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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Loading up our machine.
All dressed up and ready to fish!!!

Packing Ron's sled - this is Mary's machine

Ron's catch.

Mary and one of her nice fish

Mine - those fur hats are the warmest things on earth. Thank you Susan and Joanne.

Rejean, Me and Ron - and our catch

The finished product - 5 nice pan size Brookies

We woke up and it was -25!!! Maybe a little too cold to go fishing??? We had postponed the fishing trip the last 2 times so we decided to let Ron decide if we go or not - we waited for the phone call but it never came so we got ready and headed out the door. We rode the snow machine over to Ron's on the lakes - nice ride. It was very cold but sunny. We followed Ron and Mary to the lake and the guys got the holes drilled and Mary and I got the fire ready. It kept me warm wandering around gather sticks and trees. Rejean got one right off the bat - usually the first line in gets something. But, by the end of the day, everyone had caught fish. Rejean and I got a total of 5, and Ron and Mary got 5 as well. Ron W and his son Brent got 8.

The fire was keeping us warm and Ron and Mary brought some soup and other stuff to munch on. I brought some hot chocolate to keep me warm. I did have a beer but I had to tuck it into my snow suit to warm it up - it was starting to freeze. I had my camera in there too. Nice and warm in there.

We packed up at about 3:30 and headed home. A nice day fishing - I'm glad we postponed it until today - I think it was the best day - cold but nice. Everyone survived.

See Ya Bye

Friday, January 28, 2011


...if they can find a vein!!! We gave blood yesterday - it was my 33rd time and Rejean's 45th time (sometimes they can't take my blood). I usually have issues giving blood. Sometimes my iron level is down so they can't use it - sometimes it takes too long for the blood to come out so they can't use it - sometimes they can't get a vein so they can't even begin to get it - sometimes I have a small mark on my arm so they can't take it. But yesterday I sailed thru the iron testing, my blood pressure and temperature were good and my arms were clean of any scratches or marks - I got on the chair and waited for my technician to start the process. It was Allan and I could tell right away that he wasn't too sure of what he was doing. He wasn't confident - he was having trouble with the tensor band to find a vein. He found one and started the procedure. Well, he was taking a long time with it - I usually look away because I don't like to see the needle go into my arm. I could feel him poking it around so I looked. There was a lot of blood - he said the vein must have rolled. He took the needle out and wiped up the blood and got someone else to do my other arm. Jenn was the new technician and she did a great job. It was over in no time (actually about 15 minutes). After you are done you get free cookies!!! And I like the cookies. Clarence volunteers there and he bakes great chocolate chip cookies - it is so worth it just for the cookies!!!
I have already prebooked my next appointment - it is worth it because you get to help other people and you never know when you will need a blood transfusion - it is one of the easiest things to do that can do so much good. Think about it...and just do it.
See Ya Bye

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Rejean and Ron - they cook good fish - and have fun doing it :o)
Some of the Motley Crew

Looking down my hole - lots of ice

Ron W outside tending the tip-ups

My corner

Where they put me - Ron's permanent ice fishing hut

Rejean all set to go

There appears to be a continuing theme at our derbys - no fish are harmed during our events. This was either the 3rd or 4th (can't remember) Cheney Lake Fishing Derby and no fish were caught!!! Rejean was in the temporary shack and saw one of his tip-ups outside go down signalling a hit, but by the time he got out of the shack, it was gone. John also had a hit but that was about it. I got there about 11am and Ron took me out to my hut on his machine - he acted as the chauffeur , ferrying people in and out all day long. I was overdressed to say the least - his ice fishing shack couldn't really be called a shack - it had a propane heater in it, 3 permanent holes cut in 3 corners, done all in cedar and sided. It was luxury. My fishing partners were Arnold and Ron W. We had a couple of holes outside but I never bothered going out - I was quite comfortable in my hut. We went in around 1pm for lunch - chili, beans, cheese and crackers and kobassa - it was delicious. Linda, Dianne and Mary stuck around the heated party garage all afternoon while us crazy people tried to catch something. Then, all of a sudden, it was 4pm and we heard that the other shack had thrown in the towel and were all back at the garage. We closed up our shack and headed back. Bob gave me a ride back and what a ride it was - I was trying to hold onto my rod, my hat and him at the same time. It was wild. But we made it back.

Ron had taken out some walley and bass - probably anticipating our luck at fishing. Together, he and Rejean cooked up some great fish and Mary had prepared a pulled beef mixture for sandwiches plus some beans and cole slaw. For desert there were Linda's world famous Rice Krispie Squares (that I just love) and Joanne made a cherry cheesecake. We were stuffed. But a good time was had by all and everyone was gone by 8pm. I didn't give out my prizes because no one caught a fish!!! We will have another derby on our lake late in February or early March - just to carry on the tradition.
See Ya Bye

Monday, January 24, 2011


-20 right now but supposed to warm up to -8, with a wind chill of -13 - overcast and a light snow - p e r f e c t.
I'm getting my chili and dinks and beans ready, all the paper plates and bowls and cutlery is packed - I just have to get dressed and out the door. I have my fur hat packed as well.
Film at 11.
See Ya Bye

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This is the road equipment on Axe Lake - the duties are shared by Bob, John and Arnold. And, I must say, they do a good job of keeping the road open in the winter. Otherwise I would never be able to visit...:o)


Fastest snow angels I have ever seen!!!
Wing Nite at the Shepherds

Because we didn't have wings last nite (see blog below) John decided to cook some wings for Saturday nite at his place and then we were going to head over to Joanne and Mitch's place for a sauna. It was c-o-l-d!!! The wings were delicious - Randy and Robin were there as well, and Skip too. Randy prepared a chili with Beaver and Grouse in it and it was tasty - no beaver jokes, please. I think we heard them all last nite. John deep fried the wings and everyone had their fill. John and Linda went with us to the sauna. It felt really good. Every 10 or 15 minutes, you had to go outside to cool off. I only stood in the snow whereas John and Rejean made snow angels!!! Must had been alcohol induced. But everyone enjoyed themselves.
The cold spell is continuing today - it was -30 this morning on our balcony!!!! Thank goodness it is supposed to warm up tomorrow for the Derby - only -8 but with a wind chill of still -24 - I have dibs on a hut...
See Ya Bye
ps - you left too early Brent - maybe next time...Hi Nat


Gonna polish up my boots, and head into town, scrounge up $20 and throw it around - I heard those lyrics in a country song and it sort of sums up our Friday nite. We thought it was Wing Nite at the Curling Club so we got John and Linda to come with us. Well, it turned out it was last Friday nite - so we headed on over to the Pepper Mill for dinner. I thought they were going to ask us to leave we we causing such a ruckus. We ran into Erla and her gang and John knows everyone so we were having a good time. The Pepper Mill is not licensed so after dinner we hit the Sinton, the only bar in town. It was about 7:30 and we were the only ones in there, other than the bartender. The picture was taken at about 8:30pm and when we left at about 9:30, there still wasn't anyone there. On a Friday nite to boot...
See Ya Bye

Friday, January 21, 2011


Nice scenery by the side of the road
Waiting for more...

Up close, they look like a pipe organ.

Baby, it's cold outside. Only a high of -19 but really sunny. I walked down to the road and took a picture of the ice formation across the highway - it is there every year but I never tire of looking at it - especially in the sun. I took my gloves off to take 3 pictures but they quickly got very very cold. I had to warm them by the fire in the garage - plus have a beer with Rejean and check his purging and sorting - he's been bitten by the bug.

Boots was back 2 times today - once this morning and once at noon - I expect him back at dinner time - but he's gone during the day behaving like a real fox.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Our trail blazing was cancelled today due to...the cold. It was a wind chill of about -24 so it was called by Ron and Mary. Maybe Saturday - it's supposed to be nice r. After a trip into town with Rejean, we decided to break a trail between our place and Limberlost - there is an access to Chub Lake and Ute was kind enough to let us cut across her property to get to it. But we always had to ride on the shoulder of the highway to get there - well, not after today. We broke a trail along the property along side of the highway. Along the hydroline there were a bunch of stumps where Hydro had cleared trees and brush underneath the lines. They were just small and a chainsaw quickly took care of them. I got to ride the snowmobile along the trail a few times and it was fun. I also got to take it out on our lake. What a blast!! There was about 6 inches of light fluffy snow on the lake with an ice rink underneath. You couldn't go too fast because you started to slide. I had to slow it down around the corners. I went around 3 times. I was covered in snow but it was worth it.
When I came home I saw that the wood supply in the workout room was low so I had to fill it up - that's my job. And the fire is going all day - from about 9am until 9pm - it gives off nice heat - it's like exercising in a sauna.
Linda and I are headed to the Sault tomorrow - shopping over in the States and in Canada. The hydro is supposed to be out for a couple of hours tomorrow - a scheduled outage - so what else is there to do???
See Ya Bye
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


That little mini blizzard we had yesterday - well it dropped a bunch of snow overnite. This little guy (or girl - kinda hard to tell) was digging thru the snow for all the bird seed the birds drop - it is beneath the bird feeder. It is the same one from last year I can tell because when I put out some peanuts along with some seeds, he ignored the peanuts and just ate the seeds. Now, what squirrel does that? You have to toss it right under his nose for him to realize that it is a peanut and that he likes them. Keeps me occupied. So far, he is the only one around - last year I was feeding about 5 or 6 squirrels - he probably scared the others away.
Rejean blew snow today as well. Only the 2nd time this year. There's now enough snow to get on the trails. Maybe tomorrow...
See Ya Bye
Just got the word that we will be out on the trails tomorrow with Ron and Mary trying to get back into some lakes for future ice fishing adventures - looks like long underwear for sure tomorrow.
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Monday, January 17, 2011


We are having a little mini blizzard right now. The wind is blowing and the snow is whipping around the lake like crazy. I guess be careful what you wish for. The little birds are having a heck of a time hanging on to the bird feeder. I have a few flocks of pine siskins and sparrows - haven't seen my woodpeckers around. Lots of Blue Jays - it's fun to see them try and hang on to the little bird feeder - they steal the squirrels peanuts - always fun to watch. Remember, this is my entertainment up here.
Rejean got the snowmobile running today - now we are ready in case we decide to break some trails after we get enough snow...
We have postponed the Derby until Friday - Wednesday was supposed to be -15 with a wind chill of -24 - we may be strong and healthy up here but we are not stupid. There aren't enough huts to go around so we decided to hold it on Friday. Gives me more time to decide what I'm going to make - either "dinks and beans" (brown beans with pieces of hot dogs in it) or chili for 20 - just guessing on the amount of people who may show up. And Ron will be cooking fish for dinner - yum yum.
See YaBye

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Not enough to blow...
Some snow on the highway
Woke up to a bit of snow this morning - about 2 inches. And more snow is predicted for the next couple of days. That will help the cause. Rejean and Ron are going ice fishing on Jobam tomorrow - trying out Ron's hut...maybe catch a fish or two.
See ya Bye


The road into the dump
...into the pit
Looking back at the trailer and hut.
During the winter months, the dump is open only on Saturday from 10am til 2pm manned by Dave. I usually am in charge of garbage and look forward to the weekly trip. Dave and I usually chat for a bit then I drive over to the edge and throw the bags over into the ditch. If I have recyclables or something for the "store" I stop at the big trailer. Sometimes, if you are lucky, there will be other people there so you stop and talk to them - catch up on all the news in the area - if anyone is catching fish, where they caught them, etc.
Then I head back home to see what other work I have to do. I enjoy Saturdays.
See Ya Bye


I hit the Trading Post after the dump and found Keith all dressed up in his Pittsberg Steelers garb. It is game day today so he shows his colors to the rest of us as if we didn't know. He has a Steelers flag flying outside on the front of the Post. He has a towel with the Steelers colors hanging in the Post. I guess he likes the Steelers - I hope they play in the SuperBowl because it would make it so exciting up here teasing Keith. Go Steelers Go!!
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Friday, January 14, 2011


Here it is the 13th of January and we don't have that much snow. Not enough to get out the snowmobile and ride it in the bush or on the trails. The road is clear and the shoulders are nothing but gravel. It is worse than last year. At least you could get out on the machines - but not this year. The machine is in the garage with Rejean's little black box on the back filled with all his ice fishing stuff. We are tempted to get out the 4 wheelers!! We are supposed to get some snow for the next 3 or 4 days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
The Derby is scheduled for Wednesday on Jobam. I'll be there trying to get a fish.
Dump day tomorrow - one of my most favourite days.
See ya Bye

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The time is quickly approaching for the 3rd, or is it 4th, annual Cheney Lake Fishing Derby. I have put some thought into it lately. If you remember, as I must have blogged about at least one year, usually no fish are harmed during our derbys. We mark tons of fish (all going the same way it seems, but now I know better) so we know the fish are there. But we have never gotten as much as a nibble. We have used live bait and fake bait (Gulp) but nothing seems to entice the little bastards (sorry Mr. & Mrs. Barr) (btw I hope Mrs. Barr is feeling better after her event - I am glad it was discovered and dealt with).
I have come up with a solution to the fishing dilemma - it will be held on another lake. Some friends have offered to host the event on their lake, where there is a history of catching fish in winter. Should be a blast.
See Ya Bye

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have decided to do something different with my hair - I have, for the past few years, let my hair go "Natural". I have also worn it short. Well I do need a change and I have decided to let it grow out a bit and to return to a darker shade. However, it will be a temporary color treatment because I just can't commit to a permanent fix. Don't get me wrong, I like my silver color but, being a female, I can change my mind if I want to and I have.
For those who know me, I have always done some sort of exercise. I have a treadmill and a weight machine in my home plus a weight bench. If you do the same exercises over and over, your muscles get used to it and you don't see the same results. That had been happening to me. Stacey had a workout called P90X by Tony Horton. I watched her once and it was what I call a triple diamond workout - only for the young. Well Tony Horton also has a workout called the 10 Minute Trainer. I got a portable DVD player for Christmas to play the DVDs on. For those of you who think it is an easy workout, I say try doing 3 of the 10 minute workouts in one session - which I have been doing. I thought I was in decent shape but I can really feel my muscles - especially my thighs!!! And I climb stairs all day long. I guess you use different muscles for that. But I enjoy it. There is nothing like a good workout. And in the workout room is a wood stove that is going all day long so it is like working out in a sauna - I have to open the window to get some cold air.
My mantra has always been - if you stop you drop - so I don't. And I won't. It is my responsibility to keep myself healthy and able to perform the chores that you need to up here - plus I just feel better.
See Ya Bye

Monday, January 10, 2011


Otter tracks

My skating rink

Under the snow on our lake is a skating rink!!! It rained over the holidays and then froze so the lake is smooth. Then we had a snow fall and the snow is like sugar - very easy to shovel. John was over yesterday and took a walk on our lake - I won't go out on the lake until John has walked on it - just a tradition that I will continue to follow. He didn't fall thru so I won't. Today I got out and shovelled a small rink. It was beautiful today - cold this morning but then it warmed up. Almost like spring - nice and sunny and no wind.

I walked around the whole lake this afternoon and got a couple of good pictures. At the far end of the lake there were otter tracks - you can see where it ran then slid on it's belly along the snow. And they were fresh!!

The snow was like diamonds - it was sparkling everywhere - I had taken off my glasses at the house and it was too far to go back for them. I continued my walk along the shore - I was not going to chance walking down the middle of the lake just in case - I think I stood a better chance in the shallows. But it was nice - quiet!! It is hard to describe the silence. It is almost like a pressure on your ear drums.
I'll get the skates out tomorrow...
See Ya Bye

Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is the chair that started it all. We agreed to give Stacey and Andrew a week's worth of work in return for this chair, the weight bench, a tool chest and some pvr's. It kind of morphed into something more but I got my chair. I love it!!! It is very comfortable and I have staked my claim to it from now on. I plan to decorate the room around it - it already goes well with the flooring we have picked out and the club recliner chairs we have had our eyes on. The love seat will be black leather to match the stained oak cabinets. Can't wait.
See Ya Bye
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Friday, January 7, 2011


There's no place like home...we arrived last nite at about 8pm after being on the road since 6:15am (left Rick's place to go back to Amherstburg to get the truck and trailer). The roads were fine until Sudbury then all hell broke loose. Hauling a 6 x 12 foot U-Haul behind a big Dodge Ram 1500 was an experience. We tried to pull into a gas station but had to back out and find another one as Rejean could not manoeuvre it into place. All the time I'm riding white knuckled in the passenger seat trying to remain calm. And to top it off, I am sick!!! From being in contact with people from down south. But we managed to make it home in one piece - we just hauled up our toiletries and left the rest for today. What a chore - a trailer full of stuff to remove and store in the garage until tomorrow when we can begin to sort. Plus the back of the truck was full of Costco stuff and stuff we had "inherited" from Stacey and Andrew. I got my chair!!!! I will get a picture of it on the blog tomorrow - it is beautiful and worth every minute we spent helping them and all the time on the road. Plus I got a couple of Ikea bookcases for all Rejean's woodworking magazines. They will go in the finishing room once we get all those other boxes emptied from our move 5 years ago. More stuff - didn't I just write a blog about stuff???? But this stuff doesn't apply because I said so.
I filled the birdfeeders up and we now have a few birds coming - I don't know if they are my original flock but I hope so. We have been away for 3 weeks so they probably think we abandoned them - and I haven't seen my fox yet...altho Axe Lake was taking care of him for me.
But it is nice to be home in my own house even tho we felt very welcome at the places we stayed in Windsor and London but now we can get back to normal. I also got Stacey's weight bench so I can't wait to get at it. Once I feel better...
See Ya Bye

Saturday, January 1, 2011


The infamous stairway - 3 floor condo = lots of stairs...
The dark brown chest of drawers that should have been white but she kept it anyway - looks great!!!

That headboard weighs a ton - but we got it up those stairs - Stacey was very happy :o)

This is my 1100th posting (pictures are considered postings - just to let you know).

Just filling you in on our work so far at the new condo. Yesterday the new bedroom furniture was re-delivered. Earlier in the week Sears had tried to deliver it but the headboard would not fit in the elevator (it is a small service elevator) but we said we could make it fit so they redelivered it yesterday. They had to take it out of the cardboard container but they got it in the elevator and up to the condo, where they left it in the hallway - they didn't even attempt to take it up the stairs - they said it would not fit - well they don't know Rejean!! After they left, Rejean and Andrew lugged it up the stairs and got it into the bedroom. I think it weighed 130 pounds - it is a big mother. It looks great - it matches the paint Stacey picked out perfectly. It just blends - the store sent a dark brown chest of drawers instead of the white one but Stacey decided to keep it and she made the right choice - the room needed a bit of contrast (in my opinion) and it fits perfectly between the 2 sconces on the opposite wall from the bed. The tv will go on the wall to the right as you walk into the room. All they need to do now is get their mattress and they are all set to sleep there.
More pictures later
See Ya Bye


The bottle of beer you are looking at cost $140!! It is 41% proof!!! We split it 4 ways and I had to wash mine down with water!! It had a very bitter taste and it felt like it was burning a hole in my esophagus(?) but I drank it anyway. And it was true to it's name - Sink the Bismarck - it certainly sank me. I was in bed at 12:45 and awoke this morning with a wee headache. It is something I will never do again in my lifetime - I don't even think it was on my bucket list...who knew there even was a $140 bottle of beer - did you?
I have to thank Randy and his wife Gerry - they picked up the bill - and Andrew for introducing us to this beverage. Stacey stuck to wine - smart girl...
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