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Saturday, September 26, 2009


An interesting saying I recently came across that says it all...

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body; but rather to skid in sideways, beverage of choice in hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WooHoo, what a ride""

My new mantra!


This is the view from my 4 wheeler - my gun is not loaded but I have the shells in my pocket so that when or if I see a bird all I have to do is stop, get off my bike, reach for my shells and load my gun - quietly - then take off the safety and aim and fire. Usually the birds stick around until you are ready to shoot them. Some of them even give you another chance if you miss the first time. These are not smart birds. I have seen them wait around after 3 shots (I won't divulge any names). But no birds were harmed today - maybe tomorrow....
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After my morning chore of helping Rejean blow the pine needles (sorry Rick, we couldn't wait but there will be lots for you) we took off hunting. The first day of bird season was September 15th but we were in Windsor - and besides, you don't want to be in the bush for opening day. It was overcast and cool and off we went. We had our blaze orange vests on and our guns in the holders. We choose a road nearby - I got to lead and I had the first shot if we saw one. Thanks Rejean - you get it next. We saw not 1 bird!!! But it was a nice afternoon. We saw a brand new beaver hut and pond - fresh!! There were trees all over the road - big trees too. This must be one big beaver. And I got some nice color pictures of the leaves - yes everyday they are getting nicer and nicer. Nice reds and oranges. Everywhere you look. I like it.

AND I just want to thank Jenn and Steve again, for training the squirrel and chip monk to eat out of your hand. They arrived Saturday and we arrived Sunday and in that one day she had them all trained!! Now that they are gone, the squirrels run up to me and when they don't get a peanut, they are puzzled and stand there and look cute so I have to give them a nut. And the chip monk - I still give him nuts and tell him not to tell the squirrels - as if.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


What day is it today? Oh ya, Thursday. They are running into each other this month. It has been busy. And the leaves are changing fast up here. But I hear that it is only along this stretch of highway 129. We were in Thessalon today to give blood (another story) and the leaves just aren't as vibrant as up here. The reds, oranges and a bit of yellows are just beautiful and I saw a small oak tree that had a red color (they are usually brown and the last to fall - I see furniture when I look at oak trees) It seems that everyday there are more colors out. It is strange to be able to see them from start to finish. I like it.
We started filling up the wood sheds today. I got mine filled. Jenn and Steve were able to help with a couple of loads before they headed off home. Thanks for the help. Tomorrow we will fill Rejean's up and start chopping the kindling up - my job. I haven't lost a finger or hand yet. Close, but no cigar;) I was careful to wear my fleece carrying the wood so as not to scratch up my forearms. When you give blood they inspect your arms for marks - they say it is so the disinfectant they use won't cause a rash or something. Last time I had a small mark on my right arm so they couldn't use that arm and they couldn't find a vein in my left arm so I couldn't donate - I have O RH NEG so they reeeeealy like my blood - it can be used on everyone so they like to see me. And sometimes my iron level is low so I can't donate. It is hit and miss with me. Today the nurse had to keep jiggling the needle in my vein so that the blood would flow in a steady stream - it didn't hurt but I don't watch. It took 13 minutes to fill the bag. It only took Rejean 5 minutes!!! And I drank a couple of bottles of water so that I would go fast - not this time. AND I would like to announce that today was Rejean's 40th time giving blood - way to go!!! I have given 28 times - on my way to 50 where I think they invite you to a dinner to show their appreciation. I like the free cookies and juice they give you when you are done. And it is all home made stuff up here and these ladies can bake. And you know how much I like free food. If you don't give blood now, please consider doing it - you never know when you might need a transfusion and if there is a get the picture.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The pictures are in reverse order of what they should be but use your imagination. First there was the front yard party all set up and waiting for the parade of runners to go by. We weren't disappointed - the police escort had their lights flashing and a car had tunes blaring out over the loud speakers. Andrew ran out to give Stacey a Popsicle she had been craving. We managed to make our way to the Verdi Club for the finish and Stacey had that smile on - imagine running 100K and still being able to smile AND WALK. But she hurt her foot during a stretch break and, except for that, she would have been in great shape at the finish. She grabbed a dish of the pasta and salad and then went for her massage. Still smiling. When she got home she ate some of the left over pizza, showered and then relaxed with her "family" Satch the killer cat and Sadie the ever faithful golden retriever and, of course, Andrew who I cut in half in the picture. Rejean and I were in awe of her accomplishment.
It is amazing what you can get your body to do with the right training. Andrew has signed up for an Iron Man next year. I will say here and now that I will "Try a Tri" also next year on St Joseph's Island. I am encouraged by Stacey's run and also by Jody running in the Nike Woman's Marathon in San Francisco with Stacey next month. What about you???? What will your goal be? Set your sights on something attainable and JUST DO IT!!!
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Monday, September 21, 2009


Ultra marathon - any event that involves running more than the traditional marathon distance of 42.195K - well, Stacey blew that right out of the water by completing the 100K for the Alzheimer's Awareness Day race last Saturday. Her and one other athlete were the only ones who completely started and finished the race. Others were doing relays or just a 5 or 10K portions. They started at 5:30am in Essex and didn't finish until 6:45pm at the Verdi Club in Amherstburg. Do the math. That is a long time to run. They did take a few breaks - lunch and to let the relay teams get in place.
We set up a front yard party in Stacey's front yard - I got her patio set and set it in place along with an umbrella (for Joan and Marilou who don't like sitting in the sun) and some of her plants. We made up a few signs and filled the cooler with pop, water and, of course, adult beverages. Stacey had purchased the noise makers - clapping hands, tambourines and some pipe things that, when you swung them around, made a funny sound. I got blisters from the clapping hands and I finally had to switch to the tambourine. We had the cars honking at us all afternoon. One woman slowed down and handed us $1.25 for a donation. Another neighbour came out to see what the fuss was all about and when we told him about the run and what Stacey was doing he asked if she had trained for it - duh. He said it was the most excitement the neighbourhood had seen in a long time. We started at 3pm and when the entourage finally passed us by at 5:15 or so we were whipped. Last year the procession stopped in front of Stacey's house so we could cheer them on but this year they didn't - they may have been behind schedule. We ordered a pizza and then met the procession at the Verdi Club for the finish at 6:45. There was a past dinner and announcements taking place.
I am very proud of Stacey - she trained hard and long to complete this event. It is for a good cause as her grandmother, Marilou's mother, suffered from Alzheimer's. What an accomplishment. And in one month, she is going to meet up with Jodie in San Francisco to compete in the Nike Woman's Marathon. A sister's weekend. They will have a blast. Good Luck Girls!!!
I am having some technical difficulties with the pictures from the weekend but once I have it up and running I have some good ones.
Now I have to get in some training as well - it makes my 1/2 marathon next month seem like nothing compared to the Alzheimer's Awareness Day run but I am looking forward to it.
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Friday, September 18, 2009


That is Stacey's blog where all the detail of tomorrow's big event is. She will be running 100Ks for World Alzheimer's Day. And we will be hosting the Front Yard Party. Basically, as Stacey tells it, we will be sitting in comfy lawn chairs, consuming beverages, eating chips and candy and waving at the passing cars. We did that last year and we had a blast. We sat out there for hours and waited for the entourage to pass by. That took all of about 5 minutes. The runners stopped right in front of the house and we cheered and applauded them and then they were off again. It was well worth the wait.
Please feel free to join us for the afternoon or just for a couple of minutes - there will be chips, pop and water available for a small donation to the Alzheimer's Society. I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon - can you?
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here we are in Windsor again. Stacey's announcement is that Andrew has signed up for the Iron Man in Wisconsin next year - and I thought she was going to tell us she was pregnant or something. But I think that is great news - it'll get Andrew back into the big time training mode - I don't envy him at all but I know he can do this - it will be his third one and he has plans to do another one in two years. I may try a tri next year - they have them on St Joseph's Island which is in my neighbourhood. BUT I am not promising anything but I am thinking about it. I like to do a 1/2 or full marathon every year - it keeps you motivated and in shape. We have the best place to train for one up north with the hills and I can train for the swim in the lake - good thing I have a 1/2 wet suit because the lake can be cold early on in the year. And I still have my's looking good.
Today Rejean has a dental appointment and I have the day to myself to do all the things I like to do. Stacey will be loaning me her car so I have transportation. Look out Devonshire Mall, here I come.
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ps - don't forget about Stacey's big run on Saturday if you are in the area. We will be cheering her on from her front lawn out in Amherstburg. Stop by and join us - it is for a good cause.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This afternoon we are going to a going away party for a couple who are selling their camp on a neighbouring lake - and I suppose this is as good a time as any to announce that the buyers are Joanne and Mitch!!!!! Yes, my baby sister and her husband have purchased the camp. I will have my family near by. I called Susan and asked where her loyalty lies - will she be staying with me or Joanne when she comes up for vacations - she said she has to flip a coin. I said I will be staying with Joanne because she will have a sauna!!! Oh what fun we will have!! More later.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just in case anyone is planning a trip up north to see the colors, they have started. And they are changing daily. It is amazing how fast they are changing. We have some vivid reds and yellows and oranges. But I think it is going to be a brilliant year. It has been very moist and the trees haven't been stressed with drought as in previous years. So start planning your tours.

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Our friends on the other lake were baiting for bear. It is the way some people hunt bear up here. He had been sitting on the bait but had no luck - well, his wife was cooking a roast and a big black bear was right at her front door smelling thru the screen door. Someone just happened to be driving by and noticed the bear and managed to notify the occupants. He managed to get his gun and shoot the bear just yards from his front door. Now that doesn't happen very often. We were invited over for a wild game dinner (just an excuse to eat the bear with friends). I brought over some "wild" shrimp I had in my freezer. It was delicious - there was bear, venison, fish, moose etc. And it was even more enjoyable because we all sat around the camp fire afterwards just relaxing, laughing and drinking. It doesn't get any better than that!! (well, maybe it does ;o)
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A beautiful example of the bear tracks we found on the mine side yesterday - they were fresh!!
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Saturday, September 5, 2009


There is a "comment" section at the end of every blog and I do appreciate any and all comments I get - you don't have to give your name - you can choose to be anonymous but I like getting the feedback. I have put a new feature that all you have to do is click the box that you think applies to the blog you just read - either funny, interesting or cool. That way I know that people are reading my blog and how they are reacting to it. It just takes a moment to do. Thanks in advance.
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We had company this past week - Barry and Sandy and Ed. Barry and Ed are Rejean's hunting buddies and they were up doing some maintenance on the trails for the deer hunt this November. Sandy and I just took off and enjoyed ourselves. We 4 wheeled and fished the river - I lost a nice pike - it bit through my line. We also went to Pig Pen and enjoyed the company of two little crayfish in a puddle. The guys got their work done and managed to get in a day of fishing and a day on the river in our kayaks - Rejean and Ed just watched. AND they picked the nicest week of the summer - at least 6 days without R A I N ! ! ! A good time was had by all.
But as much as you enjoy company it is nice when it is just the two of you. I was supposed to go on a 10K walk from from the Trading Post home but I cancelled and cleaned my house - it is supposed to be a nice day tomorrow so I will head off at about 9 and get my walk in. The marathon is not that far away.
We also took a walk on the mine side and came across some wolf tracks in the mud - and they weren't that small. My friend Vickie's daughter was on a bike and 3 wolves surrounded her. She quickly rode away but that was just down the road in Whancliffe!! And the bears are out in force right now. They have been sighted everywhere. Rejean took Gerry's 4 wheeler to Blind River with him and they had to swerve to avoid a bear crossing 17 and they also saw one on 546. I feel safe tho. They are more afraid of us than we are of them. And I know what to do if I come across one on my walks. Don't run away just stay put and try to appear bigger than you are and yell at them - they should get the message and run away - SHOULD being the operative word there. But I am not afraid.
It is a beautiful day out there - my work is done - I'll be taking my shower soon and then getting outside to enjoy the nice weather. Cocktail time too.
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