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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hard to see the one on the left - just under the top left hand corner - they blend so well

Ed, manning the controls - Barry and Rejean unloading

Heading off into the bush

Lots of warning - nice to see the deer back in the area

After the dump I was on may way to the Hall to check it out because it will be used on Monday for voters - I had my camera out and ready as I would be passing the spot where we spotted the Bear last nite - as I was coming down the hill, I spotted 2 objects on the highway - first thing that enters my mind is there is 2 dogs on the highway - of course they were deer. I slowed down and got a picture of them on the road. They didn't move too much until I got a little closer - then they headed off into the bush. I decided to go to the hall tomorrow and headed back home to work on the wood. Ed and I split while Rejean and Barry got the wood that we cut down to the other garage where we were working. It was a nice day for work and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. They guys can work on the boat again. I'll make sure the Hall is ready for Monday.

3 Cheese manicotti and garlic bread for dinner - compliments of Ed.

See ya Bye

Friday, April 29, 2011


On our way home from the fish fry we saw our first bear by the side of the road just before the 554 cutoff. It was a good size one too. By the time we backed up, it was running back into the bush - a good sign that this bear will probably survive. We had just been talking about when we would see our first bear and voila - there it was.
The fish was delicious!!
See ya Bye


Ed tried his luck but, unfortunately, no fish were hurt by us this day but we had fun!!
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Boots was here this morning seeing us off on our fishing trip - he came around again after we returned and were sitting out in the sun - he liked Sandy's cookies ;o)
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Thursday, April 28, 2011


...we are going fishing!! In my opinion, a much better way to spend my day. They guys worked all day long on the boat. The trailer is all finished and it looks better than new. All new wiring and all freshly painted. The tires are brand new so we didn't have to replace them. They wired the boat for the lights so it can be used at nite. They are replacing the transom on the boat with a piece of oak that received 3 coats of spar varnish. They replaced the forward deck supports with another piece of oak. And they replaced all the screws with brand new plated ones so they are nice and shiny. I'll be taking the motor in on Monday to be overhauled so we will be all ready to go when the ice is out on the big lakes.
But tomorrow is supposed to be nice so we are going to give the guys a break and go fishing on the river. There are brand new waders to be broken in and worms to be fed to the awaiting fish (if it's not too cold) but who cares - at least I'll be out there giving it a try. And either way, we still eat fish tomorrow because it is the Fish Fry at the Legion. Yeaaa.
See ya Bye

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Jodie and Dave have decided to wait until next summer to get married in England so now I can save up for my facinator - I noticed the price tag on one that they were showing on TV in relation to the Royal Wedding and it was 545 POUNDS!!! That's about $800?? Partridge season opens in September...just gotta find myself a milliner...


A view of the lake this morning between rain falls - just some ice around the far shores - calm

Barry, with some serious eye protection - I think they are ski goggles

Ed, doing some wiring Ute says, we need the rain tho. It will bring up the lake levels and keep the bush moist so no fire bans. But, do we really need this much?

The guys are staying busy in the garage working on the trailer and they are doing a great job. The 3 of them work very well together I must say. I made them lunch and dinner is heating up in the oven - Eddie brought up a shepherd's pie that he made and it looks delicious - I have a salad to go along and a Sesame Seed French Bread with no cholesterol I might add. They brought up a ton of food and Friday is the fish fry at the Legion in Thessalon that we are going to for sure.

Another hockey game tonite - Montreal is playing so I have to try and stay up for that one - I have been sick with a horrible cough but I got some new Buckley's for mucous and phlegm (sorry, but I am sick and I do have those things) and I must say, it works!!! I took my first teaspoon and in about 5 minutes I could breath and my cough was suppressed. I have been a Buckley's girl ever since my friend Evelyn from work turned me on to it. I highly recommend Buckley's - and they are not paying me to say this.

Well the guys should be coming in any time now - it is pouring rain out there still. At least it is not snow....

See Ya Bye

Monday, April 25, 2011


Rejean starting to paint the trailer

Jet and Toby getting treats from Linda (I cut off Linda's head - sorry)


I saw a Sun Dog today - if you don't know what that is, google it. It was a perfect rainbow encircling the sun - completely. I was trying to get in the full sun to get warm and I looked up and there it was. I have never seen one before - Wikpedia discusses various forms of it. It was about 1pm when the sun was almost at it's highest.

And our Loon is back. Our lake is about 80% clear of ice and the ice that is left is very thin - we have had a number of different kinds of ducks plus Canada Geese - we have had Common Golden Eyes, Buffleheads, Common Mergansers, Black Ducks - every day there is something different. And today I saw my Loon. Just one, but that is how it always is - his mate appears a few days or weeks later. Maybe this year, we will have babies...

Also, Toby has a new brother - Jet. Clarence's daughter brought up her new puppy - a black lab just like Toby. Toby is teaching him to fetch balls (he has already shown Jet where the treats are in John's garage). Toby lets Jet know when he has had enough - after all, Toby is 13 years old and Jet is just 4 months old. (I think I have my numbers right).

We are still working on our trailer - Rejean put the finishing coat of paint on it today and it looks great - we just have to spiff up the boat and we will be all set. I think we are going to christen the boat with some left over 51 Proof Navy Rum that Bill used to drink. I call it evil Navy Rum.

It was a beautiful day today but rain is predicted for the next 5 days - just when Eddy and Barry are coming up to help us with the wood. I hope they like to play Dominos...

See Ya Bye

Sunday, April 24, 2011


You may recognize this little guy from last year's greetings but I couldn't find anything cuter so I am re-cycling him/her.

Finally a nice day here - the sun is shining and it is warming up - hopefully this afternoon will be warmer and sunnier for just relaxing about. We are working on the trailer for our boat - Rejean sanded it all down and yesterday I applied the first coat of primer and today will be the paint - an off white color with all the trim being in a light grey - we got 3 seats for the boat plus the swivel attachments plus all the lighting we need - we have rod holders and drink cup holders so we are all set. Can't wait to get out on the lake fishing in Bill's Boat.

Enjoy your Easter and I hope the Easter bunny is good to you.

See Ya Bye


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is Mitch's travelling companion for his trip home tomorrow. It can get pretty lonely on the road for 27 hours...just saying.
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I spotted a woodpecker on the dead portion of a tree out the bathroom window and, as I usually do, I got the binoculars to get a better look. I had never seen one like this before so I grabbed my trusty "Birds of North America" a field guide to the majority of birds around here and lo and behold it was a Three-Toed Woodpecker!!

The picture does not do it justice - there is a bright yellow crown on the male as this one was. Otherwise, it is pretty much like the Hairy or Downy Woodpecker in it's body. It stuck around for a couple of hours, even taking a sleep break on the tree. The book says that an excavation of a cavity for a nest can take up to 12 hours so maybe that is what this one was doing. It is not there now but I will keep an eye out for him tomorrow.

See Ya Bye

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Rejean and I went to the Sault today and it always cost me money when that happens. We had to renew our passports $$, then we went to Sears and bought a new dishwasher $$$, then we had lunch with John and Linda who were in the Sault as well $, then we went to Home Depot for some other stuff $$, then we went to Canadian Tire to fill up my car and get a car wash $$ then we went into Canadian Tire to buy stuff for our boat $$ then we went to Pino's just to buy some chickena and sausage but ended up buy steak, more chicken and soy chocolate milk $$ then when we got home there was a notice in the mail box that our boat seats were ready to be picked up at the Post Office in town $$$ so all in all it was a very expensive day.

See ya Bye

Monday, April 18, 2011


Stacey is doing the Woodstock Marathon - actually the Hallucination 100 - 100 miles that is!! I have volunteered to be among her entourage - support group in other words. There is a 30 hour time limit for the 100 so I figure I have about 3 hours to kill so why not sign up for the Hippy Half. So that is what I did about 5 minutes ago. I didn't do one last year and boy did I feel like a slug. I need to register early so I can focus on the training - and this one is a trail race. I have never done a trail race before - mine have all been marathons or halfs in cities such as Portland, Chicago, Detroit and Toronto. And all have been done on city streets, thru neighbourhoods and business sections. This one will be thru the woods and up and down hills along dirt trails thru Pinkney State Park Recreation Area in Michigan. Sounds like fun. And I have the best training grounds ever - my own back yard. I have trails around here that are perfect. I'll have to get some pointers from Stacey about what I need - like special shoes. And, because it is the Woodstock Marathon and I am doing the Hippy Half, I have to get a special shirt - maybe tie-die or the peace sign with a Maple Leaf to show I am a Canadian. Oh the possibilities... to coin a phrase from Stacey....Gotta start training

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Their feet were not made for waking on ice - funny!!

They were calling for it and it was cold out there but who'da thunk it!! We woke up to a proverbial blizzard this morning and it is still snowing out there - albeit not as hard. The birds were not too happy - there were flocks at the feeder so I went out to put some more seed down for them. Lots of Junkos!! I noticed the raven on the ice feeding on something so we were out and took a look - it looked like a big fish - either a bass or pickerel - was being consumed on the ice. The otters may have been here earlier and caught it and left some on the ice for the ravens. It will remain a mystery.

We also had a pair of Black Ducks on the ice yesterday - they were just preening then went for a dip in the exposed water along the shore. The ice is slowly retreating but I imagine today's weather may slow down the melt a bit.

We are heading over to Mitch's this afternoon for a sauna, then back home for some ribs and home fries and a salad. Gotta keep the big guy fed.

See Ya Bye

Saturday, April 16, 2011


We finally made it to the Curling Club's chicken wing nite. All you can eat of chicken wings with different sauces (I like the Frank's Hot Sauce mixed with Honey Garlic yum yum) salad - potato or cesar, roll, desert and chocolate Easter Eggs for $11!!! Bargoon. It was great!! All the Axe Lake crew were there, including Clarence, who had a great time. Plain Jane and Les were there as well as Darlene and Ron. A great time was held by all - now we have to wait until next fall to go to another one. But it was well worth the wait. Delicious!! See ya Bye
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We hung Joanne's new picture where she wanted it hung - looks good!! It is raining outside so it is a good day to be working inside. Also Detroit played -stupid penalties almost cost them the game !
See Ya Bye


We helped Mitch install the washer/dryer combo in the closet - we tested it out with the sheets from Jack's bed. Worked like a charm - no leaks and they work surprisingly well - considering they were in a fire. Good Job Done!! See Ya Bye
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Even Mitch needs a ladder sometimes
Mitch attaching the cable on the monster tree
Bystanders are well out of the way
Perfect landing
Wrong picture but you can see the tree that was taken down
Everyone came out for the big event
Blocking the tree with chainsaws - I told them to make them pickupable size
Using the cants to move the log
Joanne's garden snail survived but a rake didn't - my fault for leaving it out
More fire pit stools

Today was the day - we would be taking down a monster tree - it eventually measured 83 feet tall and 8 foot 4 inches in circumference - we discovered it was starting to rot so it was a good thing it came down where and when we wanted it to. Rejean brought over his cables and hitches and they were strung on a couple of trees - eventually hitch to the back of Mitch's big Ford truck - Jack would be responsible for moving the truck when the time came. I was in charge of 2 cameras in movie mode. I put one camera on top of the other so I got the same movie on both cameras - and considering my tremor, it turned out pretty good. My tremor gets worse when I get excited so you can imagine the outcome. John and Clarence also came out to take pictures and videos of the event - some excitement on the lake. I had to put Toby in the sauna house just to keep him safe and out of the way. Rejean was standing with Mitch while he used his chain saw to make the cuts. He watched the tree and directed Jack when to put tension on the cables. It came down exactly where they wanted it to. And did it make a noise - like thunder. It crashed to the ground, missing all the other trees and came to rest right beside the fire. How convenient for us to throw the branches. They guys got to work first cutting off the branches so Jack and I could feed the fire. After about 2 hours you would never know that a tree had been felled in the area. Good workers!! Mitch and Joanne now have a few more seats around the fire pit and enough wood for fires galore. Now we have to split it...but tomorrow is a day off for us workers - a well deserved day off I might add.

See ya Bye

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just like in the summer - Mitch in his shirt sleeves
The guys working on levelling the dock - even Toby was helping
John and Toby checking out the work at the end of the day.
I didn't have to go to town today - they cannibalized the old pump for spare parts for the new pump - it is up and running perfectly thanks to Rejean and Jack. Mitch and I continued our work on the trees and brush. A few more trees were taken down and the big ones will be done tomorrow. We will be packing chains and come-a-longs for that job.

But what a beautiful day today - sunny and 13!! And it is supposed to be the same tomorrow - if I wasn't working so hard I would be tanning on Stacey's deck - maybe another time.

Bob, John and Linda came over for a short visit today and we sat around on the deck in the warm sun - you really get the sun now with some of the trees down. More sun is more important than privacy - and the view is spectacular.

The guys are watching the debate right now - and I am blogging - what does that tell you...

See ya Bye

Monday, April 11, 2011


Mitch put this picture up on a chair in the cabin while he is here by himself. Kinda looks like Joanne...


Mitch - taking adown a big one
Not much brush left - some burn holes in the blue tarp and in my hoody

Woke up to two Canada Geese on the lake - a little early as there is no open water yet. they were gone the next time I looked. We headed over to Mitch's to help him with tree felling and burning. I was in charge of the fire (yeaaa I like fires) but it took a long time to get that sucker going - I must have burned a month's worth of Windsor Star newspapers. It rained all day yesterday so it was a bit damp. But we got it going good and managed to burn a ton of brush. Mitch was busy with the chain saw. He opened up an area around the sauna house. Now they will have sun during the afternoon. Sun is better than privacy anytime.

Toby was over looking for his treats. John and Linda had gone to town so there was no one else to play with. He just hung around, slept and found a bone to chew on. He is no bother. He stood on the dock for a minute or two then trotted across the lake to Joy and Arnold's. He must have been checking if it was safe or not and he decided to chance it. I was ready to go to his assistance if he fell thru the ice. I don't know who would have come to my assistance...

I fed them chicken parmigiana tonite - a break from pork - and there is enough for lunch tomorrow for them. I have to head into town first thing in the morning to get some stuff Rejean forgot to get today. A quick trip.

See Ya Bye

Sunday, April 10, 2011


That's one big bottle of vodka - from Costco in Alberta - great for Cesar's!!! Let's have one now...
Admiring Mitch's new fishing rod - an 11 footer - great for the river!!!

Mitch arrived at 1pm this afternoon - 28 hours on the road to get here. Just in time for lunch - the guy has great timing. After they were fed we headed over to Axe Lake - Mitch was ahead of us and came to a road block - John and Linda had planned it once they heard Mitch was coming - you have to drive on their property to get to his place - I don't think the toll was too high. Mitch was in the process of unloading his truck - filled to the hilt I might add. The guys headed over to the bunkie to discuss the water situation - John and Linda paid a visit along with Robin and Randy and their grandson Walker. I put stuff away.

Mitch brought up a big box full of Life magazines from the 60's!!! I know what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks - I love those magazines!!! After I finish with them I will return them - I promise.

Mitch just arrived and we will be bbq'ing smoked pork chops Jack brought - I made a salad, corn and baked potatoes - no desert. That should keep them going until breakfast. I just realized all I will be feeding them this week is pork - I have pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, pork tenderloin, ribs, and a spiral honey ham. It is the other white meat!!! But I don't think they will complain.

See Ya Bye

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I may have to kill a few birds up here and make my own...just saying. Depends on location, time of year and, of course, my outfit. I'll let you know as soon as I know...

See ya Bye