots for my casts. You don't have to get fancy unless you want to. As the saying goes If you want to put meat on the table you have to put meat on your hook. Worked for us.
Last nite after dinner we headed over to Axe Lake for John Gerard's 50th birthday party - everyone on the lake knew about it except John and his wife Lisa - it must have been a surprise when everone showed up to wish him Happy Birthday - they had to send out for more beer!!
See Ya Bye

ps: thanks for all the feedback on my plant which has now been identified - a Mandevilla - care & feeding info is greatly appreciated

Monday, July 28, 2008

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A Little Bit Of This A Little Bit Of That

I've been busy - last nite we took Ron and Mary Demers out to dinner at the Outpost for letting us use the tamper (remember that?) - it was ham and scallop potatoe nite and boy was it good. They were feeding 32 people last nite - a sitting at 5pm and us and another party of 4 at 6pm. Such a nice place to eat - you can bring your own beverages (beer, wine etc) and no corkage fees. We had two coolers on the floor under our table - one beer and one wine. One nite it is turkey, one nite pork, one nite chicken - different each nite.
We got the tractor going this morning to get some posts to berm the slope and some gravel and trap rock to finish the project - looks great.
Today while we were out picking stones for my garden we sighted a "creature". I happened to look up and saw something going across the road - I first thought it was a bear cub but it didn't walk like a bear and it had a tail - long and curled at the end. It wasn't a dog so what else is there? Too big to be a wolverine and too black to be a cougar. In northern Michigan they say they see a black panther so maybe it has come over to our side. We went looking for it but it was long gone. Maybe we'll see it later - I'll have my camera ready.
Dan and Max are up - they were out fishing today and Max got some big bass. They have waders and fishing vests to we will take them out on the Mississaugi River on Wednesday morning to give them a taste of some real fishing. I'd like to get them out on a stream as well - that is good fishing also.
Tomorrow I am off to the Sault Michigan with Linda and Robin to do some shopping (I hate shopping) but I need stuff.
I'll leave you with a picture of the plant Ute gave me - I have never seen anything like it - I will be taking it in for the Winter because it is just too pretty to be an outdoor plant. Hopefully it will survive.
See Ya Bye

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Ladies - Darlene, Cathy and Joy

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One Thing Leads To Another - the fixx

Great Tune!! Music to blog to...
Yesterday was a play day for me. I went golfing with the ladies of Axe Lake. Joy, Darlene, Cathy and I hit the links at 10 am - beautiful weather - just enough clouds, a nice breeze and warm sun - perfect. I guess we didn't specify who would be driving as we all showed up with our vehicles - me with my Compass, Joy with her minivan and Cathy with her Cadillac station wagon - we ended up going in the car you wouldn't expect to carry us all - Darlene's Toyota!! Four golf bags and two carts fit in her trunk!! Joy and I walked but Darlene (who has had both knees replaced) and Cathy (who has breathing problems) got a cart - a cart with no guts. Have you ever seen three mature women pushing a golf cart up a small hill? Well we did. At the turn we traded in the beast for one with a Hemi!! It could go - Darlene lost her hat at the first acceleration - the G forces were pretty good. I learned a few new phrases - every time Joy hit a poor shot - "you rotten piece of sh-t" etc etc. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. We all had fantastic shots and we all had horrible shots and we all had a good time. I found 5 balls and lost 2 so I am still up. I know to replace my good ball with another less nice ball when I get near water as it seems to attract my balls - why don't they make them float??
We had lunch and a beer at the turn and did another 9. We got home about 4:30 and of course we had to have a cold one at Joy's. I called Rejean and told him I'd be home shortly - well after 2 more beers Darlene and I leave to drive to her camp where my car is parked so I could go home. Rejean came a' looking for me - he thought since I wasn't yet home I was mush somewhere and couldn't drive - so we went into Darlene and Ron's place to have another beer and talk. I finally made it home at 8pm. I was fine.
We now have plans for next Monday to have an Axe Lake Golf Tournament - Best Ball to save some time. But you can't golf with your spouse - it has to be someone else. Sounds like fun.
Another use for golf clubs after they have seen better days is to cut the head off, bend the tip at a 90 degree angle and use it as a fire poker. The best. You have a handled grip and it is just the right length to poke the fire - people will think you are a genius - try it. I should patent it. They also double as "flippen sticks" to flick branches and twigs off the trails - so you don't have to bend down as much. I have about 6 in stock and they are always well used.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Toilet Is Just A Toilet - Or Is It?

First off Welcome Shelley!!! Nice to get feedback - hope you enjoy the blog - I do. But Be Warned!!! For the next few months there will be a lot of work stuff - we are now into the finishing of the addition so that is what my life will be so that is what I will blog about. Plus my training for October - nice life!!
We went into a plumbing store in the Sault today to get a wall heater for the bathroom - they are nice to have in the cold winter months as there is good heat almost at once. Plus a timer so we old folk don't have to wonder - "did I turn that damn thing off???" I saw toilets - one that would spray water on your - how shall I put this - your privates. You could push a button and it would spray the front then another button to spray the back and you could control the water flow!!! Sounds like something else that could be a girl's best friend....But back to the toilets. The salesperson then proceeded to give us a talk on toilets - specifically the Toto Models - if you Google "the best toilet" Toto comes up - they are Japanese made and are rated the best for disposing of your waste. They can handle 540 grams of - again how should I put this - shit - and the sales person explained a 400 pound man could not produce that much at one sitting (no pun intended). He even demonstrated - he led Rejean and I into the store's bathroom and proceeded to put a large amount of toilet paper in the bowl of the toilet - then he flushed - and I must say I was impressed - it didn't swirl but just got sucked down - then filled silently and quickly but not quick enough to cause a disturbance down there. Just gentle like. It was $500 but I guess you get what you pay for. The other toilet that sprays you was like $650!! But then again there's always Home Depot...
Also got the bathroom floor - the black slate laminate - we did go into a floor shop and they said not to put laminate on a bathroom floor but I don't think we'll have a problem - we aren't too messy. Got it at Soo Mills.
Also got the 100 feet of evestrough for the place. You know the expenses don't stop at the construction - it just keeps growing and growing and growing.
But what we do now only enhances the space and makes it comfortable to live in and enjoy. And it is FUN.
I missed a photo opportunity today - I brought my camera with me to get a pic of the helicopter at the Trading Post but there was a MNR truck pulling a cage trailer with a bear in it and it was stopped at a restaurant along the highway - I should have turned around to get it but I didn't and now I am sorry I didn't - but I got the helicopter - how ofter do you see one of these babies parked at the corner store???
See Ya Bye

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays....

Woken up at 6:30 am from a dead sleep to get ready to go to the Sault - it doesn't take me that long to get ready to go - let me sleep!!! Headed out at 7:45 - had to pick up a patio umbrella ella ella eh eh eh (still hate that song) from Ute to exchange at Crappy Tire and an order from Linda to find a ceiling fan for them between $30 - $40 - good luck. Dropped the truck off at the dealership and off we went. Got the new umbrella (exchanged an $80 one for a $30 one) and got the ceiling fan at the special two day sale price from the weekend (I just asked if I could get it at the sale price as I am from out of town and she gave it to me - a $60 fan for $24) bargoons.
Then I started looking at flooring and tiles for shower - not easy. There is not a great deal of selection in the Sault - only at Home Depot. I did pick up a sample piece of the floor I like - the Tuscan Stone and a piece of grey slate tile - when I got them home I was surprised at how "busy" the Tuscan Stone was but after a little while of looking at it I realized it would be great downstairs - and the slate tile will go in the bathroom but it will be the black slate instead of grey as the tile I want for the shower will be white subway tile and black details and the counter tops will be black and the cabinets oak with an ebony stain. White will be the color of the toilet and sink. I think it is going to be quite nice. We will be going back tomorrow to pick up Rejean's truck and finish out shopping - we'll also pick up the slate for the bathroom. I think we'll also pick up enough of the Tuscan Stone for the bedroom to finish that room off. And rain...we were in Home Depot and it was just pouring and when we finally were able to leave, the streets were flooded - I mean deep water. We just missed an accident. But at home we had nothing.
Thanks for the comments Sister Sue. The broom is for Linda to travel around the lake - Linda has a nick name of the Snow Bitch up here - actually that is her "handle" for the C.B. She accepted the broom graciously and it is hanging in her garage in a place of honor. And I will get a picture of my new jacket on this blog when I have some spare time. It is actually not realy suede but that faux suede but it is a good faux suede. No animal had to die for my jacket. We were over at John's tonite to deliver the ceiling fan and the female fox was around - John holds up the piece of meat and the fox goes up on her hind legs with her front legs on John's to get the food - ever so gently. They are just gentle animals.
Well that's it for now - stay tuned for more tomorrow....
See Ya Bye

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Linda and John

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P A R T Y ! ! !

Mission Accomplished. What a day! The weather couldn not have been more perfect - partly cloudy and warm with a nice breeze.
My day started at 8am when I made my world famous deviled eggs (I have quite a list of "world famous" stuff) for John - he loves them and no one makes them up here so now it is my signature dish to take to get togethers. Actually they are quite easy but I put in honey mustard instead of just plan mustard shhhhh. It just gives it a different taste - and I even bought one of those special deviled egg plates - now they won't roll all over the place on the regular plates - they are slippery things. Then I made jello and I started to panic - will I have enough food - I didn't know the exact number of people but I knew it would be around 25 or 30 - it was over 35 people. And hopefully people bring things to these get togethers. I had 36 hamburger rolls and 36 hot dog rolls so I knew I was covered in the meat and bun department. I needn't have worried. Everyone brought something - salad, munchies, desert even. Tons. I just had enough burger and dogs as there was only one hamburger in a hot dog bun left. Linda was surprised at the surprise party and let me know about it. I think her exact words were f--k off but that's Linda and she enjoyed herself. We had a fire after desert and everyone vegged out - nothing like a fire to get you mello and after the day I had, I indulged in beverages. A nice ending to a nice day.
Everyone was gone by 10 pm and we we left the clean up til Sunday and it really wasn't that bad - I use paper plates and plastic cutlery so hardly any dishes to wash. Lots of empties @ 10 cents a piece. Washed both cars inside and out, cut Bill and Barb's grass, picked up my dress from Phyllis then showers and cocktails. The fox came to visit twice today - that fox takes food out of your hand more gently than some dogs I know. He is becoming quite the pet. But I still see him with mice and things in his mouth so he still remembers how to hunt.
It's off to the Sault tomorrow to get Rejean's truck looked at and shopping for stuff and Ute paid me today - $50!!!! for doing the weather - as I said before - Money for Nothing - I like it.
See Ya Bye

Friday, July 18, 2008

A City Dog's Tail

Another city dog got lost here yesterday - a big black lab from Axe Lake went off chasing the fox and never came back. It was from Windsor and was up visiting people and had been here for about a week so he kind of knew his way around. Linda called us about 8:30 to ask if we had seen him. He had run off in the direction of the highway. We didn't see him and it stormed last nite - big time. Heavy rains and thunder and lightning. I thought how scared he must be. but when I called Linda this morning they had found him before the rain started. Little Ralph the Jack Russel terrier got lost last year - over nite!!! He had been scared by fireworks and ran off and he was gone all nite. I thouht for sure that he was toast - the foxes, wolves or even a raccoon could do damage. But the next morning he was walking towards home all muddy and very tired. He was probably awake all night.
Went to the Trading Post last nite and bought a new jacket - a suede fringed jacket that I have had my eye on since I first saw it last year but didn't want to pay $199.99 for it. Well I mentioned to Keith (the owner) previously, that I had had my eye on it and I think he may have reduced the price just for me. There it was for $99.99 - I scooped it up quickly. It was meant to be. I need another jacket like I need a whole in my head. But I deserved it. It was another one of my rewards for being good in my life. I have a few.
See Ya Bye

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I neglected to tell you about Sasha's hip - she had it replaced!!! She was over last night visiting with her people and enjoying all the smells around here. We had two dogs here earlier with their people and also the fox was around. We have had squirrels, chipmonks, snakes, etc within the past week or so, so the smells are still fresh. Sasha uses her sense of smell to see. Her little nose goes a mile and minute and she was sniffing up a storm. But she doesn't know the terrain and Rejean had to grab her by her collar to prevent her from going over the edge of the slope out front. Also the garden slope is full of those rocks so we had to keep calling her away. But she had her hip done earlier this year and boy has she recouped. You could hardly tell that she had work done - only a slight limp. She needed help jumping up into the car but other than that she's adapted quite well. I only hope that if I have to get a hip replaced it goes as well - maybe I should go to a vet to get it done - less waiting time...
We cleaned up around here for the big do on Saturday - it needed it with all the construction and some company we had but we got it done. Looks good.
I have to do an inside workout today so I better get to it.
See Ya Bye

Sasha, the Wonder Dog

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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An Afternoon Off

Got up and it was sunny out for a change - did my run - I am getting better - everyday a little further and less huffing and puffing - I figured I was going out too fast and that was the problem so I slowed it down and what a difference it makes - I am not going out to win - I am going out to finish with a smile on my face.
Finished the maintenance on the road and also finished my garden - went over to the other property and picked stones and finished the project. I am quite happy with the results. We put down the trap rock on the path instead of the slate - I will save that for the new wood stove platform for the workout room. Also planted the Irish Moss and hopefully it will spread.
Gerry and Cheryle are coming over tonite for a visit. I saw them walking with Sasha the yellow lab with only one eye. She went blind early in her life and finally had to get one eye out because of catarac(?). She gets along just fine up here - she has a very sensitive sense of smell and she knows where everything is. When we go for walks down the trail she is slow on the way in but on the way out she can smell where she was and she is a lot faster. She's cute.
Just a beautiful northern day -plenty of sunshine but a nice breeze to cool you down and just the right amount of clouds. Went in the lake for the first time today - Rejean went in first and said it was just fine - pay backs are a bitch - it was f--king freezing. But refreshing. Jacques was there hanging around waiting for worms.
Hot Dogs and Beans for supper - testing the menu for Saturday....
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Steve P pic

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What Day Is It?

Just for a moment I didn't know what day it was !! I guess that is the first sign of ...something...oh well, it really doesn't matter what day it is up here - everyday is work day. After I took my new dress to Phyllis' for her to shorten it, I went back home to work. I am putting rocks on my garden slope and you have to go out and look for them, then you have to lift them and put them in the truck then take them home, lift them out and place them. That was my weight exercises today. I only have a few to go and that will be tomorrow. Rejean worked on the road and up around the house - I raked the tractor marks out of the road. For those of you who have never raked a road before let me tell you it is very calming. Almost zen like. You see the rake marks in the road as you walk either back and forth or up and down (sounds kind of sexy) It just looks a whole lot better after. Cleaner and neater. I know - get a life.
It turned out to be a nice day after all - started out raining and then the sun came out as we were working. I changed into shorts and took my turtle neck off and put a t-shirt on. It did get a bit warm. After all the work was done it was shower time then cocktail time. Sat on the dock for a bit.
Last nite at Axe Lake there were a lot of people - free booze gets them out. Everyone was there and it was a good evening. I got to meet Kenny's wife Ann who I have never met before - I called her the phantom wife. Some women don't like it up here so the guys are usually up more than the ladies. Nice bonfire and lots of friends - nice nite.
It is supposed to be sunny and 25 on Saturday for the party so keep your fingers crossed.
I didn't take any pics today so I will have to go into the archives for today's picture
See Ya Bye
ps I have a golf date for next Tuesday with Darlene and Joy - should be FUN.

Monday, July 14, 2008

View From My Chair Today

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Before and After

OK those of you who want a "before and after" photo of the place will have to wait - it technically is not finished yet on the outside. We have to install the beam coverings and put my flower boxes in place. There are certain finishing touches that MUST be done before I will allow an "after" photo to be blogged.
We are just waiting for the covering to be in - possibly this week. We are having a party this weekend on Saturday for Linda's birthday - it is becoming quite an event. I may have over 30 people here. When you are dealing with the Axe Lake people anything goes. Already people have been calling asking if they can bring extra people - of course. I plan on hot dogs and hamburgers, beans and salads and h'orderves (?) I will supply the hotdogs and burgers and beans and I will deligate the rest of it. Everyone brings their own drinks and chairs. I'll set up the Newfie Golf game and have tunes going and a bonfire that night and everyone will be in heaven. Including me. I'll just be pleasantly numb and enjoy the affair. Hopefully it will be warm and I'll have the kayaks ready, the canoe, and the pool toys ready. But no fishing off the right hand side of the dock because of Jacques. He'll be part of the entertainment.
Worked hard today fixing the road and the new area in front of the house. Now that the trailer is gone we had to even it out and add new trap rock and again I worked the tractor - some loads again were no big but I had fun. We got it done. More work tomorrow but I have to get my run in - today was "stretch and strenghten" day and boy did I do that.
We are off to a bonfire tonite over at Axe Lake - it is a "Unemployment Bonfire" Joy qualified for unemployment even tho she took a buy out from Chrysler (we'll hear about it tonite) and the booze is on them. I'm still going to take my own. It turned out to be a nice evening so I will have a good time.
See Ya Bye

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Garden - In Progress

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Luke and Basho

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FINALLY - almost

Yeaaaa - they guys finished up yesterday - they arrived at 6am and left at about 3pm - there was just a few little jobs left to do - the steel roofing over the old part of the house as it was ordered incorrectly (7 1/2' instead of 8 1/2') they put white strips under the doors and attached Andrew's chimney anchor. Now all that is left to do is the post coverings - we need 12 of them and I asked Rejean how much he thought they would be - he said about $50 -$60 - N O T - Bill Rozenburg said $120 a piece - oh well - I just consider it part of the total cost - we need them.
Basho and Luke did a great job - it took them one month - give or take a day off - and they were professional, kept a clean worksite and knew what they were doing and it shows. I am very happy witht the results. Now it's my turn to get to work. I'll keep you up to date on our progress but I want that addition to be completely finished by next spring - a winter project already!!! It'll be fun.
Went to Axe Lake last nite to see Linda on her 60th birthday. Robin and Randy were over for dinner and we watched them eat spagheti(?) Roger, Bob, Liz, Darlene, Ron, Donna, the mayor of Thessalon and her husband Al, the bartender at the legion and everyone's assorted dogs - Sandy, the little dog who thinks she's a big dog, Buddy the yellow lab who is just a hoot to watch with the other dogs, and Bailey the chubby Beagle. Sandy the little dog has a thing for shovels - she hates them. I caught her staring at the shovel and I just moved it a little and she went nuts - I'm such a shit disturber. Bob and Liz went home and didn't take Bailey with them - she could find her way back home but when Roger left (he lives next door to Bob and Liz) on his four wheeler Bailey followed him home. That was funny - Roger riding the four wheeler and Bailey the chubby Beagle trotting off beside him. I guess you had to be there.
It's raining here today but we still have to work outside to clean up because it's dump day and there is lots of garbage. So back to0 work I go...
I'll leave you with some pictures - enjoy
See Ya Bye

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Hard To Believe

You won't get the full impact of the title unless I can get the Picassa going but - please note the date - July 10th, 2008 - middle of summer - and we had the woodstove going this afternoon!!!!! It tuned out to be a cold, dreary, rainy afternoon and evening. We managed to get more work done - more dirt and trap rock to put down and I - again - worked the tractor - I am much better at loads of trap rock than of the dirt. I got big scoops!! We then did a bit of maintenance on the road and did some landscaping - I had got 6 plants of the Red Fire Grass - it looks really good when it is really growing and we planted them on the slope towards the lake - I'll also plant my irish moss - should be nice. But getting back tothe fire - it was 66 degrees upstairs because it was so nice in the morning I opened all the windows and didn't close them so Rejean lit a fire at about 4pm. But I was glad he did - it was cool and damp in the house. See, he's always right.
Basho and Luke will be here at 6am tomorrow to finish the addition and the porch - they just have to put the front and side steel roof that was somehow ordered incorrectly - and hopefully the beam coverings will be in also. Then it will be finished - on the outside - then my work really begins. I have to varathane the wood, sand them down etc. Then pick out stuff - like flooring and tile stuff - oh joy.
Also Dan and Max are coming up at the end of this month. They stay at one of the local camps down the road from us. I used to work with Dan and Max is his son. This will be their third or fourth time up - last year we fished Tunnel Lake and Max got a pike!! He was thrilled to death about it. Another young convert. He carried the stringer to the fish cleaning hut and it had a few fish on it. This year I'm taking them to Pig Pen - they'll have a good time. And also turn them loose on our Lake for those Big Bad Bass.
Enjoy the pics
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Green Snake I Saw

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The Dark Side

Yes, retirement has a dark side. It is not all fun and games you know. We work damm hard. Last nite there was one of those torrential rains that we get up here. It woke me up and it really poured - so much so that you think the whole house is going to slide into the swamp. Rejean woke up at 4:30 am and went outside to check our slopes - he could see nothing. This morning he was right out there with his umbrella ella ella ella hey hey hey (I hate that song) and he found that there were two washouts - one on each slope. So instead of making my world famous b-b-q
sauce I was doing maintenance - BUT I got to ride the tractor!!! I would go get scoops from the pile of fill and take it up top, help fill the wheelbarrow and Rejean would dump it. He would ghen rake it while I filled it up again. Then I had to go get another scoop so I'd get back on the tractor and go get another one. I wasn't doing too bad - I think there was only one or two scoops that weren't big. We got the washouts fixed and then we put fill behind the addition as it is a bit steep there and then we packed'er down with the tamper. Fun. But I was pooped after we were finished - I got cleaned up and we had company. Ron and Roger over on their 4 wheelers - we follow Up North 101 and had good cold beer in the fridge for them (and me).
Ron was on a new 4 wheeler that he said was Darlene's - I'll have to get her out on a ride with me - what an adventure we would have.
Well that's it - tomorrow I go into Bruce Mines to the Home Hardware store to get about 80' of rain gutters for the place - I bet they don't have that much - come on I'll bet you a buck. Usually up here they only have one of each thing - they can order it.
It is a beautiful nite.
See Ya Bye

ps - I have to give Ricky credit for the phrase "The Dark Side" That is what he calls the Barrs, Joan's parents - but with a great deal of affection. I just like the sound of it. Thanks for the Gramma cookies - Yum Yum

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jack and Rob Finally

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On The Road AGAIN

I spent the better half of today on the road - I went into town today to get some stuff then when I got home (and had to go to the bathroom bad) I was instructed to take a bathroom break then go to Rozenberg's for supplies (read chimney stuff, concrete and tuck tape). Ok no problem - I had to return a floor sample that Rejean didn't like (I kinda did but I have my eye on the Tuscan Stone at Home Depot - I'll have to see if Rozenberg's can order it for me - I like to keep things local) So away I go down the road with my tunes up loud and the windows downs for air - saw a porcupine walking down the edge of the highway - he turned into the bush instead of under my tires - but I slowed down just in case. I also saw a fox - I don't know if it was mine but he looked pretty good.
Luke showed up this morning but Basho was late so Luke left and never came back - Rejean put on his tool belt and helped. He likes that. But he takes beer breaks and never asks Basho. He can't be fired.
They cemented the shower area today and it looks great - it is going to be big - 4' by 8' walk in with no door - I want one of those rain shower heads and those things that spray you all over and of course an adjustable head for cleaning and for Mitch who is quite tall so he doesn't have to stoop over to get wet. Any thing for the family.
The front is all sided so I will blog that - our first party will be next week - Linda from Axe Lake turns 60 and she doesn't want any party so we will just visit on Friday (her birthday) then surprise her a week after her birthday - anything for a party. Can't wait!!
Well that's it for now - it is almost 7pm and Basho just left - I'm hungry!!
See Ya Bye

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jack and Rob

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Rob and Friend - n i c e

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Lee-Ann, Sue and Me!!

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Sorry I have been so long in blogging but it is tourist season you know. Stacey and Andrew and Sadie left on the Sunday and Sue and Jack and Robbie and Lee-Ann came up on Monday arriving in good time. Rick and Joan and Steve and Jenn were already up here. That makes 10 if my fingers are correct. And the one night Gerry and Cheryle came over so that's 12. BUT we had the porch to sit on and it is nice. We were all quite comfortable and could talk and see each other - it can accomodate a ton of people.
Getting back to the tourists - we let off more fireworks with this crew and, just as before, they were spectacular. I kept asking if this was the finale they were that good - We should have filled up the brown boat with sand and set them off out on the lake like a barge....
They guys went fishing and the girls went off four wheeling and boy did we go. One day we were gone for about three hours but the second day we were gone for about five hours - we went down FootPrint Lake road, the abandoned copper mine then the colony. Lee-Ann had a riot. Sue and I are pros but she kept up just fine and we had her going down triple diamond trails.
She rode her bike over the bridge at the colony and she was up on the rock beside the road - she did good. She said she was going to trade in her trailer for a four wheeler and come back and play with us. Joanne is real good too and I bet she is reading this right now and wishing she was with us - eh Jo?
Robbie had never been river fishing or stream fishing so Jack and Rejean took him out and got him hooked good. Talk about luck - he got a fish in the river with my 10' rod and he liked it.
Waders and rods and creels will be on his Christmas wish list. He had even better luck in the stream for the brook trout with ultra-lite rods. Rejean showed him how to do it and he ended up getting the biggest fish in the stream - it looked like no one else had fished it before them so the big ones were in there. Jack lost a big one over the waterfall - he was pissed. But he got a big Walley in our lake and he got to keep it. Yum Yum. The girls rode our fourwheelers in to meet them then we took the highway back home instead of the VERY AMBITIOUS TRAIL.
Jenn and Steve got off to an early getaway and Rick and Joan followed later. They had a good time as always.
Today everyone was gone and it was just the two of us - listen - can you hear that? Silence. We took advantage of it and relaxed the whole afternoon on the deck - it was a beautiful day.
See Ya Bye