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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Did a couple of miles on the treadmill the other day, with this as my view. The birds kept me entertained.
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The finished product

I didn't put any cucumber in it - that was for the salad - it just must have slipped in there unnoticed. Notice the Sour Dough Bread - I had to put it in the very back of my car so I wouldn't munch on it on the way home - it is my downfall.

I watched the Marilyn Dennis show the other day and they had a chef on that made a lasagna from Italian sausage. It looks good so I decided to give it a try. I went on the web site and printed out the recipe. I got all the ingredients - I hate to say how much it all cost - I could have eaten out at Tina's On Main in Thessalon a couple of times for what I paid for the fixin's. But, that is beside the point. I got all the stuff together and poured myself a nice glass of white wine - Hochtaler - in the box (keeps it fresh). It all came together well, altho I questioned some of the quantities of certain ingredients, but I did follow the recipe pretty well - I did add more cheese.

Sometimes when I cook lasagna, it turns out more like lasagna soup - but not this time. It was, on a scale of 1 to 10, a 7. The sausage tasted great - I used Pino's Italian sausage and it added a different taste - and texture - I preferred it, actually.

There is enough left for the rest of the week's dinners - not sure I want to do that...

See Ya Bye


There is a funny story behind Cam's plate of fish - enjoy!!
10 x 20 foot ice huts - fit 2 picnic tables in them - very comfortable.

the Motley Crew by the sled that took them out to the huts - it was pulled by a snowmobile.

Rejean returned today from an ice fishing weekend with the guys. They went to a lodge near North Bay - called Greening Bay Cottages. Not a lot of fish were caught but they all had a great time. The guys were Jack, my brother-in-law, Robby, Dan, Cam and Rejean. 2 Walley were caught - one, a keeper, that Rejean caught and won him the $20 biggest walley prize, and one that was thrown back due to a size problem. All the rest of the fish was perch plus one pike. They did manage to have a fish fry the last nite they were there. They really like this spot and are returning in June for their annual Walley trip.
See Ya Bye

Saturday, February 26, 2011


...never to leave home without my camera. You never know when something will happen that deserves to be preserved . Last nite, I picked up Ute and headed into Thessalon for the monthly fish fry at the Legion and we were stopping first at Cal and Sal's for a cocktail. We walked in and Sally was sitting at her organ playing a tune. I have never heard her play before and she was very good. Ute sings in a choir so Sally asked her if she would sing a song with her playing. She requested "Those Were The Days My Friend" her favourite song. Sally started playing it on the organ and Ute was right beside her belting out the song. It was great. I can't sing but I tried to join in the Those Were The Days refrain - I was inspired. I wish I had my camera with me to get a picture of the two of them. They both had great smiles and were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Cal was enjoying it as well. After our drink we headed over to the Legion and joined the Axe Lake group of Arnold, Linda, John, Bob and his son Carson and Diane. The food was delicious as usual. You never get a bad meal. And the people are so friendly. Everyone knows each other and it is part of the whole social thing standing in line talking to everyone. A good time was had by all.
I was home by 8:30.
See Ya Bye

ps - my previous post had a total of 11 comments - a record - I do enjoy reading comments from you - it lets me know what you like or dislike or what you think. I enjoy the feedback. Keep them coming!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Reg, Les and Rejean
Jack and Sue

The Scott girls

Yes, he smoked way back then - taking a break from his work

I am on a cleaning binge thing - since we helped Stacey and Andrew with their move, I have been trying to purge stuff. While doing so, I came across these pictures that Joanne sent me for our Wall of Fame/Shame. They are pictures from my honeymoon!! From 1983!! And yes, all these people came along on my honeymoon. There was Joanne from Calgary, Sue and Jack from Listowel and Rejean's two older friends, Les and Reg Hudson.We were staying at Grand Falls Camp and were fishing at Red Rock dam and catching pink salmon. That was back in the day when there were schools of hundreds of fish swimming by - you could see them stop, turn around and come take your spoon right in the mouth. They are in spawning mode so it is kind of rare that they do that, but enough of them do so that the fishing is good. Sorry, was good. The runs recently have not been big so the fishing is a bit slow. They die soon after spawning so we weren't hurting taking some. We all went fishing together - I remember fishing was so good, poor Rejean couldn't fish because he was so busy taking the fish off the lines. And Joanne was reeling them in so fast, they were spiralling right out of the water when she was landing them.

The picture of them all strung up on the clothesline almost looks fake. But we caught all those fish that one day. We are pointing to the one's we caught in the Sister Photo. I think this was the event that kind of triggered our fishing gene. We have been having fun up here ever since. Who knew the Scott girls were like that, but we are.
See Ya Bye

Sunday, February 20, 2011


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1 TV - 2 ROOMS

Well, it is installed and it rocks!! We had purchased a 19" Toshiba tv for my workout room. We were intending to get one for the bar area as well. Rejean thought up a solution. We installed the one tv in the wall and put it on a lazy susan type device and it works for both rooms!! There is a door on the workout side right now and, when it is done, there will be one on the bar side. But it is hooked up to the satellite and the pvr and it has a built in DVD player!! What more could I want? I tried it out yesterday and it is at the right height for me and for the bar area. You can see it from each position at the bar. We will eventually hook it up to the speaker system so you can play music DVDs like the Eagles or Roy Orbison. It has room for the remotes and for insertion and ejection of the DVDs.

The pine doors will eventually darken to match the walls that have been up for about a year and the knob matches the cupboard doors in the room. Life IS good!! It makes my workouts so much more easier. Thank you Rejean!!!

See Ya Bye

Saturday, February 19, 2011

0 FOR 2

In Thessalon, there is a curling club that has a Wing Nite every once in a while - last month we went but found out we were a week late. Well, last nite, we were sure it was that nite because we had read it in the Sentinel. We made plans with Linda and John and Bob to go. We craved those wings (altho we have never had them before). We headed out at about 4:45 - I had some grocery shopping to do at the Valu-Mart. The weather was not that good - strong winds blowing snow around. The 17 highway was closed due to the storm but 129 was not that bad. We arrived in town and saw that there were no cars in the grocery store parking lot - it flashed thru my mind great - no waiting. As we got closer, we could see no lights on and a sign on the door that said it was closed due to ... wait for it...a power failure!!! Yes, the whole town of Thessalon was closed down due to a power failure!!! We drove down to the curling club and a man standing outside of the arena said that they couldn't cook because there was no lights or power!! So we did the next best thing, we headed to the Legion to see Al. He would know what was going on. It was dark inside but there were a couple of lanterns. They had a drink and we joked around with Al and the bartendress. We were hungry so we headed for the pizza place. It would take 45 minutes for a pizza so we settled for some subs. Everyone that came thru the door was offered big bucks for their pizzas but no takers. We finally headed home - no wings for us. Hopefully the next time we will finally get our wings...

See Ya Bye

Friday, February 18, 2011


A special birthday wish goes out today to Mr. Sandy Barr who is 90 years young today!!! He will be celebrating with his family at Red Lobster this evening!! I hope you blow out ALL those candles and I know your wish will come true - have a great day!! Enjoy!!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is the view from my eyes on my fishing hole. Rejean made the tip-up -notice the door stop that doubles as the spring. Everyone up here has them and they work just too!
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This is from our ice fishing trip the other day. Joy is showing off her fine fishing form. She did get a nice brookie from her jigging rod. She looks very comfortable. Later, she went and lay down on her snow machine - just relaxin'.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Rejean, myself, Ron, Joy and Arnold headed out this morning for a day of ice fishing for brook trout. We arrived at about 10:30am and set up. It started out good - Rejean got the first one on my tip-up - I was gathering fire wood. The day progressed, we had lunch and Arnold went to another part of the lake to try his luck. It was just a short distance away from where we all were. He drilled one hole and it seemed to take forever to get thru to the water so that indicated that the ice was a good depth. The next hole he drilled was different - he broke thru quickly - he sensed something was up and started his machine to move it. Well, it started to sink in the rear end. Ron saw what was happening and we all went running over to help. Rejean had ropes and we attached them to one of the skiis and we all tried to pull it out while keeping a safe distance from the machine. Rejean at one point, was up to his knee in water - he quickly moved to a safer area. We realized we couldn't pull it out without the help of another machine. Ron unhooked his toboggan and positioned his machine in front it. We hooked the ropes up and, while Ron was gunning his machine, we all pulled and out Arnold's machine came. Ron's machine, because he was gunning it, appeared to be sinking as well but he quickly got out of the area.
Everyone was safe and sound - it certainly warmed us all up. Got the blood flowing for sure. Thank goodness we had ropes - all part of equipment that you need to have when you go out ice fishing. You never know when an emergency will present itself. 3 fish were caught in all and a few were lost. In spite of the drama, we had a great time.
See ya Bye
ps - I see I have another follower - welcome Joan!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Just a short blog to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day - on this day it is acceptable to hand out Valentines to people you Love.
Consider this my Valentine's Day Card to You...

Sunday, February 13, 2011


First off I have to apologize that there are no pictures from last nite's sauna - well ,there was, but this is a "G" rated blog. I did go in the snow and left an imprint of boobs. I reviewed the pictures today and, sorry, I am not going to post them. You will have to use your imagination. But they did leave quite the imprint if I do say so myself. We are expecting rain this week so the evidence will be washed away.

This morning it looked like freezing rain outside - there was a coating on the trees and pine needles that looked like ice. I got dressed and got some pictures - I think it was just a hoar frost, I think they call it. But very beautiful. I got a few pictures.

We went to the brunch at the Sinton again today - delicious. There was John and Linda, Rejean and myself and Bob. We met Robin, Randy and Donna there. After brunch we went for a little drive out to the point where they have built some new houses - and we ran into some friends who live there - we were asked in for a visit. We got the tour. Very nice. I like seeing inside some people's houses - to see how they decorate and maybe get some ideas. She had one bathroom that was designed around a painting of a woman standing by the seashore with a long flowing red dress on. Her walls were painted the same red - stunning. After our visit there, we stopped by John and Linda's for another drink and finally left at 4:30!! That pretty much was my day. I did my new workout cd (I bought a 19" Toshiba flat screen tv for my workout DVDs - I originally had a portable DVD player but realized I needed a bigger screen and better sound) It is going to be built into the wall between the workout room and the bar - on a lazy susan so that it can be turned to either room when needed. Each opening will have a door on it so it can be hidden from the room it is not being used in. Rejean's brain at work again. But I think it is a great idea - it is what we will be working on this week. For sure I will post the work in progress.

See Ya Bye

Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is a picture of 2 pine grosbeaks - they are finally here. We didn't see them at all last year but the year before we had tons - both the pine grosbeaks and the evening grosbeaks. I think they look like parrots - they are a pretty red color and the evening ones are gold and black - beautiful.
This year has been hard on the birds - I am on my 3rd 50 pound bag of black oil seed - it is a small, black sunflower seed - the first year I was here, I made the mistake of buying the same type seed I used in Windsor - it was a combination of a bunch of seeds - the birds just ignored it. I later found out from the locals that the birds up here like the black oil. I guess it is the best bang for their buck - the one that gives them the most energy I suppose. But they certainly like it. Even the little squirrels. I also put out suet for the birds - I am hoping to get back my little wood peckers. I haven't seen them this year either.
It is a beautiful sunny day out there - I was out refilling the bird feeders in my t-shirt. Mind you I wasn't out long but it wasn't that bad. Sauna tonite at Joanne and Mitch's and I promised I would jump in the snow - last time I just stood in the snow but tonite I WILL lay down and do angels. I promise. I will have to have some alcohol tho, just to get my courage up. We put the beer in a bucket of snow to keep it chilled and put snowballs on the rocks to get the steam going. And we put styrofoam cups over our beer bottles so we don't burn our mouths - I even have to take out my earings - they get hot!!!
See Ya Bye
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I like the way the owl is mounted - on a moose rack

A nice looking bear - I like the brown nose

This guy was right in the front door - nice greeter

Look at that thing hanging down - is that a warning????

An 11 pound Brook Trout!!! The world record is 14 something.

Can you spot the deer?

First off, we went to Blind River with Ron and Mary this morning at 8:30am - I sat in the front as usual, next to a door. We were headed to the MNR to pick up some netting equipment for the summer lake studies AND to pick up something special. Burt first, back to the drive up. We went down 554 towards Iron Bridge and hoped to see some deer - they winter down towards Iron Bridge. We saw a few on a hill feeding -hope you can see them.

Arrived in Blind River and loaded up the stuff PLUS an 11 pound Brook Trout!!! Yes boys and girls, an eleven pound Brook Trout. It was caught in a night net while the the lake was being surveyed. By the time they arrived the next morning, the fish had died. But they didn't know what it was - was it a Splake or a Brook Trout. Because it was so big they didn't think it COULD be a Brookie - but the MNR did a DNA thing and it was confirmed to be a Brook Trout. So the guys are going to have it mounted and then pass it around like the Stanley Cup to be displayed in the members homes or even Little Rapids General Store - he was interested in displaying it. Quite a conversation starter.

But first we had to take it to the Taxidermist. There just happens to be one in Little Rapids. I will definitely get his name for you - I think it was Jeff. We pulled up and were greeted by the skeleton of, I think a Bob Cat hanging from the building, surrounded by pieces of drift wood for mounting. We headed inside with the owner and had a look around. It was amazing - when you first walked in the door, you were greeted by a black bear mount that was blocking the pathway to "the display room". It was very life like. He had a number of mounts in the display room. Another black bear mount - it was big!! And Jeff explained that the bear had been hit by a truck so he uses it for shows to show off his skills. There were a couple of deer heads that I thought were very nice. The expression on the face of the deer - you could swear it was looking at you and alive. He had a couple of owls mounted. I liked them. We found out that it is going to take about a year to get the fish back!!! He is very busy but he said he would see what he could do. He had never seen a Brookie that big either.

Time to go - we had lunch at the Sinton Tavern in town. Jim from the Outpost is doing the lunches at the tavern. Remember he did the brunch the other day. The soup was cabbage beef so I had 2 bowls (it was very cold today) then we headed home.

Rejean got my Sony Dash, that I got for my birthday from Stacey and Andrew, to work - it's a techy thing - I'll blog about that at another time.

That's it!! That was my day - I didn't blog about the usual stuff I do - just the exciting part.

See Ya Bye

ps - I missed my favourite tv show - The Big Bang Theory to blog tonite

and thanks for the heads up about Steelers and Patriots - I was having trouble before about that, is corrected

Monday, February 7, 2011


Even the ceiling is nice...
The bar area - that's Bob on the right.

Linda - not too interested in the game.

Skip getting a good seat - that poker table is made out of Amaretto bottle tops

Bob's party garage all lite up - a few people came on their snow machines

I think Ron was a pool shark in his previous life - he was good. Keith - I delivered a sympathy card to him at the Post this morning - he took the gesture well. His Steelers lost but he reminded me that they have won 6 of their 8 Super Bowl appearances. Not bad. And I wasn't in the money in the pool. I could have won $75!!! Just by putting my name on a square that has absolutely no meaning to me whatsoever.

We arrived at the party garage at about 5pm and everyone was already there. Bob brought out his chili and John's chili. I cut my sour dough bread and I was the first one in line for the food. I am not shy when it comes to food. I mixed the two chilis together in my bowl and set a trend - everyone else did the same. John's was a venison chili and Bob's more of a vegetable chili. Both very good but great together. There was a shrimp ring, venison pepperettes and cheese plus other munchies. And cookies and cake for desert!!! I must admit I went back for seconds of the chili (and bread) and I had one cookie - chocolate chip!!

Some people were playing pool and others were watching the game. We had pizza at half time and it was very goodl. I was for the Steelers but it seemed no one was really for any one team. And Linda and I maintained...if you remember the little Super Bowl incident from a couple of years ago - it had to do with a pool table and whip cream...and it involved Linda, not me. I had sense enough to go home when I couldn't see straight.

Everyone left after the game - a mass exedus for the doors. Bob was a good host, tho. We have to be good because he wouldn't invite us back again next.
See Ya Bye

Friday, February 4, 2011


Jack figuring out his next move on the Public Train. I love this game!!!
It was a short trip but it is always good to be home. We were lucky we missed all the bad weather. And we accomplished everything we set out to do (with the exception of the dental fiasco and one other thing I couldn't do :o( We left London on Thursday morning and arrived at my sister Susan's place at about 11:30 - Sue and I quickly made our way to downtown Listowel to do some shopping - yes there are good places to go in Listowel - like Giant Tiger!!! I think Susan should own shares in that company - you ask her where she got something - "Giant Tiger" where did you get that - "Giant Tiger". We hit the Zehrs where I picked up my 2 loaves of Sour Dough bread for the Super Bowl party on Axe Lake - it will go with the chili that Bob and John are going to make - 2 different kinds. Robin is going to make pizza for half time and Linda is going to make a cake. Ron and Mary will bring some venison pepperettes. I don't think I will eat anything tomorrow or Sunday just to have room for all the goodies. But, I am getting off topic.

Susan prepared a steak dinner for my birthday. There was also French Onion soup (from Giant Tiger), garlic shrimp, baked potatoes and, for desert, I made pecan tarts (under Susan's tutelage) She stuck a candle in one and that was my birthday tart. I didn't eat it because I don't like pecan tarts - but it was the thought that counts...We had a couple of rip roaring games of Dominos. We actually played for money!!! It was a good visit with Sue and Jack and Troy, Poop and Disney.

We headed out the next morning and arrived safely at about 5:30pm - the roads were good except for a short stretch just outside of Perry Sound I think.
Back to normal - another year older but, as far as I am concerned, it just keeps getting better and better and I look forward to many, many more birthdays.
See ya Bye

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I get to the dentist's office and announce my name - she asks which dentist I am here to see and I produce my appointment card indicating that I am here to see the gum specialist. She takes the card, and gives me a funny look and says yes, that is her writing but the appointment is for next Tuesday, not this Tuesday. What can you do? I drove 7 hours to get here and I can't come back next Tuesday. So I collected my teeth guard to wear at night because they say I probably grit my teeth but I don't think I do but it will alleviate the headaches that come from gritting my teeth but I don't get head aches but she says I probably do but don't know it???? So then we head to London at about 2:30 to beat the storm that is heading our way. The 401 was perfect except I have never seen so many semis. All trying to beat the storm as well.
We went to Stacey and Andrew's condo and relaxed until dinner. It started to get real windy and by the time we left the restaurant, it was a blizzard - but this morning there really wasn't that much snow on the ground - from the apartment window you could still see the parking lot was bare of snow. But they are still expecting more today. Tomorrow, it should be great driving conditions to head to Listowel and my sister Susan's place. Steak for dinner - yum yum. Then we head back home on Friday and the forecast looks fine. Super Bowl party at Axe Lake - can't miss that. I have to bring the sour dough bread for the chili. I hope it makes it there without me eating it all - bread is my downfall. Especially sour dough. Take care.
See ya Bye