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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Doesn't it look like a rabbit with the ears? I'm not playing with my food - it just happened to look like this. Guess what it is....YES it is walley!!! Rejean got 2 small ones last night and we had them for dinner. I cooked up some Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice and my glass of white wine. We ate the salad earlier. But was it ever good!!! Finally a fish dinner. There were about 16 guys out fishing and Rejean and a couple of other guys were the only ones who caught something. Just real slow. But tomorrow the season ends for the walley until mid May. They are spawning (s-e-x).

I have only one more coat of the high gloss varathane on the cabinet tops. Just a light sanding then that final coat. Finished. Rejean started in the shower - he put some concrete down just to ensure the slope is correct. Then the waterproof membrane, the mortar and then the tiles. Piece of cake. Only tomorrow I will be working all day at the Wharncliffe Hall. Cleaning after the new hall was built. Everything in the kitchen has to be washed down - all the dust and not being used in a year and a half. We will be very busy. Then maybe dinner at Ozzy's.

I won't be turning my computer on tomorrow - apparently there may be a big "worm" invading computers so I don't want it to be one of mine. Talk to you on Thursday.

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Monday, March 30, 2009


Here's a picture of my lazy susan in the finishing room. The pegs can be put into different holes depending on the size of the piece you are working on. It turns very easily. You can just see my cabinet doors in the background. Tomorrow they will be done after one more coat of varathane - then the hardware gets installed - chrome of course. Detail Detail Detail.

Rejean is out once more fishing at Tunnel Lake - one more kick at the can. Maybe fish tomorrow nite...

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Proof!! After knee surgery and about 9 months recuperation he is back!! When there is no pain it is amazing what you can do. But it was amazing what he could do when he was in pain. Just better to be pain free. It is good to take of one's body.
I liked the commercial that was playing about three weeks ago where all the golfers were having a good time, enjoying winning, signing autographs, just enjoying themselves. Then everything gets quiet when Tiger Woods walks into the locker room. You just know how true the commercial was.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009


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That is not meant as an insult but a device I use for varathaning the doors and cabinet tops. There is no better way than to use it for that process. You can move the object, you don't have to move and does it make a difference. It turns very easily and saves a ton of work. I finished another coat on all the stuff today. Rejean sanded the cabinets and the tops. We will put a final coat of high gloss varathan on the tops of the cabinets to sort of match the granite top of the middle cabinet that has the sink in it. It is glossy. I bought a special cleaner for it. I used it on my bathroom vanity and it does work good - it brings it to a nice gloss.
We woke up to snow this morning - a winter storm that could have dumped 10-15 cm of snow on us - I think we ended up with about 2 inches. But it won't last because it is supposed to warm up this week.
We decided on the design for the boarder in the shower - we found it difficult to cut the little black diamonds so we will just have to have a bigger grout area. It looks great - I'll take a picture tomorrow (it is in the garage and I'm not and I am just too relaxed to go get it so picture tomorrow).
I now have 2 European starlings hanging around - pretty birds - each wing is outlined in a light brown - I hope they stick around. They were even nibbling on the hot dogs.
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Saturday, March 28, 2009


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Congratulations are going out today to my niece Shelley who has just announced her engagement to Bill. All sorts of memories come flowing back to me of this little girl - Shelley Welley. I can remember playing with her when she was just a wee little thing. I remember pulling on the straps of her overalls to pull her back in my lap and she would pull away laughing and I would pull her back down. We did that for what seemed like hours, all the time she was laughing. She was the flower girl at my wedding at city hall. She will make a stunningly beautiful bride and I can't wait to see it. (there are rumors that it will be in St Maarten) I wish you well.
Work today in the garage. I started varathaning the cabinets and the tops - the doors will have to wait until tomorrow for them to be completely dry. I like doing that type of work. I make sure that there are no drips and it is even. And I have learned not to be cheap - as I am constantly reminded by the master every time I varathane. I don't mind. I do a good job if I do say so myself.
Rejean is ice fishing on Tunnel tonite - they are getting some now. It has been slow so far but Dave at the dump says that he got some so hopefully we will too.
I'll let you know.
Don't forget to turn your lights out tonite for 1 hour - I'll probably just fall asleep.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009


My bathroom cabinets - carcass stage -there will be 2 doors on each cabinet - I got the knobs and hinges in the Sault the other day - bright chrome to match the facets and towel holders (it is actually a towel warmer) and the toilet valet - remember that?

The other picture is of the Master at work - sanding down the panel for the doors. They will be raised panel doors - as usual - every door that Rejean makes is a raised panel - he can do them in his sleep. They will look pretty good.
The other picture is of one of the panels after it has been stained. When I apply the varathane it just makes the grain pop. Pictures of the finished product will be available.


I must admit for a moment there this morning I had to look at the clock to see what day it was. But just for a moment. Usually I am quite good at knowing what day it is and pretty good with the dates too. Must have been a "senior's moment".
Rejean was in the garage today working on the doors. He made the face frames yesterday and he also made the tops of the shorter cabinets. Oak.
Some our own boards and some veneer like on the sides of the cabinets. He stained the panel for the doors also. Looks good. Tomorrow I'll be varathaning them. The finishing touch.
I am feeling well for those of you keeping track. I did my weights tonite and it felt good. When you interrupt your exercise routine it can really make you feel like a slug. It's good to be back at it!
Tomorrow night we are attending the fish fry at the Legion in Thessalon. Yum Yum that fish is good. And I don't have to do dishes either. A great night out!!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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I got a call this morning from my friend Louise. I have not spoken with her in a while and it was nice to catch up. I should really keep in touch better with my friends and family. I am guilty of not doing this but I will make a good effort to correct it. Up here you just focus on the two of us because that is what it is for a large part of the time. It was nice talking to her. Hi Louise!!!
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My new entertainment and my collection of Koolaid - not a lot of exciting news today is there?
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I know I will eventually be well but it sucks to be sick. We have freezing rain going on right now - it is miserable out there - just like me. My only entertainment are my new friends the crows. I have two hanging around so, as usual, they are being fed. I cleaned out the freezer on Monday and found a few things I could feed them like some fish that developed freezer burn and some chicken boobs that were 2 years old (blah blah blah). They are very cautious birds. I had been giving them the chicken hot dogs broken into smaller pieces (they were used to that shape of food). Then last night we had chicken wings and I threw out the tips of the wings for them. I don't know whether the swinging bird feeder in the wind bothered them but they never did get any of the wings. They would land on top of the tree, then swing down to a lower branch, then hop onto the top of the snow bank then hop down towards the wings. They would eye the food, hop a little closer then fly away. This went on for about a hour. Finally I gave up watching. The pieces were gone this morning, I don't know who got them. Then this morning I threw out the hot dog pieces and some of the fish cut up. The one crow only picked up the hot dog pieces and the other one took away some of the fish. But it took him quite a while to even approach it. Then when he did grab a piece, he quickly jumped back. I had seen a tv program on them and this is what they do when they don't know if the piece of food it still alive or not. Oh well, they are very entertaining.
Rejean is working on the doors for the cabinets today. I am cleaning up and putting all the purchases from yesterday away, including my 80 packs of Koolaid. Koolaid is 49 cents a pack at ValueMart but only 20 cents at Walmart in the States. If someone can tell me why such a big difference - it is only about 1 teaspoon of powder. We drink Koolaid in the evening so we go thru a lot. And yesterday when we were finished shopping and head to check out a checkout girl called us over as she wasn't busy - it was the 12 items or less line. We started unloading and she came to the Koolaid (I steal the display cases and put the packages in there) I said I have 20 of each flavour so 80 in all. She said she has to scan each package - they can't do a 80@20cents - so there she is scanning each one when the line starts to form behind us. She finally takes one package and scans it 70 times (after she had scanned 10 individually) how embarrassing. We finally got everything bagged and headed out - I bet she was happy to see us go. We didn't have to pay any duty on our $210 worth of goods.
Just another day in paradise...
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here's what it will look like - just use your imagination.
It's not exactly what my grandmother had - she had octagons I think, and they looked like flowers (you had to be there).


It is Tuesday and I think my cold is on the downswing. Or I am taking good or the other. I feel normal again. It really takes a lot out of you - I very rarely get sick anymore - it has been a couple of years now and I always used to be sick - especially around Christmas. This time it started with a sore throat and steadily went downhill from there. But I do have to give credit to BUCKLEYS. I am a BUCKLEY GIRL. I have grown to like the taste. It sure works tho. They say whatever doesn't kill you will make you strong. Well....
We went to the Sault today and picked up our tile. Finally. We picked up everything we will need for this job. Rejean bought a $40 diamond drill bit for the tile - now I ask you, will we really need a $40 diamond drill bit? I'll let you know. We are soooooo prepared. I was reading a book in Home Depot how to lay tile and grout it. I am ready. This evening I took some sheets of the flooring and layed it in the shower area. I like it!! It is exactly what I wanted. My Grandmas Stewart's bathroom floor in her old house was like this (a bit different but close) and I remember sitting on the toilet and staring down at that floor. It is going to bring back a lot of good memories. I took a picture but I was having trouble with the Picassa so keep you fingers crossed.
Rejean will finish up the cabinets - the one the sink goes on and the two for each side. We have the sink and counter already - it is black granite with a built in white basin. There's that black and white theme again. He's staining them that black ebony finish then I'll do my varathaning thing. We should be tiling by this weekend.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Look at this beauty - Rejean and Ron went fishing at ---- Lake and Ron caught this perch - I think he said when he measured it at home it was approximately 17 " - he has these pictures and he said that he is going to get a replica made - that way he can hang it on the wall and still eat it - the best of both worlds. I asked Rejean where his fish was and I got "my hole wasn't productive". What kind of an answer is that??? All he got was a few small perch and small splake. It hasn't been a good year for ice fishing up here and I don't know why.

Right now it is snowing - all morning long. We have about 2" on the ground. The second day of spring - someone forgot to tell the weatherman.

And it is my 2nd day of being sick. I haven't been sick in a long time - years as a matter of fact - but it is taking a chunk out of me. I hardly got up from the couch yesterday - only to feed the fire downstairs and throw some food out for the birds. Ron and Darlene came by and I got up and visited with them for a while - 1 beer visit. today I feel a bit better but still weak and a very sore throat. Another day on the couch won't hurt me. I have been watching "I Want That" a tv show that shows all the new invention things to make like easier. I see things I want. Rejean is in the garage making the cabinets for the new bathroom. He is going to be planeing down the oak for the doors and face frames. He will stain them then I will varathane them. He doesn't trust me to stain them.

I have two crows that are coming around. I thought they were ravens but Ron said hey are crows and now that I look at them, he is right. I have been feeding them - we always have leftover stuff in the fridge that is not being eaten so I feed the critters. I like watching them - they are so cautious - they will approach the food slowly then go to peck at it sideways and if they are startled, they hop away. Then if all is clear, they grab one in their beaks then try to stuff more in - just like the fox used to do. I threw out some hot dogs that I broke up and I counted four pieces that he managed to stuff in his mouth. Greedy little things. There are two so maybe I will have little crows hanging around.

Well I am bored so maybe I'll go down to the garage and see how far along Rejean is.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


You can do this!!!! Mine looked something like this but different. Be creative!! Check out the blog below to get the site to go to to create your own piece.


I like to browse other blogs and I found one that has a link to a site where you can create your own art work like Jackson Pollock - he was the artist that sprayed, dropped and threw paint all over a canvas. You can actually create a "picture" on the computer. Just go to and then click on the "enter Jackson - don't click on the other video thing. You then come to a blank screen but if you move your mouse or use your finger if you have one like mine, you can create a work of art. If you use the space bar it will erase your masterpiece and then you are free to create another one. The colors change if you tap the mouse (I think). FUN!!
I tried to blog my piece of art but I couldn't but take my word for it, it was quite the creation.
It's not that I don't have anything else to do but when entertainment presents itself, I take advantage.
We didn't receive a call about out tile today so maybe tomorrow - then we'll go to the Sault on Saturday. I was checking out the sales at J C Penney because there is a store just over the bridge in the Walmart Plaza. Wow are the prices every low. I saw lots of stuff I need (want). We'll see what I end up with. I shop funny - I'll see something I like, pick it up and carry it around for a while then put it back. I am cheap ok. I really don't need anything - I have enough clothes to last me years. I still have to go thru my old work clothes and donate them. I will never wear those clothes again. I can donate them. Even Thessalon has donation bins. It's funny but you wear the same things over and over up here. Especially during the winter. They are washed regularly but you wear the same things all the time. A turtle neck, sweat shirt (from Spencer Hall), jeans, thick sox and if I go out, my running tights under my jeans. Then my old coat (has to be 25 years old but a good work coat) my Bud Lite toque, and my work gloves. Depending on how cold it is outside, my green rubber boots or my big warm boots that make you feel like you weight 300 pounds they are so heavy. You walk slow in those.
In the summer it is pretty much the same, a t-shirt and shorts and sandals or runners. Depends on what you are doing that day. No fashion police up here.
I have a sore throat right now. We visited Roger the other day on Axe Lake and they had their grandkids up for the spring break so I probably picked up a bug from them. GERMS!!! UGH.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is Robin and her dog Chloe - she is just a puppy - about 8 months old. She broke her leg the other day. Robin thinks she was playing in the wood pile and maybe slipped and broke her leg. Robin's neighbour Jack put a splint on it and they took her to the vet in Desberats. Ex rays revealed that it was broken - it was put in a cast of gauze but Robin made the black "bag" cast so Chloe could go outside and not get it wet. She looks funny in it. she also has to wear a collar at night so that she doesn't chew on it. I picked up a couple of big rawhide bones at the Little Rapids General Store (just picture a century's old general store and that is what it looks like - I'll get a picture the next time I go) and Chloe just chews on them.
We caught two mice in the garage and Rejean just threw them in the snow. 1/2 hour later they were gone!!! I think the ravens got them because we haven't seen the fox around for the longest time (feeding over at Axe Lake) and I did see 2 ravens hanging around so "LUNCH".
Nice day today but for the wind. We were all set to relax in the sun and the wind picked up - chilly. So that was over fast. But we have had a good thaw. Today you could barely walk up and down the road. I had to dig my fingers into a snow bank to keep from sliding down the road. We just sprinkled trap rock on it. Works great and the road needs it anyway so we killed two birds with one stone so to speak.
Walked the other way today and I found a wrench by the side of the road. A treasure!! Rejean said it was too rusty buy he decided to keep it. It's a disease you know. Oprah had on a man who wrote a book on clutter and it was the topic to today's show. Rejean and I will have a talk.
But you know, he does seem to use everything he keeps. the weights in my old curtain panels in St Clair Beach came in handy when he made the basket for the snow machine - they made good sturdy hinges.
I must also wish Sadie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY - her 9th birthday was on March 3 - someone forgot but now we know. Her sister, Sach's birthday was yesterday - 18 on the 18.
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Boy, my loyal blog readers can give me a hard time for missing one or two days of blogging - sorry but I was just too busy (lazy) to blog the past few days - I promise to be better (how's that Shelley?)
This is a picture of the snow fleas I had heard so much about but only recently saw. If you look real close on snow on a mild day you can see them moving on the snow. They jump!! I don't think they can do any harm but just to be on the safe side, I avoid walking on the snow when I see them. They only appear to be on the white clean snow at the side of the roads and stuff. Thank goodness they are soooooo tiny that you really couldn't see them against anything that wasn't white.
Our tile is not in yet - I am waiting for a call back from the tile place in the Sault. It was a larger store with tons of tile and flooring in it so I can't see what the problem is. It is plain white tiles - no special orders. Oh well - I must learn to be patient. She just called me back - it is still in Toronto and when the truck has a full load they will be delivered - it is a local independent trucker who really can't afford to drive without a full load - I can appreciate that but it should be in on Friday so it looks like a road trip is in store. I have to slip over to the Walmart in the States for some supplies - koolaid, splenda etc.
I went for my walk yesterday with my garbage bag and the picker-uperer that I have special for that purpose. I must say that there wasn't a whole bunch of garbage - just the usual stuff - water bottles, Tim Horton cups (no roll=ups in the bunch) butts, and plastic holder things. Today I am walking the other way. I have decided that it is better for me to walk instead of run. My right knee has told me this. I pay attention to the little aches and pains. My career as a runner was fun but - I am, after all, a walker.
The lakes are starting to get the dark patches on them due to the warmer weather we have been having - it is also slushy around the shore line. that is good enough for me to stay off of them but the ice is still very thick - but there have been a few horrible accidents lately - the most recent was the poor mother and daughter who drowned on their machine - they were wearing seat belts and couldn't undo them in time - the father/husband was following behind them and witnessed the whole thing. They had hit a fracture in the ice and went into the water - another child and dog escaped.
Well it is too nice a day to be in here blogging - I am off down the road garbage picking.
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ps - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATCH - 18 yrs old on the 18th - picture and story on

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yes I am Irish even tho my last name is Scott. Go figure. I haven't had any green beer today but I did have beer. We took the laptop and the High Speed Stick over to Axe Lake to see if it would work over there. Joy and Arnold had already been to the Sault, bought a new laptop and got the stick!!! She is now on FaceBook even. It worked over at Roger's as well. I should work for Bell!!
Not last night but the night before (Sunday I think) we went to the island on Axe Lake with everyone up there and got a big bonfire going, fireworks, and beverages. The kids were out playing around on the snowmobiles - a good time was had by all. It was a perfect night - clear and cold. They sure know how to have a good time on that lake. Everyone is friendly and they like to associate with each other. When it was time to go (11:30) Bob put both Rejean and myself on the back of his snow machine and drove us over to the car. It was pretty dark and I don't think we would have found our way back - they would have found us in the spring under a big snow bank or something. Fun!!!
It continues to melt big time here. Tis the season.
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ps - glad to see you are a follower SisterSue

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Poor John. Linda is away and he is eating minnows - please come home Linda. A bunch of us went ice fishing on tunnel Lake today - things haven't been so good on Tunnel but maybe today...NO - not even a bite. I had a snag and it was the excitement for the day. I thought I was no where near the bottom. We had fun tho, Joy fell asleep on her machine and beverages were had by all. People are starting to come late in the day and staying until dark - maybe that is the key. It is a good thing we have other food in the freezer or we would be starving.
Roger and Lori are up with their grand kids, as are Bob and Liz and their grand kids. John has his son and grand kids up too. Grand kids are everywhere. Spring break you know.
Rejean is going to go fishing with Ron on Jobam. tomorrow - maybe....
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Friday, March 13, 2009


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Rejean and his friends went out ice fishing today - almost. The four of them headed out at about 9:30 am to a lake that held slake and brook trout. I went to town today and then over the Mary's to show her the "high speed stick (it worked and she is getting one) then came home and cleaned etc. At about 5:30 Rejean pulled in with no fish!!! He said they never even got to the lake!! They saw the lake but that was it. They spent all day out on the trail digging themselves out of the snow. Rejean said when they stepped off the machines you stepped in snow up to their crotches - they were tipping over, getting stuck and flipping them. There was a very light trail but the snow was so deep they couldn't get anywhere. Finally at about 2pm they turned back home because they would never had made it there and back before dark. A fine group of fishermen. They are going out again tomorrow on Tunnel Lake, just Rejean and Ron. Maybe this time they will catch a fish. But just in case I will have dinner ready just as I did today.
Tomorrow I will have to hit Little Rapids to get some more bird seed - they are just devouring what I put out. I have to fill the feeders everyday and I still throw seed on the slopes for them. I also have to get peanuts for the squirrel. I forgot to get some in town today and I am out. The little squirrel comes toward me sometimes waiting for the peanuts but not today. He looked surprised.
We are going to get some warmer weather in the next few days - it will hit +6 tomorrow or Sunday. You know where I will be.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is the new high speed stick from Bell - and it is portable - you can take it from one computer to another. And I now know how many kb in a gb. It is 1024 kb=1mb and 1024 mb=1gb. So I have lots of kbs and mbs to work with. As of this moment I have used 3mbs and it has been installed since Tuesday nite. I am happy with it.
Just worked on more pine today - baseboards and window framing for the rooms downstairs. Rejean is spending time on the shower - figuring out the drain slope and stuff. We should be in a position to start tiling once the tiles are in next week.
The wind is almost non-existent today - but yesterday was a different story - there were gusts of up to 98k/hr in the Sault. All the highways in and out were closed due to the road conditions and the schools were keeping the kids in class because the buses couldn't ring them home. We didn't loose power but Wharncliff did for 3 hours. It could have been worse I suppose but we were lucky.
Spring break is next week so all of you who are heading south or north enjoy.
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ps - I can now post my pictures the way Stacey told me to - finally

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Weird weather (i before e except after c doesn't work for weird) The wind is just howling - we are supposed to have up to 90k/hr winds and I think we have achieved that (that worked). The depris is everywhere. We aren't getting the 35-40 sm of snow that Wawa is supposed to get - thank goodness.

But enough about the weather. This is the second day with high speed. I must say that when I was posting my picture yesterday, it posted so fast I was startled. It is just amazing. Now I just have to find out how many mg are in a gig or whatever I am being measured on. I will google it after I am done here. But I am pleased. I will have to let people know up here that this is available. I did call Bell last week asking about high speed and she said I wasn't in the right area - that the nearest tower was over 100 km away - obviously she didn't know what Bell has to offer. Oh well, I have it now. I am happy.

I am always talking about the Post - it is actually The Tunnel Lake Trading Post and this is a picture of it. It is an LCBO outlet where we get a lot of our beverages - it has about everything you need in groceries - even cupcake papers. It carries fishing equipment, hunting supplies and clothes, great souvenirs, T shirts, hats, fireworks, worms, minnows (as I blogged before, when you ask for a dozen minnows, you get 12 minnows - no bakers dozen or a couple of extra - 12 minnows - Keith counts them out), leeches etc. It is better than driving the 42 km into Thessalon. And he has the best ice cream cones around - delicious. I have to give credit to his mother, Pat, who is no longer with us - she scooped the best cones in the world - she is missed.
I also got a picture of Keith, the proprietor of the Post (I asked him to smile but I think I took the picture before he did. He always has something nice to say, or a joke. He has a great laugh and if he doesn't know who you are he calls you Bud. I always enjoy a trip to the Post.
Tonite I have my first meeting of the Wharncliffe Citizens Committee. We may get in to see the new hall that they have been working on all winter. Let the dinners begin.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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Guess what we got today? HIGH SPEED!!!!! Plain Jane told us about something offered by Bell - if you have good cell phone reception, you can get high speed. We were in the Sault today and stopped by the Bell Centre at Station Mall. We got the info, and signed up. Rejean just got finished installing it and it works!!! I can't believe how fast it is. No more washing the dishes waiting for somehing to download. It is super fast. I love it. It is about $35/mo for 1 gig and $50/mo for 2 gig but we are on a flex plan that if you go over the 1 gig you will pay the $50 but if you are under you'll pay the $35. How easy. I'll call Bell tomorrow and cancel our Internet service. AND we can use the phone at the same time. Will wonders never cease. Sorry for being so excited but this is major up here. It is a portable "stick" so we can use it on the computer downstairs. YEA!!!
We also ordered our tile today in the Sault. A little tile shop where they were really very helpful and gave us some good deals (altho the guy kind of rolled his eyes when I said I wanted charcoal gray grout for the white tiles) there is no accounting for taste.
Well that is it for now. I am just thrilled with the high speed.
By the way we are having a major storm tonite. Winds at over 90k/hr and snow. We will see what we wake up to tomorrow.
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ps yes Rick, I did receive the comment
ppss yes Susan, that is the spot and yes we will go there when you come up

Sunday, March 8, 2009


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What a beautiful day - sunny and about +1. Everything was melting. It was almost raining off the roof. You had to duck and hurry when you crossed under it. And I C Y!!! You really have to watch where you step because some places are just a sheet of ice - especially on the slopes. I haven't taken a tumble yet so keep your fingers crossed - I can just see myself with a walker this summer after breaking a hip. Just shoot me. I have learned to walk on the sides of the lane way. I checked out Stacey and Andrew's deck - it was nice and sunny but there was a cool north wind blowing which made it a little too cool to sit out. Maybe Monday - sunny and +1 again - maybe there won't be a wind.
Rejean is working on the moldings for the floors in the bedroom, bathroom and workout room. What patience. He has pine boards he plains down to the proper thickness. He has about 15 boards that he plains down one board at a time. He goes through the whole pile then reduces the thickness plainer and feeds them through again. He does this for about 2-3 if not 4 hours at a time. I kid you not. Then he cuts the design in them with the router, sands them down then I do my magic on them with the varathane. Better and MUCH cheaper than store bought. Film at eleven. I'll keep you up to date on the progress and the ETI (estimated time of installation).
Rejean talked to Jim Bob today about some talks with Chrysler and that they have to give up the cola on the pensions and a $30/mo co-pay. Something you can live with.
Well that's it - I am just getting used to this day light savings time thing. We woke up at 8:30 am (old time 7:30 - usual awakening time (7 really)by the time we had our coffee and watched the fishing shows, had breakfast, cleaned up etc it was almost 11am!! The day half gone!!
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Saturday, March 7, 2009


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The big birthday party (it wasn't that big) was last nite. We pulled into the driveway at about 5:25 (we were told to be there at 5:30). There was Ron looking out the big picture window - wasn't this supposed to be a surprise party? Oh well, we got the stuff out of the car and went inside. Joy and Arnold were already there so the cat was out of the proverbial bag. We wished Ron happy birthday. Joy went to get her stuff out of her car (they had just dropped by for a coffee to explain why they were there). She walked in with balloons and her pot luck stuff (delicious coleslaw!!) Darleen then went to change and get some appetizers out. Plain Jane and Les pulled in a few minutes later. I asked Plain Jane what happened and she said it was only going to be a surprise party on Thursday (remember the party was postponed three times). We got right into the party mode. The food was great - I had made my Beefaroni, Plain Jane made ribs and rice, and Darleen made the appetizers. Yum Yum. After dinner the birthday pies were brought out, complements of Plain Jane. Raisin pie and Apple pie with ice cream. I gave him a couple of scratch tickets and a Super 7 ticket for last night (14million$$) I had been looking at that million $ scratch ticket - I had a good feeling. Ron said that if he won he would share it with me (I have witnesses) - but I haven't heard from him today so I guess he didn't win. (I'll check just in case he tries to get away). We left at about 10:30 - late for us. Rejean claims he gave me the look a few times but I didn't see it. He was ready to go about 1/2 hour before we did.
All in all it was a good nite spent with friends - we laughed and told stories and heard all about their trip to Florida etc.
Today we did a bit of work - it was dump day. We are just going to take it easy this afternoon. The big thaw is going on right now. If the sun was out it would be warm!! Spring can' be too far behind.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009


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Another work day - we are in the process of putting the sub floor down - Rejean's version of it anyway. They sell the already made up ones at Home Depot for about $7.00 each. Rejean devised his own. First, we lay a 6ml vapour barrier down over the cement floor, securing it with some sort of putty on the edges (black and sticky - ugh) then he secures 2x4s along the perimeter of the room with screws thru the 2x4 and the existing wall. Then we lay Styrofoam 1 1/2 thick that gives an R value of 7.5 - much better than the store ones. Then, beside the Styrofoam, another 2x4, then another Styrofoam, and so one. Then a sheet of 5/8 plywood over top. Then the actual laminate floor is laid on top. No cold feet in this room. Tomorrow we lay the plywood. The actual floor won't go down until the bathroom is done - no sense putting it down just to get scratched with construction still going on.
I helped during the above process, applying the Tuck Tape, laying the vapour barrier, but mostly standing on the 2x4s to keep them down while Rejean screwed them in. I don't mind being used as ballast.
The party for Ron is tomorrow. It was supposed to be Thursday nite, then got changed to Tuesday, then finally Friday. We had no other plans. It will be fun - we need to get out and party - you sometimes find yourself just working and taking no time to relax - it's nice to get dressed up and get out. My jeans are clean.
It was pouring rain here a little while ago. It has stopped but it is very mild. this morning the sun was out and it was actually mild. then the wind picked up and it got cloudy and cold. At least I had a taste of things to come. Next Monday and Tuesday it is supposed to be sunny and +2 Sounds like suntanning time to me.
I am feeling better - I think I had a bit of cabin fever and maybe just watched too much news of the world but hey - you have to do what you have to do for yourself. All is well. Life IS good.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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I have a grand total of 510 postings since I first started this blog. That's a lot of blogging - that's a lot of my life on this blog. On this Blogger site, they pick a blog of the day - it's called Blogs Of Note. I always check and see what other people are blogging, and if it is in English, I read them. Some are hilarious and others - well you wonder what they are trying to convey, Stacey has one called Ultraprincess - her Journey To An Ultra marathon and Beyond. I am a follower of hers. Also to a couple of others. One is an astronomer who will answer any question you have on astronomy. Another one is Waiter, Where Is My Martini - about a school teacher and all the funny things her kids say and draw. Plus her adventures in her life. Very Funny!!! It is easy to start your own blog. On this site is a link where you can go to create your own blog. It gets addicting after a while. And anything you blog is interesting to some other people. It is a way to keep in touch with others. And it only takes a couple of minutes a day - if you have high speed. If you have dial-up like me you have to devote about 1/2 hour or so. But I have the time so I don't care.
Today I went into town to pick up my stuff from the Creative Basket - that is where Sears delivers to and also Purolator (they sometimes drive all the way up to the Post). As soon as I got home I got them out of the boxes. They are perfect - just what I envisioned them to be. The light is nice and big - sturdy - and the light will be bright enough for reading - the base is very shiny. The Toilet Valet is just perfect. Some assembly required but I got 'her done. I placed it beside the toilet upstairs to check the height and it is perfect. The base on it is very heavy to keep it in place. There is only room for two or three magazines - perfect - the magazine rack in the bathroom upstairs gets overloaded - until I step in and create some sort of order. And to round off the purchases, the soap dispenser will do just fine. A white ceramic base with polished nickel pump.
Plain Jane called today to invite us to a birthday party for Ron W. on Thursday. Another party!! People up here are very close. I guess because we are so few and far between that when you find friends who you get along with, you try and get together for just about any occasion. There aren't a lot of us locals up here during the winter. The population certainly swells during tourist season. The party is pot luck, as is every gathering up here. I'll be making Beef-a-roni, a recipe I have made before and it is suprisingly delicious. Ground beef, penne, cheeses, a sauce. Let me tell you, it is good. I surprise myself sometimes - I can cook!!!
Rejean finally fixed the outside doors - if you have been up here, you know how the one door sticks and is very hard to open. So hard I was almost afraid I wouldn't be able to get out in an emergency. I have to use two hands to open it. No injuries today.
I will try and get another picture from the archives. No more SNOW pictures - I promise.
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Monday, March 2, 2009


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I made buttermilk fried chicken today - I bought a whole chicken and cut it up into 10 pieces, marinated it in buttermilk overnite then fried it up in the pan as the song goes. Note bad - the next time I will add more spices to the flour but you learn as you go. When I was in Florida last November with Chris, I got addicted to the cooking channel. I have a few faves - like Top Chef, Chef at Home, Guy's Big Bite, Unwrapped etc. I must say that I have picked up a lot of pointers - I am not afraid top try new stuff like I was before. Me, with no cooking ability to speak of, was turning out semi-good stuff. I like it. And Valu-Mart is getting a few good things in like Campbell's Cooking Sauces. I had accumulated a few recipes out of books that called for it. I thought I would have to get them in the Sault but someone must have spoken to the boss. Maybe I should ask for my Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice that they don't carry. It doesn't hurt to ask. I am responsible for them carrying the Turkey-In-A-Box now. I had them ordered before- they could only order a minimum of 4 so I ended up buying 3 and someone else bought the other one. But they went fast.
I'll be heading into town tomorrow :0) I ordered some stuff on line and it is in - amazingly fast I might add. It's from Home Depot - FREE SHIPPING!! When you have to spend big bucks driving to the Sault for stuff, it pays to shop on-line up here. It was a light fixture for the new bathroom - a white frosted glass shade on a polished nickel base for over the toilet for reading, a Toilet Valet (toilet tissue dispenser and organizer (room for 3 spare rolls) with a magazine rack built-in, a heavy duty base for support and stability in the chrome plated steel to match all the other fixtures) and a lotion dispenser in the white frosted glass to match - do I sound a bit OCDC with my matching stuff? Oh well - it will be nice.
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I am posting pictures from the past years - I think you are getting tired of SNOW pictures as I am - this is a picture of Disney, my sister Susan's dog. She had puppies and Sue kept one puppy and called her Poop. They are Bijon Frises. Isn't she cute?