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Monday, April 18, 2022


 Snowing again today.  The lake is still ice covered with only a very limited melt close to shore.  There is still snow in the bush.  It is very depressing to say the least. We can't get to the wood yet to start splitting as the pile is still covered in snow.  We need a few days of sun and warmer temperatures to get the snow melting.  We are lucky we have the play house to work on and I must say I am very impressed with our progress.  The boys will love it!!  We built it in the garage and will take it apart and reassemble it when we can get to the spot where it is going to go.  That spot is still snow covered as well.  It won't take long to put it back together.  the difficult part will be having enough help to move it from the garage to the site.  Joanne and Mitch will be here the middle of May and Rick and Steve are coming as well.  We will have to have lots of beer on hand.  Now fingers crossed that Jodie and the Boys and Dave will be able to travel this summer.  It has been a long time...