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Thursday, April 30, 2009


OK, I admit I watch American Idol. I have for the past few seasons. This year I am really enjoying Adam Lambert. What a performer. When I first saw him, he was a bit Goth, with his painted fingernails and eye liner. But over the past few weeks he has become a favourite - I also like Danny Gokey and Allison - I predict those will be the final 3 but I also like Chris. Time will tell. But we get such a kick out of Adam Lambert. Every week it is a treat to watch him. I can honestly say that I would pay big bucks to see him in concert - I think he would put on quite the show. He puts his own spin on the songs he sings. This week's performance was amazing. But WTF - he was in the bottom 3!!! He will win. AND I predict that he will be very, very successful. Betcha a buck.
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Let me explain...I had my annual mammogram and was called back for another look. Well, they tell you not to worry about it but, of course, you do. You expect the worst but hope for the best. I made a deal with myself that if it was cancer, I would get a dog - something that I have wanted for a loooooong time. That way even if it was bad news, there was still something good in it. Well, it looks like I won't be getting Betty the Beagle. I got the all clear from my doctor this morning. There goes Betty.
Last nite we visited with some friends. He is off to Saudi Arabia for work today so it was a little Bon Voyage get together last nite. First let me say that their home is absolutely beautiful - I couldn't get my breath on the tour I was always gasping. Everywhere you look there is something unique to see. We had a nice visit and on the way home, dropped off at Joy and Arnold's for a night cap - and then John and Rejean decided to go visit Kenny, who had just come up that day from Windsor. It was about 12:30am and they did get him out of bed. Linda and I went home and left those two to play. Kenny drove them home at who knows what time. Rejean is feeling the pain today.
Tonite is my class for the Smart Serve Course - so if I cut you off at one of my parties, you know the reason why.
Tomorrow we clean - as I have said before there is nothing like the threat of company to get you to clean up and boy does the house and garage need it. We have been too busy in the bathroom to bother cleaning but Chris and Egon - lumberjacks extraordinaire - will be up on Saturday. Let the lumber jacking begin....
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Monday, April 27, 2009


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I am working on the computer downstairs and again I am having problems with Picasa but I will post the picture the old way (sorry Stacey).
We got the toilet installed and working - I was the one who used it first. Rejean went all the way upstairs because he forgot he could use the bathroom down here. I am sure it will happen to me one day. We put the cabinets in the bathroom just to get an idea of how it will look - you can't really judge the space because there is still another cabinet to go in (which Rejean hasn't built yet )- that is why there is an open space on the left hand side of the toilet. The room will look better once that is in place. We will hook up the sink and shower tomorrow.
We are running out of time - Chris and Egon are coming up on Saturday to help with the firewood. She called tonite worried about black flies - we haven't seen any yet. I don't think it has gotten that warm yet. Not like down in Windsor where it has already reached over 90!! There is just something unnatural about using your air conditioner in April. We still have snow for goodness sake.
Thursday I am taking a Smart Serve course at the Wharncliffe Hall. You need it if you ever bar tend a function. You never know when it might come in handy up here - the way we like to have parties...
I now have a GMail account - we lost our old email address when we cancelled our Bell internet service (which we didn't know would happen) so on Facebook - if you are my friend - I put my new GMail address so please email me so I can put you on my contact list.
I saw a Woodland Jumping mouse today - I was just looking out the window, waiting for Rejean to tell me to do something, when I notice movement in my garden. It wasn't a bird and on closer inspection, with my binoculars, it was a mouse - a jumping mouse. It actually hopped around. I looked it up in my trusty wildlife book and easily identified it. I have never seen one before. It was fun to watch - my entertainment for the day - besides the squirrels and chip monk I feed peanuts to. When they see me coming and hear me chipping at them, they come a'running. I reward them with peanuts. Who is the trained one???
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Sunday, April 26, 2009


There should be a picture of the bathroom floor but I am having problems with Picasa again - it will be here tomorrow so you will see it then. We did finish it and, if I do say so myself, it is beautiful. Just like I imagined. We did it in the brick pattern and it was a bit of a challenge - a few cuts here and there but we did it. I carried one of the cabinets in and put it in place and it looks pretty good. Tomorrow Rejean will work on the trim while I clean smelt!! He has gone smelting with John and Randy so I may be busy tomorrow.
We have been woken up the past three days by the loons!! They are both back and they are letting us know it. It's good to see them. I have my fingers crossed for babies. But it has been four years since we had any kids. They say the raccoons get the eggs. And since we know they are around...
There is just a bit of ice down at the far end of the lake - it is good to see the water again. Now if we could just have some warm weather.
Just in case you think we are ignoring your emails, we don't have an email address anymore. Apparently when we cancelled our internet service with Bell because we now have the High Speed Stick, they cancelled our email - when we got the service we were told that we could keep it. So tomorrow I am searching for a new email service. I will let you know what it is - if I know you.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Rainy day. Rejean finished the windows in the new bathroom and I went to the dump. I have to do some clean up around there again this year. There are a few grocery bags slapping in the wind hanging on the trees. ValueMart, our local grocery store has now started selling the plastic grocery bags for 5 cents. I don't mind paying because I use them again for my garbage bags at home and on the highway. I have purchased some fabric bags they sell but I keep forgetting them when I go shopping. I'll have to develop a routine of some sort so I don't forget (you know easy it is to forget).

Last nite we went to the fish fry at the legion in Thessalon - again - d e l i c i o u s!! And they had chocolate sauce as well as the butterscotch and strawberry sauce for your ice cream - I choose butterscotch of course.

We are now working on the floor of the bathroom - and tomorrow we will actually put the laminate tiles in place - progress!! Then the toilet goes in then the sink and cupboards. We are getting there slowly.

We also put the dock down. We got every course of the cedar boards in place except the last one - it is giving us some trouble. It is not laying even. We will deal with it another time.

The ice is out down at our end of the lake and just very thin pieces at the other end. The loon woke us up this morning - it doesn't take them long after the ice starts going out. Rejean saw him yesterday but he landed today. We still have a pair of hooded mergansers out there but they will be leaving soon, if the loon has anything to do with it.

On my walk yesterday I was startled by a little snake down in the ditch. I just happened to have my camera with me so I snapped his picture. It was a nice warm day so he was out sunning - I did watch where I stepped after my encounter with him.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


There is now water around the shoreline. We have ducks in the water. The fox was running along the ice this morning but he didn't want to go for a swim so he wandered further along the lake. A beautiful day - got lots done. Went and picked up the new shelf for the shower - ordered from Home Depot and delivered to Thessalon - what a deal. The shower is now ready for Mitch - my taller than me brother in law - no way you'll bang your head in this shower.


A good time was held by all at the party. Skip, Randy, Robin, Courtney, Ashley and Luke, John, Linda, Diane and Doug, Joy and Arnold and Rejean and myself were in attendance. Linda prepared a delicous meal with pork chops, potatoes, corn and buns. And my fave - the spinach dip with pumpernikel bread. Yum Yum.
Ashley looked great with her little "bump". And Robin blew out all her candles!! And that is an 8-track tape that John is holding up - he has a ton of tapes and that is the music we listented to all night long.

Monday, April 20, 2009


This morning we started putting the pine on the bathroom walls but Rejean needed a haircut. I called and made the appointment for 3. Thought better of it and rescheduled for 4. John called and wanted Rejean to go with him to Blind River to order some wine (he is finally out of his home brew from Windsor) Linda was going so I went to. We made arrangements to meet them at the Post at 3pm. Called and rescheduled the hair appointment for 3. We were ready earlier so we called and rescheduled the hair appointment for 2:30 and to meet John and Linda at 2:30. While at Robin's John called the wine place and they were closed on Mondays. All dressed up and no where to go. We decided to go to Bruce Mines and visit a little shop that carries all sorts of neat things. Got there and it was closed. We needed some wine so we went to the LCBO - closed. Decided to go to the Legion for a couple of beers - closed. Went to the Bavarian and I had 1 German draft, Rejean had 2 - $20!!! John and Linda's bar tab was $17!! But it was good. We decided to have dinner in Thessalon so we hit the open LCBO in Thessalon, and went to have a drink at the Legion. I put my name and phone number on a hockey pool at the Legion - Linda went over and put under my name "call me for a good time". (when I got home the bartender, Al, had called and left a message that he was looking for a good time!! - I wonder how many calls I'll get) We had dinner at the Shoreview and it was good. I had a Club House - real turkey - but I couldn't finish my fries.
It is rainy and windy and cold - good days to work inside.
Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the birthday party from Saturday nite. Good times!!!
Tomorrow it's back to work.
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ps - the smelt are running already!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I Spotted the otter yesterday up on the ice. I grabbed my camera and after this shot tried to sneak over to Stacey & Andrew's for a better view but....he must have heard me because he never came back up. Darn. He/she usually puts in an appearance just as the ice is going out and then again in the fall. We saw a mother and her 3 babies last year just a frolicking around. Good to see it again.
But I can always depend on my squirrels to pose for peanuts. They are soooo fat - all they do is eat. When ever I am outside they are chipping at each other trying to get my attention to throw them some peanuts - which I am trained to do. I don't mind them hanging around - they are my entertainment.
Made my cupcakes this morning and decorated them for the birthday party this afternoon and evening - there are some good hockey games on tonite and John is a rabid hockey fan. So guess what we will be doing tonite - Go Detroit!!!
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Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is what the lake looked like 1/2 hour ago. The snow and ice are going fast. We have had some beautiful days - yesterday I got out suntanning and it felt good. I had lots of sun screen on because the day before out ice fishing did a number on our faces. Red like tomato. But it feels good to feel the sun on your face and feel the warmth - it has been a long winter. You figure we got snow right after hunting season - mid November and we just started seeing the ground a couple of weeks ago and it doesn't melt up here like in Windsor. But I did see some hard core fisher people on Cummings this morning on my way to the Sault. Can the fire wood be calling my name????
Went to get my 2nd mammogram in 1 week. This time it was at the hospital. They squished my breast even more.. They were trying to get a better picture of my right boob. Did you know that because we are considered remote up here, I get paid $55 per trip to the Sault for medical procedures? I do. I am going to open one of those Tax Free Savings Account for all my earnings if I have to go for more.
We are invited to a birthday party on Saturday - Robin is going to be 45!! I offered to make the cupcakes - I prefer them to regular cakes - it is nice to get one of your own little cakes. I am going to do different color icing on them and different sprinkles. Festive!! It will be a day off work. Rejean got started on the grout today - slow work - but niiiiice.
That's it for now - I finished my exercises and my blog and now I am going to relax....
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yes that is me with my 2 1/2 pound small mouth bass caught thru the ice this morning - Ron says that it is unusual for them to be caught ice fishing - tell that to the fish. No fight - it felt like I was pulling up a log. But it was the first fish caught. We all were set up and fishing - Ron and Rejean went over towards shore to check out if it was any better - the girls were left to monitor the lines. Well you know girls - we got to talking and I finally noticed that one of Rejean's tip-ups was indicating a fish on - so I got up and ran over to it. I was focused on that tip-up. Linda noticed the other one moving and ran over to it - it was right beside mine - about 5 feet away. I started pulling up the line by hand and Linda was yelling that she had one too. She was pulling hard. I got mine up but her's broke the line - or so we thought. It turns out that my fish got tangled in the other line because the lure on her line turned up on my fish. So who's fish was it really? Because they were both Rejean's tip-ups, we claimed ownership. So I got to pull up 2 fish today. The only ones caught. There was Ron and Mary, Linda and Danielle from Montreal and Rejean and myself - we had the lake all to ourselves!!

We had a great time - it was absolutely beautiful out there. Bright sun and warm temps. The ice was hard when we went out but by the end of the day we were sinking in about 6 inches. But there was lots of hard ice under the soft mushy ice. We were in no danger. Everyone got some color on our faces. Keith at the Post was out yesterday and he looked like he had been to a tanning booth. It is very easy to burn in this sun.

Ron got his BBQ out and we had a picnic out on the ice. Hot dogs, salad, pickles, cheeses etc and a cherry pie for desert - how great is that!! LIFE IS VERY GOOD!!
Got home and I had a message on the machine from the clinic asking me to call and schedule another appointment for another mammogram - they want to see me again. They do tell you when you are there that if you are called back that 9 times out of 10 it is nothing but until you hear that it's nothing, it is something. I did say I would let you know what the results were so there it is. I'll keep you informed.
Tomorrow it is back to work on the shower - another 3 courses on the ceiling. We only have 3 braces so we can only do 3 at a time. Then we can start the grouting. Then we can start the floor. Then we can install the toilet. Then we never ends.
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Monday, April 13, 2009


We had Ron and Mary over for dinner yesterday - it turned out great - and she brought a hostess gift of a white wine and a bag of those tin foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs!! More chocolate - but don't worry, I have sworn off chocolate until next Easter. I had my little treat - and not even Rejean's unfinished bunny can tempt me. We had left over turkey tonite for dinner and we will have it again tomorrow nite - turkey-a-la-king - my mother's way. I like it that way.
Tomorrow we are going ice fishing - they say the ice is safe and Ron grew up around here so he should know and as we are going with him, Mary, Linda and Danielle from Montreal, I feel safe. It is supposed to go up to 54 degrees F with sunny conditions so I should dress in layers and bring my sunscreen. Ron is going to bring his BBQ and do venison burgers, salads etc. plus beverages - sounds like a picnic doesn't it? I hope we catch something.
Today we started on the ceiling - it's a tough one. It won't be even on the sides but it is turning out nice. I don't know how the professionals do it - there is a lot of planning that goes into the measurements and placement of the tile. Rejean measured the centre and went from there so one of the lines run down the centre and the rest off that mark. It worked on the walls but the ceiling is a different story - you have to accommodate 4 different sides.
I saw a butterfly today. A live butterfly. Couple that with the caterpillar, the robin and the mosquito - I think spring is here. We are supposed to have sun all week with the high on Wednesday 15C - that's niiiiiiice.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009


We don't have any grass yet up here so this bunny must be from the city - lots of white meat on that bunny, eh? Sorry - that is just the hunter in me taking me over to the dark side....


Did you know that a 1 pound solid Easter bunny can cause you to gain 2 pounds? It happened to me. Don't let it happen to you. It took me two days to eat the whole thing and then Rejean gave me a bite of his. Stupid me did!! I swear I will never eat chocolate again - until next Easter. It is really the only time I do eat chocolate - I really don't go for sweets but I can't resist those one pound solid chocolate bunnies. I guess it dates back to when I was a child - altho I don't remember all that much (it's an old person thing).
We are having Ron and Mary over for dinner today - turkey in a box - I swear by them - no stress - no fuss - just pop that baby in the oven from frozen and 5 hours later you get a beautiful delicious turkey with gravy, stuffing and no bones except for the legs. It is very easy to carve and there are tons of left overs. I just mash a few potatoes, fresh buns, cranberry sauce (I couldn't find fresh ones at Valuemart so I had to buy a can) and a broccoli salad. Mary is making butter tarts for desert. There you go - Easter dinner done!!
My house is clean and my table is set. I am ready!! Let Easter begin....
Happy Easter everyone - I hope the Easter bunny is good to you. I hope you are surrounded by people you love and you remember those who are not with you.
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Friday, April 10, 2009


Just a couple of pictures to show you all the snow we have left. The Sault Star said that we received 400 cm of snow this year. that's a lot of white stuff!! BUT, we went for a walk along the road last night and we saw a live caterpillar. a robin and some plants starting to grow and we saw our first mosquito today!! A sure sign of spring.


Kind of makes you dizzy doesn't it? Not. I have it on a slight slant but you can get the jist of it. All the walls are done and tomorrow we (I mean Rejean) will finish the ceiling. Not a bad job if I do say so. It is exactly what I wanted - you even get the idea of the grout lines as they will be the charcoal grey color. It's like the showers back in high school. But it took us all day to complete the walls. There were circles to be cut - 2 smaller ones and one large one. Turned out fine. But a lot of cutting!! We have just enough tiles to finish the job plus have a few for maintenance.
I bought two 1 pound solid chocolate Easter Bunnies in the Sault and I started on mine last night. The ears are gone plus a good part of his head. Yum Yum.
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Does this bird not look like it swallowed a ball? I had seen him around for a few days and it struck me that "that bird is fat!!" I thought he was just puffed up because it was cold but it wasn't that cold. And he just hopped around eating all the seed on the ground. I saw him at the bird feeder under the veranda (that's what I'm calling our porch) so I decided to get a few pictures of him. He was fat!! I called Rejean over and said I didn't think he could fly because he was so fat. Rejean opened the window and yelled at it - and lo and behold he didn't fly away because he is too fat to fly!!! He just hops. Now for the sad news. When I was out sweeping the seeds off the veranda I saw some feathers - with meat attached!! Yes something had gotten the fat bird (at least I think it's the fat bird because I didn't see him today) So that just goes to show you - that being obese can kill you. True story.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Thanks for the input for the ceiling - it will be the brick pattern continued on the ceiling - whether Rejean agrees or not. I put my right foot down!!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It was nice having the afternoon off yesterday. We had a blast. But now it's back to work time. This morning it took a couple of hours just to get measurements in the shower, layout some tiles and even get ready to go. But we got going soon after that. To make a long story short, we got 2 rows done. It looks great. It is an adventure to say the least. Rejean and I work together but at times it is hard. He is a perfectionist and during the process it is a pain, but when you see the results, it is all worth it. But I did hand him the tiles, sand down the cut edges and wipe up the tiles after he was done installing them. AND, they are level. Not too shabby. Our biggest question right now is how to do the ceiling. Do we continue the brick pattern on the ceiling or do we just have straight lines. Any comments on that? Keep in mind that the shower is 4x8x8 and you have seen the floor. I can't take another one of the floor because it is all covered up to protect it from the wall work. I am going for the brick pattern. But what do you think?
Tomorrow it is into the Sault I go for my mammogram or, as I like to say, boobogram. Do they really have to squeeze them so hard? I have to shake them out after I am done (only kidding). I will keep you guys informed with the results. Linda has decided to join me tomorrow. I'll drop her off at the mall before my appointment at 10 and meet her after for some serious shopping. I'm headed for Mark's WorkWear House. I have my eye on something - and I have a coupon!!!
Life is good.

Monday, April 6, 2009


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We had an incident with the old bird feeder - one day it was torn down from the rope and it had been ripped apart and I still haven't found my suet holder. The bird feeder was about 7 feet off the ground - I had to stand on my toes to take it down. We had raised it up before so the raccoon couldn't get at it. Well we didn't know what had destroyed the feeder. Raccoons can't jump and it was too far off the ground for the fox -maybe a bear...Anyway I bought a new one and hung it up.
I got up this morning and was starting the fire when I looked out the window and saw the raccoon on the higher branch with the bird feeder up with him and him eating out of the feeder. That raccoon pulled up the bird feeder with his little hands. He couldn't reach it from the ground or from the side of the tree. He pulled 10 feet of rope up to reach the feeder - and it was half full so it wasn't light. I quickly grabbed the camera and took this picture - I apologize for the blurriness but when I am excited, my tremor is bad. And Rejean opened the door and yelled at the raccoon so I couldn't get another picture but I am sure you can make out what he is doing.
The next pictures are of our exciting afternoon. Ron had Terry pull down an old cabin of his and then he burned it. We brought over some hot dogs, buns, beer, chopped onions and some lawn chairs and made an afternoon of it. Ron brought his BBQ and we roasted the dogs on it. Mary made a couple of salads and some butter tarts for desert. What a great time we had. The wind was very cold so you had to stand close to the fire. Ute came over and Hughie was there. Terry's wife Kim came along also to visit. It was a social gathering.
Up here you take entertainment where you can get it. I wouldn't change it for the world.
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Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes, the floor is done. It is exactly what I wanted. And we did a good job too. For something that he is not comfortable with, he did great. There was a rough spot when we had to cut the tile for the drain hole. UGH. We had the wet cutter, chippers, a special blade in a hack saw - you name it and he tried it. But eventually he did a good job. Just a few small cracks but nobody will see them - oops - you will. Tomorrow we grout. The grout will probably be like you see it now - darker to highlight the tile. Then the walls go up - matt white 12x12's with a boarder of 2 rows of the floor tile at eye level.
It snowed all day long. But it was always at couple of degrees above zero so it was wet snow. It is 7:30pm and it is still snowing. Some people want to come up to their camps for Easter but there is still 3 feet of snow in their driveways - honest - so they need to be plowed. It's not like in Windsor where they are picking beautiful daffodils out of their front yard - nice bouquet, Chris - soon.
The fox was around today but I don't think it was ours. It looked lighter and when I taped on the window he took off like a bat out of hell. Ours wouldn't have been that startled. He ate some bird seed and was gone.
Tomorrow we start on the walls, dinner with John and Linda and probably watch a hockey game. I hope it's a nice day. Dump Day!!
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Please don't pay too much attention to the background - it's all our stuff to finish the bathroom. But how good do those cabinets look? Great if I do say so myself. Notice the nice finish on the wood. Me. It turned out actually better than I imagined. Can't wait tosee them in place - but that won't be for a while yet. We are now going to be tiling the shower. Rejean is finally ready. He levelled off the floor yesterday - there were some high spots and he wanted to get the slope just right. He placed the sheets of tile in the space and we are ready to go today - of course I will share those pics with you later today.
Tomorrow nite John and Linda are coming over for dinner - hamburgers and hash browns done in a pan. I saw Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals the other day and it looked pretty good. It calls for Chereso(?) sausage for the hash browns. Well I hit Valuemart yesterday to pick up the ingredients and they had never heard of it. Figures. I really didn't expect them to carry it. I will substitute some spicy Italian sausage instead. They will never know the difference (I hope).
It is raining today, as it is all over the place. Hopefully it will take care of the snow. It is looking really dirty out there. And the back roads are really mushy. We went to John and Linda's last nite and what an adventure just getting there. We were slipping and sliding all over the place in the slush and they are logging in there so it is really muddy at the turn. I hope when they are done they return it to it's original state.
We back to work now. Thanks for the tip about the maple syrup and the rum bottles. I don't have any empty ones (yet) but I will pass the info on to the guys.
Anyone can comment on the blogs - all you do is click on the 'comment' area - you don't have to leave your name - you can remain anonymous if you want. It's nice to get feedback!!
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Also welcome Liz and Bob as loyal Blog readers - Nice to have you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


No this is not a still and they are not making moonshine. This is a maple syrup operation in the bush just off the highway. I had seen the pails on the trees and occasionally a van parked by the side of the road - the other day I saw the smoke and knew that he was beginning to boil the sap down. I learned today that it is Jack - Vickie's husband and a friend (I didn't get his name) After my long hard day at the Wharncliffe Hall I decided to stop for a visit and a picture. It was a long climb up the hill and I didn't have my best hiking boots on. Those barrels on the left hand side are filled with sap. The fire pit in the middle is all hand made from an old culvert. And finally the actual boiling pot is also handmade. He has plenty of wood for the fire. Jack said that it is a great year for the sap around here. He has to boil the sap down within four days or he has to get rid of it as it spoils. So he spends his days up on the hill boiling the sap. He showed me the sap in one of those barrels and I tasted it. It was a bit sweet and crystal clear. I can't wait to taste the finished product. Home grown maple syrup.
It was hard work at the hall today. My job was to remove the tiles in the front room. The only tools we had were a plain old knife. There was no way. Cheryle had to go home to get something and I asked her to bring me back a round shovel. Boy did that make the work easy. It came up like butter. After that I cleaned the windows and the doors. Then on to the kitchen. Everything in that kitchen has to be cleaned. We threw out all the food stuff ie spices, sugar, flour etc. We had not been in that kitchen in over a year and a half so everything was pretty well past it's prime. We finally stopped at about 2pm because we ran out of hot water. We'll go back on Monday to continue. BUT rumor has it there will be a dinner each month, plus the pig roast - a major social event up here plus bake sales and garage sales. Phyllis figures that the donations will not be as high this year with the economy being as bad as it is so we will bake our way thru the hard times.
I got home and Rejean had put the hardware on the doors and attached them to the cabinets. I still had one final coat on the tops to do. Do they every look good. I'll post a picture tomorrow of the finished product. I'll even put the granite counter top with the sink on the centre cabinet to get the full effect. The chrome knobs just puts the finishing touch on it. He also got the waterproof membrane in the shower so tomorrow we finish the cement board and lay out the floor before we put the thin set down. And so it begins.....
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