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Monday, November 30, 2009


Just a bunch of little things today. On the picture of the bird feeder, can you make out the squirrel on the right hand side? He climbed the pole and was making himself right at home. Rejean took this picture then clapped his hands close to him. I was watching from the house and I swear that squirrel flew thru the air to get away. Funny.
The next picture was taken at Pig Pen on Sunday when we went fishing. It snowed all day long but it wasn't that cold. Nothing was biting in the bay so we tried on the rocks - still nothing. But it was fun. The next picture is just a view of the surrounding area at Pig Pen.
And the top picture is of the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful. My picture does not do it justice.
I was in the Sault all day today - we hit snow on the way and it was slow going. But we shopped all day long. On the way home we hit snow again and, in the dark with those big flakes, it was quite hypnotizing. We finally make it to Axe Lake and, in the short time it took me to drop Linda off and then get back on the main highway 129, the road was snow covered and was snowing very heavily. Thank goodness we only live a short drive away because it was very bad. The only way I knew I was on the road was because I could see the grass on the side of the road. Thank goodness no big trucks were coming because I think it could have been bad. I was only going about 20K and I had a good grip on the wheel. And it is only the first snow of the season!!
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I bought myself my Christmas present - the cartoon Up - can't wait to see it

Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's that time of year when I get back into my exercise mode again. I have blogged a picture of the view from my treadmill. Rejean moved the old bird feeder right in front of the window where my treadmill is set up. I am entertained and occupied by watching the birds feed. And the big grosbeak's aren't even here yet. The nuthatches and chickadees are feeding right now and I have a small little sparrow like bird hanging around - it is a light/olive green color with sparrow markings on its wings. I can't find it in my bird book - which I have strategically placed within reach of my treadmill. Now I can look at the bird with the book in my hand while walking on the treadmill - talk about multi-tasking. I have also included a picture of my pail full of black oil sunflower seeds - it is the only seed the birds up here eat. The first year I bought the multi-seed blend but they wouldn't eat it. I only buy the black oil seeds in 50 pound bags - and I will have to buy a new one every two weeks or so. The squirrels like it also. All winter long they sit under the bird feeders and eat the seeds the birds miss on the ground. Plus I feed them peanuts. I have a squirrel who will ignore the peanuts in favour of the black oil seeds. Peanuts do not appear naturally here so some ignore them.
The season has finally caught up with us as it is snowing today. There is some accumulation but nothing so bad that we have to get the tractor out but it is ready to go just in case. Linda and I are heading out to the Sault tomorrow - I have my list!!! This year I WILL have gifts in time to mail to Calgary and Gorrie on time so that I don't pay more than the gifts cost for postage. But I am a procrastinator so...
This afternoon we are going to Pig Pen to try our luck fishing - it is overcast and there may still be some hungry pickerel or trout there. Of course I will bring my camera to record all the action.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009


We were in town giving blood this afternoon and had dinner at the Shoreview Restaurant. After our dinner (burger, fries, gravey) we tried to make it to Home Hardware before it closed. Well apparently it closes at 5:30 and we just missed it. On our journey down the main street of Thessalon, at 5:40pm on a Thursday evening, we were stopped in the middle of the road by a ride program!!! Well there were about 3 cars on the whole street - Thessalon pretty much closes down at 5pm. I rolled down the window and she leaned in to announce a ride program and inquired if I had anything to drink today. Well this was one day where I hadn't had anything to drink. I was cooking at the Hall until 12:30 and then home to get ready to go to town. I did have a sip of Rejean's beer.
It just goes to show you they can pop up anytime and anywhere so be careful. It is really not worth it to get caught drinking and driving nowadays.
Tomorrow we work around the house - we have a new shower to install and I do have to get some Christmas shopping done eventually. Dinner at the Legion in Thessalon tomorrow nite - all you can eat whitefish, baked potato, coleslaw, pickles and, for desert, vanilla ice cream and either strawberry or butterscotch sauce - I prefer the butterscotch - yum yum
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well it was a marathon of sorts today at the Hall. The four of us churned out 47 big pies, 24 little pies and 300 perogies!!! Phyllis was the master dough maker - pie dough and perogie dough - she was in charge. She cut the circles for the perogies and took them over to Vickie who put the filling on them then pinched them shut. 300 of those little suckers!!!

But in the morning Vickie was responsible for getting the filling for the meat pies ready - and she did an outstanding job. We were the testers - yum yum.

Cheryle rolled out the pie dough, put it in the pie plates and passed it over to me and I filled them. I pushed the filled plate back to Cheryle who rolled out a lid for the pie then she passed it back to me. I cut the excess dough, did my little design on the edge and then cut the air holes and marked it with either H for hamburger, T for turkey, S for hamburger with sage. Then I put them in the ovens and monitored the cooking process. I didn't burn one pie I am proud to say.

But we are not done yet. We have to go back tomorrow to finish the pork and beef pies. A volunteer's work is never done.

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Rejean built this for me and for the birds. I got home too late today to see if the birds like it. The squirrel was out and about when I was taking this picture - I had to give him some peanuts because he is so cute. But he won't be able to climb the pole to the new feeder. Rejean attached the suit cage to the side of the feeder. Last year when it was hanging from the tree the raccoon managed to destroy it. But not this year. Actually it will be quite entertaining to see him try.
The old one is hanging just outside of the window where my treadmill is set up so I can be entertained while I do my miles - can't wait.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just a little update to the bake sale we held last week at the Credit Union in town. We didn't sell out like last time (my fudge sold out fast - once I remembered to bring it in from the car). There were only a few cookies left over (which we divided up) and some bread. Pictured above are my Partners In The Kitchen - Vickie on the left and Phyllis on the right. Cheryle wasn't there and Debbie was working. Today we worked on more perogies and tomorrow, more meat pies. But we are not accepting any more orders so this week should be it. Next Wednesday we have a luncheon with the Ladies of Wharncliffe (11 women out for lunch) where we will exchange gifts and the next day, Thursday, we cater a luncheon at the Credit Union for 40 people - piece of cake. We can do that in our sleep. We are professionals!
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I happened to glance out my window this morning and I noticed that the bottom half of the bird feeder had come undone. And the pine needles beneath it were disturbed. What could have done it? The squirrels are too small and the bears are too big. Deer? When I was going to the Hall this morning I took my camera and took a picture of the bird feeder - I figured it was Blogging Material. Just as I took the picture, who comes trotting up the drive way towards me but the fox. Rejean was watching me from the balcony and I called up to him to get something for the fox to eat. He grabbed two left over pork chops and threw one down to the fox. He calmly walked up to it and took it over to the hill to eat. He came back and Rejean threw him the other one. I grabbed some dog cookies that I knew he would eat and threw him one when he came back. By this time he was burying them so I didn't feed him anymore. He just walked off into the bush.
I know it is the same one we haven't seen in over a year. I recognize him. Ron and Mary have been feeding one so maybe this is the same one. But he is not afraid of us (he is cautious but not afraid) The squirrel is not too happy and was chirping at the fox all the time he was here.
I'm glad he is back - I missed him. I like looking out and seeing him. We feed him but he is still a fox - he still hunts and acts like a fox. We just give him a treat every now and then. He doesn't depend on us to survive.
Now I have my birds and my fox to watch this winter. Rejean is building me a good bird feeder - it has a green steel roof like ours, oak siding, perches for the birds to stand on. The squirrel is going to be sooooo jealous. And I don't think the raccoon will be able to pull it up to the branch like last year. But you never know....
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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Rejean made me this new work table. I'll be using it when I finish the tongue and groove pine for the walls. It can be removed and is on top of a cart on wheels. I can store my varathane and paint stuff underneath. You can see my lazy susan underneath. I guess I got the hint as I'll be working on this this week. Can't wait to get started!!!
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We decided to give it another try today because the weatherman said it was going to be sunny. But it was foggy - all day long. But we went out anyway. Rejean got one right off the bat and we thought it was going to be a great day. but it turned out to be the only bird we saw (except for the one I saw just before we got back to the cars and we were in a no hunting area). Rejean was ahead of us and then we saw him stop, slowly get off his bike, get his gun, load, aim - then follow the flying bird - aim and fire. He got him. I think he is saying something in the picture because he usually doesn't look like that. We put 60 miles on the bikes today and found a great new fishing spot. Rejean and Rick fished it years ago and it looks like a great place. We'll be back.
The other picture is of the new bridge at LaFoe - they put a lot of money into it and it looks great.
The bird that was supposed to be mine is still alive and kicking. Joy and I went down a trail - I was in the lead - and there in the middle of the road was a nice looking partridge. I stopped my bike, took off my gloves, got off my bike, take my gun off the rack on the front of the bike, get a couple of shells from my pocket, load my gun, cock the gun, aimed just in time to see the bird walk behind a low bush. I should have fired right there and then but I hesitated - I thought I could get a clearer shot. Well I never did because the bird took off into the bush. He who hesitates...
Tomorrow I stay home and do wash and clean my house that I have neglected for about a week. I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hall - just to finish off the orders.
And I just noticed that Christmas is right around the corner - when did that happen?????
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Thursday, November 19, 2009


The Nanamo Bars are mine- I make a mean Nanananampo Bars - as I call them - we are ready for the Bake Sale tomorrow (Friday) at the Northern Credit Union in Thessalon. Come One and Come Hungry. We baked our little aprons off today from 9am til 3pm. And I made my fudge tonight and packaged it. We have butter tarts, cookies galor, apple sauce loaves, cinnamon buns etc.
Also, this is for Ed and Barry, when we were coming home tonite from our sauna, in the fog on the left hand side of the road was a rather large buck crossing the road - pretty near our property. Just thought you would want to know. For next year.
Gotta go.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We headed out this morning at 9am - we met Joy and Arnold and headed out down the trail. It was a bit chilly - I will know better next time what to wear. I had on a turtle neck, sweat shirt, fleece hoodie and my hunting jacket. I had on tights, jeans and my rain pants. I will need more layers for Saturday when we are heading out again. Joy got 2 birds and Arnold got 1. I missed my bird twice!!! But at least I got to fire my gun. Joy was in the lead on the 4 wheelers - she stopped and got off her bike - a sign to me to follow suit. I got my gun off the rack and put in 2 shells. I caught up to Joy and she pointed with her gun and I saw a bird. But not the one she was pointing at. Later we figured there had to be at least 4 birds together. I fired and the birds scattered. Joy got a shot off at her bird and got it. I watched my bird fly down the road and come down. I walked to where I thought it came down and there he was. But deep in the thick brush beside the road. I aimed and fired but somehow I missed. The one that got away. There were other birds but by the time you get off the bike, load up the gun and cock it, the bird has either flown away or ran into the brush and once they are in the brush and are still, you can't see them. The first bird Joy got was standing right in the middle of a trail off the main road. It stood around while she went thru her routine and she fired and missed. It still stuck around for her to take her second shot. These are not the smartest birds in the bush.

We are going to do it again on Saturday - another all dayer. We will either eat partridge or chicken for dinner - I am hoping for partridge.

Friday, November 13, 2009


It was a great day in the bush - unfortunately for us (fortunately for the deer) we didn't get anything. We did see fresh deer poop but no deer. On our first push I lost sight of Joy and kind of went on my own for a ways. I did not panic because it was first thing in the morning and I had a loaded gun. I stood where I was for about 20 minutes and listened. I couldn't hear anything so I finally used my radio and asked someone to whistle so I could find them. Turns out I wasn't that far away from anyone. So I just pretended I meant to be that long. I knew that someone would find me eventually if I was REALLY lost.
We finally finished at about 1pm and then had a few bevereges at Joy and Arnold's. I had a soaker so I was starting to get a bit cold. I got the soaker stepping into a stream that didn't appear to be that deep but was. It could have been worse - I could have fallen into it.
Tomorrow is the final day. I have a couple of venison loins that I will cook into something called Beer and Deer - a recipe that I taped from Canada In The Rough - and it is exactly what it says - beer and deer with dumplings on top. It will be our final meal together. Then the guys go home
and we get back to "normal" which means "work".
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ps - the crew from left to right: Barry, Joy, Roger, Ed, Rejean and Arnold - I was taking the picture but I was also in my blaze orange outfit - it is a fashion color up here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today Rejean and I met the McDougal Fuel truck to lead them to Joanne and Mitch's place for the installation of their new propane tank. It is in but it took all day long. They got it installed with no problem - level right away - but there was a leak that took them a while to find - it turned out to be in the brand new regulator - thank goodness they had an extra one and it was put in place and everything was working correctly.

I passed the time by tending the fire, collecting the lotions left in the sauna, reading a couple of Reader's Digests I found in the outhouse, raking some leaves etc. It was a beautiful day and we found out later that no deer were taken by our group. Some hunters along the hiking trail took a large fawn (probably the one that has been hanging around our place with it's mother) and a wolf apparently approached them and came within 15 feet of them. No wonder there are no deer around - the wolves are scaring them away.

Tomorrow there are about 8 of us doing a big push on Axe Lake - I'll be pushing because I don't want to find out I can't pull the trigger when I am staring a big buck or doe right in the eye. I'll let someone else do the deed. Time is a'runnin out. I'll take my camera and try and get some action photos. Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I worked at the hall today - for the better part of the day I picked the meat off of a ton of chicken pieces and 2 turkeys for the meat pies. Then I chopped up celery, onions and carrots for the pies as well. I put all the bones and pieces of skin and unusable meat pieces in a pot and added water and simmered it for the gravy. And, if I do say so myself, it was delicious. There were 4 of us - Phyllis, Cheryle, Vickie (pictured above in the trunk of Phyllis' car with all the pies they delivered today) and myself. We are professionals. And that is just a small part of the pies and perogies we have made and delivered.
I have managed to interest the ladies in doing a 1/2 marathon with me next year in Massey. We will call ourselves "The Flour Girls" How appropriate. I will keep you posted on our training.
The guys didn't get any deer today. Time is running out. The plan now is that on Friday we will gather everyone together and do a big push. Keep your fingers crossed.
Roger donated 2 meat pies for dinner tonite. We had a hamburger and a pork pie (from the Hall) and they were delicious. They are now sitting around the kitchen table and discussing all sorts of stuff and I am blogging. Gee, I am glad I am home....
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ps - sorry for the duplicate picture - haven't a clue how I did that


Today is Stacey's birthday and I know the card I mailed on Monday isn't going to make it there in time so....

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday dear Stacey

Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu

Don't adjust your computer - that is my real voice.

Luv Ya


Monday, November 9, 2009


We got back just in time - hurricane Ida was right on our doorstep - we had fabulous weather but the forecast for this week was rain and wind and from the looks of the weather report today, they are in for some cloudy, rainy weather. We only had 3 hours of cloudy conditions. We did what we do best - eat, drink, walk and lay out in the sun - one day for 7 hours. It was heavenly. I know it is not good for our skin but I figure what is going to kill me is already in my system so I might as well enjoy it We do use sun protection tho. We do a lot of walking - in the morning we walk at least 5 miles return for breakfast and then again for dinner. We walk, at the very least, 10 miles a day. But it is not hard to take the scenery. It is the journey, not the destination.

The food was delicious!!! We hit some new spots - the Blue Parrot - I know why they call it the "Blue" Parrot - because of all those blue haired people hanging out there - there were Jimmy Buffet and a Frank Sinatra impersonators as entertainment - not such a good combination in y opinion. All the little old ladies were swooning. I shouldn't talk - my hair is grey but I certainly wasn't swooning. I did, however, swoon over the blackened grouper sandwich - the BEST I have ever tasted. We also went back to a couple of old favourites like the Cuban Restaurant - 2 for 1 Mojitos and a Cuban sandwich - Yum Yum - I guess the secret is in the "press". It blends all the juices together.

I didn't go out with the guys this morning - I have to unpack, do laundry, clean up the place a bit. It is not bad considering there were 3 guys left alone all last week. I made dinner for them last night and I was a queen. They just flattered me so I would cook dinner for them every night. I have a spiral glazed ham I picked up at Pino's in the Sault in mind for dinner.

Rejean left me my gun with some slugs just in case I see some deer down in the clearing out back - he has noticed some activity down there so all I have to do is quietly open the window and take my shot - BUT I still don't know if I can do it - it is going to come down to the last second if I can do it. Hopefully I won't have to make that choice today.

I feel good today - it is nice to be with friends - see people you haven't seen in a little while. I still have a smile on my face and I know that it will last a long time. Thank you.

We booked our rooms for next year at the Bon Aire. My sisters Susan and Joanne will be coming with us. I am already planning for the next time...

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