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Sunday, November 30, 2008


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I took a "spill" today. Last year I took a few - Rejean appears to be keeping track - today while walking back from the garage I slipped and went down. My left leg slipped right out from under me and flew forward - my right leg (with my bum knee) folded and I went down on it - it actually broke my fall or I would have landed right on my back - anyway, my head snapped back and I took quite a bump - BUT - I am good - just a few seconds where I was going for the "oh can I help you up - you poor thing" from Rejean but you know what he is like - I should have been more careful - you shouldn't be wearing those shoes - but to his credit he did rush over and help me up - my head did hurt for a moment but I am none the worse for wear. I am back to normal - whatever that is.
We got the base for the new wood stove done yesterday - we had pieces of slate from the slate mine around the place so I collected them before the snow and we put the jig saw puzzle together and I think we did a good job - we cemented it yesterday and will grout it sometime this week - we will colour the grout dark. We found a place where they sell the Nova Brik - thanks to Joan and to Egon and Chris who sent me the information - they will sell it in smaller amounts and they have a color that we can work with - a light grey color which will blend in with my black and white bathroom and black stain on the mantel and in the cabinets in the bathroom. We will be heading the Sudbury this week sometime to get it - there is also a Costco there so I will do all my shopping there instead of Windsor. We also got a lot of the chip board up today - it is beginning to look like a room now - I can picture my equipment in there. By the way I took the day off today from my exercises - I was supposed to run for 35 minutes but because of my fall....I'll do it tomorrow - I am enjoying getting back into the routine - one day the weights and the next the cardio - I feel so much better.
Tomorrow (Monday)we head to the Sault with Linda and John - it was supposed to be just the girls but John indicated he might want to come with us and asked if Rejean was interested - he has to buy a toilet and maybe a door so he is all excited. BUT they have to come where we want to go - they are infringing on our shopping day so we get first say where we are going to shop and they have to carry our bags. I have a list so I should be able to complete my shopping for Christmas - we all pooled our money and MaryLou picked a charity - the Hiatus House - so we are buying for a family in need. Next year the $$ comes up here to the Food Bank or the Wharncliffe Hall. That is why we only spend $15 on each other - we have everything and others have very little - It is good to help.
I found my old bird feeder today when I was cleaning up the bar area - I bought one of those tower feeders and my birds have been ignoring it - only a few birds have landed on it - I guess it is a city bird feeder not a bush bird feeder. I'll change it tomorrow - by the way, my squirrel is still not eating the peanuts - I guess I will have to shell them for him - not.
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ps - the shopping trip may be delayed as there is snow in the forcast - I have to say that I am not as comfortable on the roads after that accident - everytime I see a big logging truck barrelling towards me I clench a bit - and I keep looking in my rear view mirrow for them behind me - I pull over and let them pass. But when it is your time ...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


We got our flu shots yesterday and my arm was sore all night and into today - I was worried because we had to move the new wood stove from the garage to the house. We had to put it in place in order to get the clearances correct. I drove the tractor with the stove in the bucket It really was not as heavy as I thought - we managed to move it off it's frame and into position. We are trying to locate something called NovaBrick to go behind the stove on the wall - we have it on the woodstove up here but do you think we can find it? No one carries it anymore and the one's that do can't order such a small amount. It looks good in the corner. The ceiling was finished and the new ceiling fan/light installed and that looks good.
I had to finish some paperwork for the Wharncliffe Citizen's Committee - I have been upgraded to secretary from trustee. The girl who was first elected secretary couldn't fulfill her obligations so I was asked to take over - with a report overdue to the Government - I got that done and will mail it tomorrow when we head into town for the fish fry at the Legion - an event held the last Friday of the month - delicious!!!!
Finally some action at the bird feeder - before all I was getting was the bluejays - they love peanuts and always yell at you when you walk out the door. I have a little red squirrel hanging around who doesn't know that he is supposed to be eating the peanuts - he has totally ignored them so far so the Jays are getting them all - also the little nuthatches are starting to come around - they are cute little birds that come down the tree head first and they take the sunflower seeds and stuff them into the bark of trees to store during the winter. they are so entertaining.
The fox hasn't been around today - maybe he's getting too much from Axe Lake.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


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When I was in Florida in November we went to the Walgreen's across the street from the Bon Aire - they were having their flu shot campaign - the girl asked me if I wanted my flu shot - they were $14.00 I think - I said no, that I would wait until I got back home and get it for free - well that is what I did today. After we got the luncheon all set up - cutting the sandwiches, cheese and getting the pickel tray ready, I snuck down at about 11:10 am and got my shot. Rejean joined me. It's not everyday that Rejean goes to town with me. .We walked into the doctor's office - you have to take off your boots or shoes when you go to this clinic. Then you just sign your name and then stand in line to get your shot. Everybody knows everyone here - it was a social event. Rejean went first and Nancy called out to me to get my arm ready - I was next. I just took my coat off and my hoodie and pulled up my sleeve and walked in and gave her my arm. She commented about my tan and remembered where I had been in Florida. It is nice to have someone remember who you are. She gave me my shot - barely felt it - and out we went. I think it took all of 5 minutes. I love living in a small town - the population is 1400 Up the highway where we live the population is about 50. I don't think I will ever move back to the city - maybe to Thessalon if the need ever presents itself. But I don't have to think about that right now - I am happy and healthy. What else do you need.
Today we installed the new ceiling fan and light in the workout room - Rejean painted the ceiling and it was ready to receive the fan. Looks real good - we paid only $50 for it (we have two more for the other room) they sell for $150 here in Canada. Our next project is the new wood stove - we have to make the plateform for it and I have the pieces of slate all set to go. It is going slow but it is progressing. Film at 11.
Tomorrow we will get the wood stove from the garage to the house with the tractor - I'll get some pics of it because it should be interesting - the thing weighs a ton.
In answer to Shelley's question if Rejean made it home the night of the accident - he did - as I said before they were first on the scene and after the police came they were able to turn around in a driveway and come home - they never made it to the meeting. He got home at about 8:30pm.
I just want to say thanks to all my readers out there and thanks for the comments - it is nice of you to take the time and let me know you are reading. If you have never commented before - you don't have to leave your real name to leave a remark. I'd love to hear from you.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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We did have a fatality last nite - Apparently Rejean and Ron were the first ones on the scene - just about thirty seconds - the trucker was flashing his lights at them to slow them down - it is pitch black out there at that time. They pulled over and saw the van in the ditch - smoking. - They had to run to a neighbour close by - Hansen called the police - they could do nothing for the driver of the van - he was killed instantly - they quickly made sure that there was no one else in the car - the passenger side airbag had gone off and it was drapped over the seat - you had to move it to make sure there was no one under there. There was debris all over the road - big chunks of the van. They moved it to the side in c ase another car came by - The driver of the transport was quite upset - what had happened was the empty logging truck was travelling north and was going into a turn - the roads were slippery and he said he felt his trailer start to slide out - the van was coming south and ran right into the back of the trailer. Those big trucks do travel a bit fast on this highway - I have seen it myself where you can see the trailer sliding out - that is why I have a treadmill - I won't run on the highway in the winter. We found out his name today -Peter, 48 years old from Sudbury - Rejean thought he was a salesman because there were boxes in the back of the van. The highway was closed for 7 hours. Another big rig - a transport carrying wood chips overturned right at the Axe Lake curve - he just flipped into the ditch. No one was hurt in that one - thanks goodness. It was still there when I went to make sandwiches today. I got a picture. I was also there when they were cleaning it up later - there is a big pile of wood chips or dust right at the Axe Lake road - they were just spreading it instead of removing it.
I am worried that after what Rejean and Ron saw last nite that they might have a hard time getting over something like that - some of the injuries...the man's arm was not attached - there might be some bit of trauma - he slept but woke up a few times and he thought of the accident which is normal but he says he's ok - Ron too - they talked today.
The sandwiches went well today - all set for the big luncheon - it is being put on by the Credit Union for the seniors - because they are now charging the senior citizens service charge on their bank accounts!!! Can you believe that?? And they are all mad and moving their accounts and now the Credit Union is trying to placate them. Just don't charge them. We're seniors and we don't have to pay!!! Actually I don't pay any service charges because of my faithful years at Scotiabank. A big perk that I have been glad I have. Thanks you Scotiabank!
We get our flu shots tomorrow too.
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Monday, November 24, 2008


It has been gently snowing all day long and the temp are just around freezing - you can tell when you walk in the snow is is on the verge of melting. As evening comes the temp drops and this causes the roads to be icy - Ron Demers picked Rejean up at 5:30 to go to Blind River - about 45 minutes away on a good day - for a meeting of the Northshore Fisheries. Keith called a few minutes ago that there has been an accident up by Grand Falls Camp and there was a fatality - the road is closed for the investigation - I quickly asked what kind of vehicle and was told a van - Ron drives a pick up - but in that split second before he answers your stomach just tightens. It is about 8-10 minutes from here to the Camp. And a chip truck - a semi that is carrying wood chips - slid off the highway at the Axe Lake road cut off. Not a good nite at all - Rejean and Ron won't be able to get back home because the road has been closed and it could take a long time for the investigation -it looks like a sleep over in Thessalon for the boys.
My fox was around today and I think he will be ok - he is putting pressure on his leg but still limps when he runs. I was watching him down in the swamp earlier and he is doing just fine - poking his nose completely under the snow. With me supplementing his food he will survive the winter.
Tomorrow I make sandwiches for the luncheon on Wednesday - 80 to 100 people - I wonder what will be for our lunch...
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Sunday, November 23, 2008


the Pizza party turned out good - I got my dough going and by 4 pm when John and Linda came over - we got down to business. John was in charge of their pizza and i was in charge of ours. John used a rolling pin to roll out his pizza - I just kind of spread it with my fingers - I hold it up as well so gravity plays a big part of my technique. Next on went the sauce - store bought of course - I haven't progressed that much yet. Then the fixings - ham, bacon, venison pepperoni, mushrooms and onions (I won't use onions again). Then the cheese - I bought stringy mozzorella cheese and I also had some other kind because Linda doesn't like mozzorella that much - it was good. Then into the oven - they brought their own pan with holes in the bottom - their crust was crispy - mine was just the way I like it. There was one piece left which I will eat later on tonite.
Ten we watched the hockey game - first where they retired Patrick Roy's number and Wendall Clark's number as well - John got a bit choked up. they left after the first period.
Today we transferred over all the tongue and groove pine that will be my project for the next couple of weeks. First we have to cut them to length then we have to do a V-cut on each end. Then I have to sand them down to start my varathaning majic. Rejean will be painting the ceilings so the ceiling fan and bathroom fan can be installed. I will keep you up to date on the next phase of the new bathroom/workout room.
My fox was around again today and he is putting a bit of pressure on the bad leg but he is still limping badly when he walks or runs. He got a little lunch today topped off with the gravey flavour dog biscuits. Yum Yum
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Friday, November 21, 2008


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I have a sad situation to deal with - our little male fox came around today with a sore left front leg - he wouldn't put any pressure on it at all - he was limping and when he stopped he just put the tip of the paw on the ground. I watched as he tried to lay down and he couldn't. We fed him a couple of hot dogs and some left over roast beef. He ate his fill and left just a bit. Usually at this time of year they bury a lot of their food - so they can find it during the winter when hunting is not so good. Well this little guy couldn't dig a hole if he tried. He looked good tho - not skinny and his coat looked good - nice and thick and fluffy. He also couldn't chase a squirrel or bird for food. He really can't walk on the leg. I have a feeling that we may be feeding this guy regularly. He is also getting fed at Axe lake because I remember John saying that the male had a sore paw last week so he has been hobbling around for quite a while - maybe he has adjusted. We haven't seen the female around for a while. But they have been eating well with all the deer "gut piles" from last week's hunt. Rejean said their pile was gone in two days!!
I put my bird feeder out a couple of days ago and I have seen 1 bird - not counting the blue jays that steal the squirrel's peanuts. I have seen three. There will be more - they squack at you when you walk outside if they happen to be in the area. The birds will find it eventually - then all hell breaks loose - the squirrels come and the birds come and then the blue jays. They all have their little habits.
Tomorrow nite we are having Linda and John over for a pizza party - I make the dough and then we make our own pizza - I told them to bring their own pizza pan. I have all the toppings AND extra stingy mozzerella cheese - Yum Yum. Then we'll watch the hockey game - I haven't a clue who is playing but I hope it's Detroit - John is a hard core hockey fan - and I mean hard core. Should be fun.
Dump day tomorrow - maybe I'll find another treasurer...I'm going to shine it all up tomorrow so Linda can see it and tell her I found it at the dump - Linda likes shiny things such as silver and crystal so I know she will be jealous - she has lots of nice stuff at her house including her collection of hedgehogs - yes they are cute. I got her a little one with little thread hairs all over it - like an eyelash scarf - now she has they whole family. I'll get a picture of it some day for you to see.
Friday nite - when you are retired, every nite is Friday nite - that's what it feels like - one day you will find out for yourself . . .
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Thursday, November 20, 2008


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Remember that TV show? I do - it was interesting. BUT as I do have loyal Blog readers and I do try and cater to them - I have had a request from Sister Sue for the recipe that I cooked the other nite that was soooo good - so - be warned - the remainder of this blog is going to be a recipe - try it - it was good

Three Cheese Chicken Penne Pasta Bake - compliments of Kraft What's Cooking Magazine

1 1/2 C penne pasta - uncooked
1 package (283g)fresh baby spinach leaves
1 lb boneless skinless chicken boobs cut into bite size pieces
1 tsp dried basil leaves
1 1/2 C (1/2 of 700 mL jar) pasta sauce
1 2/3 C (1/2 of 796mL can) dices tomatos drained
1/4 C Philadelphia cream cheese spread
1 C mozzarella shredded cheese
2 Tbsp parmesan grated cheese

heat oven to 375
cook pasta and add spinach to boiling water for last 1 min
cook and stir chicken and basil in non stick skillet - heat 3 min or until chicken looks ok
add pasta sauce and tomatoes - boil - simmer 3 min or chicken done - stir in cheese spread
drain pasta mixture - return to pan
add chicken mixture and 1/2 C mozzarella - spoon into 2L baking dish
bake 20 minutes or until bubbly - sprinkle with remaining cheese - I added more - bake until melted
Enjoy with a loaf of sour dough bread and some nice white wine (I like mine in a box - Hochtaller - good) and a salad
Yum Yum
It only took 2 days for our lake to freeze over - not so you can walk on it but ice from one shore to the other. It is cold. We now have a good base for the tractor snow blower. If you don't have a good base all you do is spit up rocks with the snow. Funny how well you adapt to the snow and cold - it's like it has always been here.
Did my weights today - I am getting re-aquainted (?) with my muscles. I paid attention to how they felt and didn't push it - less weight and less reps. Give me a week and it will be as tho I never stopped.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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Just got an e-mail from Joanne out in Calgary with a cc from Susan in Gorrie - with all the snow that they are getting there, Troy her son, was in a car accident on his way to work - he flipped his truck and it slid sideways thru the field which broke the side window and filled his truck cabin with mud -Sue and Jack got the call and sped to the scene but they had already taken him to the hospital - he just needed cleaning up (from all the mud) and stitches in his chin which was cut in three places, a black and blue lip and eye but other than that he was ok. Troy is very lucky. Sue managed to see him in the emergency room and made sure he was ok then made it to a surprise party that night. I bet she had a few drinks to calm her nerves. Our Guardian Angel is at work again. Kyle's truck caught on fire and was a write off so 2 new trucks in the Robinson family - keep the economy going - buy Dodge Trucks and keep Rejean's pension coming in.
I was at a meeting today over at Cheryle's with the other Wahrncliffe ladies - we are catering a luncheon next Wednesday at the credit union - 80 - 100 people at 3 sittings - just when I thought it was safe to put my apron away this comes up - how the hell do I know how many sandwiches one hardboiled egg makes - but we figured it out and next Tuesday I will be making sandwiches, cutting veggies and fruit and making a pickle tray for the next day. It will be fun.
Did my 31 minute run today on the treadmill - every time I run I will add another minute to the time. My muscles are sore today from the weights yesterday but it feels good - it is a good kind of sore - they let me know that I am doing good. It feels good to be back exercising.
Got our first big snowfall today - it has been snowing all day and will continue throughtout the night - ran the truck up and down the road to build a base for the tractor - and this year I get to work the tractor/snow blower - I have to know how to do these things if and when Rejean won't be able to. It will be an adventure that's for sure - look out - I'll have to wear my helmut.
Time to go watch my cooking channel - BTW (by the way) my dinner last night was delicious and I will definitely keep that recipe - Yum Yum - left overs tonite too - I got a nice sour dough loaf from Value Mart yesterday and there is enough for dinner tonight - and a nice glass of white wine (which I am drinking right now) and a salad - you don't need anything more...except...
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just finished my first workout on the weights - I guess my old excuse why I don't do the weights in the summer is that I do other work that is exercise but WOW have my muscles forgot or what. Exercises that I could do no problem now are a bit rough. I just did two sets each and will work my way back up to three or four. I also set the weights to a "lower, more manageable" weight. But I guess that is to be expected after a summer of fun and work. Now it is time to get back into the old routines of the winter. Already it is pitch dark at 5:30 and soon to be just as dark at 5pm or less. We have a fire every morning when we wake up when it was 10 below thismorning. The front room is usually at 65 but this morning it was 62 degrees. Then we have another one at about 4pm that lasts us into the evening. But the sun shining is a bonus as well - it is still 76 degrees upstairs. And down here - well I worked up a sweat and it is chilly down here.
Got everything done in town as well as a few Christmas presents. Ugh - I can't believe it is going to be Christmas in a little over a month!!!! Where did it come from??? I will have to get my ONE Christmas decoration out of the attic in the garage. I have a nice little red christmas tree that lights up and I put it in my window at the top of the stairs. You can't miss it from anywhere up there and all the times we go up and down those stairs. I think Stacey got her Christmas decorating ability from me because I think she has about one decoration as well.
I am cooking something different today - I got my Kraft magazine yesterday and I see something in there I like and is easy to cook. Wish me luck...
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ps - thanks for the information Meistro - I'll look it up :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


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I got that saying from Stacey but it does apply. My next marathon is next year but I get there one step at a time. Today was the first day of my training - you can never start too soon. Hopefully we will be going to San Francisco to do the Nike Woman's Marathon. It is by random drawing who gets in - and if you get in, all your friends who applied with you get in as well - so we will have four people applying so that brings the odds down that one of us will be chosen. That is if Joanne, my sister, and Jodie, Stacey's sister and my stepdaughter, agree to do it with us. I hope so. Joanne was the one who got me into this stuff. I travelled to Chicago to see Joanne and her friends run the Chicago marathon. I had never seen one before. It was exciting to watch but at the end I have never seen so many tired people - there were people lying on the ground, people with bloody feet and nipples!!!! Yes they do chafe. I made a promise that I would walk a marathon the next year with some of the other people that were there. We looked for a walker-friendly marathon and found the best one was in Portland Oregon - so that is where my first marathon was. I trained hard for it - it is harder than you think to walk 26.2 miles or 42.1 Ks - at my pace it takes me 6 hours with a negative split!! I have never looked back as it were. But even if we don't get in we may still do the half. Anything to get that Tiffany inspired medal presented by firemen dressed in tuxedos!!! I'm easy.
So today it was 30 minutes on the treadmill and the weight machine tomorrow. Rejean is not up to it yet but I am ready.
It was mighty cold out there today - we were out checking out the hydro line cleaning crew - they did leave us some good wood but didn't take as many as we thought they should. But they trimmed on our line - some branches we couldn't reach.
Heard about Andrew's surprise 40th birthday party Stacey threw for him last Saturday night. We wouldn't make it but it sounds like it was a hit. She rented a roon in a West End bar that I forget the name of. She had o'rderves(?) and little party bags she made up. I'm sure there were free drinks as well. Almost all the family who were old enough went to the party - that's nice. Even Rejean's mom who is in her early 80s went. Andrew's family made it down from Sarnia to attend. Stacey even got the big black blowup gorilla for the front lawn. Sounds like a good time was had by all. But remember, Stacey - PAY BACKS ARE A BITCH.
Tomorrow I head off to town and Rejean is at a bbq for the Northshore Fisheries - for all the volunteers.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008


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Eddie and Barry left this morning - deer and fourwheeler in trailer with visions of next year dancing in their heads. It was a good hunt - those two are sooo entertaining - we have walkie talkies that we use to keep in touch with - there are ear buds that go in your ear and you have to hold down a button to speak - it is very quiet - so as not to startle any creatures within ear shot. And everyone can hear the conversation. When Barry and Eddie are taling together it is like Abbott and Costello. Barry's one liners are a hoot. And the way Eddie talks to him is priceless - it keeps us entertained while out in the bush. Thanks for the memories!!
I cleaned my house this morning and did the wash - cleaned out the fridge and got rid of stuff I won't eat like that green pepper in the crisper - we hate green peppers. It is over the hill as fill.
Rejean cleaned up downstairs and put all the hunting clothes away for next year. Finally back to normal. We are vegging this afternoon - then back to the usual routine - I'll be back on the treadmill and weight machine tomorrow. I think I will start off on the treadmill - nothing like a good cardio workout - and Stacey - I do sweat.
The hydro people are on our property clearing the brush under the hydro lines and they even came up our line and trimmed some of the bigger trees - thankyou very much - we usually get the small stuff every two years and left the big stuff for some other time. All the trees they cut up by the road will stay there so we can get some good firewood - there's some big trees down.
So I will sign off so I can go on the couch and watch the cooking channel - I got addicted to it in Florida - it's great. I can do some of that stuff!!!
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Saturday, November 15, 2008


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There is a joke that you know you are a red neck if you leave the dump with more than you took. Well I am not quite there yet but I did find a beautiful silver candy plate (?) today at the dump. It was in the "store" and I spotted it as I was unloading my recycleables. Someone didn't want it and left it for me. Now I have to find my silver cleaner (or buy some) to restore the shine on it. Maybe I should just leave it as is - you watch Antiques Roadshow and they sometimes don't want it to be cleaned. Decisions decisions.
Nothing this morning in the bush - we all headed out and sat and watched - well, my feet got cold so I was done. I came back to the house and got the garbage together and headed out to the dump,. I got a new CD in the Sault - Vince Gill - I like vince Gill - there are a few songs I like on the CD such as "Nobody Answered When I Called Your Name" and "Give Me Just One More Last Chance" so I had it cranked as I pulled into the dump. You can't beat the titles on county songs. You are either losing your house, your truck, your dog, your girl etc. How depressing. But Dave the Dump Guy liked it and we were bopping our heads as we separated the cans from the water bottles and the pop cans. Can't beat that for entertainment. Andrew must be worried - he thinks we are going to turn into old country folk. Not that there is anything wrong with that...
I'll post a picture of my treasure as soon as I get the camera back from Rejean - he took it in case they got a deer.
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Friday, November 14, 2008


DELICIOUS!!! Well I cooked all afternoon (actually only took 1/2 hr preparation and then the oven did all the hard work) and put together my venision recipe from Canada in the Rough - we tped the show and I had it on right besie my kitchen to follow the directions. I had four venison backstraps and I marinated them in vinegar and water for about two hours - then cut them into medalions - dredged them in flour and then browned them in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil for those of you who don't watch Rachel Ray) then transferred them to the roasting pan. Fried up some onions and garlic in the same pan and then added cups of beef broth to the pan. then added a bunch of spices then added the finishing touch - two bottles of beer - I used Rejean's Bud Light because I was saving my Coor's light for myself. 325 degrees for two hours but in the last 20 minutes of cooking you add the dumplings - I have never made dumplings before but they turned out pretty good. Well the dinner was a hit - I also had some sour dough bread to go with it. The meat was sooooo tender - you didn't need a knife to cut it. Everyone enjoyed it and I know it will be made again - you can actually use it with pork tenderloin or moose!! Yum Yum!!
No deer today but we still have tomorrow morning. We pushed the mountain today - it was fun. I was expecting to see my monster buck everywhere. But I would have settled for anything. We found a good spot to put the permanent blind from across the lake - you can see tons from the new spot. Work for next year.
It is 8 pm and the guys are downstairs bonding again so I will sign off and turn on the tv and relax - ahhhh
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The picture of the garbage picker on the beach was a treat for me - we talked about all the garbage we have seen and picked up - I am not the only person on this mission to clean up our areas - I am sure there are more out there like us.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


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A Day In the Bush

Yes that is me under all that camo and blaze orange stuff - blaze orange is a fashion color up here - especially during hunting season. And it was cold on Tuesday and I just sat in a blind but today we walked thru the bush. there was five us us. Rejean, Eddie, Barry and Roger and me of course. We took the four wheelers over to the trail on the other side of the lake - I rode double with Roger. We got off and loaded up. I have a 20 gauge and I loaded it with slugs. I can't kill a deer with my shotgun shells so I have to use slugs. We headed out - Barry and Eddie were together and Rejean, Roger and I were together. Barry and Eddie would walk slowly for about 5 minutes then stand still and then we would move up. We were hoping that a deer would be "pushed" our way or their way whatever the case may be. I have to admit that today felt like the first time I enjoyed doing this. Just like fishing, every moment could present a "hit". You are alert to every little sound. Your eyes are scanning the woods - looking for any movement. When it was our turn to stay still I would look behind us as the deer have a habit of doubling back and being behind you. Roger was tying blaze orange ribbons as we made our way deep into the woods. I was quite wet as we have been having rain these past few days. My hunting boots certainly lived up to their claim of waterproof. Many times I looked down and my boots were completely under water. You have to make your way over downed slippery trees, rocks, thick cedar groves, all the while trying to be quiet. A few times I almost went down. But I held on to my gun. I was fully loaded but with the safety on - ready just in case I saw one. Now I don't know if - at the last moment - I would be able to pull the trigger. Time will tell. But I would hate to have the opportunity present itself to me and not be ready. We didn't see anything so we headed back along the marked trail - thanks goodness it was marked because we were quite far in. I always panic if I can't see the ribbons. But as we were heading out we heard shots in the distance - we figure we pushed the deer out to the other hunters further down the road!!! There was two distinct group of shots - maybe from Axe Lake - I'll have to call over to see who it was. I really needed my beer when I got back home. Tomorrow we push on the mountain - but only in the morning for me - tomorrow afternoon I'll be cooking. Roger brought over a couple of venison backstraps for me to cook - and I just happen to have an episode of Canada In The Rough where they cook backstraps up. The recipe calls for two bottles of beer and dumplings - I had to look up how to cook dumplings on the internet. As if I have ever cooked dumplings before - come on. Me?? I'll let you know how it turns out.
I'll also have to get a picture of Barry's "condo" as they call it. It is Kenny's tree stand (remember Kenny had that little accident on his four wheeler and broke his leg and is lucky to be alive and couldn't stay to hunt let alone climb up in his tree stand) Apparently he has it all tricked out - heater, a tarp to keep out the rain etc. I think next year there will be a flat screen tv up there.
Well only two more days of hunting - hopefully we'll get another one but it doesn't matter - a good time is being had by all. There is a comradery among all the hunters - story telling -hints and techniques - it is fun to be a part of it.
I'll try and post some vacation pictures for you to enjoy.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello Harrison and Jacob!!!

I met Harrison and Jacob at the Bon Aire in Florida. They were there with their parents and grandparents and probably a whole lot of other relatives. People tend to return to the Bon Aire year after year and then their families join them. We ran into a group of sisters whose parents have been going there for the past forty years!! Yes it is a wonderful place to go for a relaxing vacation. But you wouldn't like it. Don't go there. I don't want everyone in the world to find out about this little gem of a place. When we left we put in our room preference for next year. There are other rooms that we like so we designated them as our first choice. We are slowly working our way to the ocean view rooms but I think people have to die before they give up those rooms.
Got back from a shopping trip to the Sault Michigan today with Linda. Spent all my US $$. plus some Canadian. There are bargains to be had - I buy the big Splenda packages - they were $6.00 at the Walmart in the states and over $7.50 at the Glen's market just down the plaza. That's cheaper than at Costco!!
Tomorrow I go back out with the guys to hunt. On the way to the Sault today two BIG does crossed the highway in front of us and tonite coming home there was one at the side of the road - and me without my gun...Joy and Arnold from Axe Lake got one today - a small button buck they call them - this year's fawns. I think all the older deer hide when hunting season starts. Keith from the Trading Post said that no one is getting any. But there are still 3 more days left and you never know....
Soon I will be able to post all my pictures - Barry is in the computer room and I don't like to go into his room to use that computer - that is where all my pictures are so come Sunday - look out!!!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm back from my first morning hunting. I got all suited up - picture to follow - and went and sat in one of the permanent blinds on the mine side. I sat there for about 3 hours and only saw and heard a bird!!!! Where was my monster buck???? No one saw anything. Ed got one last week which is now hanging in the garage ready to be taken to the butcher for processing. Yum Yum. I can just taste it. Sorry for those of you who find this offensive but where do you think your food comes from? We don't bait for the deer like some people do. Tomorrow they will be out "dogging" - that is where some people walk and make the deer move hopefully in the path of the hunters waiting with their guns ready. The weather was mild last week - some hunters came home with mosquito, spider and black fly bites. This week is colder and there is some snow on the ground. But the deer just aren't moving.
Now some good news - I finally know someone who won a million dollars in the lottery - that's
$1,000,000.00!!!! And she is a bank manager for the Bank of Nova Scotia!!! I wonder where that money will end up. I have a ticket that has been winning me a free play for about 5 weeks now so maybe my luck will change - you have a fifty-fifty chance - either you win or you don't. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Tonite we will eat at Ozzy's - it's is now under new mangement which means, I am told, that the prices will come down. They make the best Ozzyburger with french fries and gravy and, of course, a beer. I only gained .6 pounds on vacation - altho I don't know how as we ate and drank a lot. But we walked tons.
Tomorrow Linda and I will be going to the Sault Michigan to spend the money I didn't spend in Florida. I came home with $$$. And I have noticed that Christmas is just around the corner!!!!
Ugh. I have purchased my first Christmas present - for Andrew. We draw names and I got him and Stacey let me know what he wanted. I can't tell what it is because he might be reading this later.
By the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY!!!! It is her birthday today and Andrew's birthday on Saturday. If you want to see her and follow her blog - which is very interesting it is She is doing a new workout routine called PX90 I think. She posts pictures of the marathon we were in and other neat stuff.
Well have to tidy up around here - I took the afternoon off from hunting - Wednesday it's right back at it again.
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Monday, November 10, 2008


Were they ever good!!!! We went to a Cuban restaurant in St. Pete Beach for the Cuban sandwich and 2 4 1 mojitos. He crushed the mint leaves right there at the bar and they were served with a stick of sugan cane in it - how cuban - delicious. As soon as I can get into the other computer room I'll post a picture of the bartender/server making the drinks. Chris had to walk on the traffic side of the sidewalk on the way home.
More later - the hunters are out this afternoon with their walkie talkies on so I am sure they are in constant contact. They have got one so far. I'll be out with them tomorrow - I have to keep thinking pepperoni on the hoof - they were joking that they should hang a pepperoni around my neck for inspiration but I said no - I'd probably eat it!!!
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