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Friday, May 29, 2009


These are just a few pictures of my beautiful finished workout room - finally, after 12 years I have a workout room and the equipment to put in it. AND look at my view from the treadmill!! Can't beat that. I can look at my lake, the birds, the squirrels etc. And at the side I have a view of the garden. It took about a year to finish everything - the only thing still to do is a small plack to hang the weight attachments on. But that won't take any time to do. It is beautiful. And that is what the rest of the main floor will look like because we are doing the same in there.
Same floor and same pine, just a different ceiling. This afternoon I did a workout - it has been a while because it had been put away to make room for all the other stuff ie tools, air compressor etc. Feels good to get back to it especially in that room. Now I have the summer off.
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Got Fish? We do. We headed out last night (Thursday) at about 6:30 - I took my own car just in case I wanted to come home early (always have a way out). Gerry met us there at about 7pm. I headed over to my rock and the guys went over to the bay as always. They got set up and BANG - Rick got a fish with his first cast. Rejean netted it for him like a kind brother should do. The fish was safely on the stringer. Rick casts in again and BANG - another fish. Wow - it could be a good nite. A few minutes later another gentleman comes down to fish and makes his way past Rejean and Rick. Long story short, it was a great nite for all - except this poor gentleman. He never caught a fish all night long. Rejean, Rick, Gerry and even myself were doing very well. It must be frustrating seeing everyone else catch fish but yourself. There is a technique to fishing for the pickerel in this area. You don't just cast out and reel in. You cast out, let it sink for a moment, then give the rod a quick jerk, let it sink down, then another quick jerk. You usually feel them on the quick jerk. Then you have to reel like crazy because they seem to swim towards you and you have to set the hook by reeling in quickly. We got a few small ones and a couple of bigger ones. We got our limit and Gerry got 3. A very good nite.

When we got home the fish were put in a wire basket and set down into our lake over night. This morning when Rejean was picking up the basket, he saw one escape through a hole in the basket - we had lost a couple before and couldn't figure out how they had escaped. We even blamed the raccoons. The hole is not there anymore needless to say.

Rick got off early this morning. Vacation time is over - but, being retired, can it really be called a vacation? Thanks for all your help Ricky. I got him a pair of red suspenders for all his help. They do help keep the pants up when working or fishing. He wore them well.

Rejean and I managed to move the treadmill and weight machine over to the workout room. Looks great and now we have tons of room in the other room. Everything is clean and tidy til the next batch of tourists appear.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


It has been a bit rainy the past few days so we decided to do a bit of work inside. We did finish the floor in the workout room. Rejean finished today, putting the baseboards and the transition pieces in place. I just have to repaint the bathroom door (it is a bright white and it shouldn't be) tomorrow and it be done. We then move the treadmill and the weight machine in and we are done. Now we can play all summer long. No projects until the fall.
Ricky is leaving tomorrow morning so tonite we are heading out to P--P-- to do some pickerel fishing. I get in trouble when I say the name of the place we are going - fishermen stuff. Lasagna tonite left over from last night - Jim-bob brought it up and we never got a chance to eat it. Salad, fresh bread and lasagna - delicious.
I got my planters done yesterday. I arrived at the greenhouse at about 12:25 and asked about the special offer and was instructed to take my planters over to a specific greenhouse where Aunt Pat would take care of me. As soon as I got my planters there people started arriving by the carloads. I quickly picked out my petunias, geraniums and ivy and she was planting my planters. Free soil, fertilizer and labour. They look marvelous. I also got all my veggie plants - I had to hit ValueMart in Thessalon for lettuce because everyone else was right out. I will plant them all this weekend - hope there will be no more snow or frost.
That's about it for now. I will take my camera tonite and capture all the fun and exciting events fishing tonite. It should be a good evening. The bugs are bad so the fishing should be good.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The three handsome guys are Steve-o, Ricky and Jim-Bob and the two on the river are Jacques and Robbie. We do have fun up here!!!
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We were all set to go this morning by 9:37am. When we got to the spot we had to do some trimming and chainsawing - the trail in was a mess. Rick and I manned the clippers and Rejean had the chainsaw. We cleared a path and got to the spot. Rejean and I went downstream and Rick went up stream. The water was running fast and high. Beautiful holes but no fish. I got a small brookie. We headed back up stream where Rick was - we knew he had got a nice rainbow because we have radios and he let us know all the details. We made our way around him and let him fish the waterfall. Rejean lost a big brookie - I was watching from a little further ahead and saw him fight him. But the shore was brush and he couldn't get the net out in time and he got off in the fast water. I saw the flash of orange and knew it was a big brookie. Rick got more at other holes. He was the Fish King today. On the way out we stopped at a certain spot where my friend Chris always gets a rainbow and - lo and behold - I got one there today as well. A nice one. Don't worry Chris - there are more where that one came from.
Tonite we are having pickerel and french fries. Yum Yum. I think Rick is taking the fish he caught today home for his family. How nice.
It has been a good couple of weeks fishing - the bugs are bad so the fishing is good. I swallowed a couple today. I hate it when they get around my eyes. Nasty little buggers.
We have a fire going right now - it cooled down considerably this afternoon.
Tomorrow I head to a greenhouse that, if you bring your pots in and buy the plants, they will plant them for you and supply all the soil you need free!! What a bargoon. I like petunias.
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Film at 11 - we are off to a little stream somewhere where we usually do very well. I will get some pics up tonite. It is a pretty spot. Wish us luck!!
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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today was the shower at the new Wharncliffe Hall. Cheryl sent out the invitations a couple of weeks ago and today was the day. I made cheese trays. I bought some glass dishes at the $1 store (gotta love that store - the best deals in the world) and made up 4 plates of cubed cheese, pepperoni, strawberries, and grapes. People made sandwiches - there were chopped veggies and pickles galore. I didn't know what to expect at this shower - I have never been to something like this. The Hall was rebuilt over the winter and everything in the kitchen had to be thrown out and every dish, pot, pan, silverware, slow cooker etc had to be washed. The invitations let people know what the hall needed. We received toilet paper, paper towels, salt, pepper, pumpkin pie spice, dish soap, oil, pot holders, dish cloths, dish towels - you name it and we got it. They were wrapped up like presents and Cheryl opened them in front of everyone. She will send out scrape booking thank you notes. There was so much food left over. Including some big chocolate chip cookies - we split everything - including the cookies!!
The Hall still needs more stuff but it was quite an exciting afternoon - I met new people and watched some loyal locals support their Hall. It was an afternoon well spent. There were even men attending.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009


You always hear "What do you do up there all day" and "Don't you get bored?" Well, judging from the past couple of days, never!!! Yesterday the girls went out on our annual all dayer - we went to Snowshoe and tried our hand at fishing. Nothing there so we moved on. We ran into Bob, from Axe Lake and he drove his 4 wheeler across the mouth of Snowshoe where it runs into the Mississaugi River. Well the other bikes made it over no problem but my little 250 had a bit of a problem. I did manage to get across but I could feel myself being pushed into the river the force of the stream was so great. I finally made it but I had a bit of a soaker. Oh well, onward we go. We didn't fish the other spot because Bob was heading over there so we left it for him. We got up the trail a bit but had to turn around because there were too many trees down over the trail. We headed down some logging roads. We came across a little stream and I got the fishing gear out and got a beaut of a brookie. We continued on and - I am always amazed that we come out at places we know. Some of those trails seem to go on and on and at times you don't know where you are but we always seem to be lucky enough not to get lost. I was aware of our situation at all times. We had long sleeved clothing, beverages and I had a white shirt on that I could waive at the search helicopter in case of a search party.

Today we watched the helicopter load up and carry fish for stocking of 42 lakes in the area. Amazing to watch it. I have never been so close to a helicopter before. I took 87 pictures between today and yesterday. One of the MNR guys gave me his card and wants me to email him my pictures of the action today. They were loading brook trout, splake, rainbows etc. I will post a few pictures for your pleasure. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today was fish stocking day and we all went. There was a convoy of the truck carrying the 20,000 rainbow trout and 4 cars. Ron, the leader, Rejean's truck Jim Bob's truck, the fish truck and my car. All of us travelling up the long and windy 129 to the spots where the fish would be released. It was a new experience for a lot of them. Rejean and Ron had done this before but the rest were newbies. The girls went along to take a few pictures. We also were there to rescue some of the little fish that spilled out of the pails. They were slippery little guys. When they were released into the streams (and this time I'm not telling where) they just stuck around getting used to the cold water in the streams. We are told 75% of them will survive - we will be checking them out next year. Be warned little fishies.
The guys are out again tonite - last nite 6 were caught. Guess what is for dinner tomorrow nite. Steve is out on the lake taking some pictures. And the girls are watching American Idol - GO ADAM!!!
Tomorrow the girls go out for our all dayer 4 wheeler ride - along the hydro lines to Osborn - we will take our fishing boxes and maybe get a few fish of our own. I will be taking the camera. They guys will be out on the river.
May the best team win...
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Monday, May 18, 2009


The first picture is looking down the outhouse trail behind the trailer. The 129 South sign is a vintage sign. It says "the King's Highway" so it is from before 1953 or so. The outhouse has hydro and comes with a light and a fan. There is a skylight as well. Really roughing it eh? The next one is of the mirror in the new bathroom that was completed and installed yesterday. The room is done - finished - period. Just in time for tourist season as promised. Now just to lay the floor in the workout room and put the machines in place...and the next is the 3 fish caught the other night. Rick's fish and mine were almost exactly the same size. Mine was 18.1 inches and his was 18 inches. He says his fish is the 18.1 inch fish and mine is the 18 inch one. The fight continues...and then there is Rejean's "little" fish. He doesn't get complexes about size.
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The guys - just taking it easy yesterday. From the left we have Jim-Bob, Rejean, Steve-o and Ricky - looks like trouble to me. It was a nice day but cold and breezy (read windy). It was nice in the sun over by the trailer out of the breeze. Cocktails in hand of course.
Right now they are all out fishing on the river someplace (I actually know exactly where they are but I got in trouble for identifying the exact spot in other blogs. You aren't supposed to tell where your good spots are - as if people up here don't know) so it will remain secret. You will have to kill me for that information. I have finished baking the birthday cupcakes and birthday lasagna for 9. It's Susan's birthday today. She is 54 so that makes me 52 again. That's the age she gave me so that is what I am going to use. I could stand to loose a couple of years. Joanne, that makes you under 50!!! Take it.
Sue, Jack, Robbie and Leeanne will be arriving soon. I am ready. We have such a good time with them. The All Dayer 4 Wheeler Girls Only Trip is scheduled for Wednesday - sunny and 23 degrees - we will be going so fast the bugs won't be able to catch us. We will pack our fishing boxes and take advantage of any spot we happen to come across - and there will be a few. Always be prepared. Susan is in charge of beverages. Pictures to follow.
Well that's it for now - hope everyone had a great long weekend - when you are retired, every weekend is a long weekend. Sorry.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009


3!! We all caught one - life IS good.
The boys will eat tonite.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009


This man was already fishing at Pig Pen when we got there. He just happened to catch this beaut as I was walking by and since I just happened to have my camera with me, I took his picture. It was a nice pickerel. I told him about my blog and told him the name - I told him I would blog his picture - so I hope he remembers the name. I should get little business cards made up with my blog name on it. That way people can find the blog to see themselves. Does that sound a bit weird. I don't care, I'm going to do it. Or it would make a nice Christmas present for under $15....just a thought.

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A very successful opener because I got a fish (and I lost one) Rick and Rejean each got one and that was by the time I left - because it is f--king cold out there. We have accumulation!!! It has been snowing here since after dinner. It was like driving thru a small blizzard when I came home - needless to say I have the fires going. But it was a good night. When we got there I set up on the rocks and all the guys (Rejean, Rick and Jerry) headed over to the bay - there were two men there already fishing. I say it was about my 4th cast in when I got one. I was a good fight - they don't fight very much but he pulled. I beached him and got the jig out of his mouth and, because I didn't have a stringer, I had to walk it over to the guys. Rejean met me halfway and took my picture with my fish. Then I walked back and lost one. They seem to swim right at you and you have to reel in quickly - I did but he got off a short time later. Duh. Nothing since then and it got colder and I was right in the wind. I called it quits at about 8pm. They guys are still there so keep your fingers crossed. It may be a fish dinner for the boys coming in tomorrow - Steve and Jim-Bob. Or it could be quiche. Which would you rather have?
Just thought I would let you see tonite's activities. Great fun.
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We are going fishing tonite here at the secret spot. We checked it out last night and it looks good. We will have to wear our hip waders as there is very little shoreline to walk. We got all our fishing gear ready today and Rejean and Rick have just gone to check their minnow traps - (the Post sells them for $5 a dozen - nature does provide...) this is my first time being at the opener. As I said before I am usually down in Windsor because I firmly believe that you shouldn't interfere with tradition - Rick and Rejean and Jim-pBob have been doing this for many years but times change. This year my sister Susan and her husband Jack and two friends - Robbie and Lee-Ann are coming on Monday. Steven and Jim-Bob will be here on Sunday. The more the merrier. I am used to the crowds - they take care of themselves and it is fun. But getting back to tonite. We will be going out to be there at 6pm - we will fish until after dark. We have our headlights ready - they clip on your hat brim. Great for retieing. I am also taking my garbage bags and my picker-upper as there is a lot of garbage by the entrance to the secret spot. Why do people not feel they are doing something wrong when they just toss garbage out? It is amazing the amount of garbage up here. And now that the tourists are coming up, there will be more. I will never leave home without my garbage bags and picker-upper.
I feel lucky so tonite is the nite. I WILL catch fish. I caught the biggest rainbow trout of my life in Pig Pen so there is always that chance as well. I will take my camera to record this event and post the pictures tomorrow. Wish us luck...
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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Rick came in on a turned out to be nice day. All day it was a bit cold and windy but this evening turned out to be nice, chilly but nice. The two loons were out on the lake and I got a couple of pictures - I am keeping my fingers crossed for loon babies this year. Right now we are watching the hockey game - Detroit and the Ducks - dejavu? Detroit is leading 2-0. Go Detroit!!
Time to go watch...
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This is the brother's 27th straight year of fishing together up north this week. I am usually not here for it because it is the guy's time but this year my sister Susan and her husband and two friends will be up on Monday so I am going to stick around. I feel that I am intruding into a sacred guys time thing but I get to go fishing on Saturday night for pickerel at the season opener. I feel lucky.
Steve and Jim-Bob will be up on Sunday. All together there will be 9 of us. The girls will probably take off on an all day 4 wheeler trip just like last year. We will take our fishing boxes just in case and Susan will make her world famous beverages Yum Yum. The guys will fish and have some fun. I think on Tuesday they will all help stock some rainbow trout in some secret places up here with the ministry. Should be interesting for them.
Another adventure....
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

W O O D ! ! !

We be done!! Finally. We have about 16 chords and almost 1 full chord of cedar - gold as far as I am concerned - that is my kindling. There is still some logs that was taken down by Ontario Hydro on our property that we will split and I think there should be at least one full chord there so we are all set for the next 1 1/2 winters I think. All thanks to lumberjacks extraordinaire - Chris and Egon - without them we could not have done it in the time we did. It took 2 1/2 days to take down the trees, cut them to size, transport them to the other property and 3 days to split it all. Not bad for four people, all over 50! And Chris - what a girl. Most of those logs were heavy. We had to lift them from where they were cut, put them in the small trailer, ride the 4 wheeler and trailer to the big brown trailer, lift them from the small trailer into the big brown trailer, then when the brown trailer was full, drive the truck with the big trailer over to the other property and lift the logs from the brown trailer into the pile. Lots o'work. And we weren't that sore!! GIRLS RULE!! And lets not forget Egon and his magic chainsaw. You have to watch your legs with him around. He was in his glory. I lost a Loonie to him because he called where the tree would land. And it did. He never missed!! With help like that around, no wonder it only took 2 1/2 days . They are welcome back next year too.
Time to relax. I have tons of stuff to do before the next round of tourists arrive on Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
Let Tourist Season Begin....
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ps that overhead view was taken by me - Rejean lifted me up in the bucket of the tractor - what fun!!


You can't really see the injury in detail but it is getting better. I am letting the air get to it tonite but I'll put a band aid on it for bed - I don't want to pull the skin off again. It is quite colorful - you can't see it in this picture but it is a beautiful shade of purple.
I will probably loose the nail as the base is getting a bit dark. I am used to loosing toenails - how hard can it be?
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I now take my camera with me in the car when I head into town or just to the store. Linda saw a huge bear the other day down 546 and tis the season for them. I was coming back from town today and saw this cutie on the side of the road with his back to me. I turned around and started taking pictures. I tried to get his attention but these things just don't seem to care about you being just across the road from them. He slowly turned around and gave me a look like "What?" then just went about his business. It is a big porcupine. Nice to see one not flattened on the road. I stayed in the car. I don't want to picking those quills out of me.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Some flowers for Mother's Day - actually the first wild flowers I have seen this year. I'll have to look them up in my trusty book.
My mom passed away many years ago - and we never really had the chance to say goodby. I think about her very often - just little things that I know she would enjoy. She never got to see my place up north - I think she would approve. And when Mother's Day rolls around, it is especially hard. But I have many, many good memories of her - and every time I look in the mirror, I see more of her in me.
I am a Mother! I have two beautiful, intelligent vibrant step daughters who I consider my own. Stacey and Jodie. I did it the right way. I married into them. Jodie sent me a Mother's Day card that said "Don't have children - have grandchildren!" She proceeded to ask how she could accomplish this without having children? Another card I cherish.
I have Rejean's Mom. I love her with all my heart. But it is not the same as your own Mom.
Happy Mother's Day Mom.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009


It finally happened. I knew that it would happen eventually. Flesh and blood and bone is no match for heavy logs and steel. I did have gloves on and it took a while for me to take them off. What I did was catch my finger between a log and the blade of the wood splitter when I was putting it on the cradle to split.. Boy did it hurt. I danced around for a while and wouldn't let Rejean look at it. I slowly pulled the glove off after about 5 minutes and saw the blood right away. I took a few glances and my stomach just about lurched. It wasn't broken or cut off but I squashed & sliced the skin off from just beside and below my nail. Rejean had a small band aid in his pocket and put it on - well it was bleeding thru. I wrapped a Kleenex around it and took my car and headed back to the house to fix it up - by myself. I got home and all I could do was run water on it. When the pressure was relaxed on it, it stung. I left the original band aid on and just ran the peroxide over it. I was just packing up all the medical stuff to take back to the scene of the medical emergency when Rejean pulled up - he thought I had passed out I was taking so long. He fixed me up - you can see the result in the picture. I did manage to get a glove on my right hand and went back to work. What a trouper!! You can bet that I was very aware of where my fingers and hands were after that. After supper Rejean changed the band aid and I got a better look at it. It's going to take a bit of time for this to heal. You know how much it hurts when you have a rip in your cuticle? Well this is a lot worse. I may loose my nail. And I borrowed Stacey's rubber gloves to do my dishes. I'll replace them.

We did manage to get 6 chords done - face chords not bush chords. 8ft long and 4ft high for the face chord - apparently a bush chord is 8ft long, 4ft wide and 4 ft wide. We may get another 6 chords out of our wood. We need about 15 chords so we may be back out in the bush again. We'll see. We'll be back out there again tomorrow.

Those yummy looking bugs are found in the wood. Apparently they are good for fishing but I wouldn't touch those things with a ten foot pole - they are UGLY.

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Friday, May 8, 2009


These two pictures were taken yesterday, Thursday. We attempted to start splitting the wood but it started to rain. I packed the cooler with the beverages and I got to put snow in it to keep it cool. There is not much left now. It is one big pile o'wood. There are 30 trees there so it should be enough to get us thru the next winter and a half.
Today Rejean continued to work on the bulk head for the bathroom and I decided to sand the dock. It was a beautiful day - for a day that they said would be rainy, it turned out to be sunny and warm. I first went out for a garbage run and got a full bag. Then I came home and headed out to the dock. I used an orbital sander and just lightly sanded it down. it bought the nice cedar smell and color back. And smoothed down some rough spots - don't want the tourists getting any splinters.
Tomorrow I can varathan the stuff Rejean made today. Then we can get back to the splitting. And it's dump day. It never stops.
We sat out on the septic bed (out of the wind) and fed the squirrels the last of the peanuts. They are so entertaining. They spent more time chasing each other than eating.
That's it for today.
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PS I also did the weather report today for the first time this year.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes folks, that is a mosquito. And yes, they are just starting to come out. We were driven off the balcony last night and they are huge. And thirsty. I didn't get bitten. I have been taking vitamin B. Susan asked if I had heard that taking vitamin B would keep the mosquito's away. I had read about it and decided to be a guinea pig. I started taking one a day about 3 weeks ago so I have not really had a chance to test the results.
The other beautiful creature is a very close close-up of a black fly. They are out too. But not in the numbers that the mosquito's are. And after the rain today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day (get the picture) and the warmer weather, they will be here in hordes. I think our skin has become a bit thick because we don't get bitten as much as - excuse the wording - you city folk. So feel free to come on up - better you than me. And if the bugs are bad, the fishing is good. And the pickerel spawn is late so that is also good news for us fisherpeople. And the opener is next weekend. I have my fishing stuff ready.
We tried to start splitting the wood this morning but it started raining so I headed inside to clean and Rejean retreated to the garage to continue work on the bulk head for the bathroom. There is still a few things to finish. But it is functional. Chris and Egon even showered together in the new shower (too much information?) and they said it was very comfortable. Linda said she felt like she was in the Detroit/Windsor tunnel - everyone is a critic.
My dryer just went off so that means that I have to stop this and get back to work. A woman's work is never, ever done. Now if I could just get my windows clean...
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ps - I promised a picture of the wood pile today but the camera is downstairs and I just don't want to get up and get it so how about tomorrow?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Some moose poop. I am not sure what the white one is but it looked like a fur ball - all fur!!! Must have been something he ate...
Hope you enjoyed the poop show :p


That's Chris' hand next to a moose track we came across in our adventure today. And it was fresh. We took off on her 4wheeler down Little Pickerel lake road - we were gone for about 3 hours - a short trip by my standards but a good first time for Chris. We were up and down the hydro lines and down some trails we found. I got off once so she could get down a steep hill - I value my life and when I come across something I am not comfortable with, I don't hesitate to jump off and walk down. We made it. We saw some partridge (hope they stick around til September) hawks and a lot of tracks and scat (poop). I got some good pictures of it (weird I know). Today was a day of rest for us. We got the final trees down yesterday and I will take a picture of the final pile tomorrow. Now the fun stuff - splitting. I do enjoy that. I like watching and hearing the wood split. It's fascinating. Then we have to stack it over at the other property til it dries out and then move it to the wood sheds in September. I will do a blog on how many times each piece of wood is touched - I bet you will be surprised. Chris and Egon leave tomorrow - it was a good visit. They will be back at the end of June with their new boat!!! Tunnel Lake here we come. I asked how many things they can trailer because they have to bring their 4wheeler back. It's good when everyone has their own bike or in this case a legal 2 upper. It is like riding an elephant to be a passenger (or at least what I think and elephant ride would be like) It is a smooth ride but you are tossed back and forth on the bumps and you are hanging on to two handles at the side and sitting on a very comfortable seat. Not bad. We found a stream (Susan and Joanne have been there before - where the Puddingstone rocks are -I found one and hid it until I go back with the sisters) and we will go back with a rod and reel to fish it in June. Good trout stream. Chris is so photogenic - she got her pants wet posing for that picture.
Well that is it for now - cocktail time. Oh I hate being retired....
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