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Friday, December 30, 2022



We had another big snow fall the other day - another 8 inches or so.  It was perfect snowmobile weather.  Sunny and not too cold.  We went for another burn on the two machines.  Andrew and Stacey on Stacey's machine and Rejean and I on Andrew's machine.  It was Stacey's first time out on them.  Same trip as before down to the Trading Post and back.  We had fun.

But a big warm up was on the way.  It was 8 degrees when we woke up this morning with the snow slowly falling off the house and garage.  It had already fallen off the back of the house last nite.  It shook the house as it always does.  It will be a mess out there today.  We will try not to drive on the driveway because it will just leave big ruts and when it freezes up again, they will be left.  

New Year's Eve tomorrow but maybe no big party in our future.  People around us are still getting covid and the flu so we will just stay home and relax.  

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