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Saturday, November 30, 2019


Well, we had that storm on Wednesday - a lot of heavy snow on all the trees and hydro lines and we lost our power quite early on the Wednesday morning.  We were expecting it.  But we weren't expecting it to last for 34 hours!!  But it did.  We kept a watch on the Hydro One app on my i-pad that kept us informed what was going on and the expected time for our power to return.  It kept changing to later, and later, and then going into the next day.  We got our generator out and hooked it up to the house.  Our fridges and water pump is tied into the generator.  Next time the TV is going to be hooked up!!  We had our wood stoves going full time as well.  I cooked dinner on the propane stove downstairs and when it started getting dark, we would put on our head lamps to see.  We hooked a lamp up to the generator and played Uno one night and Dominos the next.  Please don't mind the crazy "Trains"  Our power finally came on Thursday early evening.  Our friends Ron and Mary's hydro was out for 51 hours and there was still a remote area without power today.
It certainly makes you appreciate the conveniences we have in our lives - like hydro!!

But I have to thank the Hydro One workers who I am sure worked their asses off these past few days. They deserve a day off.

To Anonymous ...

...thank you for letting me know about Evelyn.  It is appreciated.

Sunday, November 24, 2019


We had such a good time as usual on our Annual sisters' Vacation to St Pete Beach Florida.  We did the usual things but managed to get some new stuff as well - like Sunday Bloody Mary breakfast at the Drunkin' Clam located conveniently across the street from the Bon Aire.  We did Willy's for chicken wings that were a little hotter than the medium they advertised.  But I ate them.
the bottom picture is my Bloody Mary made with ZingZang at Hurricane's.  The drink was good ... that is all I will say.
Only 1 year until we can go back again.  Can't wait!!!


The wedding of Steve and Taylor was beautiful, held at the Sprucewood Estate winery in Harrow.  I have never been to a wedding at a winery and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.  A beautiful venue for sure and I found I liked a couple of their wines which I shall look for up here for sure.