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Saturday, November 24, 2018


Looks like Monty Moo will be the artist in the family.
Jodie says it looks exactly like her - I haven't seen her in a few months so...maybe...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Well it is over for another year - our annual Sisters' trip to St Pete Beach Florida.  The weather was fabulous for the two weeks except for the last two days that were a bit chilly but we made the most of it.  We had our Tuesday shopping day.  We rent a car and hit all our favourite stores.  Tuesdays are Senior Days at a few of them and do we get the bargains!!!  For the rest of the time, we bought weekly Trolley passes and rode the Trolleys to our destinations.  You meet the most interesting people on the Trolleys.
We had Bloody Marys at Hurricane's one morning for breakfast.  They were delicious!!  We watched some amazing sunsets with our wine glasses.  We tried some new restaurants this time and also visited some of our old favourites.
We only walked the beach once this year and didn't go sit by the water.  There is the Red Tide going on right now and we could feel the effects in our burning eyes and coughing at times.  But we always enjoyed the view from the Bon Aire loungers.
Being on vacation with Susan and Joanne is always something I look forward to.  And this year was no exception.  The time spent with them is time I treasure.  Nothing in life is guaranteed and when you get opportunities to spend time with loved ones, take it.