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Monday, December 19, 2022



We have been lucky in that we have been getting snow a little at a time and not all in one big dump.  Stacey and Andrew just recently purchased a couple of snowmobiles and Andrew has been anxious to try his out.  It was a beautiful day on Sunday so we all geared up and off we went.  We were the first ones down the Little Pickeral Lake trail to the Trading Post.  Much easier going back thru our own tracks.  There were a few spots that you could feel some rocks but as we were going slow, it was not an issue.  Our "classic" snowmobile handled perfectly which was a relief.  We hadn't had it out since 2020 and then only a couple of times.  But once Rejean had the battery in, it started immediately and handled just fine.  We checked out Joanne and Mitch's place and had a visit with their neighbours Brent and Nat.  Andrew got a good taste of riding the trails but it will be nothing compared to when he gets on a groomed trail.  We all have our trail passes and I think this will be the year that we get more than just one or two adventures on our machine.

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