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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014 has been a very good year - I got my two beautiful grandsons - Charles and Montgomery - my sister Susan also got 3 beautiful grandchildren - Aubrey, Camryn and Colton. Joanne and Mitch got to spend their  Christmas with their grandsons Raiden and Bishop.  My nephew Kyle is engaged to beautiful Malorie - I got to spend some great time with my sisters Susan and Joanne and our honorary Scott sister Deb in Florida - I travelled to Abu Dhabi and got to ride a camel.  I found out I love Thai food. Stacey is working for Canada Post.   I follow my niece Shelley's 100 days of happiness and look forward to tomorrow's post. I reconnected with some long lost relatives on Facebook.  So many good times and memories.

I can't wait to see what 2015 will bring…

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I guess the drinking age in England is a lot lower than over here.  Charlie and Monty out for a couple of pints with the guys - and as you can see in the last picture, they are now sleeping it off.

Boys will be boys!!!


I know these are terrible pictures but he just wouldn't co-operate.  For the past few nights we have been watching a flying squirrel visit the seeds dropped from the bird feeder.  He didn't seem to be bothered by the flashlite we used to illuminate him.  And he wasn't frantically eating the seeds - just very calm.  And the other nite there were 2 of them!!  They are the same colour as the red squirrels we have around here but their tails are flat and their faces are completely different.  Their eyes are huge and their faces look kind of squashed in.  You can see the excess skin behind their front paws along the sides of their bodies.  I have never seen a flying squirrel in person and it was very exciting to see one so close.
I went out and put extra seed down for tonite's visit…maybe some better pictures.


Thanks for asking about the snowshoes.  The information I have is:

Jack Carey
71 Clarence St
Cornerbrook NL
A2H 1L2

This is the information I found on the internet so it is already out there.  However this information is from 2006 so it is rather old.  I did email him a few years ago and never got a response.  But feel free to try and contact him - you won't be sorry.  The snowshoes are amazing!!!
good Luck!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I want to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas. It has been a wonderful year for me - becoming a grandma to Charlie and Monty, visiting Abu Dhabi, another fun trip with my sisters Susan, Joanne and my honorary sister Deb. There were people I did not see as often as I should so I will make it a priority to do so in 2015.
Stay safe

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Saturday, December 20, 2014


Santa Claus knows where Abu Dhabi is and I think he uses camels instead of reindeer…just saying.


I borrowed this picture from Kim's Facebook page - hope she doesn't mind.  Cumming Lake is completely frozen over without snow on it.  If it gets  colder without snowing, you would be able to skate for miles over this lake.  It is like glass!!

You first…

ps - it must get considerably colder to even consider doing this - it has just recently froze and milder weather is predicted.  DO NOT ATTEMPT UNTIL SAFE TO DO SO

Monday, December 15, 2014


A very rare family photo of the Scott clan with a few Robinson's thrown in for good measure.  This was taken at one of Sue and Jack's pig roasts at their farm in Atwood in maybe 1982.   I am sure it took forever to get us all in one place and still enough to get the shot.  That's me in the left hand corner with my arms around little Troy trying to keep him still.  I think only Jimmy was missing from this picture - he was probably in the barn.

Family is everything!!


I have been getting in touch with a lot of my relatives on Facebook lately which I totally enjoy.  Meaghan has shared her family album and seeing the old pictures really brings back the good memories.  Joanne found this picture and asked me to share it.  It is of the Scott cousins - Susan, Michael, Joanne, Peter, Derek and Janet.  There are not a lot of pictures of the 6 of us and this one is one of the good ones.

  We had a lot of fun together whenever we did get together.

Friday, December 12, 2014


It was blood donation day on Thursday in Blind River so Rejean and I headed out at about 2:30 down 554 to Iron Bridge.  Usually the elk are out just before dusk so to see this herd at this time of day was pretty rare.  There had to be about 30.  I just happened to have my camera so I pulled over and got a couple of shots.
It was my 41st time to donate blood this time.  Almost catching up to Rejean who has donated 54 times.    They had Christmas cookies for us after our donation!!  Love those cookies!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Sounds funny but it is working.  The Blue Jays somehow land on the small pegs and spill the seeds on the ground.  Even the woodpecker (who we don't mind feeding at the bird feeder) manages to spill quite a lot of seeds.  Rejean tied a stuffed animal - the beaver I bought him this summer when we were having problems with the beavers - to the top of the feeder and lo and behold, it worked.  It scared the larger birds away!!  The small birds don't seem to mind it and they continue to feed all day long.
You use what you have.

Who knew?


Today was the December's Ladies Luncheon and it was held in Iron Bridge at the new KP Grill.  And what a turnout we had - I think everyone showed up - we pretty much took the place over.  We were loud but polite.  And considering how many there were of us, everyone got their food in a timely manner.  I choose to have the soup of the day - a delicious cream of broccoli - it filled me up.  Next one is January 21st at the Wakamata Lodge.  See you there.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


My beautiful Poopsy has mange!!!  The top picture was taken on October 29th, 2014 and the next one on December 5th - it took just 37 days for her to become almost helpless.  Mange usually starts on the tail and gradually the animal can lose all the fur on their bodies.  And along with that they usually develop conjunctivitis and Poopsy has that as well.  She is almost blind.  We had been feeding her usually in the morning and at night.  She would sleep under the wood shed to stay out of the cold.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  But she didn't seem to be scratching and she had a spring in her step so I thought things might work out.  I finally contacted Wild at Heart, a wild animal rescue organization in Lively near Sudbury.  They would take her and they have had good success in the past and they said she didn't sound too far gone.  So I borrowed a live trap and put her food in it this morning and in a few short seconds, we had her.  She was so hungry the food was too much for her to pass up.  She was afraid of the trap but went in anyway.  She did finish the bowl once she got inside.  She was a bit upset at first but once we got her in the car and a blanket over her cage she settled right down.  The first sheet we put over her cage she pulled it through the small holes into the cage - I guess she wanted something to lay on.  3 hours later we arrive at Wild at Heart.  Poopsy calmly transferred into her crate in her quarantined room - right next door to another fox with mange.  I got to peek in at her and her little bright eyes were looking up at me.  She had been in the same condition as Poopsy when she got there.  I get to call and check in on her whenever I want and I can pick her up and bring her home when she is better probably in the spring.
Some people thought I was nuts to do this and told me as much.  But when you can do something to help, why would you not.  Poopsy has given me nothing but joy so it is the least I can do.  And if they can't help her, they will put her down humanely.

Poopsy is safe, warm and fed tonite.  It is what we all want.  I am happy.


It was a beautiful nite - compared to some years - for the annual Moonlight Madness in Thessalon.  First off we had dinner at the curling club where it was wing nite.  All the wings you can eat !!  Then the girls hit the stores walking.  The volunteer firefighters were manning the bon fires at some street corners and the main one beside the Sinton, where Linda found a nice warm seat on the lap of Chris Hare.  We had to pull her off.  Darlene and Plain Jane were with us.  We stopped and shopped at ForestLand - my most favourist store in Thessalon.  (I know that isn't a word but it describes it to a T)  There was an art display at Begg's Funeral Home and I got a chance to see Heather D Mitchell's work for the first time.  Heather is a local whose paintings of animals are just amazing.  I purchased a couple of pictures of her paintings - a blue jay and a fox.  She has won many awards and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some beautiful paintings or prints.  Her website is  Check her out.
We finally met the guys at the Sinton for a final drink and headed home.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I have 2
Susan has 2
Joanne has 2

Monday, December 1, 2014


Barkley comes to visit Axe Lake sometimes and is always such a treat to see.  I used to have dachshunds when I was growing up and I have a special place in my heart for them.  Barkley loves to chase down balls for you and always brings them back for you to throw again, and again, and again and again.  And if you ignore him, he pushes the ball with his nose towards you to get  your attention.  Just like Toby used to do.

Love that little Barkley!!