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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


It didn't take long to deliver the new sea can to Parker's.  It is in a perfect spot - out of the way and in the shade of the trees.  We had to use chains to slide the can off the truck bed and it worked like a charm.  It was Pete's first sea can delivery.


Trying out my new camera yesterday.  I am pleased with the pictures so far but I think I have a problem with my memory card as it keeps saying "memory card error" and won't let me take any more pictures.  I will have to correct this problem before the kids come.  Don't want to miss any "memories" of the kids.


We got a head start at 6am the other morning and Joanne and Mitch and Brent joined us a bit later.  It was a beautiful morning and we got 5 in the boat.  We were using bottom bouncers with slow death hooks with a worm.  Worked for us.
We are very happy with the boat and look forward to taking it out many times.  We have scoped out a sandy beach with shallow water perfect to take the kids when they get here.

Friday, June 22, 2018


My beautiful niece Shelley got married yesterday in Halifax Harbour on the first day of summer.  Rodney and Shelley eloped!!  Only a couple of people knew about it, including her aunt Deb who made her bouquet out of dried red roses from Shelley's Grandmother's funeral flowers and her veil was created using material from Susan's veil and lace from her wedding dress.  Deb is a very talented and thoughtful person.
Words cannot express how happy I am for these two people.  Shelley Welley is very special to me and I wish them only happiness in their lives together.

Welcome to the family,  Rodney!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018


First picture is of my Father and I on our 250 Harley Davidson we had years and years ago.  I have my motorcycle licence because of that bike.
The next picture is an old one and I think that is me on the right and Joanne in front of my Father.  Don't know where Susan or my Mom were but I think this picture was taken out west somewhere probably near Claresholm Alberta.
And the last picture I came across searching for the other two pictures.  I have no idea where this was taken but it is of my Father when he was obviously very young.  Maybe early twenties or so.      A very handsome man.
As I have said before he had his demons but he was my Father and I do have good memories mixed in with the not so good ones.
He is at peace now I am sure.  Gone for 37 years.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


North Shore Fisheries were involved in a fish stocking event last week.  I didn't get to go up in the helicopter this time - maybe next time.
We waited around while the chopper went on a few runs to remote lakes where fish were dropped into the water.  Then it was out turn.  The truck followed us while we stopped at four sites and stocked thousands of rainbows into streams.  I carried a few pails down one hill to release them into a calm area of the stream.  A lot remained around the shore but soon joined their friends into the main stream to find their first dinner.  Hopefully they will grow big and strong and I will catch them a few years down the road.  That is the plan...


I took this picture last week when I saw these two geese swimming up the lake.  I just downloaded it on my computer tonite and when I zoomed in, lo and behold, there are 5 little baby Canada Geese swimming along with their parents.  Kind of hard to see unless you do zoom in.  I haven't seen them since so they must be down at the far end of the lake.
It is rare to see the geese on the lake and I have never seen baby geese.  We usually have baby mergansers but haven't seen them yet.
I'll have to get the kayak out and go visiting...but will keep my distance.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


They are everywhere!!  I just love this time of year when these beauties are in bloom - I call them my Testicle plants but they are really Pink Lady's Slipper - a member of the orchid family.  They typically grow in acidic soils which we seem to have in abundance here.  It is the provincial flower of Prince Edward Island so they are a long way from home.  These plants can live  twenty years  or more.
If you want one and want to go out in the forest and dig one up, don't waste your time.  The root system is very complicated and the chance of you successfully harvesting and transplanting one to your garden is very very slim.  Please don't do it.  Leave them be and just take pictures of them as I have.
They are only here for a short time, so get out and enjoy them if you are lucky enough to live close to where they bloom.  If not, please enjoy my pictures.