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Friday, May 28, 2010


A trick he learned from Bob Izumi - hold the fish close to the camera - it is an optical illusion that it is that big - it actually weighed about 1 1/2 pounds - not that we do that with every fish picture....:op
Heading into Gros Cap - you could see the water level marks on the cliffs

Camp Kuha from the water - the docks are quite a distance from the water line - but lots of sandy beaches!!!

Water levels at Hooverville Boat Launch

Looking at if we can launch the boat - high and dry!!!

MNR helicopter doing the flyby

A familiar sight - the MNR helicopter scanning for smoke and fires. It is dangerously dry up here - on the news there is a fire burning out of control near Chapleau - that is right up the highway from us. Rejean has the water pump in the water and hoses are attached just in case. We are watering the area every second day just to give the plants a bit of moisture.

We went to Gros Cap with Ron yesterday and we couldn't launch at Hooverville - we had to put in elsewhere and even then it was touch and go. The amount the water levels are down can be measured in feet, not inches!! All the good spots to fish are gone because the levels are sooooo low.

We need the rain bad and so far, there is no rain in the immediate future. But last summer it didn't stop raining - go figure...

See Ya Bye

ps - Rejean caught 2 pike yesterday - all I got was a tan.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The guys checking things out.

Washing off the dust - it wasn't deep.
Turtle on a mission.

Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock...

We headed out after dinner to try and get some walley - we loaded up the 4 wheelers and off down the highway we went. We passed a turtle just coming off the highway - whoever said turtles are slow - this one was booting it. This is the time of year all the turtles lay their eggs and some are on the side of the highways in the gravel - turtle carnage up here sometimes. I don't know where this one was headed but I figured he knew better than I. We got to the spot and fished but nothing - we came home in the dark. Nice evening even if we didn't catch anything.
Maybe tomorrow - Ron is taking us out on his boat to Tunnel Lake - keep your fingers crossed...
See Ya Bye



Looking for lunch
Toad Legs Anyone???

Finally got to the end

The lump is moving down his body - you could actually see it move - weird

We have a couple of garter snakes that hang around here - last year I fed them worms - remember? I have been keeping my eyes peeled for them because it has been very warm and I knew they would be out - well yesterday morning I spotted the big one around the garage. I watched him for a while and then he proceeded to position himself right under the doorway stoop. I thought that he was just getting out of the sun. I saw him make funny movements but I thought he was just shedding his skin. I decided to let him be for a while. Well, I went back and what do I see? He's eating a toad!!!!! I saw the toad's leg move and then I focused on what I was seeing. Good thing I had my camera at hand to record the event. I had trouble looking at first because I felt so bad for the toad - and if I had known that he was going after the toad, I would have rescued or scared off the toad. But I was too late. It was after I downloaded the pictures that I was able to get a better view of what he was doing. Hard to believe that the snake can actually unhinge their jaws to swallow such a big dinner. It took about 1/2 hour for him to get it down. You could see his body moving to ease the toad down. I don't know what that red thing is but it was from the toad. I kept a safe distance because I didn't want to interrupt the process - I can't imagine that snake taking off with that toad still in his mouth.

I found this fascinating and I am not afraid to say so - there was nothing I could do to save the toad and the snake has to survive so I was just there to record it - it happens all the time up here - survival of the fittest - and that snake found a smaller toad at the same spot and ate that - not to mention the 2 earthworms I threw at him. Yum Yum.

Just another day in paradise....

Monday, May 24, 2010


Sasha looking for handouts - he was well fed later in the evening
Bonnie and her fabulous potato salad - she did an excellent job of peeling them!!!

Barbara-Anne - just one of those people in your life that makes it exciting - I enjoy her

The spread - yum yum

Ute's friends Barbara-Anne, Bonnie and Vickie were down from Toronto on the long weekend get-away and we were invited over for a BBQ. Rejean, Rick, Bob, Ron, Mary, Mary-Lou, Hughie, Sasha and Ute were the invited guests. We arrived at around 7pm and it was a lovely evening - not too many bugs and a nice breeze. Rick and Ron were the designated BBQ'ers and did a great job on the burgers and sausages. The potato salad was wonderful thanks to the excellent preparation technique of Bonnie. Vickie was the designated dish washer and Barbara-Anne put the whole thing together. There was a pineapple coleslaw that was to die for. And it was Bonnie's birthday to boot. Desert was enjoyed by all. We got home at 11:30!! Late for us. But we had a blast. Thanks!! I think the next get together is a slumber party in February - girls only!!! I'll be there!!!

See Ya Bye


Rick, Rejean and I hit the river this morning - it is supposed to be 30 degrees today and sunny so we figured we would get it over with before it got too hot. Rejean and I crossed the river to the other side where there were some good spots. He hooked into a nice rainbow - I netted it for him. I moved a little down river and got some hits - strong ones. It took at least 6 worms - usually half or 3/4 of the worm was gone. I tried presenting 1/2 a worm for him but he wouldn't take it. I did manage to hook him and on the first jump he got off and wouldn't come back. But boy was it fun to try and get him. We fished until 1pm. Rick didn't get any hits and started fishing off the rocks - he saw a big pike just cruising but he wouldn't take his worm. Tonite we will hit the river again and hopefully get a pickerel - no one has got a pickerel yet. Tonite may be the nite. Keep your fingers crossed.
See Ya Bye

Sunday, May 23, 2010


We fished the river this morning - the guys stay at one spot and I take off up stream to my favourite spot. As I was coming around a bend, I noticed 2 kayakers heading downstream. I thought I saw one on shore so I turned around and headed back to the guys - you don't fish where other people are and I didn't want to disturb them. Then I noticed them both heading downstream so I headed back from where they came toward my spot - hoping that they had not disturbed the fish. I looked back and noticed that the kayakers had stopped and were fishing right in front of where Rejean and Rick were - right in the holes they were fishing!!! Now, I think that is rude and they should have kept going, trying not to disturb Rejean and Rick already fishing that spot. It is common courtesy.
What do you think? You can comment by clicking on the word "comment" after this post - you can choose the "anonymous" selection if you don't want to leave your name. I am interested to hear what you have to think. Thanks!!
See Ya Bye


Some of the crowd at the card presentation
Nat and her 1st birthday on the lake card - nice people

Rolly and Gloria - the guests of honor

Some interesting t-shirts - an optical illusion - fooled me...

The cooks extraordinaire - John, Ron and Davey - yum yum

Yesterday was a going away party for Rolly and Gloria from Axe Lake - they have lived on the lake for over 30 years - in the beginning without running water and hydro - having to walk into their place from the highway in the winter. Talk about dedication!!! They have sold their place and will be moving back to Windsor - yesterday was a chance for the Axe Lakers to show them how much they will be missed - and a chance to eat good food!!!! Davey always brings up tons of ribs and chicken. As you can see there were 3 BBQs going strong. I, of course, made my devilled eggs (my signature dish now) and there were tons of other good food. Including deserts!!!
Rice Krispie Squares from Linda - the best!! and chocolate chip cookies from Cheryle - just the way I like them. Everyone was there, including Nat and Brent, who have been on the lake for just 1 year - she got a birthday card too. We got there at about 3pm and made the rounds - we stopped to see Kenny's new addition but found he had left for Windsor that morning - he always does that, leaves unexpectedly. We got a look at Roger's new kitchen - beautiful. And we watched the end of the first period of the hockey game at Bob's. Then we headed back to the party - the food was delicious and, of course, there was way too much so we got to take a doggy bad of ribs home for lunch today. Tonite we are headed over to Ute's for dinner - her friends are in again (remember the Coq Au Vin dinner? - the same girls) I always like it when I don't have to cook or wash dishes!!! There is a fire ban on right now because it is soooooo dry up here. We couldn't even lite up the firecrackers we had - we'll have to wait until it is lifted. We headed home at about 10pm - people were starting to play cards and I don't do cards - they were playing something called DoNuts????

We heard that some people would be stopping by today so we will just stick around today but next week there will be some serious fishing going around here - no chores to do, no where to be - perfect...

See Ya Bye

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I got a better picture of the 3 of us today and I used the other camera. We hit a stream first, the guys went one way and I went the other. I had no luck at all altho I did come across a very nice hole. But nothing. the guys were only catching small ones so it was decided to go to the river to finish the day. Good thing we did as the guys did very well. I guess I was too busy taking pictures. I had tried to fish that same spot a couple of nites ago but never got even a hit. Rick got a nice rainbow and lost 2 more - one he had on for a while. Rejean hooking into a nice 2 1/2 pound rainbow. It took him over 10 minutes to get him in Rick's net. He was in the rapids and used the currents - he was peeling line off. It was nice. And don't they look happy? Brothers - what can I say...
See Ya Bye

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It is my sister Susan's birthday today and Joanne and I (it was actually Joanne's idea for the puppies) sent her this flower arrangement. She has two bichon frise dogs that she calls Disney and Poop - yes, Poop. Don't ask. Poop is Disney's daughter that Susan could not give away. They keep each other company. But the flower arrangement looks just like them!!! Aren't they cute??? They were delivered to her at work yesterday so she can enjoy them all week long. I am sure she is the talk of Listowel.
If you want the same arrangement, just call your florist and I am sure they can create one just for you.
Anyway Happy Birthday to my older sister Susan - I wish you many, many, many more. I love you Susan...
See Ya Bye


We borrowed the cement mixer from a friend and today was the day of the pour. When you have a bunch of people around, the good ideas just seem to come to the surface. Instead of pouring the cement in the little trailer and hauling it to the site then shovelling it in the

sana(?) tubes which were put in yesterday, it was decided to use pails, haul them to the site in the back of the 4 wheelers and just pour them into the tubes. We had an assembly line going. Rejean mixed, Ricky poured into the pails, Steve transported them and poured them into the tubes and Jason tamped it down. I was working the plug (to turn it on and off) and moving the 4 wheelers into position and delivering them to Steve on the road where we would trade vehicles. We were done by 11am and we started at 9am. What a team.

Steve and Rick worked on the path this afternoon, putting mulch into some of the holes in the path. I got my walk in and then sat in the sun - it is beautiful again today - about 26 and a slight breeze to keep the bugs at bay.

I have no idea what will be going on tomorrow with the guys but I am going fishing...

See Ya Bye

Monday, May 17, 2010


Today's project - mission accomplished!!!
The guys placing and leveling the tubes for the cement.

A few holes were easy - but a few holes were a bitch (sorry for the language, Mr. & Mrs. Barr)

Just a couple of pictures from later on this afternoon - to show the work they have done. Coming along just nicely on the project. Estimated time of completion...4 years - maybe longer. But what's the rush??? It is a work in progress.
See Ya Bye


The trailer all set up
The Guys - left to right - Steve, Ricky!!!, Jason and Rejean - just heading out for the walk...


Steve - with his head down a hole - he posed for this picture - he is not working - just saying...

A view from the bunkie area

Work tools - notice the cooler...

The trail to the bunkie,,,

The guys are getting a break in the weather for their project - it has been absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, warm and not many bugs!!! Perfect. They are pouring cement tomorrow and, if everything goes as planned, they may be done. That gives them a few days to relax and have some fun. Not hard for those two brothers. For all of us for that fact. I don't have anywhere else I have to be so it is nice to just enjoy the freedom. The bugs have not been bad - there are no mosquitoes because it is soooooo dry up here. Fire ban for sure - it is crisp.

We didn't make it back out fishing this afternoon - the guys got into helping Jason and Steve and I just enjoyed the afternoon. I got my walk in, too.

They guys are finishing at about 3:30 in the afternoon. When Steve stopped work this afternoon, he thought it was 5:30 but it was only 3:30 - time sure does fly when you are working....

We also got a good walk in last nite after dinner - over to the mine side to visit the killing field, then down the road to the other property, then along the path home. Nice.
See Ya Bye


Yesterday was beautiful and after all my chores were done I decided to wash the cars. I quickly got mine done and then moved Rejean's truck into position (it has to be in the sun). I started washing it and Rejean pulled up on his 4 wheeler and noticed a baby mouse on the ground. I looked and saw that it was moving. I got some gloves on and a paper plate to put it on. It was small and it's eyes weren't even opened yet. It was fully covered in fur and could move around. I thought about putting him in the garden but that would be a slow death and I knew I couldn't keep it - Rejean had already said no. Ugh!!! What should I do. Then, I thought to throw it to the bass that is on it's nest close to shore. I knew it would be a quick death for the little guy. I handed it over to Rejean and he did the deed. I didn't watch and Rejean said the bass was very quick to accept the offering. I continued to wash the truck and, a few minutes later found another little baby mouse. There must have been a nest under Rejean's truck and I washed them out with the hose. I again handed it over to Rejean for the "throw". That's all there was. I got the truck finished and then relaxed. The poor little things but it was a quick death for them. They would have suffered any other way. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
Today we were out on the river by 5:45 AM - yes I said AM - but nothing - the water was too cold so we came back for breakfast and we will head out later.
See Ya Bye

Friday, May 14, 2010


I moved a bit too soon before the camera went off
It was a head shaker - on my ultra lite rod - 4 lb test line - hook and a worm and splitshot - nice Brookie

Rick and his decapitated Brookie - the water was too cold for the fish to be active - 47 degrees!!!

The plan was to go stream fishing today - Rick's first fishing trip of the season. The truck was packed yesterday - we were all ready to go. This morning it was cloudy and overcast and rain was predicted. Rejean said it wasn't a good day to go out. But Rick and I talked him into it. Good thing as Rick and I caught the fish today. Rick caught his on the stream and I caught mine in Chris' favourite spot - sorry Chris - by the time you get up here there will be more there. I had 2 more on but the first one broke my line!!! and the second one, a rainbow that jumped, got off also. But it was fun none the less. Any day you can get out fishing is a good day. The fish gods weren't too happy with Rejean so he didn't get any.
We are off to Cal and Sal's for cocktail at 4pm - by the time we get home we can BBQ some burgers. Steve and Jason come in tomorrow afternoon. It will be a working week for them - starting on the bunkie!!! AND the pickerel season opens tonite at midnite - we'll be out tomorrow at 6pm - and I feel lucky!!!
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I noticed the raven out on the pile of hay we have by the stream and a large dark brown figure off to the side - I got out the binoculars and lo and behold - it was a Turkey Vulture. He flew away when he noticed movement and then perched on the branch outside the front window. He was watching the raven get his breakfast - I thought that he might fly down and get some for himself but he was a little shy. He flew around a bit then disappeared. They are big birds - some might say ugly but I kind of like them. They just soar on the thermals and updrafts looking for food - road kill to be exact. And if bald eagles can do that then they can too - and be just as majestic. They are built for getting their heads right into the good stuff. Nice to see them so close.
Tonite I have a meeting at the hall - not the elections because Cheryl forgot to post the signage so I hope it is short so I can race home to watch the game - Now that Detroit is out, I am for Montreal - go Habs go!!!!
See Ya Bye