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Wednesday, February 16, 2022



I was at the Post today talking to Cathy and she mentioned she hadn't seen pictures of the boys lately so I promised her I would post some today - I do do requests!!

The first picture is of them with their new year's eve glasses on.  Can't believe how big they are getting.  They will be 8 this August!  Where did the time go?

Next is them during lockdown doing E Learning.  Yes.  Even across the world they did that as well.  And Jodie, being a teacher, was doing her E Teaching at the same time.  Hope they had enough computers or laptops.

The next is them doing family 5Ks.  Both Jodie and Dave are runners - as is Aunt Stacey - so it is in their blood.  They get out when they can and when it isn't100 degrees!!!

And a picture of one of the fish children.  They both love the water and are very good swimmers.  Can't get them out of the water.  They find the water here a bit chilly.

And finally a picture of the four of them.  The boys are getting a bit big to be picked up.  But they still enjoy it and as long as Jodie and Dave can still manage it, why not.  Makes a great picture.

Hope to see them this July!

Monday, February 14, 2022



Wishing all the Lovers out there and regular people too, a very Happy Valentine's Day.  Enjoy!

Friday, February 11, 2022



Sorry I have been missing for a bit but it is what it is.  But I promise to be better at Blogging and keeping you up to date what has been going on up here in this winter wonderland.  

Lots of small projects this winter.  One of them was a beam for Stacey and Andrew's cottage.  They priced one out and it was almost $1000.  We decided to make one ourselves.  A faux barn board made out of regular pine boards.  They used a wire brush to scuff it up and then used a torch to burn the whole board.  then a grey stain was applied and you really couldn't tell the difference.  Rejean made some black pieces to hide the seam and then matched up ones for the ends where the beam meets the walls.  All in for about $150!!!

Next Rejean bought a new truck and it is a nice one.  We had to wait for it but it was worth the wait.  It is a bad ass looking truck.  It clashes with my orange car but they had a new compass in the showroom in the same red and if it is still available next year when I am due to get my new car, I am getting it in red.  Sharp looking car!!

AND I Wordle!!  It is addicting to say the least.  I don't do too bad for first thing in the morning which is when I do it.  And if you think I actually got one on the first try, I didn't.  When I did my first one it was not on this site so when I found the game where they keep track of your games, I put the word in in the first line and it registered as a guess in the first line.  This shot is from last week I think.  AND I also do Wordle2 which is a 6 letter game instead of 5 letters.

And my little project was these two feathers I made for Susan and Joanne.  I had seen some on Facebook that sell for $100 and I thought I can make those.  Not bad for my first try.  I used some old cedar boards from Stacey and Andrew's deck that had rotted but we kept them.  I have learned around here you never throw out anything.  HaHa

Well I have to get back to watching the Olympics and just to let you know I am rooting for the Bengals on Sunday because it is the year of the Tiger.