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Monday, June 12, 2023



She's back again this year.  Our very own Snapper.  She is looking for a place to lay her eggs.  She was here last year and tried a few places but was unsuccessful due to the hard ground.  She did try another site closer to the dock and Rejean got a load of sand and prepared a nice spot for her but she never found it.  Maybe this year she will.  We rarely see turtles in our lake but every once in a while we will see her if we leave some fish in the basket in the water.  We also have a few painted turtles around here which we rarely see as well.  They are very secretive.  

Joanne has had her share of turtle traffic on her driveway.  They can actually get a hole big and deep enough for them to actually lay the eggs but so far none have hatched.

I will keep an eye out for her diggings and keep you posted.  



Ema said...

Ugly creatures

Eric said...

Beautiful Creatures