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Thursday, September 19, 2019


It was Ute's birthday party held at the Lake House.  It turned out to be a beautiful day and we got a chance to sit outside and bask in the beautiful sun.  It was a fish fry with fish Mitch, Roger and Roger's brother had caught in Amherstburg.  It was delicious plus all the other treats that they prepared.
Happy Birthday Ute!!


Got up to Hinkler for the opener on Sunday.  We went up Sunday and got out to hunt on the Sunday evening.  One of our favourite trails we found has been altered to say the least.  It is in the process of being widened by that huge machine operated by a single person.  And altho I don't agree with what is being done, I was amazed at his progress and skill to make this road thru the bush following only a narrow trail.  But what a trail it once was.  You could always count on at least one bird from the trail and we did get 9 on the Monday morning hunt.  But when we went back after one and a half days, we didn't see one bird as this road now takes up over half of the distance of the trail.

And during our stay we discovered other trails that are being turned into roads.  Not the best for birds.
Progress has it's price.

Friday, September 13, 2019


Some more pictures of our adventure yesterday.  We did take a wrong turn and came across some campers so we stopped to chat.  They were in a wonderful spot along the Little White River.  All the comforts of home - solar panels and a satellite dish.  We were soon on our way back to the correct cutoff.  As soon as we came around the corner and that mountain was staring us down, I started scanning for rocks.  Before I was even off my quad I spotted one but I was in the middle of trying to take a picture when Joanne swooped in and grabbed by rock!!!  You snooze, you loose.  I tried to steal it back but she had her eye on it at all times.  It really didn't matter because there were tons more treasures everywhere you looked.  It was fun.  Just when you think you couldn't carry any more rocks, you spot another one.  My floor boards were filled.  We even came across a small memorial for a man among the stones.  The leaves are changing already and they are beautiful.  They still have a long way to go but what has changed is very vibrant.  There is a picture of me on the way back where I successfully crossed the beaver pond.  My bike was very dirty after and I had some of the Beaver's dam stuck to the bottom my quad.  Sorry Mr. Beaver.
We all gathered at Don and Marlene's for beer and cookies after our afternoon of fun.  What a great time we had with them and their friends and family.  I am sure it is not the last of our great adventures  together.

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Today 10 of us went on a new adventure to an abandon quartz mine that we just heard about a couple of weeks ago.  I mentioned it to Don and Marlene about 2 weeks ago and they were on it in an instant.  They asked around and got directions and led our convoy right to it today.  What a trail!  The picture is of Mitch flying thru the beaver pond that gave me a bit of trouble on the way in.
I will post more pictures tomorrow of the actual mountain of rocks.  Needless to say, I have a lot of new white sparkly rocks in my garden tonite.