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Monday, June 27, 2011


This is the new tractor we got last week - Ron got the exact same one and got such a good deal, we couldn't pass it up. They gave us a great price on our trade plus we kept all the implements - it is actually 25 HP more than the old one but it looks like a toy to me. The tires are smaller but the real selling point was the cab. It has heat and air, an am/fm radio and c/d player, a drink cup holder (for your water of course) and hydrostatic transmission (?) which means you can go forward and then reverse without shifting. I got to drive it the other day and I like it - you just have to get used to not having to stop and then shift into reverse or forward. You just use the pedal!! When Rejean would go out to blow the snow in the winter, he would be bundled up tight with his googles and balaclava and snow suit and when he came in, he was covered in snow and ice - now he can go out and blow snow in his shorts and t-shirt - he won't, but he could. It will be much more comfortable for him - and for me because I will be doing it this year. There is a method to my madness...
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That's Mary, Rejean, Roger and Ron on board the new pontoon. Missing from the picture is Arnold, Joy, Bob and myself but we got on board right after this photo was taken for the tour of Basswood. I sat right up front and enjoyed the breeze and the view. There were 8 of us and there was room for lots more - very smooth ride and very stable - you could walk around with no problems. A great fishing boat in my opinion. Bob and Arnold brought their rods and used them when we went ashore for a pee break. But, no fish were harmed that day. You are seeing more and more pontoons up here, especially on the bigger lakes - not good for a lake our size.
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The kids jumped off this rock straight down into the water from the second highest point - the blue blur on the right hand side and just to the left of center is 2 children jumping into the water. They had a riot and gave me lots of photo ops. I, unfortunately, did not have my bathing suit with me so I couldn't join them but maybe next looks like a lot of fun.
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That's Les and Plain Jane's pontoon leading the tour of Basswood Lake - and the water is that color.
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Yesterday, Sunday, we went for a 4 1/2 hour cruise on Basswood Lake on Roger's new pontoon boat (I call them patio putt putts but they are party boats) Roger has a place on Axe Lake but our mutual friends, Plain Jane and Les, have a place on Basswood Lake and they also have a pontoon boat. So it was decided to have a pontoon boat party - Roger launched in Basswood and away we all went. There was 8 of us on Roger's boat and 8 on Les'. It was a perfect day - sunny and hot and very little breeze. No bugs!!! Basswood has some beautiful "camps" on it - some vintage and some very new. This one caught my eye as well as a number of others. But the taxes are very high on this lake so I will stay put where I am. The lake itself is very deep and very clear - I liken it to the Caribbean - and very cold. The bass are still on their nests!!
After the cruise, we had a great dinner - it was pot-luck and I brought my deviled eggs - hey, when everyone likes them and they barely make it to the table, you know what to bring. There was pizza caserole, a rice and sausage dish, perogies, chicken, salads and more. Everyone had plenty to eat.
A good time was had by all and I got a start on my tan.
See Ya Bye
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last Monday and Tuesday, Rejean and I helped Ron and Mary stack their fire wood.  It's a big job for them so we helped.  Ron drove the tractor - we filled the bucket from the wood pile outside, then Ron drove the tractor inside the drive/wood shed where I handed the pieces of wood to Rejean who stacked it.  I am not allowed to stack because I am not very good at it - my stacks fall - Rejean's were near enough perfect - even Ron was impressed.  I know my limitations.  So for 6 hours each day, minus union breaks and lunch breaks, we did that. We had quite the rhythm going. There were some big spiders in that wood pile and each time I would jump because I spotted one, Ron would laugh at me.  Rejean killed them for me, saving my life yet again.  The lunches Mary provided were delicious!!  Sandwiches on grainy bread, veggies, cheeses and desert - had to keep our strength up.  But we got it done - about 25 cord I think he said.  Each row over 6 feet high and at least 20 feet long and two rows deep covering 3 sides of the building - now that's a lot of wood!!
See Ya Bye

ps-probably the last picture of the tractor - big news on a later blog...

Monday, June 20, 2011


This guy was MIA for the longest time but has recently reclaimed his seat to welcome everyone back to Axe Lake.  Either that or he has been waiting a long time for a bus that will never come.  His right arm is held up by fishing line tied to a branch and when the breeze blows, it is like he is waving.  Leave it to John to rig this up - but, it is just not the same without Mr. Bones.  Come and see for yourself...
See Ya Bye

Sunday, June 19, 2011


My Father and me on the Harley - one of the few pictures I have of him

My father has been gone for 29 Father's Days.  I still can't believe it has been that long.  He had his demons, as we all do, but his were bad ones.  I have a few good memories of him - watching Shirley Temple movies on tv on Sunday mornings - she was always losing her dad.  We tried to put Saturday nite's screaming and yelling out of our little minds.  To this day I sleep with the covers over my ears.  It blocked out some of the sounds from downstairs.  He was a good mechanic but as is always the case, everyone else's vehicles were taken care of - except his own.  He was a pilot for Leaven's Brothers and was the first person to land a plane on Pelee Island at night to pick up a woman who was going to have a baby  He loved his motorcycles - we named one of our dogs after the Suzuki he brought home in a basket and put  back together.  We had a 250 Harley Davidson motorcycle that we learned to ride on with him.  He loved to be up at Susan's farm.  In the later years, he had calmed down but never quite gave up the drinking.  He ran out of time.  He made peace with my Mother and they remained friends to the end. 
I wish my childhood had been different but it  made me the person I am today - I know that I have learned the lessons my father never knew he taught me. 

See Ya Bye

Friday, June 17, 2011


There were two of them out the other nite - they enjoy the late afternoon sun. The last picture you will see of these guys...I promise.
See Ya Bye
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Thursday, June 16, 2011


If this tree had been in better shape, I could see furniture but it had to come down - it was starting to rot - food for the bon-fires...
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Joanne and Mitch had a few trees taken down - mainly danger trees that would do a lot of damage if they came down. It really opens up the place but there is a lot of clean-up to do. I am thinking a big bon-fire later in the year like we did with other brush - weather permitting of course. Looks good.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011


On our 4-wheeler adventure today, we got to the Mississaugi and it is way up. Here's Ron looking at the view - he grew up here - his parents had a lodge up the highway a long time ago. So, he knows the best places to fish - but he's not talking...
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On our 4-wheeler run today on FootPrint Lake road, we came across two turtles. Nice big ones. They were probably laying their eggs in the dirt. They are painted turtles I believe - not the snappers - I would never have got this close to a snapper - They Lunge!!
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Rejean decided to give the grater-blade attachment  for the tractor a try today, over on Oak leaf Trail. He did a good job. Nice and straight.
See ya Bye
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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Not our lake but a neighbouring lake. Sorry it is a little blurry - the tremor must have kicked in - my camera is supposed to have an anti-blur component but I guess it wasn't working last nite. This beauty belongs to Roger and he was suppposed to launch it today but it has been raining so I don't know if he got it done. He was taking it down to Hooverville - I can just imagine the parties this boat will see - I think he will be fishing off of it as well. It is a fine looking fishing boat...just saying.
See Ya Bye
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Got another picture of the fox babies and just look at his/her little legs - black - just like Boots!!! But the den is too far away from our area so I don't think Boots is the father - besides, Boots is too busy eating to mate.
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Thursday, June 9, 2011


That little thing is a baby fox - I think they call them kits.  They like to come out of their dens in the late afternoon sun and enjoy the warmth.  They are very cautious and if they see you they will pop back into their dens - as it should be.  There are about 4 (all that I could see) and they are the cutest things - all fluffy - they don't have the vivid red coloration of the adults yet - they are actually a little dull in color but they blend into the back ground better.  I hope they make it.  I like foxes.
See Ya Bye


This morning, Ron, Rejean and I spent about 3 hours cutting and trimming grass at the Community and Fire Halls.  The grass had become a bit long and the places looked scruffy.  Anyone driving by would think that we didn't care about our Community Centre and Fire Hall.  And it is tourist season so there is a lot of traffic going by.  Ron rode the riding lawn mower around - he had to go over a few spots because it was so long.  Rejean manned the Bush Hog.  It is actually a whipper on wheels - but with heavy duty wire for the dense brush which consists of little trees and shrubs.  I used a regulation whipper but it was very light - it didn't even have a strap!!  And I could start it myself.  Usually I don't have much luck with pull start things, but this thing started just like that.  And the weather was perfect for working - nice and cool, with a good breeze to keep the bugs away.  The place looked great after we were done. 
The Fire Hall needs a new roof - the original roof has been on since 1985 or 1986 - it is time.  We will be getting together some volunteers to do it and I have offered the Ladies of Wharncliffe to feed the guys.  That will be this year's project.  So if you would like to contribute to the Raising of the Wharncliffe Fire Hall's Roof Fund, please feel free to send them to Wharncliffe Fire Hall, Wharncliffe Ontario P0R1L0.  Any thing is appreciated.  How's that for a blatant plea for $$$.
See Ya Bye


We went to Bob's to watch the game on Wednesday nite.  When we arrived, this is what we saw.  A huge branch from a nearby tree had broken off and just narrowly missed Bob's party garage, right in the corner where the TV is!!!  It did damage the tarp on his wood piled beside the garage.  Bob was in his house and didn't hear it come down and when he was walking around the garage he saw this thing.  He was a little surprised to say the least.  This year's close call is next year's fire wood - get the chain saw, Bob!! See Ya Bye

ps - what time is it in Boston?

       12 past Luongo

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Yes, that is a significant number.  That is how many posts I have had since I started this blog. 1,234.  Seems like a lot but you have to remember, the photos count as posts so I haven't really been that busy.  But I have a lot of loyal readers, and, really, you are the reason I do this.  So enjoy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


From the left...Brent, Kenny, Arnold and Bob. The bugs weren't too bad so they sat outside watching John BBQ the meat. Johns still has 1/2 bunk of wood to do. Linda helps and she doesn't even break a nail - I am very proud of her for that.
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On Saturday nite, I went over to John and Linda's for the hockey game and for dinner - Bob, Kenny, Joy, Arnold, Brent and myself were treated to deliciour hamburgers and hotdogs and macaroni salad. I made a white cake for desert and Linda supplied the strawberries and CoolWhip for topping. We had a good time watching the game. I started out drinking margueritas but ended the eveing drinking water. I did have to drive home you know. I left after the 3 periods and by the time I got home, Vancouver had made it 2 in a row. They will win the cup - it is their destiny...
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There are tons of these butterflies around doing this. There is a bunch of butterflies all swarming on the ground - usually on gravel or dirt - they must be getting some nutrient but it is weird to see. I tried to sneak up on them but they flew away - there had to be over 20 all flapping their wings on the ground - I only manged to get about 6 this time.
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I stopped at the Tunnel lake Trading Post for gas the other day and came across this photo op in the parking lot. Behind him is a long, flat bed trailer holding 4 quads and about 10 gas cans, all empty and being filled. Then this guy wheeled out his supply of beer and posed for pictures for his buddies, who all had their cell-phones out. I asked if I could get a picture too. I always ask permission. I laughed and wished them a great weekend and reminded them not to drink and quad (spoiled all their fun I bet)
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Dr. Ana and Stacey making S'Mores from a kit that we got at Valu-Mart in Thessalon. It contains all the fixin's for S'Mores. The graham crackers, chocolate pieces and marshmellows. I admit I don't like sweet things like that, but I ate 2 (I think my teeth hurt after the first one). Not too shabby.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here's a nice picture of Bill , the original owner of Bill's Boat. He fished our lake one afternoon a few years ago with us, and he caught 9 big bass and enjoyed every minute of it. He was fun to fish with.
Nice memories of a nice man...
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Me...on a rock high above the highway - it is not as hazardous as it looks - I was in no real danger - as long as I was on that side of the rock.
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