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Sunday, April 26, 2020

S P R I N G ! !

Finally the ice is starting to melt off the lake.  It is going to be a nice day tomorrow as well so I suspect the rest of the lake will go within the next few days.  And it didn't take long for the ducks to find the water.  We had 5 male and 1 female Bufflehead and a male and female Mallard.  Nice to see them swimming around.
We also rotated the toys the other day.  Put the snowmobile away and got the boat out.  And the quads are out too.
We spent a part of today clipping and taking trees down that were damaged in the ice storm on New Years Eve.  Lots of branches and trees hanging over the trails.  Still a ton of cleaning up to do but we have the time!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Every spring, like clockwork, we get a visit from a lone mourning dove.  He was here on Monday morning.  I looked out and he was on the driveway in front of the house.  I went out and shook the bird feeder to disperse the sunflower seeds on the ground so he could have something to eat.  He made his way over to his spot under the feeder and foraged for some seeds.  The wind and snow came in the afternoon and he flew over to the pine and settled in protected to wait out the storm.  He was there this morning but I can't see him this afternoon.  He is somewhere.  He usually hangs around for a few days and then he flies off somewhere.  He has been coming around for well over 4-5 years so he is an older bird.  Always nice to see a friend.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020


Time to start to bring over the wood from the other property  No bugs and still cool (alright, cold) out.  We brought over 4 trailer loads this morning.  We still have to do about 2 more to fill Rejean's wood shed.  We will do mine a little later on after I am done using the wood I have - not in the near future...

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


We tried to shop on Saturday but there was a line up at Value-Mart (everyone was practising social distancing politely) when we got there and we really didn't need anything so we held off til today.
We woke up to snow!!  But that didn't stop us.  We got our masks and our large container of Lysol wipes and headed into town.
My friend Nancy Roberts who now has a business called Red Buttons, sews masks and I ordered a few for Rejean and myself.  His are masculine and mine are poppys and cartoon cars.  Might as well have fun while trying to stay healthy.  You are seeing more and more people in town wearing masks.  And if it adds another level of protection, why not.
As usual I supplied Rejean with the list and he went in.  He is doing very well doing all the shopping.  He now knows how come I spend so much when I do the shopping.  Things are not cheap!!
We are good for another week...

Sunday, April 12, 2020


...probably practising social distancing.

Hope he showed up at your house...

Friday, April 10, 2020


Happy Siblings Day to my sisters, Susan and Joanne.  Plus I thought I would throw in a couple of shots of our Easter outfits.  Every year we would have new shoes, dresses and hats and gloves.
A totally different world right now...

Monday, April 6, 2020


Another beautiful day so we headed up the highway to check out the river.  It is completely open with very little ice and snow on the shores which is a good thing for fishing.  I think everyone had the same idea because we passed quite a few cars with 2 people in them just out for a Sunday ride.
Our lakes are still ice covered but expected to be ice free by the end of the month - my prediction.
Then we can get the boat out and go fishing or fish the shores - a perfect way to practice social distancing.
Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!

Friday, April 3, 2020


Headed to town today for some groceries and had to slow down for a couple of deer crossing the road closer to town.  I had my camera ready and managed to get a shot.  I don't know how to zoom in and post the picture so you can just make out the creatures in this picture.  Take my word for it - they are deer.  Nice to see them.
As usual Rejean went in for the groceries.  He wore a mask this time.  Just to be on the safe side.  He said he was the only one in there, besides the cashier, wearing one.  I think it is better to be safe than sorry.  Keith from the Trading Post wears one all the time dealing with customers.  Some say you don't need to and some say you should.  I ordered some from an old friend who makes them but haven't received them yet.  She sews them to standards set out by the CDC so I know they will be good ones.  When I get them, I will post a picture of me wearing it.  She said it will be in a fun material.  Can't wait!!
Came home and washed my car and the screens on the sun room.  Another beautiful day up here.  The snow is melting fast - but it could be faster...

Thursday, April 2, 2020


These past two days have been beautiful so we decided to take advantage and get out for a walk and snowshoeing.  Yesterday, we walked the highway all the way to the gravel pit.  Not a lot of gravel/sand left in the structure and really hasn't been a need for it lately.
Today we got out the snowshoes and took the trail over to the other garage with a stop at Steve's Bunkie on Jimmy's Point.  All is well with still a lot of snow to melt.
We continued over to the other garage and where our trailer and wood piles are.  There were some fresh Moose tracks in the snow - actually we found two sets of tracks so possibly a cow with her last year's calf.  Also found a pile of Moose Poop.  We followed the tracks a way but decided not to continue and headed home via the road for a nice cold beer - ok maybe 2 cold beers.  Our snow in front of the house is melting fast and lots of trap rock is exposed - a sure sign of spring up here.  And also there were 3-4 butterflies hanging around this afternoon.  Nice to see them.
Also my ravens are back which I am happy about.  So nice to see them flying around.
And also noticed not a single jet or plane in the skies.  Nothing but clear blue skies up here.
Stay safe