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Saturday, February 28, 2009


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WARNING: if you are getting tired of all the weather-related blogs, or of pictures of SNOW - be warned, this is one of them.

Woke up and it was -30C -you can be sure I got that fire going quickly. It was 60F up here which really isn't so bad. I like it cool at night (helps the flashes you know) but when I get up I like to be warm. Decided I would had into town today since I didn't make it yesterday because of the windy conditions and also we blew and shovelled SNOW for most of the day. I had to get some ingredients for some new recipes I found (the soup one was good!). We got our hair cuts today as well. You can only go so long without a trim. Just because we live in the bush doesn't mean we have to look like we do. Besides it cheered me up. I think I have cabin fever. I can't wait until spring. Tomorrow is the first day of March which means we have gone from early November til today - 4 months - without seeing the ground. It has all been covered in SNOW. Don't get me wrong I like the stuff but enough is enough. From the pictures I blogged today you can see just how deep it is. And after yesterdays strong winds, it is amazing the drifts!! The pictures at LimberLost show how deep they got. I hope you can get a feel for how deep they were. The steps at the front completely covered over. It was up to my shoulders!! And Houghie, a friend of Ute's, dug it out for her.
My friend the raccoon was back today - I didn't see him yesterday - it has been cold so maybe he was back in a semi-hibernation mode. I just happened to look out the window and saw him hanging from the bird feeder - just hanging there - I don't think he knew what to do one he was up there - he just kept looking around. When he finally fell/dropped off, he scrambled up the tree - I think he startled himself. I couldn't stop laughing. Free entertainment!!
Joanne and Mitch are off to Mexico tomorrow. My Mexican vacation is sitting downstairs in boxes ready to be installed - a toilet and flooring. But for sure next year, come hell or high SNOW, I will be somewhere warm and sunny and I'll be lying on the beach with my cocktail in hand, soaking up the sun with my sisters.
Tomorrow is the day I start my marathon training - I have been keeping up with the weights but have neglected my cardio. I need to start sometime and tomorrow is as good a time as any. Spring is just around the corner and I can't wait to get on the road. Life IS good.
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Friday, February 27, 2009


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Well, I didn't make it to town today - instead we spent the better part of the day taking care of the SNOW that fell and blew last nite. I said that we were to get 10-15 cm but it turned out to be 20-30 cm of SNOW. And boy did the wind blow!! And it was cold. There had to be about 8 inches of SNOW this morning. I had to get out first thing to feed the flock - they were beginning to tap on the window to alert me to the fact that there was no food - it had all been covered by the SNOW. I got my boots on and went outside with my bathrobe on (and little else) and fed the little creatures. They were very appreciative.
Now to the toilet story. You know that I had ordered the dual flush toilet from the local hardware store in town and it was on back order - for 5 weeks!! I finally called on Monday and was told it wasn't in. I asked how much longer I would have to wait and I was told she would check on it but not today as they were busy and it was probably on some boat somewhere. I got off the phone and called the local hardware store 12 minutes down the road in Bruce Mines. They had one in stock!! I explained the situation and asked if he would sell it to me at the original sale price of $83.00 from back in January. He said YES!! I thanked him up and down and promised him all my business. He had it all boxed up and waiting for me when I got there. Now we have everything except the shower tiles for the new bathroom. Let the work begin!!!
Tomorrow dump day and I will be going into town.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009


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It certainly is a long winter - we are supposed to get more snow tonite with very windy conditions. Oh well - that's what life is like up here. It is a bit depressing. Spring can't be too far away, can it? I hope not.
Yesterday we attended a meeting of the Forest Management Plan 2010-2020. It was just an information meeting so interested parties can see what the plan is for the next ten years for the forests around here. You have a chance to see what they want to do and you offer your suggestions and hopefully, we will come to some sort of compromise.
Tomorrow or Saturday, I head off to town for some stuff - ValueMart is having a sale so it is off to town I go.
I may have a new reader - my nephew Sean. HI SEAN!!
We are expecting 5-10 cm more snow with very high winds tonite so maybe I won't be going anywhere.
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Monday, February 23, 2009


Did anyone else catch the little Chinese or Japanese winner at the Academy Awards say this phrase at the end of his acceptance speech? He kept saying "Thank you so and so" and at the end he said Domo Arigato Mr Roboto. He nodded then walked off the stage. I had to use the PVR to check on what I thought I heard. It was one funny moment in the awards.
More tomorrow
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ps I like this song - it is on my Ipod

Sunday, February 22, 2009


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Rejean took off ice fishing with Ron so I took some time to enjoy the day. I shovelled the snow from the front of the house and got a start on Stacey and Andrew's deck. It is quite deep and there are icier layers. But I didn't do it all today - I left some for another day. I also took some more pictures - I hope you enjoy them.
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Friday, February 20, 2009


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What is today? Oh yes, Friday. almost, but not quite. Today, after unloading 32 boxes of the flooring we got yesterday in the Sault at Home Depot, we decided to go out on the snowmobile. We got all dressed and were off. We had to travel along the road for a bit until we came to the old Axe Road turnoff. I got off while Rejean went over the big pile of snow along the highway. I am always afraid it will tip with me on when he goes over the mound. We travelled along until we came to the real Axe lake road, and we turned right to John and Linda's place. We stopped for a beverage and Skip came over. Kenney and Bob eventually made their way over as well. We decided to go for a little adventure. Linda doesn't come because she gets too cold. She stayed behind. Kenny had an ice fishing shack which we went to inspect. We all stood around for a while then got back on the machines and headed over to Tunnel Lake. We travelled along a trail where they were logging. Further along Kenny got stuck and we had to haul him out. Fun. We headed over to Skip's for a little rest. I got some good pictures of Kato, his African Grey parrot. After we rested up, we headed out over Cummings Lake to the Little Pickerel Lake road and came out at the gravel pit. John, Kenny and Bob headed home and we did the same. A good, fun day. I do enjoy snowmobiling. But I am quite content to be a passenger.
tomorrow I head to the Sault to pick up the rest of the flooring. By myself. A nice, quiet day to myself.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Have you ever cheered out loud when you come across a great bargain? Well I had that experience yesterday at Home Depot - talk about a life changing event. We were in the Sault for the Rankin concert so we did a little shopping in the meantime. After the habitual visit to Canadian Tire we headed over to the Home Depot. We did a have list. As usual whenever I visit a Home Depot I meander over to the flooring to see my Tuscan Stone floor. Well, imagine my surprise when I read a little sign underneath that said "was originally $75/box has now been reduced to $49/box" I had to pinch myself. I really did look twice and couldn't believe my eyes. THAT kind of moment. Well I just about ran thru the store looking for Rejean. He did have to finish looking at something before he came over. He immediately took out a pen and paper and started calculating. I was looking for a store employee. We calculated we would need more boxes than what they had out front. I wanted to know that what we ordered would be on sale. The girl said they had 44 boxes in the store but only 32 out front. They looked but couldn't find the remaining 12 boxes. they had 12 in Sudbury so I paid for them and knew I would have to drive to Sudbury to pick up the deal of the century. No problem. We picked up the flooring this morning and when we arrived home the man from Home Depot said just after we left the truck delivered more of our flooring so I cancelled Sudbury, paid in the Sault so another trip to the Sault for me on Saturday to pick them up. But what a deal. And a long story. But I got my floor!! And they were going to discontinue the design. So if you want some nice flooring take a look at Home Depot - the sale is at every Home Depot. Tuscan Stone by Dupont - made in Spain. So it figured out at $2/sq ft in stead of $2.99/sq ft. Nice quality stuff.
But the snow when we came back!! Rejean blew snow all day. It was over 1ft in some places. But it was fluffy.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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ROAD TRIP!!! Tomorrow we head to the Sault to see the Rankin Family - it is a birthday present I have given to myself. We have seen them a couple of times in Windsor and we really enjoy them. We have a couple of their CDs and we have played the h-ll of out them. They are on a cross country tour and the Sault just happens to be one of their stops. I tried to get tickets on-line but it took so long I had to finally phone in my order. We have good seats so I am really excited. I made reservations at an area motel where they offer a senior's discount which is always welcome. We'll do some shopping as well as getting the oil changed on Rejean's truck. But, just to spoil everything, there is snow in the forecast - about 30 cm on the way. Oh well - we'll just take it slow.
Roger came over and Rejean and him made the little bracket at the back of the snowmobile to carry a tote. Those things don't come with luggage racks but this will work just fine to carry all the ice fishing equipment etc.
A slow day today - the fox came around this morning. We haven't seen him in ages. I had some left over fish to give him and he had a good feast. I also hadn't seen the raccoon since the day before yesterday but he was also around today. I guess they didn't see each other - my money would be on the raccoon in that fray - apparently they can be quite vicious in a confrontation. I always make a noise when I go into the wood shed now - just in case he is sleeping.
I'll have a report on the road trip on Thursday.
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Monday, February 16, 2009


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The fish fry yesterday was a success - of course. It was so nice Rejean and I walked out to the middle of the lake and just stood in the sun - you could feel he heat on your back. The sky was blue, not a cloud in the sky. We just stood there as the people started to arrive - they made their way down to us and we all just stood around and had a drink on the lake. Linda is not too keen on walking on a frozen lake so when she got out to us we all started jumping up and down to scare her. She shot us all the look so we stopped. She was never in any danger. There was a lot of fish, the splake, perch, salad, fries, rice and for desert, vanilla ice cream with butterscotch or chocolate sauce or Chambord liquor. After we just sat around and laughed - people started getting a little rowdy. Everyone was gone by 9:30. After we had been in bed for about 15 minutes we got a call from Bob and Kenny, two friends on Axe lake who had just got in yesterday from Windsor - they continued the fun on the phone for about 5 minutes - needless to say they were also a bit tipsy. It was all fun.
Today Rejean went ice fishing and I went for a walk on the lake - nice. I didn't even have my ipod on. Just to enjoy the peace and silence was worth the cold. I got some good pictures.
The snow is coming tomorrow and Wednesday - figures. Just when we plan a trip to the Sault - oh well - I am still going.
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Saturday, February 14, 2009


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It turned out to be a great day for ice fishing. We met Roger, Jim, Joy and Arnold at Limberlost's driveway - they trailered the snowmachines from Axe lake so they wouldn't have to travel on the road - there really isn't a lot of snow on the roads and it isn't good for the machines. From there we headed out over Chub lake, thru the bush to Jobam then to Wakamata then down the trail to Dam Lake. We met Ron and Mary on the way - great timing. It was an all dayer and we caught some fish. the other group was out trying for perch and all they got was small ones - no keepers. It was Ron's Day to shine - he caught lots of splake and a couple of perch - Mary got some as well. I got about 5. Ron gave us all his fish to clean for the party on Sunday. It was sunny all day, no wind - a great day for fishing.
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Friday, February 13, 2009


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For those of you out there who celebrate this day, go ahead and Celebrate. I feel that you should always tell people that you love them if you do. Sometimes it may be difficult but it is important that people know this. Life is short. So don't wait for special days when every day is special.
But enough mushy stuff...
Our little guest just doesn't seem to want to leave. I didn't see him this morning so I thought he must have wandered off. I went into my wood shed to get the pail for the ashes and took a look around and lo and behold - there he was all curled up in the BBQ cover on top of the wood. I was making a fair bit of noise and he didn't even look up. I thought maybe because the last few days have been a bit mild that he must have come out of hibernation (he has been moving very slooooowly) and now that it is colder he went back to sleep - but no...he was back feeding at the bird feeder again. The squirrel is thoroughly pissed. And the birds all avoid him. Roger and his brother Jim and Buddy, the hefty golden lab snowshoed over today and Buddy scared the raccoon up the tree. I would have paid good money to see the look on the raccoon's face when Buddy showed up. I wonder how fast he climbed the tree - up to now it is about as fast as a sloth. We are going to have to get a live-trap and relocate him. The guys were joking about how they are good to eat and you have to cut all the fat away - I told them over my dead body. But he has to go. We are going into the Sault next week so we will get a live trap big enough for him - I don't think it will be the only time we have to relocate an animal.
Tomorrow is the big ice fishing adventure on Axe Lake. There will be about 9 of us heading out. It is supposed to be nice and sunny with a -5C temp. Perfect. We got all our gear ready - there is a lot of preparation to this you know. We oiled up the sled, bought the minnows (when you ask for 1 dozen minnows, you get one dozen minnows - no more and no less. Keith is a good counter), worms, Gulp minnows, the tip-ups, scoop, auger etc. I got some 5 year old white cheddar from Little Rapids General Store (wooden floors and all) some venison pepperonis from last year's hunt and, of course, beverages. We will have the big fish fry with everyone on Monday here. You think it's fun catching them, wait until you eat them. Any excuse for another party. I'll record all the action for my next blog. Stay tuned...
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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My Friend Chris is having a birthday today (Thursday, February 12). I hope you have a good day - at work!! I know Egon will have dinner made for you when you get home and probably a nice cocktail waiting as well. Plus a little something later on no doubt. Anyway, have a good one. I'll pick a nice picture of you from my archives.
I got to plow the snow that had fallen off the roof of the garage - it goes all over the road - to a depth of about 2 feet this time. I got the tractor out and, after some instruction from the master, I got to work. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to finish but it looked great after. I got a good load in the scoop and unloaded it over the side by the wood shed. I only hit one tree - just a little gouge - so I am happy with that. I didn't even have my helmet on.
It really melted out there today - I stepped outside this morning and it was beautiful out - the sun was shining and it wasn't even cold. Almost like spring. What does that old ground hog know anyway??
I helped Rejean do some plumbing - mostly holding pipes up while he did something to them. Measuring, cutting, soldering, wrapping - you name it, we did it. Tomorrow he does the plumbing for the new shower. Then get the pine on the walls, the floor done, install the toilet and sink and cabinets, the tiles for the shower and voila - a new bathroom.
But tomorrow I head into town weather permitting. We are expecting snow tonite - go figure.
I'll see if our toilet is in yet - after 5 weeks of waiting - it is on back order. I figure if they advertise it for sale they should be able to produce the item within a reasonable length of time. But that is just my opinion. I'm not complaining Stacey.
Family Day and Valentines Day all within the next few days - a perfect time to spend with your family and your valentine - enjoy.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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We have a new little visitor!! A raccoon was eating the birdseed at the foot of the tree this morning when Rejean went out - he startled it and it climbed the tree. I must have got about 66 pictures of it during the next hour or two. He eventually came down and started eating more seeds and peanuts. He is large but I have seen bigger ones. He is actually the first one we have seen around here in years. We don't leave food or garbage out so they have no reason to stick around. But this one found the seeds and decided to stick around for a while. Right now he is sleeping in the tree. We have some fish scraps left over from yesterday's fishing trip that we left out for the fox. I put it under the tree and when he came down he got a little treat. He put his paw on the dish and tried to pull it towards him but when that didn't work he just took some innards and started to eat it. He must have been full from the seeds because he only ate a bit then climbed back up the tree and is now sleeping. I'll be keeping an eye on him. The birds and squirrel certainly don't like him - they kept their distance when he was at the bottom of the tree. The squirrel was just chattering to beat the band at him. The raccoon just looked at him and continued to eat. Just a little excitement.
We have a big thaw going on - we woke up to freezing rain and above normal temps. But it is supposed to cool down by the end of the week. We were to have some plywood delivered today from Rozenburg's but Rejean called to cancel because you don't want a big truck driving on the laneway when it is soft - it produces huge ruts in the road and when it refreezes they remain. I can't even drive my car.
I finally finished the pine. We now have enough for the bathroom and out into the big room. But there is still tons to do. I am taking a break right now and just relaxing.
See Ya by.