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Wednesday, March 31, 2021


 The SandHill Cranes are back in the fields which means Spring is just around the corner.  Our snow has melted except for a blast of snow this past weekend which is all gone now.  The ice is going fast as well.  Rejean and Stacey are still working on the Doll House - I will be devoting a full blog to that soon.  As well as a project of mine I just completed.  It is really the calm before the storm of spring.  It is always busy around here in the spring.  Our wood is waiting for us at the other property.  We still have some wood left to split and we have our double bunk waiting to be blocked.  

Rejean got his appointment for his Covid Vaccination on April 8th in town.  I am on standby for any extra vaccine because of my COPD.  Susan and Jack have their appointments as well.  Joanne and Mitch have their first dose.  We are on our way to being protected.  Still optimistic our November Florida vacation will still be a go.  I got my flights booked thru Delta which are fully changeable and can be cancelled for E Credits and our deposit for our hotel can be cancelled with full refund.  We missed last year because of the pandemic and were fortunate enough to get E Credits for our flights.  We certainly need a good vacation at our favourite place.  

Easter is at our place.  Stacey and Andrew and Marilou and Sam of course will be coming.  They are in our bubble.  A spiral sliced ham, scallop potatoes, carrots, devilled eggs, brioche buns and a pie for desert. I have some little Easter eggs to hide and hope the humans get to them before Sam does.  Haha.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021



If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough!  

Guess I am lucky because I am Irish!  


Monday, March 15, 2021


 The doll house is still an ongoing project. Every day Rejean is in the garage working on stuff like the "hardwood flooring" and trim for the interior.  On weekends, Stacey and Rejean are working together on various things.  She has made a toilet and small benches etc.  It is coming along and will be fabulous when it is eventually finished.  But after 39 years, what is the hurry.  

Rejean and Andrew got the drone out this weekend for a practice flight.  It was cold out so the battery in the iPad kind of died in mid flight.  I thought the drone was long gone.  But it was just hovering somewhere waiting until they got the battery recharged in the warmth of the house.  It was safely returned home.

Sam and I go for our walks every day when he is here.  I let him sniff and explore everything he wants.  I let him decide how far to go and usually after the first day he chooses to only go half way then return home.  He rests in the garage with us.

We went for a ride up the highway to check out the river.  It is wide open with all the ice and snow only on shore. For the middle of March it is well on it's way to melting.  AND our lake is really making noise.  It is such a strange sound to hear - almost other worldly.  A sure sign of spring around here.