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Wednesday, September 29, 2021



Joanne and I trekked up Rock Candy Mountain this morning to take in the colours.  It was well worth the hike up hill!!!  I would say the colours are about 75% to their peak.  They are just beautiful.  The reds are vivid and the oranges are a close second.  The yellows really haven't made their appearance yet and the oaks are the last to change and fall.  Met another couple on the trail who are doing the fall colour tour - they said the colours down in Muskoka are nothing compared to our area.  Little Highway 129 is a wonderful place to view the colours.

Monday, September 27, 2021



We have two visitors to the feeders so far this year.  Good size ones too!!  I will be wearing my bear bells for my trips to the mailbox...

Thursday, September 23, 2021



Lots of stuff happened around here this summer.  We didn't have the kids due to Covid but for their birthdays I sent Jodie some money to buy them scooters that they love.  

First pic was taken by Steve (of course as I could never have thought to take a pic from that angle) after dinner when the lake was like a mirror.  We had Taylor's parents up for a few days with Rick and Joan and had a nice campfire.  

Joanne and Mitch were in the Thessalon vintage car parade.  I forget what year it is but it certainly sounds good and loud.  The parade took them all over the town including the Algoma Manor where the residents enjoyed the old cars.  

The next pic was the annual fishing trip the "farmers" come for.  They are all life long friends from the Listowel area and I don't think any of them are farmers now but that is what we call them.  A great bunch of guys.  Mitch and Rejean took them out fishing everyday on Tunnel Lake and tons of fish were caught.  This was the evening of the fish fry held at our house.

The pic after the boys on their scooters was the damage to Steve's bunkie from the 4 tornados we had around here in August.  The two huge hemlocks were removed by professionals as it would have been too dangerous for us to attempt.

The next two pics were of one of the Scott Sisters quad adventures when Susan was here.  We went thru a lot of mud puddles and hung out on the River.  

The next one is of just one of the beautiful bass caught on our lake by Susan and Joanne.  It was released to fight again.

Next is of our progress on blocking our double bunk of wood.  Half way thru.  rick is helping.  He drives the tractor and I place the hook on the logs and make sure it is balanced and then walk with it over to the saw horse where Rejean uses the chainsaw to cut them to length.  We will split them next spring.  It never ends.  We have started having fires in the house and garage already.  It is chilly.

The last two are of the leaves and mushrooms in the area.  The leaves are really changing fast and they are stunning.  They are late starting this year as Rick remembers last year at this same time they were at their peak.