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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Got me a nice big bass tonite!!


I had to slow down to let these guys cross the road safely and get a picture of course.  The father on the right was letting me know to keep my distance from his family.  They can be dangerous and very, very protective of the little ones.  There are a lot of Canada Geese in Thessalon along the river banks and in the farmer fields.  Nice to watch but don't get too close.


I looked out of the back window this morning and noticed that our swamp was full of water which meant only one thing - the beaver was back!!  Sure enough when we hurried out over the bridge to the stream there was the dam - not a very big one in my opinion but enough to back everything up.  How he managed to get some of those logs in place amazes me.  All that work in one night.  I found out later that the real work was under the bridge which was packed solid with mud and grasses.  If you don't catch it in time it can back up over our septic bed and do a lot of damage.
There has been a lot of rain the past week or two so the stream has been running hard and it is the sound of the rushing water that triggers the beaver's damming instincts so as long as the water is rushing that beaver will be back every nite doing his thing and we will have to break it up each morning until he gives up (which he won't do) or we "gently persuade" him not to come back.  I am betting on the latter.

I will keep you in the loop.


It was Mexican night at our house the other nite.  I was inspired by my nephew's rehearsal dinner to make chicken enchiladas and Mexican rice for dinner and some Margaritas of course.
The food was delicious and very easy to make - I did forget to put out the chopped up tomatoes and green onions and the sour cream but I think I can blame the Margaritas on that.  I can blame the Margaritas for a lot of things that night - I think.  It was a case of deja vu from the Super Bowl Party a few years ago where extra tequila was added to a drink that already had tequila in it.  Hence the reaction.  I think I will stay away from Margaritas for a few months.  But I will make the enchiladas again - they were a hit!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Not so itsy!!  This is a dock spider that grow so big they have meat on their legs!!!
The scientific name for this spider is Dolomites which translates into Fuc-'n Big Spider!!
They are Canada's largest spider
They don't spin webs -instead they stalk their victims and use two large fangs to inject venom, paralyzing them - just like vodka
They do spin a nursery web to protect their young
Egg sacs can hold up to 1000 baby spiders
The female dock spider will eat her mate within 20 minutes of mating!!!!
They are expert hunters - but they don't hunt humans
They catch and consume everything from insects to tadpoles and minnows - they are carnivores!!!
They dangle their legs in the water to feel vibrations as their prey approaches - the hair on their legs helps to differentiate between a leaf and lunch
Their legs are water resistant and they can walk on water - didn't say anything about running tho
They can scuba dive for up to 1/2 hours so you are not safe in the water

Just some tidbits of information about these creatures

Remember - you are never alone on the dock...


Myrtle the Turtle was still hanging around the same area as before so we decided to give her a place to live until she got a bit bigger.  She likes fish as we found out by dangling a piece of bass in front of her face and she grabbed it and ate a bit.  The rocks are sized so that she is able to climb up on them and bask in the sun.  We also placed a chunk of moss in there so if she wants, she can snuggle her way under it to hide.
The kids will be here in less than a month so we may keep her around for that.  But as soon as she is a bit bigger she will be released a little ways away from here.  You don't want her for a neighbour in a couple of years !!!


Big project at Mitch's place for the past few days - actually the only nice days we had had for a while - but finally done.  And it looks great.
It will be used a lot this summer.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Joanne and I headed to Springwater Farms on Wednesday to get our plants and it just happened to be Planter Day - you bring your planters to the greenhouse, pick your plants out and they will fill your planters with soil, plant your plants and fertilize it all for $2.50 per planter.  Worth it to me.  I got red and white geraniums plus some "thrillers, fillers and spillers" all in honour of Canada's 150th birthday - plus geraniums are easy to grow and need very little maintenance.
Thursday was the Ladies Luncheon at the 3 Aces in Iron Bridge - a Canadian/Chinese restaurant.  It is supposed to be Ladies only but today a little 5 month old baby boy joined us for a little while.  He was with his grandparents at another table and just smiled at everyone so Erla asked permission to hold him and then he was getting all the attention he wanted from all us Grandmotherly Ladies.
Once the bills came we also received our fortune cookies.  Now as everyone knows when you read your fortune cookie you have to say "in bed" at the end.  I got all the Ladies to participate.  We all got a good laugh listening to all the Ladies read their fortunes and say "in bed" at the end - there was a lot of laughing and giggling going one.
It was fun!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Joanne doing her best to keep the bugs off her when fishing tonite.
I got the first one again but Joanne got skunked - with her new reel.  Oh well, it is still early...


Someone found this little guy in the water right where their dock was going.  This same person had an encounter with a Snapping Turtle a few years ago and named it Snippy.  I think Snippy had babies and this is one of them.
I thought it should be kept for the kids to play with when they come but I don't think Jodie would go for it.
They set it free.


Some of the pics Andrew took of our lake and property - kind of gives you an idea of the size and location of everything.
Takes great pictures!!


Andrew brought his drone up with him and the guys had it out this morning taking some pictures around the lake.  The pictures are amazing - you can see the whole lake and surrounding areas.  As I was taking pictures of them the drone was taking a picture of me!!!

Something tells me we will be seeing a lot more drone pictures in our future...

Monday, May 22, 2017


I can't call them "babies" anymore - they are full fledged little boys now.  They will be 3 on August 27th.
Charlie Barley on the left and Monty Moo on the right.

We will have the honour of their presence for 5 weeks this summer which I am really looking forward to - I think.  They are talking now so that will be fun and they are not leaving without them calling me Grandma or Gamma or whatever they choose to call me.

Let the fun begin...


It rained on Sunday so we all piled in the truck and went to visit MariLou in Elliot Lake.  We had a great visit and as we were leaving I spotted this little guy on the neighbour's front lawn munching some bird seed.  There was about 3 or 4 bird feeders on their lawn and I think this was the raccoon's personal feeding space.  This time of year you really don't need to feed the birds.  The feeders only attract raccoons and bears.
Thank goodness Sam didn't see this - he would have been a little excited.


May 20th came and went with enough success that we will be having a fish dinner tonite with all trimmings.  The black flies were out in force which means the fishing was good.  The middle picture is of the mornings catch - Rick and Rejean went out at 6am .  A wee bit too cold for me.  Fishing later on that evening was just right for me.
That is me in the first picture - I caught the first walleye and the smallest wallet - 2 separate fish.

Let the fishing begin...

Friday, May 19, 2017


After a two day trip thru Canada,  Mitch and Joanne arrived today a couple of hours ahead of schedule.  I went over to help them unload the truck that was packed tight.  Of course they lured me over with Kentucky Fried Chicken and donuts!!

Oh the fun we are going to have this summer - hurry up and get here Susan!!


Today a fine group of volunteers relocated 177 BIG Lake Trout to a local lake.  The total weight of these fish was 1160 kilos and the average weight was 6.55 kilos - altho some of the fish I released had to be 15 or 16 pounds or more - they were huge!!!  The fish were 15 years old and had been broodstock at the hatchery in Sault St Marie.
thank goodness there was a large group of us as it was hard work.  The two guys from the hatchery were on top of the truck scooping out the fish into the nets that they would lower to the waiting volunteers who walked them over to the guys waiting on the docks to release them in deeper water.  I had on my waders so I let them go just off the beach.  Such a feeling seeing these huge fish free of the net and just catching their breath and then swimming off into the lake.  A few of them lingered around for a time and we had to motivate them to leave.  One was like a salmon swimming upstream the way he came dashing close to shore.
By the end of the release we were all slimed - Lake Trout are slimy fish and you couldn't help but get it all over you carrying the fish in the nets.  But well worth it.
Ron is going to arrange a group tour of the hatchery in the Sault.  It will be interesting to see where all the fish we release come from.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Well Turtles, Sandhill Cranes and Chipmunks.  I took my camera with me this morning to town and happened upon these two Sandhills walking along the side of the road.  I remember when I first saw these types of birds I had no idea what they were.  I thought they were ostriches that had escaped from a zoo or something and when I first heard them - well you have to know what they sound like - like nothing you have ever heard before.
And I saw a Painted Turtle by the side of the road so I pulled over and rescued him.  I took him/her across the road in the direction it was facing and down the hill to the water.  I hope it wasn't looking to lay her eggs in the gravel by the side of the road as they do.  Oh well.  I meant well.
And we were over at Mitch and Joanne's getting their water turned on and who should show up?  Chippy the Chipmunk looking for Mitch to feed him peanuts.  He is going to have to wait until tomorrow evening when they come in.  I have already notified Mitch to have the peanuts ready...