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Monday, August 29, 2016


Finally got the time to get the trailer up to Hinkler and spend some time with Mitch and Joanne on the trails.  It was a beautiful day to get started and set up.  We got in a short run down a favourite trail and spotted two grouse - hope they stick around for a couple of weeks for the start of hunting season. There was a bear hanging in camp when we got back taken by a bow hunter.  It wasn't very big - probably last year's cub but exciting for the hunter I bet.  On the way up the Hinkler Road we lost our water tank - thank goodness Mitch and Joanne were following us and noticed the big water tank in the middle of the road.  Easily fixed but a pain in the ass for the weekend.  We got in a good breakfast on Saturday before heading out to find a specific spot - the headwaters to the Mississauga River - a 100km round trip from our trailer.  We had on our rain gear as it was supposed to rain which it did - not heavy but enough that the faster you went the more the rain hurt your face.  We took our fishing gear and Mitch got a nice pike off the bridge.  It was released to fight another day.  On the way back a large otter crossed right in front of us - what a sight.
We returned home on Sunday with the broken water tank.  Once fixed we will return to Hinkler and Joanne and I are taking our kayaks to fish while the guys fix the trailer.
As it should be...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The weatherman said it was going to be nice so a perfect day to finally do the river.   We got loaded up and arrived at the launch spot and got going.  It was also a fishing day - Rejean rigged us up with an ice fishing rod with a good reel on it and we were all set.  We launched at LaFoe which would mean a "short" trip but we took our time and fished our way to the put out spot.  It took us about 3 1/2 hours to complete the trip and we got 8 fish!!  Sandy got a big one that gave her a good fight - especially in a kayak.
I had a passenger for a while who kept getting in the way of my paddling.
The next picture is of Joanne who came over and netted my bass for me.  Good job Joanne!!  And then I got a walleye in a spot that I go to but can never reach the other side of the river where the better spots are except in the kayak or boat.  I knew I would get something there.  Mitch got a nice bass but didn't have a stringer with him so the fish jumped right out of his kayak!!  Then he had another one on that I went to net but it got off.  Still fun to have one on.
Sandy and Barry with their nice stringer of bass and then Rejean with his nice bass too.
It was a great day - we took our time and explored the shoreline and found some good holes.  There were rapids that we took - sometimes backwards!! like me - and rocks to avoid.  The water is so clear and refreshing.  No one capsized and there were no close calls.  The river is shallow in most spots so it is not too dangerous but you do have to be careful.  And we all wore our lifejackets!!!!
I see another fish fry in our future and another day on the Mighty Mississagi.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Len Dosman - a true gentle man

A true fisherman knows when and where the fish are biting
He rises up early in the morning, plying the water for that elusive catch,
waiting in the stillness for a nibble, a slight twitch in the line,
expertly he reels it in - a good fisherman knows a keeper when he sees one,
he knows when to toss one back,
and when to head for home...

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Our little Chipmunk friend has developed a taste for tomatoes - red, green or anything in-between.  Thank goodness he doesn't like the cucumbers...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I will have to take a few days to completely report on the Robinson Wedding we attended this past weekend in Engelhart.  We got there on Thursday after travelling up with Joanne and Mitch - it was a hot day and the car's outside temperature recorded a high of 35!!!  Thank goodness the hotel had air conditioning (once you figured out how to work the air conditioner)  Our job on Friday was to help with the food for the 11pm buffet the next day, help decorate the hall and I had to prepare my devilled eggs for that evening's BBQ held back at Kyle and Malorie's farm.  I was very proud of myself for making the "meat flowers" for the trays of lunch meat I helped make - rolling meat is an art!!!  Dora taught me well and trusted me to make the final couple of flowers.  Deb was busy in a corner working on the wedding cake - I did sample the icing and it was delicious.  Jack and Sue supplied the smoked pork chops and sausage for the BBQ and Rejean and Mitch cooked them to perfection.  I think there were over 50 people there.  One of the gifts was a  hand painted sign for the farm with Kyle and Mal and Colton and Camryn's name on it.  It was beautiful.  The Robinson cooler was lent to them by Sue who won it at one of the Buck and Doe events.  The beer was kept very cold!!!  We then headed back to the hotel where a "family room" was set up for the guests and we all sat around and had a great time talking about everyone and everything and drinking.  It was not a late night for me because I wanted to get enough rest to stay up late the next night - which I did!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


...but not really.  The leaves start to turn around this time of year.  Hard to believe fall is just around the corner.  But after the heat we have been having it will be a welcome change.
Heading to Kirkland Lake tomorrow morning for the wedding weekend.  Kyle is going to marry the beautiful Malorie, the mother of the twins Camryn and Colton.  It will be wonderful to see everyone together again and party with all the friends we have made over the years.  We will welcome the Huff's to the Scott/Robinson family with open arms.  And as promised by Jim, one hell of a celebration.  I am sure it will be.  
Pictures to follow for sure!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We went to the fireworks display at the marina in Thessalon after hearing and reading an article about them.  It is a display put on by a Windsor company - K & H Distributing.  The night was just perfect - not too warm and no breeze.  There was entertainment and quite a crowd gathered to watch.  We headed over to the front pier and set up our chairs - we had the best seats in the house.  This company can use 12 inch shells I think - the same size as they use in the Detroit/Windsor displays.  I couldn't tell the difference.  The show was amazing.  They even had some fireworks that dropped in the water and then shot up in the air - as shown in the bottom picture.  It floated on the water and from our seats they looked like they were coming right at us - we probably were seated at the very limit of where we were allowed to be.  The top picture was one I had never seen as well.  The arch was formed by fireworks shot from a boat and an island in the harbour.  Beautiful.  The noise and the ethos were great!!!  
It certainly was a show that you didn't expect from such a small community.  Thanks to K & H Distributing for such an amazing show!!  I will be back next year for sure!!