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Monday, June 28, 2021



It was a beauty evening out on the boat on our lake with Joanne and Mitch fishing.  Susan and Shelley are coming in on Thursday so we needed some fish for a good fish fry.  Mitch and Rejean were out on tunnel this morning but really didn't have any success at all.  Fishing has been hard on Tunnel this year.  But not on Cheney.  I think Mitch got his first Walleye within 2 minutes.  Then a couple of beautiful bass.  Joanne caught a nice Walleye on the lake as well.  When we got back to shore, Joanne and I cast off the dock (now that Jacques is no longer hanging around) and I got a couple of nice ones and Joanne got a beauty!!

We get our second vaccine tomorrow!!  

Sunday, June 20, 2021


Here is a picture of my Father and me on our 250 Harley Davidson.  
I am who I am today because of him and for that I am grateful.  


Tuesday, June 15, 2021


 First the snakes.  We moved a big black rubber runner that we used to launch the brown boat.  I knew there would be snakes under it and I was right.  I just didn't think that there would be so many.  There must have been about 7 small sized snakes under it.  6 of them were the ring neck snakes - the dark grey with the ring around their necks.  They have a beautiful orange belly which I didn't try and see.  Once they felt the sun on them they were out of there.  There was another one that was curled up and took a bit longer to leave.  I think he was a type of garter snake.  There was also some snake skins under there.  One was a good size!!!

Next the cake!!  You haven't seen the boys in a while.  It is Rejean's birthday today and the boys and Jodie made him a cake.  We zoomed with them this morning and they sang Happy Birthday to him and blew out his candles.  Charlie's wish was he wanted his family to be together.  Monty I think was just itching to get at the cake.  Once the candles were blown out Jodie gave them each a fork and they went at it.  With the 8 hour time difference it was evening in Abu Dhabi so I think it may have been a bit difficult to get the boys to sleep after eating all that sugar!!!  It was so nice to see them all.

And finally, the Pollywogs.  At the Hooverville Landing where we launch our boat to fish Tunnel there are millions of Pollywogs hanging around the shore so today I took my strainer and a pail and went and caught me some Pollywogs to put in our lake to feed our fish.  Wasn't too hard.  The bottom was black with them.  All I did was stir them up by walking towards them and they all scrambled away.  I just waved my strainer and got a ton.  A few minutes later and I had enough. Some even had their back legs growing already.  I remember when I was younger and all the kids in the neighbourhood would go Pollywog hunting and I would sneak my Mother's strainer out to use to catch them.  She would get so mad at me.  A very good memory.

Monday, June 14, 2021



Did a little road maintenance today at Hooverville, the boat launch just down the road.  There was a "ditch" that we filled in and also moved some gravel at the waters edge so that it was smoother to launch the boat.  Tons of butterflies were hanging around the water's edge.

We have been noticing some disturbance at the edge of our driveway and the hill leading down to the water.  We figured it was raccoons or the rabbits.  But lo and behold, it was a mother snapper laying her eggs.  I looked out the window and just happened to see her a few minutes ago.  She is a beauty.  You never see her in the lake.  We have really only seen her once when we had the basket of fish in the water off the dock and Marilou noticed her watching them.  They are in there but they keep to themselves thank goodness.  Maybe we will have baby snappers in a few months...

Wednesday, June 2, 2021



It has been a while since we have had any rain and there is now a fire ban throughout the area.  You can smell the dryness in the air.  When this happens, we get out the fire hose and hose down the bush around the house.  We have about 6 hoses and a water pump that sucks the water from the lake (and any little minnows that might happen to be swimming a little too close to the end of the hose).  We take turns holding the hose as it can get a bit heavy and hard to maneuver.  It was a beautiful day to get this done.  We also painted Rejean's wood shed.  Got a good picture of a butterfly on my flowers right outside my door.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2021



OK, I threw in a picture of the fish I caught yesterday on Tunnel.  It was a good morning fishing and everyone caught fish.

And I stopped and got a picture of a turtle basking in the sun in a swamp not far from here.  The turtles will soon be moving crossing the highway to get to the gravel to lay their eggs.  Be careful!!

And I got the kayaks out today and went for a little spin around the lake.  Saw a few big bass and a few beaver sticks.  It was a perfect day.  Topped it off with some poutine and an ice cream cone from the Post. Rick's last nite.  The guys will be watching Thor tonite.  I won't be!!