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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We got the ceiling done over the bar today - I should say installed because it has been done for a few days but we have been too busy to install it.  I will get a good picture to post - the ones I have taken already just done't seem to do it justice - I can't get a good angle but I will keep trying.
I filled up the wood box and the wood stand in the work out room, cleaned out both stoves, chopped some kindling because I was almost out. That is my work area in the picture. It is right beside the drawer that the kindling goes in so I don't have far to travel.   I don't know where I will do it next year when my new floor is down.  I can chop all I want on the cement floor now. I burned my burnables and cleaned up the place.  Played on the computer and walked to get the mail.  We are expecting a dumping of snow tomorrow - some Colorado Low or something like that.  We are going to clean the snow off the roof covering the veranda.  It does seem to be accumulating.
Maybe I'll have to blow snow again :S


This is what happens when you have some spare time and you get a bit creative on your blog.  This is a gadget that I have seen on other blogs but never knew how to put it on mine.  If you put your "mouse" on a certain point, the fish will come to it and if you move it, the fish will follow.  I know, a bit hokey but it is fun.  I also changed my background design.  But just for a while - I like the other one but I will leave this up for a bit.  Enjoy!!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I got to blow snow again today - we got about 3-4 inches the other nite and more is expected on Wednesday (now we get snow) so it was decided I would blow today.  I grabbed a beverage, took off my coat, changed into my hikers for better control on the hydrostatic control and hopped into the cab.  Rejean had already got it warmed up for me and moved his truck out of my way at the garage - that is where I start...I have to follow the existing routine established by Rejean for all those many years up here.  I am ok but sometimes I feel I am getting too close to the ditch so I panic and stop and then try again.  And I don;t do the straightest of lines so...I have to do it again.  Mr Picky tells me to do it again straight this time.  OK I will.  It's all fun to me and I must admit it looks a lot better after I have redone some areas.  It is all in the routine.  I have to direct the blower certain ways - away from the wood sheds, and windows and trailers, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left and the control is sooooo sensitive - you just touch it and it moves.  As I said in the beginning, practice will make perfect!!
See Ya Bye

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The North seems to attract people with a lot of talent - we have people who sing, bake, etch glass and stone and quilt.  Joy is one of the lucky people who happens to be very good at quilting.  Bob commissioned a piece for his garage door and this is the finished product.  Linda, Diane and I headed over to Bob's on Saturday to see it.  And it is stunningly beautiful.  Every panel has surprises - the panel in the middle is of a moose and the 4 corners have deer, bear, wolf and elk (I think).  The material chosen just sets off the theme of the piece.  Joy stitched all the panels and some equally talented friends of hers put it all together.  The reverse is of a camo design that is just as intricate as the front.  It is a work of art and these pictures do not do it justice - you have to see it in person to truly appreciate the work and talent that went into it.
Well done Joy!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Maybe it is better to plead ignorance...but maybe not.  Now that I know how to blow the snow, I find it fun.  I don't mind that they are predicting more snow next week because I am prepared.  AND with the new tractor  cab with heat, stereo, drink cup holder and hydrostatic controls,  I am in heaven.
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
See Ya Bye

ps - that is me in the tractor, just in case you didn't notice...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We got the call at about 6:30 from Ron to come over and see what he caught.  We knew it had to be a big one but we didn't even imagine it was a big walleye - we thought maybe a lake trout but no, it was a walleye.

31 1/2 inches in length
17 1/4 inches in girth
and weighing in at a hefty 10 pounds 11 ounces
caught in Jobam 1 at about 5:30pm

He was in his ice hut alone when it hit.  Thank goodness he had a gaff handy to help get it thru the hole.  It is all wrapped up in the freezer ready to take to the taxidermist.

Nice Fish Ron!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


...certainly doesn't stay at the Lake.  I had to go on a beer and wine run to the Post today.  Keith was there by himself as usual on a Tuesday afternoon.  I entered the store and he greeted me with his usual "Alias" - that's his name for me.  It's a nick name from when I first moved up here and I got a package delivered to me in my real name.  Keith didn't know my last name as that - he thought I was using my married name and he didn't know who Janet S---- was.  When he found out he got a good laugh and said that that name was just my "alias" hence, the nick name.  Anyway, he knew that we hadn't got any fish the day before.  I said the minnow I put on live in the morning was the same one and still alive when I left in the afternoon.  He laughed.  Everyone knows everything up here.
Tomorrow I have to varathane new stuff that Rejean did today.  The bulk head at the back wall is being worked on and it's my turn to do my thing.
See Ya Bye

Monday, February 20, 2012


The forecast  was calling for +3 and sunny so we all decided to head out to a secret lake for some brook trout fishing.  There were 8 of us.  Ron and Mary, Rejean and I, John, Bob, Arnold and Kenny.  We got a fire going because it was a bit chilly when we arrived at about 10am but we quickly scrounged around for some fire wood . That is John warming his hands.  The luncheon menu included hot dogs (Mary forgot her dogs but there was plenty to go around - so much for Mary's list she made up so as not to forget anything because the last fishing trip she forgot the stove!!...home made beans, cheese, black liquorice, honey coated almonds, pickles, beef jerky and pepperonis and buns.  Everyone had lots to eat.
The next picture is a group photo from the back.  Once we got lunch going everyone gathered around.
The next picture is of my personal fishing space.  I am allowed 2 holes, one for jigging and one for the tip-up.  I have my little chair incase I get tired and my pack that holds my stuff.  There is also a beer - I mean beverage can.  And a little yellow scoop to keep ice out of my holes.
The next picture is just of the guys sitting on their machines waiting for at least a hit - all day long and not even a nibble.  But we stuck it out.  It was a beautiful day to spend with family and friends.
The last picture is me.  You can see my nice fur hat that I actually needed for a portion of today.  And look, I have a turtle neck on - who would have thunk that???
See Ya Bye

How did you spend Family Day???

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Mr Sandy Barr turned 91 years young yesterday.  Sorry I am a day late but I know you had a good time yesterday with your family and friends. 
Mr and Mrs Barr are the reasons that this blog doesn't have any (or very few) swear words and objectionable content - they are my filters.  When there comes a place where a swear word would just be perfect, I am reminded that they read my blog everyday and they would be disappointed in me for my choice of words. 
91 years old - wow.  Just think of the things he has seen and done.  He is a veteran and has written a book, raised a good family, enjoys a good nite out (or early evening) at the Red Lobster, his favourite restaurant.  They know him as part of their family he has been there so often.
Anyway, I hope you had a good day and I wish you many more happy and healthy years.  Enjoy!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


We headed out with all our stuff - and quickly found out we had forgotten a few things.  Ron and Mary forgot the stove (Mary went back for it) and Rejean forgot the fishing rods!!  We did have our tip-ups and Ron had a couple of extra rods so we weren't really in bad shape.  It was a day with sunny skies, clouds, wind and eventually snow.  We experienced it all but the temps were great zero to +1 - I was comfortable in my layers and snow suit and my new fur hat.  Five Splakes were caught by everyone else - I caught 2 small perch which we quickly sent back down the hole.  I guess my lucky hole wasn't.  Oh well, a good time was had by all.
Back to work tomorrow - after my trip to the dump.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tomorrow is Friday, it has been snowing, albeit lightly, for the past 3 days so Rejean called a play day.  Ron, Mary, Rejean and I are going ice fishing.  I am not coughing as much so I won't be scaring the fish away.  I have had this stupid thing for over a month now - I think I was re-infected with the same virus because it is the same thing I had before.  But I think it is breaking up and I feel up to fishing.  We took the snowmobile out for a spin this afternoon just to see if it runs - we have only had it out once this year.  That is me out on the lake zooming around.  I have some chilli, pepperoni, some honey almonds and some beverages and Ron and Mary are bringing some munchies.  We will build a fire out on the ice to heat up the chilli and ourselves altho it is supposed to be +1 and sunny tomorrow so we won't be cold.  The lake we are going to has perch and splake and I hear the action is good.  I'll take my camera to record all the fun.
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is sort of what our bar will look like altho the front corner is not as wide and the back walls will not be as is shown but you can get an idea of what we are striving for. I wanted drop lights down from the bulk heads but I lost out to pot lights. We have had them in the finishing room for years just waiting for a chance to use them. The boards have all been stained and finished (my job) and we are in the process of installing the bulkheads. Just like Mike Holms, Rejean is very fussy and, as I have said before, it is worth the stress in the end because it is perfect. He wants to do the ceiling behind the bar the same as the picture - we have done the same thing at the bottom of the stairs so I think it will look fine. Tormorrow we will finish the bulkheads and then install the moldings. The actual bar is not in the works until next year but it is nice to get started on it - finally.
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Monday, February 13, 2012


Just heard on the news of the death of a snowmobiler on Little Pickerel Lake which is just a hop, skip and a jump from here.  I didn't recognize the name but he worked in Elliott Lake.  Apparently he was with friends at another camp and left to return to his camp and when the friends did not hear that he had returned home safely, they went out to find him and found he had died on the lake.  He had hit a rock along the shore.
There were 2 other snowmobile deaths in the north this weekend.  Just goes to show that even if you are experienced in riding your machines, anything can happen.  You just have to be careful.  And with the shortage of snow this winter, the trails are especially dangerous.  Be Careful!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


You haven't heard from me for a while.  I have another cold - I must have picked something up down in Windsor.  I am trying to ignore it.  We are working on the bulk heads for downstairs.  We cut the boards to size and Rejean stained them.  My job is to varathane them which I have been doing for the past couple of days.  I sand tomorrow then apply the final coat.  It seems to be going slowly but at least we are getting it done.  Once those are done we start on the back wall where the dishwasher, double sink and gas stove go.    I have been looking at table and chair sets for down there.  I saw some really nice ones in the states - real wood and for the same price that I saw in Canada.  But, I am still looking.
That's about it - just another exciting day in paradise...

Monday, February 6, 2012


We stayed at the Chalets Friday, Saturday and Sunday nites and we decided to head to Banff on our day off.  We visited the Banff Springs and were amazed at the massiveness of the hotel.  I would like to stay there one day just to say I have.  We toured downtown Banff and they had the ice climbing display right on main street - it would have been something I would have liked to try - the height was just my size as I am sometimes afraid of heights.  And there was an expert there to show you the ropes - literally.  We observed the girl in the white bikini getting her picture taken - we actually saw her disrobing and wondered what the h-ll she was doing but it all became clear when the other girls started snapping away.  It was not exactly warm that day and when she was done and hurrying to get back to her clothes, she slipped on the ice and went right down on her behind and from the looks of her, I don't think she had too much padding.  It must have hurt.  Mitch posed by a knight in shining armour - they sure made 'em small back then.  It may have fit me!!  The last picture is of moi outside of our Chalet.  The scenery was stunning and I missed the mountains when I came home.  We have some amazing scenery here but out there, that is real scenery.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This was the view on Sunday morning from my chalet deck.  Makes you feel wonderful to be alive and able to enjoy such amazing views.
I want to go back and I know it won't be another 20 years before I do so.

-again you have to go to old posts to see all that I have posted today - more tomorrow


This was the first time I have seen this game but I haven't been to a lot of weddings recently so maybe I have missed something.  The bride and groom sit back to back and they each have one of their own shoes and one of the other's shoe.  Someone reads a question and you have to hold up the shoe to who you think most applies to the question - i.e. who takes the longest to get ready to go out or who will have the biggest hangover tomorrow morning.  Anne-Laur read the questions and it was hilarious watching the answers.  But I think they nailed the answers.


Rejean and his girls.


Downtown Canmore Alberta.  It was a perfect place for the wedding ceremony and the reception.  I highly recommend it.  The food was goooood.  The desert was Creme Brule (hope I spelled it right).


We managed to coral all the guys and got this great picture of them on the bridge.  The wind had died down by this time.  But they had on more clothes than the girls - victims of fashion.


...not really - I think the only single lady in that picture was Marilou - we were a bit cold - the wind just picked up while this picture was being taken and without our protective out layer, we were chilly.  Can you tell?


Jodie and her big sister Stacey - sharing the joy of the moment.


While the girls were all getting their pictures taken, we had the guys hold all our stuff and Jim lucked out with Tish's hat which eventually found it way back to Windsor with Marilou.  But I think he wore it very well - what do you think?


Stacey was all warm and cozy with her faux fur coat and boots.  She just blended into the scenery.  Perfect.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


We went to a great spot for the pictures - after 3 failed attempts to find the place - there was a parade of cars following each other down and up different streets trying to find the spot. People must have thought we were nuts.

I will post more tomorrow but in the mean time there is lots of posts to see so when you get to the bottom of this page just click older posts and keep going. These were the pictures on my lost camera. Now you know why I was soooooooo upset that I lost the camera. They are priceless.
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I think everyone was happy and having a good time. That's Jim, Dave's stepfather. A very interesting man.  The stories he could tell...he used to hang out at the OxBox in London the same time I did - back in the 70s - no wonder I don't remember him...
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...starting from the left...Jodie, Dave, Anne-Laur and Stacey. Steve would be proud...

ps - apparently Dave likes loud sox - who knew???
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Notice the horseshoe attached to Jodie's bouquet - it is an English thing - supposed to bring good luck. They brought it all the way from England.
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Just a pop of color - she looked beautiful.
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Actually Jodie and Dave got married in a bar - albeit a nice bar. Way to go Jodie and Dave!!!
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