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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Finally!! We headed into the Sault to pick up Mitch and Joanne for 9:45am. We got there in time and waited by the window - looking at fog. Finally at about 10am it was announced that the flight was being diverted to Sudbury to refuel and then back to the Sault to attempt a landing. A flight attendant told Joanne on the plane that she had never heard of a flight not being able to land at the Sault. The flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:40am and did. We had a nice cold beverage for them waiting in the car. We got all our shopping done and then headed to St. Joseph Island for lunch. All the years we have been coming up here and we never managed to stop there - but we did today. We stopped at a restaurant called Mom's and it was pretty good. Poor Mitch was nodding off on the way home - they had caught the red eye out of Calgary at midnight into Toronto, then caught the little puddle jumper to the Sault. They really didn't get a chance to sleep on the plane. So needless to say they were pretty tired. They are both sleeping right now (as is Rejean) getting all rested up for the big fireworks tonite on Jobam. Tomorrow we will hit the Mississaugi - Mitch has a new pair of waders he is dieing to try. Dinner for tomorrow nite - yum yum.
Sue and Jack arrive on Friday nite - then we will all be together again.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's not even August yet and look what I saw on the side of the highway - red leaves. Yes, they are starting already - you can see just a few trees with leaves that are taking on a red tinge. It usually happens in August.
We received our invitation tonite to some fireworks down the highway on Jobam. Should be fun if the weather holds out. Rain is predicted but only in the morning so keep your fingers crossed.
Joanne and Mitch are flying into the Sault tomorrow morning so I told them to get some sleep on the plane so they can stay awake until the show. They are on vacation so I don't see a problem. I'll for sure take my camera.
Sue and Jack arrive on Friday nite - I told her that we wouldn't have any fun until she gets here.
I'll try not to.
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Monday, July 27, 2009


Now that I have your attention, last night the beaver swam by as I was down by the dock. I slowly grabbed my camera and snuck over to Stacey and Andrew's where he was headed. I quietly went down the hill and started taking pictures. I got quite a few before he slapped his tail. But then he came right back - and I continued taking pictures. He was in the bay eating the Lilly pads or something in the water. He really doesn't seem to be that frightened by us - as long as we keep out distance he is ok. It is always a treat to see the local wildlife up close like this. I love it. And he is around quite a bit this year. We see him regularly. And he does keep an eye on the dam for us. Our lake is held back by the beaver dam - we would loose about 2 feet of water if it ever broke - but that happening is unlikely - there is stuff growing on it it is so old. Who knows what I'll see next.
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Andrew and his father, Dennis, are on a two week road trip and stopped by for the night. I got their cottage all ready for them - cold beer in the fridge - what else is there to do. Andrew is on his Harley - we got the "tour" - talk about tricked out (is that the word now?) he chromed everything but left a few little things for Christmas and birthday gifts for us to get him. He chose the "skull" emblem. Niiiiice. Dennis' bike, a Suzuki Intruder, isn't as tricked out as Andrew's, but it is nice - perfect for touring. He has an eagle head on his front bumper whose eye's light up - cool. They are going to do the Lake Superior tour - just taking their time. They stopped on St. Joseph's Island before they arrived - we haven't even been there. They stop every hour or so - they aren't in any hurry to be anywhere - as a vacation should be. Nice to be able to do that with your father. I am sure they are having a blast.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009


As I have said before, entertainment is where you find it up here. I walked down to the dock and there was my little snake just laying around looking for something to eat - so I accommodated him. I got the worm container from the fridge and threw him one worm - it landed quite close to him so he could sense movement. He slowly approached it, all the time his tongue flicked in and out - tasting the air. Once he connected, it was fast. I don't know if they have a swallowing mechanism but that worm was down the hatch in a flash. So I threw him another one. This time I watched closer instead of taking pictures. It is fascinating to watch him stalk the worm then attack it - as much as it can attack. Then I threw him another - three worms - I didn't have anymore in the container or I could still be there. He was much slower on the 3rd worm. Stuffed comes to mind. But you have to admit he is looking fatter. I watched some more and his body contracts and pushes the food down lower in his body. As I said, fascinating.
I got all my stuff put away today - I re-arranged the pantry and my freezers and cleaned them out. It was dump day so it was a good day.
Tonite, if Rejean feels better, we are heading over to Gerry and Cheryle's on Chub Lake. They have new cupboards and I am anxious to see them. She has been waiting a loooooong time for them.
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Friday, July 24, 2009


We hit Costco in Sudbury today - Rejean was getting cabin fever from being sick for the past few days - he does have his voice back but is still plugged up and sneezing a lot. We headed out anyway this morning - we keyed in the co-ordinates on his new GPS that he got from Stacey and Jodie, and off we went. It took us into Sudbury a different way than we expected but got us there in the time specified. We stocked up on a lot of things we were running low on - they always try to sell us the Executive Membership because we spend so much but I always refuse even tho it probably would be worth our while in the long run. It all fit in the car. We did have to take everything out of the car from Costco to fit what we bought at Home Depot. There was our paper towels, toilet paper, mustard, vitamins, corn, peas etc all over the parking lot while we squooze the storage box in. I guess we should have hit Home Depot first but we didn't. Then we plotted in "home" and we were off again, guided by our GPS - you can't get lost with that thing - when we got off the chosen course, it recalculated.
Tomorrow I put everything away. It is supposed to rain for the next 5 days so I have to find stuff to do in the house or garage. I'll be on the treadmill for sure. It is the first weekend in two weeks that I have off - read no work at the hall. The next function is the pig roast which is always a great time. August 9th to be exact. RSVP.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009


This picture was taken on one of beautiful sunny days earlier this week - we managed to get in 2 days like that - nice and sunny and hot - but now it is raining again and they predict another 5 straight days. Maybe that means that the weather will be nice for the Sister's Week. Yes Joanne and Susan and Mitch and Jack will be up here for a week. Joanne and Mitch fly in from Calgary next Thursday and Sue and Jack should be up on Friday or Saturday. Let the fun begin. I think we have a better time now with each other than when we were younger. Not that we didn't get along then (sometimes) but I think we appreciate each other more now. We savor our times together - at least I do. I love my sisters. And their husbands - just as much. Jack and Mitch have an on-going competition of who can catch the biggest, first, most, smallest, most jumps - you name it. I enjoy watching the two of them in the big brown boat - Jack driving and Mitch sitting on a lawn chair in the boat just relaxing and fishing. What usually happens is the guys go out fishing and the Sisters load up our 4 wheelers for a day of fishing, exploring, enjoying our beverages that Susan makes from scratch. We leave in the morning and don't come back until late afternoon. We just head out and eventually find our way back home. We have never been lost once - we always manage to come out to a place I recognize. If not, we can always wave my white t-shirt to the rescue helicopter. We have a lot of fun together and I am looking forward to it with great pleasure.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


If you don't like snakes, don't read this blog. I watched these two garter snakes this morning by the side of the dock. We were going to use the water pump to wash the rocks - it just gets rid of the stuff that grows on the rocks and makes them clean and smooth - I spotted these two on the rocks sunning themselves. I figured they knew each other because one was letting the other slide right over him/her without a fuss. After a few minutes one slithered across to the bushes behind the bench and one was left. I knew snakes eat worms so I went and got some - I also fed Jacques his morning breakfast. He was in the bushes so I threw a worm close to where his head was. I threw a couple more in the bushes. When they stick their tongues out I think it is to "taste" the air for prey - maybe movement or heat or something. So I figured he would eventually find the worm. I kept checking back on him and later in the morning I managed to throw a worm very close to his face and he grabbed it. It was gone in a flash - I don't know how they swallow them or if they bite them but it was gone fast. Now I am even feeding snakes!!!! I don't think they will stick around for handouts. But they have always been around the place - you see them on the driveway sunning themselves and I always "scan" for them when I walk. They live here too.

I got my walk in this morning - it was actually a very beautiful day and they are predicting rain for the next 4 days - oh well - we are off to Sudbury tomorrow. Shopping at Costco - we are running low on stuff.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


#18187 - that's my bib number for the Detroit Freepress 1/2 Marathon this October. I am in again - doing the 1/2 marathon competitive walker. And I am doing it with a newbie - my sister-in-law Anne. It will be her first 1/2 marathon. It is always a treat to be in the presence of someone who has never done one before. The excitement is palpable - just being in the same area as such a large number of people who can enter into and finish a race like that is amazing. You can feel the energy. I have done 4 fulls, 4 1/2s marathons and a 30 k road race and a few smaller races. And I have never won!!! But I still feel the thrill of crossing over that finish line and getting that medal put around your neck. And the free food - the best was at the Chicago Marathon and at the finish line you got a big paper cup of beer - I forget what brand - but boy was it good. I had the beer in one hand and a bunch of bagels and oranges in the other - I dropped a bagel and I couldn't bend down to get it. My legs just wouldn't do what I told them. so I abandon the wayward bagel and just stood there until my gang found me. Every marathon has it's story.
Anne, I look forward to our adventure together - let the training begin.....
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I worked at the Hall today from 10 am until 4:30pm getting ready for the next dinner tomorrow. It wasn't put in the Sentinel (weekly Thessalon paper) so we aren't expecting a big crowd - we cooked and prepared for 100 + a few. There were lots of volunteers out. Debbie came over on her 2 person 4wheeler with her companion Bo - her beautiful yellow lab - what a beautiful face he has. And he just sat at the door all day watching us. He couldn't come in because he didn't have a hair net on. I fed him a couple of treats I had in my car. Tammy also came and helped. I showed her a few tricks (imagine that - me teaching someone about cooking - weird) about deviled eggs. She has never made them before so I showed her what I do. I also used my new piping bag for the filing. It makes it look nice. Kim helped as well. Her husband Terry filled in a couple of holes in the back yard. It was a busy day at the Hall. Dave was in trying to fix the steam table and fixed the flag pole so we can finally fly a new Canadian flag, and we had Jack, Vickie's husband, go into town for some supplies for us. It is amazing what a bunch of ladies can do in an afternoon in the kitchen.

Rejean and Ron have offered to do the fish at the dinner tomorrow. We are cooking the fish outside over burners and that is the guy's specialty. Ron was sharpening his knives just for the occasion. I'll be sure to get some actions photos of that for Monday's blog (I'll be too tired tomorrow nite to blog)

It rained off and on all day -rain, then sun, then rain, then sun. It is supposed to get better next week. At least there is no fire bans. Those are bummers.

Well that's all for today - hope you enjoy the random picture of my grandfurbaby Sadie - what a sweetheart - I love you Sadie.

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Friday, July 17, 2009


If you go to the bottom left corner of my blog - that's right, right to the bottom of the page - you will see 3 blogs that I follow regularly. One is Journey To An UltraMarathon - this is Stacey's blog and I read it everyday - funny - the other is I Need A Martini Mom and it is very very funny and the other is Dear Planetary Astronomer Mike and he posts some very interesting stuff about the earth, moon and the universe. Just click on the name and it will take you to these blogs. Enjoy!!!
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ps - because the Ladies of Wharncliffe Hall were such a hit at the wedding - the food got rave reviews - we are currently under negotiations to cater another Buck & Doe in Bruce Mines for 200!!!! We are professionals - don't try this at home. Anything to raise more money for the fire hall.

Thursday, July 16, 2009



Remember this? If you do you are about as old as I am. I used to eat this when I was a kid and it was just 5 cents - I paid $1.99 for this box - plus 12 others!!!! Yes I stocked up on these babies. I haven't seen these in ages so when I saw them in Iron Bridge at the grocery store I bought 3. I had one eaten by the time I got home and finished off another one last nite. I was kicking myself for not having purchased more. But there was a sale at Midway Lumber in Thessalon so we went into town for that the next day and we took the looooong way home thru Iron Bridge where I bought 10 more boxes. We also wanted some french fries from the chip wagon but it was too early. We got 200 board feet of clear pine for 85 Cents a board foot - which is a good bargoon. Then we spit the wood from the dead Hemlock the guys took down. What a busy day.
And tomorrow I am back at the hall preparing for the supper on Sunday - another Fish and Chicken fry. We are baking pies tomorrow - maybe I'll pick up some lessons - they are the best pies in the valley so I am learning from the best. Bon Appetite.
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Monday, July 13, 2009


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You would think I would have learned my lesson over and over again but still I don't listen to my own advice. I was on my way over to Cheryle's to help fold and stuff envelopes for our annual donation request for the Wharncliffe Hall when lo and behold, what did I see? A bear. It was right around the corner from Grand Falls Camp. I was driving and saw this big black thing walking across the road in front of me. The first thing that goes thru your mind is that it is a big black dog but then your mind grasps that it is a bear. I slowed down and finally stopped in the middle of the road (I checked my rear view mirror to make sure I was not rear ended and I had lots of time to get out of the way if I needed to). The bear looked at me as it was walking and then stopped on the grassy part of the ditch. He then started walking across a driveway and you could see people at the top of the driveway looking down at the bear and holding their boxer back (good thing). I beeped my horn and he looked back at me and then just wandered into the bush towards the lake. Needless to say there are a lot of cottages on Cummings Lake in the direction he was going. When I got to Cheryle's, Phyllis was there and I told her about it because she has a cottage on Cummings and walks her dog regularly. She said that she had seen the bear as well yesterday. That bear will probably be shot or captured by the MNR for relocation. When you get a bear, especially that size (about a 3 year old) that is not that afraid of people and knows food is around that area, he won't last long. He is a danger to people and property.
But the point of this post is that I didn't have my camera with me!!! I did have enough time to get some real good photos. You can be sure that I will never leave home without it again (famous last words...)
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ps - the bear photo is courtesy of StevePPhotography (credit where credit is due)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


What would a cowboy wedding be like without the horses? These two beauts were standing guard at the side - they have the most velvety soft noses. That's John at the right. The two horses live at the Cedar Rail Ranch up here.

They did an excellent job on the hall. The tables had brown paper wrapping on top of it and boots, hats and horseshoe sprinkles sprinkled on top. The flowers were Gerber daisies with the pots wrapped in burlap tied with string from cheap hula skirts (there is a name for it but I can't think of it just now). They strung those white tiny lights from the ceiling around the room. The head table had a small stage coach and hobby horses in front of it and there was a tree behind the head table with those little white lights as well - they cut down the tree especially for that purpose - you can do that up here. The arbor under which they got married was made of white birch that they cut down from their property - it later fell and they were going to use it as fire wood. They had posters up that said Saloon around the bar and a big sign over the kitchen area that said Grub - it was well thought out. That's Phyllis and Vickie at the Grub table setting up.

Phyllis, Vickie and I did all the cooking and preparing for the spread but we had help from Darlene (who just dropped off a salad and then made the mistake of asking if she could help with anything - 4 hours later...) and Joy, Dave and Rejean helped with the dishes. Joy was there, she said, to save Arnie some money - when she was working she couldn't be drinking!! We made up for it later, didn't we? We had everything done and washed and put away in time for the dance. I was surprised as tired as I was, I danced all night (well until 11:30) to some great country favourites like Save a Horse Ride A Cowboy. Poker Face and Billie Jean - there was music for all listeners. Today I am taking it easy - I still have to go to Cheryle's today at 3 to fold and stuff envelopes for our Yearly donation request flyer. You know, being a volunteer up here is hard work but VERY rewarding. It is my community and I am getting to know everyone. Getting back to the wedding, the bride wore a white dress, white cowboy hat with tulle wrapped around it and trailing at the back for a train. She had on brown cowboy boots too. There were boots galore - everywhere you looked. I am gonna have to git me a pair.
It was fun - and, to boot, it was a nice day - who could ask for anything more?
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Friday, July 10, 2009


A nice day to get all your work done in the morning and then relax in the afternoon - the weather was co-operating. Jenn asked when would it be "blender drink time" and I said 5 minutes and it lasted all afternoon. We got into our bathing suits and just sat in the sun drinking margaritas - yum yum. Then we went on a boat cruise that evening. Steve wanted to take a couple of pictures and we also took a couple of rods. Jenn was fishing for a while but handed it over to Steve who caught a nice bass. We released it to catch again. Catch and release for the bass in Cheney Lake but if you catch a pickerel you can eat it.
Rejean also put together and spar varnished the new chair Joanne had sent us last year - just in time for her visit this month. It will be ready for you. We also put another coat of varnish on the existing chair. We now have 2.
Today I head on over to the Wharncliffe Hall to prepare food for the wedding tomorrow - Ashley and Luke get married in a "cowboy" themed wedding. I have my hat and my red checked blouse and a belt with a big buckle. I am ready. It's about as cowboy as I can get.
Rejean is flagging a new trail to a nearby lake with Ron W. It may rain so I think they will have to take their rain gear.
Jenn and Steve leave tomorrow - they worked on the new trail and made a detour to the point and will take the bench over there. I think they enjoyed their week - they always do. I don't think you can have a bad time up here.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's 24 feet long!! NICE BRIDGE BOYS!!! Rejean was out playing with his friends and built this in a day. He headed off this morning to meet the gang with all their 4 wheelers on trailers and chain saws all being pulled by their trucks - what a convoy. There was quite a few helpers for this one. Even 3 young men from Quebec up here working their summer away. What a way to work tho. I bet they had fun even tho they couldn't use the chainsaws - only the big boys got to use those - safety reasons - I asked Rejean how many he had cut down and he said quite a few. Those are all logs from the bush freshly trimmed and cut to size.
They worked all day and really accomplished something. Just to make it easier to get to great fishing spot....shhhh


Aren't they just too cute for words??? These are 7 week old Maltese puppies. Joy and Arnold's friends had them for a visit and I arrived just at the right time for the photo op. Trying to get them all on the bench without falling off and trying to get them to look straight at the camera was an adventure but Arnold started making barking noises to get their attention and it worked - thank you Arnold. I also met the parents - these puppies are from two litters - same father but different mothers (duh). They are also going to be available to see and cuddle in person - at a pet store in Sault St Marie on July 30, 31 and August 1 - I have to get the name of the pet Store for you if you are interested. I held the biggest one - Moose - he's the third from the left- and there was absolutely no hair on my navy blue hoodie. They do not shed and they are hypo-allergenic (?). They are purebred but come with no papers (if you want you can register them yourselves). I was going to ask if I could borrow one to take home and tell Rejean "Look what I found" but I didn't - I probably would bond with it and then I wouldn't want to give it back. But they are cute and would make a wonderful pet. But to see 7 of them all at once - just too cute. I Want One....
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ps The pet store is Pet Value Better Pet Nutrition located at the Cambrian Mall in Sault Ste Marie and their phone number is 1-705-946-5435 - I confirmed they will be there.


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Sunday, July 5, 2009


It was a perfect day for the Mississaugi. We got the 2 kayaks and the canoe out and headed out. We went right up to Rapid River and worked our way down. 5 hours later...with a horrible head wind we finished. What a blast!! My arms will be sore tomorrow - I will be no good at rolling dough for the pies with the ladies. The water was up and it was fast going at times - right off the bat there were rapids. But we made it. But we didn't do Pig Pen. Not right now. It was roaring and there really was no way to go down without some sort of practice. I had no helmet. But one day....
More pictures tomorrow of the trip - I took 95 pictures and Steve had his camera going and he said he got some good pictures of Jenn and I.
We saw a deer on shore and right where we were to pull in at (which came up really fast) there was a big bald eagle flying around so everyone was looking up and not where we should be pulling in. But everyone was saved. I have never seen a bald eagle up here so it was a real treat for me. You couldn't mistake his white head and white tail and he was big. What a beautiful sight!!
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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Behind our place is a small stream that flows from the overflow of our lake - our lake is actually held back by a beaver dam. If it broke our lake would be down about 2 feet. This morning I looked out on the little swamp in the back and noticed it was full of water - I thought that because of all our rain - 5 days worth - that it was just saturated. Rejean took a walk down there and lo and behold the beaver had built a small dam at a narrow place on the stream. The stream wasn't moving and it was overflowing the banks. We got our waders on and took care of that. I don't think the Beaver will be too happy with us. But if he did that overnite he must have been working very hard. There was a couple of hundred pounds of grass, mud, bull rushes and logs. He must have been very very busy. We'll have to keep an eye on the stream - I imagine he'll be back.
Today is also Jodie's 34th birthday - how time flies. I first met Jodie when she was 3 years old - what a little sweetheart. I am proud to say she still is a little sweetheart and I am very thankful to have her in my life - my life is better with her in it. Happy Birthday Jodie!!!
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Friday, July 3, 2009


A day spent cutting grass - it hasn't rained today which is a bit of a miracle since we have rain daily for the past 5 days. It is a system that has been circling us for over a week. Finally some decent weather. We cut the grass at Bill & Barb's (altho Bill has passed away we still refer to it as Bill and Barb's) and then cut the grass over at the other garage. It needed it badly. The bugs weren't too bad and we had beverages after. Rick and Joan are getting ready to leave tomorrow. We will have our cajun fish tonite for dinner - we haven't been able to because of the rain and you can't do that in the house - too much smoke. Then after we will head on over to the Post for ice cream cones - I like Moose Tracks myself and if they don't have that I like butterscotch ripple. Or chocolate, or vanilla - I like it all. But I only have a single. A nice desert for their last day here.
Tomorrow is dump day and I think I am heading to Iron Bridge for a quilt show. A bunch of ladies from Axe Lake are going and they have invited me so I will go and see what it is all about - I'll take some photos. Eventually I want to get quilts made for each of the bedrooms. Mine will be black with some vibrant colors. The other upstairs bedroom is the blue room and the one downstairs is brown. One day...
Hope everyone had a good Canada Day - I did.
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