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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


It was very hot during the month of July so we started spending time at Parker's - which is Stacey and Andrew's other property.  It has a great beach thanks to Barry and Sandy and the water was warm enough for the kids not to be chilly.  Remember, they are used to Abu Dhabi's bath water temperature beaches.  We brought over lots of floatys for everyone.  Once you got in the water, it was beautiful.  the kids liked running their monster buses and trucks along the bottom of the lake around and around.    they have so much energy.
Mary kayaked by and stopped for a chat.

Saw this beauty down by the water when we were playing with Sam.  It didn't move so I think it was just warming or digesting a big meal.  It is one of the biggest garter snakes I have seen around here.  He has been showing himself a few times this summer.   Charlie wanted to wrap it around his neck like he did with a snake in school on a meet and greet the animal day.  I told him he couldn't do that with this snake.  We watched it for a while but he didn't move so the kids got bored.  The next day he was gone.  But I will be looking for him so I can throw him a worm or two.  Always like to feed the snakes around here.

The kids wanted to sit in the kayaks after we brought them back from Parker's.  Figured it was safer to let them do it on dry land than in the lake.

Saturday, July 21, 2018


I was fortunate enough to rescue two painted turtles a few days before the kids got here.  I did want to keep one for the kids to see.  The first one was a perfect size but I had nothing to put him in and I didn't want him walking all over my car so I escorted him across the highway to safety.  The second one I encountered on my way home and I just so happened to have a box with all my bacon and sausages from Maple Ridge.  I dumped the packages of bacon and sausages out and put this one in the box for the ride home.  We had the aquarium in the shed to I got a rock and some water and made him a home.  He loved the worms I fed him.  He was a bit big but he was perfect for the kids to see and touch.  After we looked at him for a few hours, we let him go in our lake.  He was happy to see the open water.
The swing Rejean picked up last year at Costco was a hit this year.  We did have one little accident where Grandma pushed a little too hard and Charlie fell out and face planted in the trap rock.  What a horrible feeling.  Poor Charlie was a trouper.  We put some dinosaur band aids on his forehead and he was fine.  But there was no band aid for my feelings of guilt and sadness that I caused Charlie pain.  But, everything is good between Charlie and me now.
The last picture is of the first of many, many beer runs to the Post for the girls.  Jodie and her best friend Al did the donors.  We sure go thru a lot when they are here.  Anderoo  (Andrew's new name) and Stacey and Marilou helped too.
When everyone goes home it is time for me to detox...

Thursday, July 12, 2018


I have been busy - to say the least - so these are just a couple of pictures of the kids.  Charlie and Monty and their little friend Elsa.  They are having fun on the trampoline with Grandma telling them to stay away from each other when they jump and so far so  good.  The boys have been fishing already and both caught some good size bass.  And we have walked down to the highway and made the big trucks honk their horns at us.  The super hero capes are a hit!!

More later.  In my spare time...