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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


A nice cool morning so we started on the wood - we got 2 cords done in 4 hours before we stopped - we really have all summer and all fall to get it done because we don't need any of this wood for this winter so we have the luxury of time to finish.
After I got home and cleaned up, I headed over to Joanne and Mitch's on my four wheeler along the old Axe Lake road - it is actually Stacey's four wheeler which she is letting me use until mine is fixed - thank you Stacey.  I helped Joanne plant some seeds along side of her garage - she scattered the dirt.
After I got home I checked out the greenhouse and found some little tomatoes growing from the plants I bought as opposed to seeds this year.  AND my testicle plants are out - they are actually Pink Lady Slippers - Cypripedium Acaule, a member of the orchid family.
And tonite after dinner we are all headed to the Trading Post for ice cream!!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2016


I got my grass cut today after going fishing yesterday instead of cutting it.  I was hoping Rejean would have cut it for me when Rick and I were fishing but he saved it for me.  I am glad he did.  Once you get going it is done pretty fast.  I got my tunes going and some cold water as a reward at the end.  And the bugs weren't that bad at all...


Rick and I went fishing yesterday to a stream we have fished before.  Even tho the water levels were good and there were a few good holes, we just didn't get any good fish.  We both got 2 small brookies and had a great time.  It took me longer to maneuver along the shore and thru the water but I did fine and look forward to more successful fishing adventures.  I got to see all the wildflowers growing in the bush like the wild violets that are quite common around here.  Tons of the wild strawberries are flowering right now as well.


Rick and Rejean were out again today fishing and look what they caught - Rejean got it this time  - 23 inches long and about 4 - 4 1/2 pounds he said.  We even got cheeks out of this one - as good as scallops.  The fillets were beautiful.

Friday, May 27, 2016


We got an early start to today's fishing - it was foggy but cleared up to a bright sunny morning.  I got a bass down by the point and then decided to head out on my own to another spot.  And I got another nice bass.  I got him in the current so he was fun to reel in.  When the guys joined me I got Rejean to get a picture of me and my fish.  There is a trick to getting a great shot of your fish.  The first one is me holding it in front of me and Rejean getting the shot.  But the next picture I have moved the fish closer to the camera - a trick I learned from watch Bob Izumi on tv.
Same fish but look how much bigger he looks.  Feel free to use my tricks.  Your secret is safe with me!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016


It is that time of year when the turtles are coming out of the ponds and lakes and rivers to lay their eggs in the gravel or maybe just to cross the road to get to the other side but whatever the reasons, you have to watch out for them.  Yesterday I saw one that hadn't quite made it - I saw him and had to turn around just to make sure.  Poor thing.  I don't know why people can't just swerve a bit to miss them.  It is not as tho they dart out - they are slow moving creatures.
Today I spotted one on my way into town for the Ladies Luncheon.  I saw her and had to turn around and come back, pull to the side of the road and get out.  It was a painted turtle and not a snapper.  I could pick her up and move her safely to the other side of the road and I let her go on the gravel just in case she was going to lay her eggs.  She had everything pulled in except her little head which was just out far enough that she could see me.  On my way back I didn't see her so I can assume she is on her way to wherever she was going.
It only take a moment to help them across the road when you can do it safely.  Even a snapper can be persuaded to move with a stick!!


I have to take a moment to let you know of Buster's death.  Buster is a dog that lived in Chelsea New York who had his very own blog.  I followed Buster for years and always found such joy and happiness in his adventures at the dog park with all his friends.  Such adventures he had!!

He is now playing in the Meadow with his friends, not in pain anymore.

Rest in Peace Buster.


I had a comment that the Kayaker had more fun but I think I did.  I got to be on the river on a beautiful morning - I was fishing my secret spot by myself and watched this Kayaker come down the river silently enjoying the same things I was.  I asked permission before I took his picture and he asked about my luck.  We both wished each other a good day. He continued on past the point where you put out so he was taking the long way home.
 I watched Rick hook and fight one of his beautiful Brook Trouts and I successfully netted it for him.
And I got to fish - I don't have to catch a fish to enjoy fishing.

Life Is Good!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


It was going to be a hot one today and we were invited to go out on Tunnel with Joanne and Mitch in their first boat ride of the year.  It wasn't going to be sight seeing - it was going to be fishing!!!  We ended up with 4 bass.  I finally got one, Joanne got 2 and Rick caught the other one.  There was drama when Joanne got her line caught in the trolling motor - she thought she had a big one on.  Rejean got it fixed so we could continue our adventure.  Then we had a big pike swimming around - Rick saw him, he cut my line but he never got on anyone's line.  He is still out there.
We finished off our fishing adventure with a cold beer at Joanne and Mitch's place.  We will eat our fish tomorrow now that we have enough to feed everyone.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Well Ricky had a great day on the water as you can see.  Two beautiful Specks.  He landed one himself and I was around to land the next one.  He also got a bass.  I got a lure and a picture of a kayaker.
But who had more fun?

Sunday, May 22, 2016


The action was definitely not hot and heavy but Joanne caught the first fish - a nice bass - which in our excitement we released.  We were supposed to keep them but we forgot.  Not as tho we won't catch any more within the next few days.  The guys got one bass and two walleye.
Joanne and I left early because we wanted ice cream cones at the Post.  We didn't have any money but Keith was kind enough to put it on my account.  Moose Tracks!!!!  First ice cream cone of the season  

and we saw a bear cross the road in front of us and it was a beautiful full moon last nite.  My picture does not do it justice - it was beautiful with the frogs chirping all around us.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Thursday was fish stocking day around here.  The NorthShore Fisheries gang was out in force with the helicopter and two fish trucks.  Lots of volunteers as well.  We stocked lakes and streams with lake trout, rainbows, brook trout and splake.  some of the volunteers set up a tent where they bbq'd our lunch while we waited for our turn to accompany the trucks to our spots.  The helicopter stocking went first and it was fun to watch it take off and land so close to us.  Next year I get to go up I hope.

The one picture I have of everyone looking over the side of the bridge is the exact same shot as last year.  It is a nice little spot where after the fish have been released a lot of them can be seen coming to the surface after bugs and splashing in the water.  It is fun to watch as the water is deep and calm.
It is a great group of people to be associated with and the work is very rewarding.  I hope to run into a lot of those little fish maybe next year at the end of my hook!!!


We were over helping Joanne and Mitch at their place today.  They came in yesterday and saved all the work for today after 3 long days on the road.  We helped them get their water going and their dock in - 2 very important jobs to get done right away.  Joanne and I worked inside and got stuff put away while the guys worked on the water.  We all helped with the dock - the first time they had to do it as it was new last year - but we got it done.  A beer was very much enjoyed after all was done.  I had them over for dinner and Joanne and I found a little calling card from one of the bears around here - not too far away from the house.  It wasn't very fresh so it was safe to walk around outside for a while.
The pickerel opener tomorrow...


This is what 129 looked like yesterday morning - the cars and trucks are usually hauling trailers and quads and boats and lumber etc.
Let the summer begin!!

The black flies are sure happy all that fresh blood is coming their way!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Happy Birthday Susan!!

I hope all your beaches are long
All your shells are beautiful
And we share our margaritas forever

I love you!

Friday, May 13, 2016


Rejean built a ramp out of our tons and tons of fill instead of building a wooden ramp.  You don't have to worry about rotting or painting - just take the tractor down to the road and get a load of dirt and voi la - perfect again.  AND ricky's bike is the first thing in the new Sea Can - looks nice and cozy - no mice!!


Every year Steve pays his taxes to us in pepperoni from Wigle's Gourmet Meat in Amherstburg.

Account paid in full!!  With Thanks!!


My pictures are arranged in a last picture first and first picture last order so you have to view from the bottom to the top.
Never let a little rain stop you from going to a party where you have to take a boat to get there.  I hesitated but boy am I glad I went.  I got to meet some amazing people and made some new friends.  We were invited to the annual American Island party along with John and Linda, Doug and Diane, Arnold and Joy and Ron.  There were 7 of us in John's fishing boat but enough life jackets in case of any incidents.  The American Island is situated on Axe Lake and it has quite a history which we heard over the course of the evening.  They purchased the island in 1929 and have been coming back year after year and generation after generation.  In 2000 there was a horrible fire caused by a camp fire that smoldered underground for days before igniting the buildings on the island in the middle of the night.  Thanks to the residents of Axe Lake and the Wharncliffe fire department it was contained.  And over the years they have rebuilt another family compound.  No electricity but that has hardly held them back.  I saw iPhones everywhere all charged from one generator.  I hear next year there will be some electrical improvements.  They treated all of us like family and welcomed us to their island with open arms.  There were a couple of drones taking flight - I would love to see that video.
The food was delicious and Diane brought desert - Timmies!!  You can't get much more Canadian than that.
Everyone was up for the past few days on a work vacation.  Bunk beds were built and trails were blazed.  Hopefully they can come back for a real relaxing vacation.  I look forward to visiting again with this amazing family, my new friends!!

A few of the guys headed over to John's garage to watch the hockey game afterwards.  You can only rough it to a point and a hockey game just trumps all!!