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Friday, December 24, 2021



I can't think of a better way to wish you all a Merry Christmas than with a little help from Monty and Charlie.  Right now they are in their beds in Abu Dhabi waiting for Santa and his reindeer to arrive.  They prepared a plate for Santa with some carrots and cookies and milk.  They were supposed to be spending Christmas in England but,  like so many others, their plans changed.

It has been a hard couple of months with some unexpected health scares and deaths in the family.  Not being able to travel for Christmas again is an added disappointment.  But we are healthy - we just got our booster yesterday and we are trying to abide by all the restrictions that are in place again.  We cancelled our vacation in February as it is just not safe to travel and there are too many unknowns right now.  

We will be celebrating with Stacey and Andrew and Marilou this holiday - they are in our bubble.  We will be zooming with Rejean's family tonite hopefully and then with Jodie and the boys tomorrow morning.

I hope your Christmas is Merry and spent with the people you love.

Friday, December 17, 2021


 Losing a dog leaves a hole in your heart,

You simply just wait for your life to restart.

The hurt is so deep that you wonder just how,

You'll ever recover from pain you feel now.

But time is a blessing and memories are gold,

The years that you loved her and watched her grow old,

Are gifts that she leaves you to treasure and then,

One day you'll see her and love her again.

-Glenda Gillis

Rest in Peace little Poop