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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last Friday was my friend Chris' last day of work - she retired from the Bank of Nova Scotia after - I think - 35 years. I wish her many, many years of good health, lots of fun and lots more trips to Florida with me. We do have a good time together....
It is the way life should be lived.
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Rejean knows what they taste like!!! Sh-t!! Like Buckleys but they do it anyway - 1/2 each of Scotch and Drambuie - I don't like it. But they work as a fire starter!!! From the left - Jack, Rejean, John and Mitch - Down the Hatch!!! It's an Up North Tradition!!
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We didn't catch anything here but I saw a spot further down that took some work to get to but it was worth it. The guys got 2 pickerel today - Jack and Mitch caught them. We need more for our fish fry on Wednesday nite. We will get 'er done. Susan will come with us tomorrow - the 3 Scott girls doing we we do best - fishing and 4 wheeling and cocktailing.
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Jack came in last nite and today, Rejean, Jack and Mitch hit the river - Joanne and I (Susan didn't arrive until 4pm today) did our own fishing trip on the 4 wheelers - we went to a "secret" spot and we did very well. I got the first bass and then Joanne got a keeper pickerel and 3 other bass!! It was great to see her excited and catching fish. We let the bass go and kept the pickerel - we forgot our stringer so we kept the fish in a puddle until we left. Tomorrow we are going back to get the ones we let go!!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If I remember, I like to pose the tourists on the picnic table for a group photo - and I remembered and was able to assemble them for this picture. From the left - back row - James, Matthew, Justin and Daniel. Front row - from the left - Sara, Anne, Claire and Nicky. Everyone was happy - great weather!!! But they are all gone now - just waiting for the next bunch...s/b arriving Thursday or Friday - who knows...
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I took Anne and Claire out fishing after dinner - what a beautiful nite for it and we caught tons of fish - she lost a big pickerel!! It would have been a keeper and an eater - better luck next time!!
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Anne and her Mom, Claire, out for an evening of fine fishing!!
We must have caught 15 fish!! All returned to catch again. Claire was thrilled to catch such big fish.
Another fisherlady in the family!!!
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Monday, July 26, 2010


My sister gave me a game that we call Newfie Golf but I am sure it has many other names. You throw golf balls attached to a rope and hope they eventually stay on one of 3 rungs on a ladder type thing. According to their rules, if you get a golf ball thingy on each of the rungs during your toss of 3 things, you win. Well Daniel, my nephew, has won a few of these games just by doing that!! Needless to say he has been my partner quite a few times. Those are the perks of being the owner of their vacation destination ;o)
Joanne and Mitch arrived yesterday and after they were all settled (or not) they came over for a visit but it was really so Mitch could pick up his quad from our garage. You could tell he was just itching to get going. We will be going over for a visit today to show the Griswalds their place. Mathew and Nicky, his girlfriend, will be leaving today and then Sue and Jack and maybe Debbie and Don arrive this weekend. It is non-stop fun up here.
Jenn and Steve were busy yesterday assembling their shed. Actually it was Jenn reading the instructions, Steve interpreting them, and Rejean and James giving their 2 cents worth. I think it was a case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. James was saying the instruction manual was wrong, they didn't know what the "up" symbol meant. It was our entertainment of the afternoon to watch. But they did manage to get it up - now just a few tweaks so that the doors close properly - it is out about 1 inch.
It has been hectic but fun. It is easy to get to know your relatives by spending time with them. The kids have been great. I took Daniel out for a four wheeler ride and we had a little spill. He was coming down a rock in the road and went over to the side and went over. I was watching in my rear view mirror and saw what happened. He was pinned under the bike and I managed to lift it off of him. We were going real slow so it was a slow motion tip over. He was fine but we lost Rejean's rear view mirror. Then further up the trail, I had to use Rejean's bike to winch me out of a mud hole - I really thought my little 250 Honda could do it but I guess I was wrong. Daniel had fun doing that.
Another great day today - we will get Rejean's Mom out on the boat to try and get the fish that got away from her years ago. She'll like that.
See Ya Bye

ps I am having problems with my pictures again so sorry no photos with this post

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Stacey and Jodie decided to stay an extra week up here and they were trying to figure out a way back home to Windsor. I offered to drive them back and then bring Rejean's mom back up here with me. Things had to fall into place for that to happen and it did!! If you want the full road trip down to Windsor =, check out Stacey's blog at "" You will find her blog very entertaining.
We left here at about 8:30 - right on time. Just 5 minutes down the road at the Axe Lake road we cam across an accident - a big rig had taken the curve too fast - probably - and flipped it's load of 2 x 6's all over the place - it looked like pick up stix, the game. The trailer part had burned - I didn't notice the cab portion but I heard after that the driver escaped just with minor injuries. There was a whole crew there picking up the lumber - boo hoo for us locals who could have put that lumber to good usage. Last winter a big rig had dumped it's load of sawdust at that very corner and it was left there. Some locals have put that sawdust to good use!! We know how to utilize any opportunity presented to us.
Stacey Jodie Sadie and myself shopped our way back to Windsor - we arrived at 9:30 pm to a house without beer!!!! I settled for a funky cooler and the girls dank red wine. The next morning, after a shower and a McDonald's hamburger for breakfast, I picked up Rejean's mom for the flip flop trip back. We hit a bad storm at 1pm just outside of Detroit but then it was smooth sailing all the way back home. We arrived back at 9:30pm, had a few beers and finally went to bed at midnight. All the rest of the tourists were expected in at various times during the nite. I think Matt and Nicky came in at 12:30, Jenn and Steve a little later and then Anne and James at about 2 or 3am. All the cars are here but no people yet.
Chris called at about 8am this morning - I quickly grabbed the phone and explained the situation but she hung up and then Barb called. I have the phone off the hook now to let the tourists sleep. Joanne and Mitch come in tomorrow (they have their own place on Axe Lake) and then Barb and her son Jody come in on Monday (they stay at their place on Chubb Lake).
But I feel pretty good considering what I have been thru - but it was an adventure and I loved every minute of it - I got to visit with Stacey and Jodie a bit longer and Rejean's mom and I had a great ride back. Life IS Good!!

See Ya Bye

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Leaving: Jodie and Stacey and Sadie

Coming: Claire (Rejean's mom) who we have been trying to get back up here for a couple of years, Jenn, Steve, Anne, James, Mathew and his girlfriend, Justin, Sarah, Daniel, Mitch and Joanne

Let the party continue....

To steal one of Stacey's phrases - gotta detox!!!

See Ya Bye

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sadie, my furbaby, going out to get her stick - she loves it up here. But Stacey and Rejean won't let me keep her for the summer :o(
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Yes, that is Jodie on the right holding a piece of fish up to her mouth but she didn't bite - both Stacey and Jodie are vegetarians and Jodie served the fish and Stacey was in charge of the chicken - and they both lived to tell about it. They were troupers. I will be treating them to dinner at the Peppermill in Thessalon tonite then a concert of BlueGrass music at the Auld Kirk in town. Should be fun.
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Every pot, pan, dish, fork, knife, spoon, cup etc was dirty after the meal and poor Dave was left to fend for himself - only joking. There were 6 of us to help do the dishes - I was there from 10am until 9:30pm - on my feet all day long except for 15 minutes to eat and 1 minute to pee. It's the fhardest work I have ever done but the most rewarding!!!
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Stacey and Jodie peeling 50 pounds of potatoes at the Wharncliffe Hall - they never stopped smiling and were a BIG help - thanks again!!
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Ricky going it alone
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Saturday, July 17, 2010


This Sunday is the first dinner of the season at the Wharncliff Hall - a chicken and fish fry - I worked 4 hours yesterday, another 4 today and then tomorrow, Sunday, from 10am til probably 9pm - Rejean, Ricky and Ron will be cooking the fish outside and John will be cookin' the corn fritters.
Just another part of my life up here. Picture later...
See Ya Bye

Friday, July 16, 2010


Back in the old days when we had property on Chubb Lake, you had to go out to the highway to see the stars - and lie down in the middle of the road was the best way to watch them. Last nite we decided, for old times sake, to do it again. It was a beautiful nite and there were a million stars. We saw shooting stars and satelites from our vantage point. We did have to move once for a big logging truck. You can hear them coming a mile away so there is no chance of us being road kill or speed bumps. BUT we were careful and aware of any on coming traffic.
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It's nice to see them together again doing all the stuff sisters do together :o)
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Rejean put the seat on the back of his 4 wheeler and Jodie got a chance to go for a ride - the last time she rode one, she ended up going down into the ditch and into the bush in slow motion - she does better as a passenger.
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We were all sitting on the dock looking at our reflections and Sadie started to growl at her's - it was so funny. I, of course, had my camera ready to document to event. It was a nice day.
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The raspberries are out in full force - everytime I pass a bush,I have to stop to graze. They are so delicious - and it is great to get to them before the bears!!!
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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sadie has her new hat on to keep the sun out of her eyes - she looks cool.
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It has been a little hectic the past few days but I promise to sit down and post some stuff to let you know what has been going on. I have tons of new pics and stories to tell.
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Rick, Joan, Sierra and her sister Serena arrived yesterday and after out fish fry. we got a fire going and Joan pulled out these humungus marshmellows!! They looked like scallops!! They are way too sweet for me but everyone else had some. It was a nice way to end the day - until the bugs came out!!!
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The first nite the new trail cam was out, look who shows up to check it out!!! She looks a bit thin but now that she has found the food plot I imagine she will fatten up. We were thrilled to see something the first time out!!!
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Rejean got a trail cam from Stacey, Jodie, Andrew and Dave for his birthday/father's day present. This is the 3 of them installing it in the Killing Field - Jodie, who is also a camera bug, got some pictures as well.
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We use a gravel called trap rock up here - it's about $300/load but it goes far. Bruce delived Steve's load yesterday, in the new truck.Posted by Picasa


We do!!! Joanne and Mitch won't have to buy fill. They are doing road work up the highway - digging out ditches and stuff - and they needed someplace to put all the excavated dirt and top soil - we just happen to have a few spots so they are unloaded - and it is going on all day long - like a parade - they have the big dozers pushing the dirt off to the side to make room for more - I can just imagine what it looks like today - more pictures later.
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Dave caught this bass on the Little White - right where Chris usually catches rainbows - it was the biggest of the day. Andrew did ok too. The competition continues....
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Not really. My friend Linda got bit by a dog in Thessalon - it was a Rotti. The dog was friendly until she went to knock on the door and then it attacked!! She's ok but it looks painful. See, you can't trust even domesticated animals.
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