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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am just waiting for my hard boiled eggs to cool so I have time to send you this blog. First off, it has been an excellent year - I think every year just gets better and better - how can you top this past year. I am only talking about personally, not what is happening in the world.

I have my friends, my family, I live in paradise and I am in good health. I am blessed. It is my reward for everything I have done good in my life.

I wish only the best for you and your family and friends.

This afternoon we are heading out to Axe Lake for our annual New Year's Eve Bash. It is a tradition that a friend on the lake brings up ribs and chicken which he cooks over an open fire outside. He is to start cooking at 2pm so I guess that is when the party starts - it is fun to stand around a fire pit and watch what is going on, having a beverage (I don't have to drive anywhere tonite except to Joanne and Mitch's so I can partake in the festivities) and talking with friends. The fire is going to keep burning until well after midnight. I bought those glow stick necklaces that I have ready to hand out to the ladies (any left over goes to the guys) That way we can find you if you fall into a snowbank or something. Everyone is outside for the evening - he has a party garage that we can go into if we get too cold. He has a big screen TV, poker table, card tables and a bar and wood stove. And it is pot luck so there is hash brown potatoes, potato salad devilled eggs, munchies, appetizers, etc.

We have taken supplies over to Joanne and Mitch's place - coffee, water, cream etc. We don't have to drive on the highway tonite, just walk down to their place to spend the nite. Thanks Joanne and Mitch. Rejean is over there now getting the place nice and warm for this afternoon and evening.

And I even have a New Year's resolution that I do intend to keep!!
Here's To You clink
See Ya Bye

Friday, December 25, 2009


Wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas. Hope Santa was good to you!!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Every Christmas Eve the family gathers at Lise's house to celebrate the holiday. Everyone brings something and each year I bring meatballs. They are a hit and go very quickly. Well I am going to give my secret away right here and now in my blog. Yes, I visit M & Ms and buy their meatballs and the Diana Honey Garlic Sauce. There, now my conscience is clear. I don't have to fake it anymore. But how easy is that? All you do is take a pair of scissors and cut the bag open and dump them in the slow cooker - I usually buy two boxes - and then pour the sauce over them and let the slow cooker do the hard work. I transport the slow cooker to Lise's and provide the toothpicks (oops forgot those this year) then I bring the empty container home to wash. No fuss no muss - easy peasy.
Now I have to go iron the clothes we will be wearing tonite. Let the festivities begin!!!
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It was lunch with the retirees yesterday - how nice to see friends and just sit and enjoy ourselves over a nice hot bowl of soup and a beer - just 1 beer tho because of the new drinking and driving regulations. Louise, Evelyn, Anne Marie, Janis and her sister Pat showed up. I was soooo envious of Janis when she showed up in a nice turtle neck sweater - my turtleneck sweater days are sooo over because of my tendency to produce hot flashes - yes, be careful what you wish for. Back in the old days I was always cold no matter where I was or what season it was. I could wear a sweater on a summer day and be comfortable. Not any more. My usual indoor garb consists now of a short sleeve t shirt and a light hoodie thing that I can whip off at a moments notice. I used to say that I couldn't wait for my hot flashes to get here so I could be warm - WAS I CRAZY!!! Now what I would give for those olden days of being cold. But enough about me. All the girls looked great and we talked about how nice it was to be retired and out of the Banking world. Old stories were rehashed and we remembered our friend Debi who had passed away recently. Debi had cancer and had beat it for 17 years!! But it finally caught up with her - I always said that it was her Indian medicine that kept her alive all these years. She will be missed.
After the lunch I sped over to my mother-in-law's place for a dinner of homemade soup, salad and her world famous meat pies - yum yum. Then on to Chris and Egon's to visit and exchange gifts. Mine was a beautiful print of Cecile Youngfox's The Drum Singer. I have one of his in the new bathroom called Drumming Instruction so this picture will compliment it. Beautiful.
Then it was back home to the mansion.
Christmas Eve is here - how quickly time flies. Tonite we go to Lise's for our traditional Christmas Eve event. Food, drinks, meat pies, gifts - a wonderful tradition to keep.
What a great day it was today to spend time with people who mean a lot to you. Friends are one of life's rewards for everything good you have done in your life. I must have been very good in my life.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We hit Costco this morning and it was busy - our cart was F U L L. But we only purchased what we had on our list (plus a couple of extras) - at the check-out I like to hazard a guess as to the total of the bill - well I was off by about $80 but in the right hundred - I won't mention how many but they always try and get me to sign up for the Executive Membership - I wonder why????
Then we hit Canadian Tire - the snowmobile helmets were on sale so we tried them on - good thing no one was around to see us. There was a box on the top shelf that we needed so I held the cart and Rejean climbed into the cart to reach it - not once but twice as we also needed another one on the top shelf. I thought they had security cameras in these stores - I am surprised no one came running to tell us to stop. We ended up with two helmets that fit and the price was right. Every time we come to Windsor we spend $$$$. At the Dollar Store my toothpaste is $2 per tube - a bargain I can't beat even in the states so I bought 8. We stock up on everything when the price is right. You have to when you live in the bush.
Tomorrow is my luncheon with the retirees. It will be good to see everyone again - I will take my camera and document the event. Then it is an evening with Chris and Egon - Egon just had arthroscopic (?) surgery on his knee so I know he won't be up and about just yet.
Then it is Christmas Eve and an evening with the family. Traditions like that are hard to miss. We exchange gifts with a $15 limit - it takes the pressure off trying to find the "right" gift. We also do that with the immediate family - we all chip in and give the $$ to a charity then we also have a $15 limit for the gifts to each other. This year I got to pick out the charity up north - there are a lot of families "in need" in our area. We have everything we need and instead of buying each other gifts we may not need, we help others who aren't as fortunate.
Christmas dinner at Rejean's mom's place - she wants to cook this year - I will make the cranberries - boxing day a day of rest and leftovers and then we take off on Sunday to my sister's place in Gorrie. Spend the nite there and then off for home on Monday. A hectic holiday, as usual. Just enough time to rest up for New Year's Eve on Axe Lake - an event I don't want to miss.
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Here we are in Wonderful Windsor - not that I don't like the place because some of my most favourite people are here - it is just that I am away from my home and, really, there is no place like home is there? We arrived yesterday after a few stops on the way down and the weather was ok - it started snowing in Gaylord, the snow capital of Michigan. Just like London, Ontario - if it is going to snow anywhere, it will snow there. AND the tunnel was backed up right to where you make your U turn to join the long line of cars to get to the entrance. They even had a police car blocking a route to the entrance. And then you have to just inch your way into one lane from six lanes after you pay - I told Rejean just to keep inching along and don't make eye contact. He thought there were 2 lanes in the tunnel (old person issues) so he was a bit off in the que. We finally made it and didn't get pulled over for our $107 worth of stuff. We made it to the mansion and no one was here to greet us - Stacey and Andrew were at a Christmas party and Sadie was spending a few nights at Grandma MariLou's. And, of course, this is the first Christmas without Satch, the killer cat who always used to welcome us with a hissssssss. Oh to feel welcome. But we made ourselves at home with a cold beer (that is always available in the bar fridge downstairs - thank you Andrew) and left overs from their Christmas open house yesterday - the chili was made with ground turkey - and it was delicious!! And kept in the Christmas tradition of using turkey. Tons of fruit left over as well - I didn't even look at the deserts.
Today we are heading out to do some shopping at Costco and various other places - I told Rejean to take a Valium because he is going to need a lot of patience out there today. I have about 98% of my shopping done but I found out I have to buy some wrapping paper - you can't transport wrapped gifts over the border (we were yelled at one year for doing so) so I was going to borrow some of Stacey's paper but she decided to put her gifts in bags this year so I have to buy some paper today.
More adventures later - gotta go
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Friday, December 18, 2009


It is done - we just have some trim to put up around the edges to blend in with the walls. It was touch and go but we got it done. It took about 3 full days to finally complete it. The door kept sagging after we put the hinges on - Rejean McGyvered something to get it to hold the door in place. We also had trouble getting the magnetic strips on the door to meet up well enough to hold the door closed. Once we put the strip along the bottom of the door to keep the water from leaking out, it fixed the problem. All in all, it was worth it. But there was one point when we thought we would have to take the whole thing apart and return it to Costco. The thing weighs a ton. I think the whole package weighed almost 300 pounds - it came in three boxes!! Tomorrow I have to Windex the whole thing - there are tons of finger prints all over it. Then we can finally start to use it. Oh Joy!!!
Dump day tomorrow.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Got my two flu shots today in the Sault. I got a nice nurse who explained that my arm would hurt after the shots - the H1N1 more so than the regular flu shot. I got the H1N1 in my left arm and the regular one in my right arm. I have two band aids on my arms. And I must say that right now, at 7:30pm, my left arm hurts more than my right arm. They both hurt. I guess I will have to sleep on my back. I usually sleep on my side, right or left, it doesn't matter - I usually end up equally on each side - but not tonite. I didn't even do my exercises tonite. Oh well, I should wait until they no longer are sore. I commented that when you see a segment on TV of the shots being given, sometimes they just jab the needle into the arm - usually of a poor little kid who is crying. My nurse was very gentle and explained what she was going to do before she did it. I am protected now - from what I don't know. How do you know if you even have the H1N1? They don't want to see you in any clinic if you are sick and they don't test you for it even if you exhibit all the symptoms. Up here it is rare that I get sick - I have to be exposed to germs and I don't think they can survive in this cold. But we will be heading down to Windsor shortly for the holidays so I am good to go.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For those of you who follow Dexter, last night's episode (we tape the Sunday nite episode and blip thru the commercials) you know that they killed Rita, Dexter's wife. I was stunned!!! The Trinity Killer did it and left Dexter's baby sitting in a pool of blood (dejavu for Dexter). I can't believe it!! I am still depressed over it. Talk about a surprise. But it is one of the best shows on TV this season. And for those of you who don't watch it, I highly recommend it. It is the story of a serial killer who only kills the bad guys (and 1 woman if I remember correctly). You have to love him. But I don't know what is going to happen now. Is Dexter going to adopt Rita's two children (their father is dead - a few episodes ago in a prison fight) who is going to take care of the kids when Dexter is at work as a blood smear expert with the Miami Police Department, is Deb (Dexter's sister) going to make any connection to Dexter's secret life because now she knows who his mother was (she was killed in a boxcar and Dexter was left in the boxcar with her in all that blood) You can read a synopsis of all the episodes at the Dexter website.
As for me, I will anxiously be awaiting the next Dexter episode to see how he is going to explain why the Trinity Killer picked his family for his final killing - Dexter did away with him in his usual special way - way to go Dexter!!!
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Monday, December 14, 2009


Last evening we dined at Bob's and we had a buffalo roast, spicy carrots, scalloped potatoes, bread and cheese covered asparagus. The buffalo roast was different - but good. He did it in the oven covered in bacon. It was a bit chewy but the flavour was good. First time he had cooked buffalo. I will get some ground buffalo and try some burgers.
Today we worked on the shower. We got the walls up and anchored in place. Rejean had to replace their plastic anchors with heavy duty ones. It took a bit of work but it's done. Tomorrow I have to head into town for a doctor's appointment, make a donation, pick up a parcel at the Creative Basket, pick up a screw for Rejean at the Home Hardware and hit the bank. Then be home to finish the shower. Wednesday we go to the Sault for some stuff and to get our H1N1 and regular flu shot. Hope I don't get sick.
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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Is it just me or does everyone else love Dexter???? I can't wait to see the next episode - it is the only show I watch that leaves me on the edge of my seat. I just can't comprehend how he is going to get himself out of this mess. The Trinity murderer is standing in his police precinct office - they are standing face to face!!! I can't wait. I love Dexter.
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Just some catch up news - yesterday we had breakfast at Ron and Mary's place - it was delicious - peameal bacon, eggs, toast, homemade peach marmalade, kiwi and orange fruits, coffee with Bailey's, orange juice. Yum Yum. The previous evening we had delivered their pies from the hall and we had smoked white fish and - get this - white fish jerky. Was it ever good - and for those who don't know - I could exist on smoked fish. But the whitefish jerky was VERY good. They get it in Bayfield and when they go again they have my order. They have two foxes hanging around their place and I managed to get a good picture of one just laying on the snow bank. They follow Ron around like puppies - but of course he has cookies in his pocket for them. I wish they would come over to my place to visit - I have cookies too.
The other picture is the start of our new project - installing the new shower that we have had since last Christmas - we got it from Costco and we are just getting around to it now. It should be done before Christmas. It took us over an hour to level the thing - there are shims galore under it. I have found that whatever you buy from Costco there is always something different about it - something wrong. A blender we bought has a lid that is difficult to put in place. I am waiting to see what is wrong with this shower. We have figured out that we have to assemble the whole thing, then put it in place. THAT will be fun. I will keep you informed on this project.
This afternoon we are invited over to Bob's house for a buffalo roast. There is a buffalo farm along highway 17 and they sell meat. I have always wanted to stop and get some ground buffalo for burgers but I never have. Well, Bob stopped and got a roast - so tonite we dine on buffalo. I am bringing the bread and some mozzarella sticks for a treat. I'll get a picture for tomorrow's blog. Stay tuned.
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I have to congratulate Stacey - I read her blog and her twitters and she has baked (or attempted to bake) edible cookies. I don't know the outcome but I do know that the first batch didn't turn out so she had to go back out and get more ingredients. Stacey, just trying to bake is an accomplishment for you - I never thought I would see the day....CONGRATULATIONS - did Andrew sign the waver??? ;o)
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ps Stacey's blog is - pay her a visit - it will be worth it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It snowed heavily all day long! And it is expected to go all nite and into tomorrow - the weather report from the Sault predicted up to 28 cm by the end of it. It is amazing out there - you shovel and sweep one area and - bang - 1 hour later it is as tho you never did it. Rejean did our lane way then we decided to take the snowmobile over to Ute's to do hers by riding the snowmobile over her lane way. What a riot. I was on the back and we were going around her lane way over and over again to pack down the snow. We then decided to go on the trail on the mine side - we are going to make a trail up to the end so we just drove up to the meadow and back a few times. On our way out - I am driving now - you go down a small hill to the highway. I slowly proceeded down the hill and stopped at the side of the highway to look both ways to see if it was safe to proceed. I saw the snow plow coming from my left so I waited. I looked at him and saw how close to the edge of the highway he was and then where we were in relation to him. We were too close and we got sprayed with all the snow he was plowing - I mean plastered!!! I put my arms up to protect my head but I could still feel all the snow - and it was heavy!! We laughed about it - both us and the snowmobile were covered in snow. But it was fun. I won't make that mistake again. I dropped Rejean off at the garage and took the machine out for a spin by myself - not too far - just back up to the meadow and back. You don't want to go too far by yourself in case you get stuck or stranded - especially in today's weather.
Well tomorrow is another day - it will be interesting to see what we wake up to tomorrow but I know for a fact that Rejean will be blowing more snow. Maybe a sauna tomorrow nite....
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Phyllis called at 8am this morning to cancel our perogie day - I felt like a kid being told that there was no school because of the snow - yeaaa. But I still have a lot of work shovelling today - this picture was taken at 9am and it was coming down in buckets!! Right now - at noon - we have about 6-8 inches on the ground and it is still snowing. Rejean just fired up the tractor and is just getting started on the lane way. I have been shovelling off the veranda and the wood sheds. The birds are having a hard time at the feeders because the feeding holes are plugged with snow and the squirrels are upset as well. No rest for the wicked.
I changed the batteries in the camera so I am off to take some "action snow pictures".
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


According to the weather man we are in for a major snow storm - one that will "make it a December to Remember". We got the snowmobile all set and ready to go and the tractor with the snow blower attachment is in good working condition. We have lots of wood ready and lots of food and beverages. I am supposed to go to the hall to finish up the season making 300 perogies but if the roads are in rough shape I won't be going anywhere. That's what it is like up here - you really don't know how bad or good it will be until you wake up. Sometimes when they call for no snow you wake up to a dumping and vice versa. Thank goodness I am retired and I don't have to be anywhere.
I will charge up the batteries in the camera and will be ready to record the "event". And it's only just begun....
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Monday, December 7, 2009


Rejean gets a few magazines that deal with wood stuff and remodelling and construction info. The last issue had a picture of a coffered drop ceiling. It is something he has thought about doing to the main floor ceiling for a long time. We are almost upon that time and lo and behold, the picture was in the issue. There wasn't a lot of info accompanying the picture - just a man's name and home town. We searched the magazine's web site but there was nothing about this installation. I said I would search on the computer and I found him. I got his name and address and phone number. It was right there on google. So much for privacy. But without google, I never would have found him.

I called him and we chatted for a bit. He has a southern accent. He said that he has done 3 ceilings like it and he could provide a few time saving tips. He gave me his email and I emailed him so that he could have mine and to be sure that we could connect. I have a feeling that he and Rejean will be good friends by the time the project is complete.

I told him where we lived and I commented that this would be our winter project or should I say our winter adventure. He said if we didn't go stir crazy from the snow, we would go crazy with the ceiling. I hope he was kidding.

See Ya By
PS - that is not a picture of our house - just an example of what we will be trying to do - the frame will be clear pine and the panel is white ceiling tile

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Our lake started to get a bit of ice along the edges this week as the temperatures were becoming seasonal. This morning it was completely frozen over and snow covered. Not that I would walk on it yet - I'll wait until our friend John tells me it is ok to do so. And it has been snowing for the past 2 days. We drove our vehicles on the lane way to pack down the snow for the base for the snow blower. That way you don't kick up all the gravel. It didn't take too long. We also did our neighbour's driveway that Rejean takes care of also during the winter.

And guess who is back on the bird feeder. When I see him up there I don't do anything - what is it hurting? He has to eat too and I have tons of seed. But when Rejean sees him and shoos him away, he just flies thru the air. It is a sight to see.
Tonite we're going over to visit our friends on Axe Lake - we were supposed to head into town to see a comedian at the curling club but the roads aren't very good so we'll just stick around here. Snow does that to you - changes plans but better to be safe than dead.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We catered a luncheon at the credit union today so I was up and gone by 8:15am. We dropped the eats off at the credit union then headed out to our own little luncheon. After which I went to an Alpaca Farm just west of Bruce Mines. There's a ton of those little creatures standing around eating. Life is just too exciting for an alpaca I guess. But I went there to get some Christmas presents and I'm not naming names here. The wool is supposed to be the warmest on the planet and I have heard some good reviews. I purchased a pair of sox and innersoles for myself and some other stuff that I shan't go into at this time. They had a booth at the Toronto Winter Fair and Camilla stopped by their booth - yes I mean THAT Camilla - the one that is married to Chuck. There was a write up in the Sault Star about it and I talked to the owner about it. She said that Camilla was a very nice woman - very pleasant and polite. But she didn't buy the pair of mitts that she tried on. Chuck is probably too cheap. I also stopped at Forestland in town and picked up some gifts as well - believe it or not I only have to get 2 more - hard to believe. I usually have nightmares about it being Christmas Eve and I haven't bought a thing.

I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit - but I still get depressed a bit at this time of year and some of those Christmas songs can bring me to tears. But that first snow fall did get me in the mood. So bring it on!!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Rejean put a squirrel deterrent device on the bird feeder yesterday but look what we woke up to. Rejean has been out witted by a squirrel!! Yes the squirrel managed to jump from the bushes to the feeder (or so we think). He's going to move the feeder today in his "spare" time.

And since it was our first official snow fall, I am posting a bunch of "snow"pictures - get used to it - it's winter up here and there is always a lot of snow. I took a few on our lake and the rest are on Appleby Lake on my way to the Hall this morning. We are catering a luncheon at the Northern Credit Union tomorrow for 40 people so we prepared today ie baked a lot of deserts, cut up the cheese and veggies and then made MORE PIE$. I have also posted Vickie's hands with radish roses - she is soooo talented.

Then we have our own luncheon - there will be 12 of us Ladies of Wharncliffe lunching in Bruce Mines tomorrow. We each have to bring a wrapped gift then we choose which one we want. Mine is wrap nice thanks to Stacey's left over Christmas wrapping paper from last year - she gives me her left overs. She always gets real nice paper from Costco and then whatever she doesn't use she gave to me. Then after lunch we are heading to a local Alpaca Farm near Bruce Mines to pick up some Christmas presents made from the Alpaca wool - it is supposed to be very warm.

On my way home from work there was a full moon staring me right in the face so, having my camera at hand, attempted to take a picture of it - "I go to work in the dark and I come home in the dark" I know how you feel.

That's it for now - I have finished my blog, done my exercises, wrapped my present and now I have to put away all the stuff I bought yesterday - my work is never done.....
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Monday, November 30, 2009


Just a bunch of little things today. On the picture of the bird feeder, can you make out the squirrel on the right hand side? He climbed the pole and was making himself right at home. Rejean took this picture then clapped his hands close to him. I was watching from the house and I swear that squirrel flew thru the air to get away. Funny.
The next picture was taken at Pig Pen on Sunday when we went fishing. It snowed all day long but it wasn't that cold. Nothing was biting in the bay so we tried on the rocks - still nothing. But it was fun. The next picture is just a view of the surrounding area at Pig Pen.
And the top picture is of the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful. My picture does not do it justice.
I was in the Sault all day today - we hit snow on the way and it was slow going. But we shopped all day long. On the way home we hit snow again and, in the dark with those big flakes, it was quite hypnotizing. We finally make it to Axe Lake and, in the short time it took me to drop Linda off and then get back on the main highway 129, the road was snow covered and was snowing very heavily. Thank goodness we only live a short drive away because it was very bad. The only way I knew I was on the road was because I could see the grass on the side of the road. Thank goodness no big trucks were coming because I think it could have been bad. I was only going about 20K and I had a good grip on the wheel. And it is only the first snow of the season!!
See Ya By
I bought myself my Christmas present - the cartoon Up - can't wait to see it

Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's that time of year when I get back into my exercise mode again. I have blogged a picture of the view from my treadmill. Rejean moved the old bird feeder right in front of the window where my treadmill is set up. I am entertained and occupied by watching the birds feed. And the big grosbeak's aren't even here yet. The nuthatches and chickadees are feeding right now and I have a small little sparrow like bird hanging around - it is a light/olive green color with sparrow markings on its wings. I can't find it in my bird book - which I have strategically placed within reach of my treadmill. Now I can look at the bird with the book in my hand while walking on the treadmill - talk about multi-tasking. I have also included a picture of my pail full of black oil sunflower seeds - it is the only seed the birds up here eat. The first year I bought the multi-seed blend but they wouldn't eat it. I only buy the black oil seeds in 50 pound bags - and I will have to buy a new one every two weeks or so. The squirrels like it also. All winter long they sit under the bird feeders and eat the seeds the birds miss on the ground. Plus I feed them peanuts. I have a squirrel who will ignore the peanuts in favour of the black oil seeds. Peanuts do not appear naturally here so some ignore them.
The season has finally caught up with us as it is snowing today. There is some accumulation but nothing so bad that we have to get the tractor out but it is ready to go just in case. Linda and I are heading out to the Sault tomorrow - I have my list!!! This year I WILL have gifts in time to mail to Calgary and Gorrie on time so that I don't pay more than the gifts cost for postage. But I am a procrastinator so...
This afternoon we are going to Pig Pen to try our luck fishing - it is overcast and there may still be some hungry pickerel or trout there. Of course I will bring my camera to record all the action.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009


We were in town giving blood this afternoon and had dinner at the Shoreview Restaurant. After our dinner (burger, fries, gravey) we tried to make it to Home Hardware before it closed. Well apparently it closes at 5:30 and we just missed it. On our journey down the main street of Thessalon, at 5:40pm on a Thursday evening, we were stopped in the middle of the road by a ride program!!! Well there were about 3 cars on the whole street - Thessalon pretty much closes down at 5pm. I rolled down the window and she leaned in to announce a ride program and inquired if I had anything to drink today. Well this was one day where I hadn't had anything to drink. I was cooking at the Hall until 12:30 and then home to get ready to go to town. I did have a sip of Rejean's beer.
It just goes to show you they can pop up anytime and anywhere so be careful. It is really not worth it to get caught drinking and driving nowadays.
Tomorrow we work around the house - we have a new shower to install and I do have to get some Christmas shopping done eventually. Dinner at the Legion in Thessalon tomorrow nite - all you can eat whitefish, baked potato, coleslaw, pickles and, for desert, vanilla ice cream and either strawberry or butterscotch sauce - I prefer the butterscotch - yum yum
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well it was a marathon of sorts today at the Hall. The four of us churned out 47 big pies, 24 little pies and 300 perogies!!! Phyllis was the master dough maker - pie dough and perogie dough - she was in charge. She cut the circles for the perogies and took them over to Vickie who put the filling on them then pinched them shut. 300 of those little suckers!!!

But in the morning Vickie was responsible for getting the filling for the meat pies ready - and she did an outstanding job. We were the testers - yum yum.

Cheryle rolled out the pie dough, put it in the pie plates and passed it over to me and I filled them. I pushed the filled plate back to Cheryle who rolled out a lid for the pie then she passed it back to me. I cut the excess dough, did my little design on the edge and then cut the air holes and marked it with either H for hamburger, T for turkey, S for hamburger with sage. Then I put them in the ovens and monitored the cooking process. I didn't burn one pie I am proud to say.

But we are not done yet. We have to go back tomorrow to finish the pork and beef pies. A volunteer's work is never done.

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Rejean built this for me and for the birds. I got home too late today to see if the birds like it. The squirrel was out and about when I was taking this picture - I had to give him some peanuts because he is so cute. But he won't be able to climb the pole to the new feeder. Rejean attached the suit cage to the side of the feeder. Last year when it was hanging from the tree the raccoon managed to destroy it. But not this year. Actually it will be quite entertaining to see him try.
The old one is hanging just outside of the window where my treadmill is set up so I can be entertained while I do my miles - can't wait.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just a little update to the bake sale we held last week at the Credit Union in town. We didn't sell out like last time (my fudge sold out fast - once I remembered to bring it in from the car). There were only a few cookies left over (which we divided up) and some bread. Pictured above are my Partners In The Kitchen - Vickie on the left and Phyllis on the right. Cheryle wasn't there and Debbie was working. Today we worked on more perogies and tomorrow, more meat pies. But we are not accepting any more orders so this week should be it. Next Wednesday we have a luncheon with the Ladies of Wharncliffe (11 women out for lunch) where we will exchange gifts and the next day, Thursday, we cater a luncheon at the Credit Union for 40 people - piece of cake. We can do that in our sleep. We are professionals!
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I happened to glance out my window this morning and I noticed that the bottom half of the bird feeder had come undone. And the pine needles beneath it were disturbed. What could have done it? The squirrels are too small and the bears are too big. Deer? When I was going to the Hall this morning I took my camera and took a picture of the bird feeder - I figured it was Blogging Material. Just as I took the picture, who comes trotting up the drive way towards me but the fox. Rejean was watching me from the balcony and I called up to him to get something for the fox to eat. He grabbed two left over pork chops and threw one down to the fox. He calmly walked up to it and took it over to the hill to eat. He came back and Rejean threw him the other one. I grabbed some dog cookies that I knew he would eat and threw him one when he came back. By this time he was burying them so I didn't feed him anymore. He just walked off into the bush.
I know it is the same one we haven't seen in over a year. I recognize him. Ron and Mary have been feeding one so maybe this is the same one. But he is not afraid of us (he is cautious but not afraid) The squirrel is not too happy and was chirping at the fox all the time he was here.
I'm glad he is back - I missed him. I like looking out and seeing him. We feed him but he is still a fox - he still hunts and acts like a fox. We just give him a treat every now and then. He doesn't depend on us to survive.
Now I have my birds and my fox to watch this winter. Rejean is building me a good bird feeder - it has a green steel roof like ours, oak siding, perches for the birds to stand on. The squirrel is going to be sooooo jealous. And I don't think the raccoon will be able to pull it up to the branch like last year. But you never know....
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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Rejean made me this new work table. I'll be using it when I finish the tongue and groove pine for the walls. It can be removed and is on top of a cart on wheels. I can store my varathane and paint stuff underneath. You can see my lazy susan underneath. I guess I got the hint as I'll be working on this this week. Can't wait to get started!!!
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We decided to give it another try today because the weatherman said it was going to be sunny. But it was foggy - all day long. But we went out anyway. Rejean got one right off the bat and we thought it was going to be a great day. but it turned out to be the only bird we saw (except for the one I saw just before we got back to the cars and we were in a no hunting area). Rejean was ahead of us and then we saw him stop, slowly get off his bike, get his gun, load, aim - then follow the flying bird - aim and fire. He got him. I think he is saying something in the picture because he usually doesn't look like that. We put 60 miles on the bikes today and found a great new fishing spot. Rejean and Rick fished it years ago and it looks like a great place. We'll be back.
The other picture is of the new bridge at LaFoe - they put a lot of money into it and it looks great.
The bird that was supposed to be mine is still alive and kicking. Joy and I went down a trail - I was in the lead - and there in the middle of the road was a nice looking partridge. I stopped my bike, took off my gloves, got off my bike, take my gun off the rack on the front of the bike, get a couple of shells from my pocket, load my gun, cock the gun, aimed just in time to see the bird walk behind a low bush. I should have fired right there and then but I hesitated - I thought I could get a clearer shot. Well I never did because the bird took off into the bush. He who hesitates...
Tomorrow I stay home and do wash and clean my house that I have neglected for about a week. I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hall - just to finish off the orders.
And I just noticed that Christmas is right around the corner - when did that happen?????
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Thursday, November 19, 2009


The Nanamo Bars are mine- I make a mean Nanananampo Bars - as I call them - we are ready for the Bake Sale tomorrow (Friday) at the Northern Credit Union in Thessalon. Come One and Come Hungry. We baked our little aprons off today from 9am til 3pm. And I made my fudge tonight and packaged it. We have butter tarts, cookies galor, apple sauce loaves, cinnamon buns etc.
Also, this is for Ed and Barry, when we were coming home tonite from our sauna, in the fog on the left hand side of the road was a rather large buck crossing the road - pretty near our property. Just thought you would want to know. For next year.
Gotta go.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We headed out this morning at 9am - we met Joy and Arnold and headed out down the trail. It was a bit chilly - I will know better next time what to wear. I had on a turtle neck, sweat shirt, fleece hoodie and my hunting jacket. I had on tights, jeans and my rain pants. I will need more layers for Saturday when we are heading out again. Joy got 2 birds and Arnold got 1. I missed my bird twice!!! But at least I got to fire my gun. Joy was in the lead on the 4 wheelers - she stopped and got off her bike - a sign to me to follow suit. I got my gun off the rack and put in 2 shells. I caught up to Joy and she pointed with her gun and I saw a bird. But not the one she was pointing at. Later we figured there had to be at least 4 birds together. I fired and the birds scattered. Joy got a shot off at her bird and got it. I watched my bird fly down the road and come down. I walked to where I thought it came down and there he was. But deep in the thick brush beside the road. I aimed and fired but somehow I missed. The one that got away. There were other birds but by the time you get off the bike, load up the gun and cock it, the bird has either flown away or ran into the brush and once they are in the brush and are still, you can't see them. The first bird Joy got was standing right in the middle of a trail off the main road. It stood around while she went thru her routine and she fired and missed. It still stuck around for her to take her second shot. These are not the smartest birds in the bush.

We are going to do it again on Saturday - another all dayer. We will either eat partridge or chicken for dinner - I am hoping for partridge.