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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Congratulations to Malorie and Kyle who are the proud parents of twins Camryn Dana and Colton John born this morning at 11am.

Proud Grandma Sue and Grandpa Jack can't wait to meet them.

I couldn't be more happier for you all.

All are doing fine.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Andrew snapped this picture of my beautiful fox relaxing on the rock below his deck.  She is just enjoying the view (or waiting for a handout).  Beautiful picture Andrew!!


Finally got a picture of Brent and Nat and their wonder dog Tori (who has a hook embedded in her ear) out for a quiet evening of fishing on Axe.  They did a pass by Joanne and Mitch's place last nite.  It was the final evening of all the Sisters being together.  We had a great fire and a great meal - Joanne's Paella which is now a tradition.  John and Linda dropped by to join us.  It was a very hectic week but we managed to get in a few 4 wheeler rides and some fishing.  We also got a ton of new rocks on our rock hunting adventures.
Now we have to wait until November to get together again.  Not too far away...

Saturday, July 26, 2014


So we were all sitting around just before dinner when Jack spots this raccoon just over towards Stacey & Andrew's cottage.  A raccoon with it's head stuck in a jar!!  You could tell it had been tree a while because he wasn't very fat.  He couldn't see or hear very well thru the plastic jar as he didn't seem to be too afraid of us and we got within a couple of feet of it.  Rejean got the net and eventually got the net over it and then the fun began.  I tried to pull the jar off it's head but it was stuck really good and I couldn't budge it even with me pulling and the raccoon pulling just as hard.  We had to get some cutters to cut the jar neck and then it came off.  We all jumped back and got him out of the net and off he went.    I am sure some raccoon god is smiling down at us and we will be rewarded in some raccoon way in the future.
Then we all went out fishing Tunnel last nite - the guys in one boat and the girls in another.  We stuck to the calm bay and Susan spotted this family of raccoons on shore.  We spooked them and they retreated into the bush.  A little further down must have been 2 more babies who were just crying their little eyes out because they couldn't see or find the rest of their family.  I am sure with all the ruckus they did manage to find each other.
The girls didn't catch a thing but the guys got 2 walleye, a bass and a perch.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Tons of news that I haven't had a spare moment to report because I have been too busy with my sisters gallivanting all over the province and trails up here.
First off, Thessalon lost it's Piiza Restaurant last weekend.  A rip roaring fire that burned it to the ground.  But they did manage to save the LCBO right next door.  The volunteer Fire department did a wonderful job.  Everyone got out ok except the cat is missing.  Hopefully it is just scared and hiding somewhere safe.  Joanne got her butter tarts there every time we went to town.
  The next picture is off our dinner the other nite.  We had everyone over to enjoy Rejean's beer batter recipe.  Andrew is here with his sister, her husband and two girls, their dog and his mother and her boyfriend.  Plus Susan, Jack, Joanne and Mitch and you have a very full guest list for dinner.
Today the sisters are heading out again on our quads to look for a site we came upon years and years ago.  It is a pink rock face somewhere down a trail.  We have maps, beverages and Joanne's Bear Grylls' survival kit so we are good to go.  Should be an all day adventure.  I made sure my camera is charged as it wasn't yesterday and I missed a ton of photo ops but we did get a lot of pudding stones!!!

See Ya Bye

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It was time for some fishing so last nite after a hearty dinner of venison pasta, we piled into the big brown boat and fished.  I lost one right off the bat and then Joanne hooked into a beauty bass.  It was big!!  And it put up a good fight.  Altho Mitch's fish is small in the second picture that little guy sure was spunky!!  Everyone lost and caught fish.  It was non stop action.  Rejean was driving the boat and scouting for that pesky beaver.  He was smart and stayed out of sight.

It was a good nite.

ps - it is catch and release so all these bass will live to fight another day

Saturday, July 12, 2014


When he is not out riding around on his quad, this is Mitch's mode of transportation up here.  He shipped it out to Ottawa for some body work and picked it up and drove it here.  It has a bench seat and it is a standard!!  And it sounds great!!!  He always gives it a little gas when he passes John and Linda's just to let them know he is goin' by.
He doesn't like to get it dirty...

Thursday, July 10, 2014


We borrowed Mitch and Joanne's log splitter.  If a girl can get excited about a log splitter, I am.  I absolutely love this splitter.  It is hand made by a man in Perth.  It has a lift that raises the larger logs up and they role onto the bed to be split.  You just pull on the handle and let go.  The blade advances and retreats by itself.  Then there is the shelf where the split logs collect instead of dropping to the ground.  I could split logs all by myself with it.
It's not all fun and games up here you know.  Today we only worked til 1pm - then we played.
Tomorrow we play all day.


Joanne and Mitch helped us with the wood yesterday.  We have a routine now that lets Rejean stand up straight to use his chain saw to cut the wood.  I drive the tractor up to the log and Rejean attaches a chain to it and I lift it up and Joanne placed the side chain on it for balance.  I drove the tractor over to the pile and Rejean marked where he would cut.  As they are cut they fall almost where they are supposed to in the pile for splitting.  Joanne caught on really fast.  Chainy Jo!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


By the time Joanne and I got to the Trading Post after picking her up at the airport, the only place for the 2 cases of beer was on her lap.  Keith happily helped her with the cases.  It happens every year - maybe I'll take the truck next year.  Notice her ice cream cone...
We went fishing last nite on Tunnel - it was a bit windy but we had a good time.  I got a small pike right off and then Rejean got a baby walleye.  Joanne and Mitch didn't catch anything but had a good time out on the water.
Last year we didn't have a chance to get our wood so we ordered it this year from local logger.  He delivered the last 2 bunks today and I had a chance to get a couple of shots.  The majority is maple with a few oaks in there.  All good clean logs and manageable size.  Should keep us busy for a long time.  But we have enough wood for the next couple of years.  That's a good thing!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Just some pictures from this weekend.  My Raven getting breakfast - half a hamburger bun - stuffing his  face beak with all he can.
Next our company Joanne and Mitch on their first burn of their trip.  They hit some mud on the way over.
Next I got a picture of our visiting loon - sorry it's not centred but I am just getting used to the little tripod I got for those super zoom shots.
And I am happy to say that we have some babies on the lake - 4 little Red-Breasted Mergansers (I think).
  I hope to see them often.


The Annual Cummings' Lake Disposal Site "DUMP" meeting is taking place Tuesday July 8th, 2014 at the Kynoch Hall at 7:30pm.  On the agenda will be MOE criteria, budgets issues and your concerns, issues and suggestions.
Coffee and tea will be available.

Please share the information about this meeting with your friends who may not know about it.

See You There.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Half of the roof is on.  Picture taken today Wednesday July 2nd.


Usually every morning when I wake up, this guy is waiting for me quietly on the branch of the big pine tree.  He is very quiet except when the fox is hanging around - then he caws - and caws - and caws.  I go downstairs and go outside - the raven sees me and hops to another branch where he thinks I can't see him.  He waits until I have put the bread (or whatever leftovers I have) on the ground and turn to go back in.  I can see him fly down in the reflection of the windows in front of me.  He thinks I don't see him.  He hops toward the bread - he stops and scans - then hops over a few feet closer and stops and scans.  If it is something he doesn't recognize, he hops sideways towards it and jabs at it quickly - to see if it is still moving I think.  He'll eat one or two pieces then stuffs as much as he can fit in his beak and flies away to stash it then returns for the rest.  And he does a good job of stashing it - I have looked and I can't find it.
Once in a while there is another one with him.  They seem to share the food and calmly wait for the other to finish stuffing the bread in it's beak.
Nature is great!!